MiM Application Consulting Services

 What are the MiM Application Consulting Services? How can they help you?


 The Situation

We at MiM-Essay.com know about the sleepless nights you go through to perfect your whole application package. After completing a grueling preparation for GMAT and acing the test, one tends to think that the battle is over, but THINK AGAIN!!!!

With hundreds of young ambitious students aiming for entry into this top level program, competition is getting tougher with each passing year. Apart from a good GMAT score, top colleges are on the lookout for all-rounder candidatures with gleaming achievements and stupendous academics. Our MiM application consulting services are designed such that they can give you a leg up and overcome this high degree of competition.


The unexploited opportunity

Additionally, these colleges have set aside huge sums of money to give away in the form of scholarships to people they deem deserving. These tend to be to the tune of 20% to 75% of the total tuition fees and hence are very attractive propositions to aim for.


The Solution

At MiM-Essay.com we help you grab this opportunity. Our MiM Application Consulting team believes that each & every one of you has their own amazing story to tell, and this story of yours, however mundane it may seem to you, has the potential to turn into an essay which the admission committee just won't be able to resist.

The problem with most applicants is that even if they have an amazing background, it is tough for them to put it on paper in concise and effective terms, so as to impress the admission committee. On the other hand, there are applicants who feel they don't have much to show, but in reality are not looking well enough into their own selves and are discounting the importance of their activities.

We are here to change that. We tend to look at the essay writing process as a work of sculpting art where we slowly and steadily chip away the blocks and edges of the story, constantly refining it until we are happy with the piece of art that results.


How do we do this?

If we have to spell out one important thing that we have realized after working on a number of applications, it would be that Presentation matters!!! The way you put forward your story, the words you use, the style you write in, the parts you emphasize on and the way these things fit-in with your whole application matter more than you suppose.

We have put in hours of research into what the admission committee are actually searching for and can help avoid the pitfalls most students succumb to. At the same time we review your profile to bring out those innate skills that you did not even know could make a difference.




The essay is arguably the most important part of your application- much more important than your standardized test/GMAT score.

A great essay tends to share the story of your life, educating the admission committee about the experiences from which you have learned valuable lessons. Essays tend to show your way of thinking & how you make important decisions. 

mim scholarships



Essays share a picture of your personal and professional lifestyles & give an understanding of how you prioritize your activities and make your decisions. An essay is a colorful and interesting depiction of yours which should paint an attractive image in the minds of the readers and make them remember you as outstanding.

Our MiM Application Consulting services specialize in helping students develop amazing essays. Having been Master in Management students ourselves, we know what the admission committee wants, who they are looking for and how one can stand out in front of them. We view essay writing as a work of art, where we spend days & nights chipping away the rough edges until the resulting masterpiece is developed. 

The MiM-Essay.com team believes that every student has an amazing story to tell, he or she just needs that extra push to discover it.


The highlights of our Essay editing package are as follows:

  • A team of highly educated and experienced Master in Management students at your disposal to guide you and solve any queries. 
  • Brainstorming sessions on Skype, where we will extensively data mine your memories, experiences and activities and will accordingly prepare a personalized strength and weakness profile.
  • A session to make you understand what goes into writing an amazing essay! We will break the essay writing process into stages of pre-writing, drafting , revising and then finalizing.    
  • A data picking session to educate about the things you can highlight in your essays and how you can bring out your personal story. 
  • Explanations on "How NOT to write your college Essay" & which mistakes to avoid.
  • A thorough analysis of your draft essays making sure that redundant and common elements found in other applicants' essays are removed and only things that add value to your essay remain. 
  • An unlimited number of essay edits and grammar checks targeted at improving vocabulary usage, working on missing links and giving constructive feedback so as to improve the essay readability, penmanship and originality.
  • In-depth analysis and help by our expert team on handling touchy essay topics such as 'Tell us about your weaknesses' or 'What is your greatest failure'.
  • Support on cracking unique essay formats/questions and keeping the essay strictly under word limits- we will assist you in making your essay as effective as possible.
  • Advice as to how to approach questions such as 'What is your greatest achievement in life' or optional ones like 'Provide any other information about yourself, that you want the admission committee to know'.
  • A highly tailored and affordable essay package specific to your Master in management application needs. You can contact us for custom deals for your specific application.



MiM Application Consulting Services- LOR


One of the most misunderstood and taken for granted parts of the application, the Letter of recommendations or LORs are what we at MiM-Essay.com think of as the underdogs of the application package.

A well written Letter of Recommendation can exponentially bolster your application. Your LOR should be full of examples and incidents backing up the claims you have made in your essays and should shed more light on how you are as a person, narrating your strengths and weaknesses and elaborating different elements of your personality.

LORs also tends to show your character from a third person's point of view by showing how people in your immediate environment perceive you and how you get along with others.


How Can We Help You???

These days, not everyone has the time or the necessary skills to write an impressive LOR. Even if your recommender genuinely likes you and has your best interest in heart, he or she may just not know how to frame the letter in the best possible way and highlight skills that matter the most for the MiM. Schools do not expect the LOR to be grammatically perfect but a good framework & few errors make reading the Letter of Recommendation a much more pleasurable experience.

The person who you pick to write your LOR can make a huge difference. Contrary to popular belief, choosing very high ranked officials hoping their impressive titles will impress the panel, may backfire. It is always better to approach someone who has worked closely with you and hence has a better understanding of you.

We know that the amount of work and effort required to write a sparkling LOR and can vouch for the positive effect it has on the application, it may also be just that small push needed to put you into that scholarship awardees pool.


Our Letter of recommendation service can help you in the following ways:

  • By aiding in selecting the best duo of recommenders so that each of them has a different story to tell about you. We recommend approaching one person from your academic life and one from your professional life.
  • By scheduling a  phone/skype conversation with your recommender making him or her aware about the information needed to be covered. We also make sure that he or she mentions those experiences of yours which display your innate skills. We can then transcribe their comments into an effective map for reference.
  • By assisting in writing the Letter of recommendation, helping in editing it and correcting any grammatical mistakes. We can also write the LOR for your recommender based on the interview transcript.
  • Our team has a lot of experience handling tricky questions covering weaknesses and other touchy topics, we will assist you & your recommender on how to effectively tackle them.
  • By providing inputs as per the apt length and format of the Letter of recommendation & make sure that your different LORs do not sound similar and display varying dimensions of your personality.
  • By offering a very affordable service that gives you an amazing value for money.




MiM Application Consulting Services- Interview Preparation


If you get an interview call, congratulate yourself! 75% of the work is done and your admission is closer than ever.

But be careful, this is the stage that can make or break everything, as it has a hefty 20-30% weight in the selection criteria. 

The interview is the stage where your face finally pops up from the application bundle and materializes in front of a panel. Till now you had the time and leisure to perfect every word, tweak every line of your application bundle carefully at your home, but the interview round is in real time and every word you spontaneously utter can make or break the deal.

Unlike the other rounds, you get only one shot at the interview and you have to make the most of it. Make no mistake, the colleges take the interview round very seriously & have a well-framed score card (usually ranging from 1-5) to judge a student against his or her competitors.

Our MiM Application Consulting services have developed a smart and effective way to help students shake off interview jitters and give their best impression in front of the panel. Blindly doing mock interviews would only help till a certain point. A rather smarter and effective preparation package & a list of interview questions have been developed by our team, which will help you crack the interview round.


 By availing our interview preparation package you would receive the following:

  • A college & country specific list of probable questions and aid in preparing you to answer them concisely and effectively.
  • 2 mock interviews via Skype, which would mimic the real interview environment and be conducted by MiM students who know exactly how the interview works & would provide you with a realistic picture of what to expect.
  • Different types of questions (personal, behavioral, situational)  would be introduced & training would be given on how to tackle them 
  • Techniques on how to control the interview atmosphere and guide the interviewers towards questions  you want them to ask you would be shown.
  • Explanation about the infamous case analysis questions and tips on how to answer them.
  • Prepararations for worse case scenarios, stress test and death spiral questions.
  • CV/Resume editing, and suggestions to tailor it so as to present information in an effective manner.


Having seen several people fail at the interview stage, we cannot stress enough on how important this round is and how seriously it must be taken. 

We have seen hundreds of students, who were excellent on paper, bungle up in the interview round due to poor preparation and as a result, miss out on that esteemed admission.

The interview is the final stepping stone to that much-desired college admission. We are here to make sure you excel this last step and are committed to making this experience as fun and easy as possible. 

Via effective preparation with mock interviews & a college specific homework package, you will feel fully empowered to handle this last hurdle and crack open the interview round.