Refund Policy

We at MiM-Essay believe in offering the quality service, and our refund policy is a testament to that.

If you feel our edits are providing limited value to your essays, you can explain to us why you are dissatisfied and we will offer you 100% of your money back.

But as we offer this guarantee to you, we expect you to play fair as well, hence here are a few conditions where the refund would not be valid

  1. In case you have suddenly changed your plans for the masters, and now want a refund of your money. Once the application process starts, any changes in your future plans would not be valid grounds for a refund. You can alternatively hold the service for as long as your want, as we do not have a time cap, and can then continue from where you left off when you are ready.
  2. If you ask for a refund after a period of 10 days since the start of the application. Usually, by the first or second skype call you will get a clear understanding of the value we will be adding to you. In addition to that, it takes around 8-15 days to complete an application. Hence if after 10 days you suddenly claim a refund, it will be deemed unfair, and you will not be eligible to one.

We, as well as our clients, feel that our money back guarantee is more than fair, hence we will hold you up to these rules.

We play fair and hope you do to.

If you have any other queries we will be more than happy to answer them.