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92% Success Rate

We have helped applicants from over 20 nationalities, with a great success rate of 92%!

24/7 Access

We work round the clock & are available day or night via Skype, email & WhatsApp!

MiM Educated Team

Our team of MiM Application Consultants know the degree in & out, and help you put forward exactly what schools are looking for.

Unlimited Edits

Application editing requires more than just 1 or 2 reviews, that's why we offer unlimited edits!

Pocket Friendly Prices

MiMs are for recent grads, and our services & prices are set up keeping that in mind.

End to End Service

From editing the applications, selecting the best schools to connecting with alumni- our team will strive to assist you with every endeavor.

100% Money Back Guarantee

A good quality service shows, and to prove that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Personalised Service

All essays & application material will be personalised via one-on-one sessions with our consultants, we detest a one-formula-fits-all approach.

Quick Turn Around Time

Every applicant has different priorities; we strive to meet them and offer a 24 hour turnaround time on edits.

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Understand what goes into creating a great essay, why schools give so much weightage to them & learn how we can help you get a competitive edge.
Our comprehensive application package. Covering everything from finding the right school to writing amazing essays & preparing for the interview- you can't go wrong with it.
Confidently answer any question thrown at you. Understand how to prepare for the MiM interview round, what material to read, & nail all the different types of questions.
A powerful Letter of Recommendation can add immense value to your application, but it requires careful preparation. Learn how you can leverage it.
Want to understand how past applicants got into their dream schools? Get real essays written by students of LBS, HEC, ESCP, LSE etc & understand what made them stand out.
A key to a successful application is an eye-catching & effective resume. Learn to build a clear & concise format, write impactful bullet points & get ready to impress the hell out of the ad com.



We are a team of MiM admission consultants cum Masters in Management graduates from top-ranked universities such as ESCP, Duke, LBS & HEC, who aim to increase awareness about the Master in Management degree, aid in spreading quality information and help bright candidates like you, secure an admission into top colleges.

When it comes to selecting prospective candidates, we know exactly what the admission committee is looking for and can help you avoid the common pitfalls that students succumb to.

Our Masters in Management Consultation services are specifically tailored to make sure that you create an effective winning application.

We know exactly what the admission committe is looking for and can help you avoid the common pitfalls that students succumb to.


 Each and every consultant of ours is a Master in Management graduate from a top 10 MiM school. We know the degree inside out having been through the same admission process and are uniquely equipped to aid you.

We are also the premier organization to specialise in the admission consulting of the Master in Management degree (MiM) & related Master of Science fields. 

We realize a different approach is needed for Masters in Management &  allied specialized masters degrees, and via helping hundred of students get into their dream schools, we have perfected our methods.


We know the degree inside out having been through the same admission process and are uniquely equipped to aid you


 For MBA, the work experience of candidates can fill up pages of their essays and embellish their CVs, but it is a different story for the Masters in Management group. 

With a little or no work experience at all, the candidates need to prove their mettle on the basis of their academics, achievements in their UG degree and extra-curricular activities.

This can tend to be a precarious job, and that's where we come in. 

Having successfully gone through the application procedure ourselves and having helped hundreds many others from over 20 different nationalities, we will help improve your Masters in Management application such that it shines among those of your peers.


With little or no work experience, the candidates need to prove their mettle on the basis of their academics, achievements in their UG degree and extra-curricular activities.


 Excellent question.

To answer this, just look ahead and see how your future would differ if you made it to a top 10 college compared to a mid-tier one.

Think about the long term benefits both in terms of salary & in exposure, that your dream school would give you compared to your backup option.

It is hard to put a value on the desire to get into a top Masters in Management school. 

In addition to this, with 1000s of applicants applying to these schools every year, competition is tougher than ever.

A 720+ GMAT & a decent profile no longer ensure an admission into a top-10 school; schools are looking for a much more rounded profile. This is especially true for applicants from high application volume countries such as India and China.

It is here that we step in...

with a 92% success rate, we are here to make sure that your application is perfectly geared to get you into your dream school.

Additionally, the chances of a scholarship greatly increase with a good application, as several of our clients have experienced. Till date, we have helped our clients bag scholarships worth 820000+ euros.

Decoding the MiM Application Process

The application process differs from school to school, but it can be broadly divided into the following:


The Essay - Arguably the most important part of the application, the essay questions are worded such that the admission committee can get a glimpse into your life & ambitions and determine if you would be a right match for their school.

One can't stress enough on the importance of the essays, as they may very well act as the tipping point for your application.

Our team of Masters in Management admission consultants specialize in making sure that you come up with the best essay possible! An essay which highlights your innate strengths and brings out learnings from your experiences.

Our team, fully comprised of students who have won merit scholarships on the basis of their applications, will give their best in helping you create that perfect MiM essay.

Letter of Recommendation - Maybe the most underestimated part of the whole application, the Letter of Recommendation plays a major role in giving the admission committee a 3rd person view of your persona.

It also acts as a source to certify the accomplishments you have mentioned in your essays.

The LOR should play up your strengths and highlight your interesting characteristics & innate skills, additionally it should cover all the key points and experiences which bring out your star personality.

Our team of MiM Application Consultants can help you streamline your LOR and give you pointers on how to create the maximum impact.

Check out The 4 Major LOR Errors, & improve your LOR quality 10 fold!

Interview - The interview process can be quite a nerve wrecking experience. No one wants to sail through the whole application, just to have bungled up in the interview and lose a precious admission.

Our team will make sure that you cover your bases beforehand and are at ease with yourself and your application.

Having gone through several interviews ourselves, we know exactly what the review panel is going to test you on, what skills they are searching for & how exactly to put your case forward.

Via a smart question database, an up to the point CV and mock interview sessions we will make sure you end up impressing all the panel members.

Check out our section on MiM interview questions from  LBSHEC & ESCP and ESSEC.


So why choose us??

After investing a lot of time, money and sweat into your GMAT preparation,  we are sure none of you would like to move forward with your application without giving anything but your best.

Furthermore, with a number of people getting high GMAT scores, it is becoming more essential than ever to stand out in your essays and interviews. A winning application needs to be the seamless integration of all the application components, and our team of MiM Admission Consultants is committed to getting you just that.

winning application needs to be the seamless integration of all the application components

The Return on Investment is crazy!

If you are wondering whether this is an investment you are willing to make, just spare a thought towards the end result you are expecting. 

A spectacular essay not only more than doubles your chance of securing an admit into an excellent college, which then leads on to better jobs and higher pay packages, it also puts you in the league for securing a coveted scholarship

We can vouch for this as our team completely consists of scholarship awardees, and if we can do it, we can assure you that we would work day and night to make sure you get the best shot at securing one for yourself. 

In fact, 35% of our clients have gone ahead to win scholarships and until now we have helped our clients to win 820000 Euros in scholarship.

If this does not excite you, we offer a 100% money back guarantee as well!


MiM Admission Consultants

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