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An Essay is one of the trickiest parts of the B-School application package!

Top B-Schools have an acceptance rate of around 12%, hence even people with excellent profiles get routinely turned down.

An essay is the most important element in your application can differentiate your profile from thousands of applicants.

Several applicants face questions regarding -

We understand that these are tough questions and it is natural to face a few hiccups while writing an essay.....

What if you could get an INSIGHT into how an IDEAL B-SCHOOL ESSAY looks like?

Working on your essays without a proper direction means hours of wasted time.
Don't get started on the wrong foot. Know how to write and structure a B-School essay by taking a cue from successful applicants.

Sample essays of selected B-School applicants is a great way of getting started on your essays.

What are Sample Essays?

Sample essays are the real application essays written by successful applicants who were accepted into elite business programs last year.

In a nutshell, they are the college essays that actually worked.

And there's more.

When you decide to purchase a purchase a sample essay, we also send you a detailed analysis of how the essay was structured.

How Will The Sample Essays Help You?

Understand What The Essay Is All About

"What should your application essays reveal about you?"

This is one question that perturbs every B-School applicant.

An ideal essay will showcase an applicant's motivations, resilience,

problem solving aptitude and leadership acumen in the most authentic manner.



 How will the sample essays help you here?

Getting an insight into how successful applicants have presented a strong story in
front of the admission panel will give an idea to go about writing one of your own.


How To Structure Your Answers


Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while writing essays:

  • Your essays must be paint a cohesive picture. There should be no redundancy in the


  • It should be consistent with the ideas presented in your resume and LORs.



 How will the sample essays help you here?


Through sample essays, you can understand how successful applicants have backed

their essays with experiences, examples and data-points.

The samples will also give you an idea on how to maintain a consistent narrative,

while showcasing your strengths and motivations in the best light.


One Time Edit From Professional Editors


When it comes to essays, getting a third party perspective is extremely vital.

It will help you in understanding if you have missed out any points,

and if the essay makes sense to an outsider.



How will the sample essay pack help you here?

Along with the sample essays, you will also get an exclusive one-time edit for your
own essay by our team.
Since the one time edit will be done by professional editors and will be completely
objective in nature, they will go a long way in improving your selection chances.

  Who Should Go For The Sample Essay Package

Initial Direction

Applicants who are looking for a direction on how to go about the essays


Applicants who are wholly confident about their essays and JUST NEED A


 The Sample Essay Package Is NOT For....

End-To-End Essay Solution

The sample essay pack will just give you a gist of how a B-School essay should 

be structured.

It will NOT give you action steps to write a perfect essay of your own, so in case you

are looking for for a solution to write a perfectly pitched essay, only sample essays

will be of little help to you.

Personalized Essays That Showcase Your Strenghts

Every B-School has different requirements for its ideal student profile. 

If you are looking to personalize your essays as per your target schools,

a consultant should be able to help you better.


What To Do If I Need More Comprehensive Essay Solutions?

Working on B-School applications single-handedly can be a taxing process.
If you are looking for extensive mentoring ,check out our flagship All-In-One Service .

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 How Does The Sample Essay Service Work ?

Wondering how the sample essays will benefit you?

Here is  how the process works!

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