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With thousands of job portals out there, it can be daunting to pick out the ones that drive results and offer you functionalities that suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a job-portal that offers you to select jobs based on your preferences including salary, locations, and other criteria, or a job portal that also offers you resources and training, you can rest assured that there is a job portal for your needs.

Here, we have curated a list of 21 job portals for you, from popular aggregator websites such as Indeed to specialized Finance, Technical, Media and Marketing, and Freelance job portals to ensure that you take the right first step towards your dream job.  


Whether you’re looking for a fresher job in an IT company or a senior management job in an MNC, these portals list jobs from various fields and industries and are bound to work for you if you’re looking for jobs in any industry related to your expertise and goals.

These sites offer a wide range of options and are also great for someone who is just starting their career and open to considering working in any suitable field and wants to explore their options.

Apart from that, these portals do a great job of procuring listings from thousands of companies around the world in different industries.

No matter which niche you belong to, there’s something for everyone.


Indeed is one of the largest job search engines with over millions of job listings aggregated from thousands of websites which includes company career sites, job boards and forums, and newspaper classifieds.

Indeed strives to put job seekers first. It allows the users to post their resume, search for jobs and even research companies. Through this job portal, not only can you apply for jobs but also research salaries and job trends. By setting up filters, you can even set up a job alert according to your specifications. This globally popular job portal is available in 19 different country-specific versions, and is also available as an app so that you can hunt for jobs on the go!

Countries – Global

Top Companies – IBM, Wipro, EXL, Deloitte, Cognizant Technology, Apple Etc

Top Job Fields – Software Development, Management, IT Operations & Helpdesk, Sales, Industrial Engineering and More

Monthly Visit: 250 million


LinkUp is a job search engine that uses a unique method of uncovering jobs that are often hidden from other search engines. It accomplishes this by simply listing current job postings on company websites. LinkUp’s methodology is to monitor thousands of small, mid-sized, and large companies career sections in order to connect applicants with jobs.

As a result of the in-depth monitoring, the listings are from real companies and there are no duplicates because listings are only pulled from the direct company source. Also, listings are always current because it is updated whenever the company updates their website.

You can find some job listings that are not on other job search websites. If you know what companies you want to work for, searching for listings only from those companies’ websites can also help narrow your search and save you time and effort. You can also choose to save a job, email it to yourself (or someone else), or share it with others on social media. You can view similar jobs, and see all jobs at the same company. You can even have LinkUp alert you when the job is no longer available.

Countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Top Companies – Uber, Groupon, Coursera, Microsoft, Autodesk

Top Job Fields – Management, R&D, I.T., Sales, Marketing.

Energy Jobline

Energy Jobline contains a database of over 27,000 opportunities in the energy, oil and gas, renewable energy, offshore, and power/nuclear sectors. Administrative, marketing, trade, technical, engineering, and many other categories of jobs are included and searchable by functional area. Candidates can complete a profile and receive targeted job alerts. The site features a special section devoted to entry-level job opportunities for new graduates. Energy Jobline maintains direct recruiting relationships with a large number of employers in the niche.

It is also an excellent source of news about trends and developments in the field, including an extensive survey of current professionals. Such information is helpful for job seekers preparing for interviews in the sector.

Countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia

Top Companies – Shell, BP, Tesla, Rolls Royce

Top Jobs Fields – Management, Engineering, Administrative, Information Technology, Sales/Marketing, Oil and Gas


The snag is the largest job site for part-time and hourly job openings with over a million active job listings, 90 million registered workers, and 450,000 employer locations.

There are job listings from major national and local employers in restaurants, retail, office administration, hotel and hospitality, healthcare, construction, automotive, sales, marketing, health, beauty, education, and more. There are shift jobs, entry-level jobs, student jobs, and seasonal jobs, among many other job types.

Users can search job listings on Snag by keyword and location. They can then narrow down their job search by distance, industry, and company. You can also search by category, which includes job types such as shift work, bilingual jobs, full-time or part-time jobs, seasonal work, veteran jobs, and more. Students can also search for positions near their colleges.

Countries -United States

Top Companies – Private

Top Jobs Fields– Accounting & Finance, Administration & Office Support


The technical section covers a whole range of digital career paths that diverge into many fascinating and lucrative specializations.

Whether you’re looking to join the ranks of IT experts, Programmers, Web Developers, or Network Engineers, we have curated a list of the best technical job portals to make your job search a bit less overwhelming.


Dice is the most popular site for technical job seekers. Calling Dice just a job portal would be doing it a huge disservice.

The site has a diverse range of technical job titles and skills. From Data Analyst to Game Developer, and from AI to Cryptocurrency, you can bet they have it all!

With Dice, you get a Salary Predictor, a Career Path explorer, and various informative articles on job hunting, resumes, interviews, and networking.

Countries – USA

Top Companies – Dell, Cisco, Deloitte, Apple, Marketo

Top Job Fields – Hadoop Developer, Big Data Developer, Senior Java Developer, Business Analyst


Hired is not only popular among employees but also “innovative employers” who cite it as their go-to site for technically skilled employees.

The site has 8 main job categories – Software Engineering, Design, Data Analytics, Developer Operations, Quality Assurance, Information Technology, Project Management, and Product Management. In total, the site has over 40 technical job roles!

But the most unique feature of the platform is its matching algorithm. With Hired, the company applies to YOU. How does that work? Well, all you have to do is create your profile where you have to display your skill set as well as your professional goals and set your role, location and salary preferences. You can personalize it further with photos, portfolios and even reviews. Then, the employers would send YOU an interview request.

Besides this, you get coaching, interview prep tips, and job-market data and insights, ensuring that you get a job that you deserve. The best part is – it’s absolutely free!   

Countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France

Top Companies – Uber, Groupon, Coursera, GitHub, Capital One

Top Jobs Fields – Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Quality Assurance (QA), Project Management


AngelList is specifically targeted towards people who are looking for technical job roles in a startup. In fact, it claims to have 26,938 of the world’s best tech companies and startups in its hiring list. And when you see the huge catalog of startups – some which have made it, some which are on its way – you can definitely believe this claim.

The four main features of the website are:

Apply Privately: Only the companies that you are applying to can see your profile, this not only prevents spamming from unwanted sources but also ensures that your present employers won’t be aware that you are looking for a job.

See Salary Up-front: Not only can you see your salary and equity BEFORE you apply but also compare it using AngelList’s

Salary Tool ensuring the lowest opportunity cost possible.

No Middlemen: Often job portals are flooded with third-party recruiters who misuse such platforms to con people and earn money, but at AngelList you would be in direct contact with the founders or hiring managers ensuring that your hiring process is seamless and fair.

Job Collections: If you are unsure which startups to go for you can use the collection feature. It features lists such as ‘17 Startups Investors Recommend For New Grads’, ‘50 Hot Consumer Fintech Startups’ and so on.

To get hired on AngelList, all you have to is create a profile which is absolutely free, then find a startup and click ‘Yes’. If the startup accepts your request, then you would be put in contact through email. Easy, right? You can sort your jobs by role, location, market, technology, and of course, salary.

Countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia

Top Companies –  Facebook, Uber, Groupon, Coursera, GitHub, Capital One  

Top Jobs Fields – Data Scientist, Designer, Developer, Hardware Engineer, Frontend Developer


Financial careers provide challenging work environments, interaction with highly motivated and intelligent colleagues, but there is usually a stiff competition among applicants. 

Finding the right job at one of the companies you admire is bound to propel your career and personal aspirations.

With the changing face of finance, particularly in light of cryptocurrencies and new start-ups which are emerging all the time, there are new career paths being forged every day.

eFinancial Careers

If you are a finance professional who is looking for jobs in banking, insurance or financial sector then efiancialCareers.com is the most suitable website for you. It comprises around more than 9,000 jobs in the finance industry. You can find job opportunities ranging from investment banking and asset management to actuaries, business analysts, auditing, trading and risk management.

The site currently operates in 19 markets which include North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Also, the site offers helpful discourses on different specialty markets and guidance on dealing with your vocation. Additionally, it provides you with information about the job market and salary survey. Thus, the job portal enables you to discover the most recent opportunities at an appropriate point of time.

Countries – North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific

Top Companies – Ernst & Young, ICBC Standard Bank, Western Union, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, SS&C, Societe Generale

Top Jobs Fields- Accounting & Finance, Asset Management, Compliance/Legal, FX & Money Markets

Financial Job Bank

Another website where you can limit your search for financial sector jobs is FinancialJobBank. The site is more U.S. oriented when compared to eFinancial Career.

It gives you a chance to investigate a huge number of accounting and finance jobs, from entry level openings to further higher-level positions. Occupation seekers can likewise give bosses a chance to come to them by building an online Career Portfolio.

The website has over 58,140 jobs available with more than 81,000 recruiting companies.

Along with job opportunities, the website offers blogs with loads of pragmatic tips for getting the correct job, such as drafting a powerful cover letter and making the most out of job fair visit.

Countries – USA

Top Companies – Park Land, Matrix, Sysco, John Hopkins

Top Jobs Fields- Management, Finance, Accounting, Internal Audit

Association for Financial Professionals 

If you are looking for a site that is more than a one-size-fits-all job portal and not only caters to your finance-specific job needs but also provides you with a global network of financial professionals and helps you nurture your skills, then Association for Financial Professional website is your dream-fit.

AFP is one of the prominent groups in the finance world, and while the other features can help the early-career professionals grow their skills, the career center of the organization focuses on posting mid-level to executive jobs, and therefore, is ideal for people with a few years of experience under their belt.

The organization promotes itself as the lifelong learning partners of the treasury and Finance professionals and, other than job postings, has other interesting features such as Certification, AFP Training, blogs for ideas and inspiration, and Events and Networking.

As for the job postings, once you log in, which is free, you can start job hunting and post your resume to the site so that you are visible to employers around the country. The site also allows you to set up a job alert so that you can receive an email for a relevant vacancy. With the Association for Financial Professionals website, a global Finance community has your back.   

Countries – USA

Top Companies – N.A.

Top Jobs – Not Disclosed

Marketing & Media

Media & Marketing is an incredibly dynamic, diverse field that offers positions for people of all strengths. Marketing is comprised of people with all kinds of backgrounds — economics, journalism, psychology, and more.

Whether you’re equipped with creative ability or analytical prowess, marketing’s got a spot for you.

Whether you’re just starting your marketing career or looking for more opportunities in the field, you should definitely try out the following sites.


Krop is a Creative industry work board and portfolio facilitating site which is utilized by the most talented applicants at all experience levels as well as the globe’s most renowned brands. The website was launched in 2000 as a private industry bulletin board among best planners. The webpage was named Krop in 2005.

Gradually, it started facilitating portfolio sites and getting more associated with advancing the individuals searching for work and the organizations hoping to enlist them.

The job portal generally focuses on advertising jobs, especially creative and account administrations ability at all levels of understanding and with a wide determination of aptitude in particular businesses.

Generally, jobs like creative marketing and advertising professionals review are posted here. Also, the websites additionally offer a chance to post a portfolio of work that can be reviewed.

Countries – USA

Top Companies – Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, NBC

Top Jobs – UX/UI ,Multimedia Designer, Digital Designer, Digital Copywriter, Marketing /Proposal


For all those looking for careers in media and marketing, MediaBistro is an appropriate platform. The site is dedicated to connecting talented pool of individuals with today’s best companies.

The portal lists a large number of positions in the field of advertising, television, social media, designing, technology, and much more. You can filter your searches as per your preferences so as to ease the entire process and to look out for the most relevant results.

The website, along with suitable job positions, also publishes blogs relating to mass media.

Additionally, it provides job listings, seminars, as well as useful and informative courses for journalists. In this way, the site helps the potential candidates to improve their skills and become better candidates.

Since the website is specifically dedicated to the media industry, it helps the best media companies to find out the best talent by providing personalized service and ensuring that the recruitment efforts are completely targeted and effective.

Countries – USA

Top Companies – HBO, CNN, Fox News, PBS

Top Jobs Fields –  Editor, Creative & Design, Operations & Strategy, Marketing & Communications


With the popularity of Digital Marketing, every employer is looking to digitalize their business for wider outreach, and this is where DigiNekt comes in. It acts as a bridge between employers and digital marketing experts, and you can get hired as an employee or as a freelancer. Further, with specialized skills in mind, the platform offers experts in SEO, Pay-per-Click, Web design, and so on to sell their specific skills to the employers. With DigiNekt, you will find managers looking for YOUR skills, making the whole process much more streamlined!

Further, the platform also provides training in systematic Digital Marketing skills, PR, and Google Analytics to kickstart your career. Some of the popular job categories are Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing.        

Countries –USA

Top Companies – Individual Firms

Top Jobs – Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing


Regardless of whether you’re searching for another approach to pay the bills, looking for more expert improvement openings or simply love the opportunity that outsourcing offers, in the past few years, the number of websites offering freelancing opportunities has expanded rapidly.

There are several guides for striking out individually, however as a freelancer, getting high-paying gigs isn’t simply a question of joining on well-known stages.

You’ll need to stretch out, set up an extraordinary arrangement of past work and possibly substantiate yourself through tests that feature your abilities. Here’s a rundown of the Top 4 portals to look for employment as a freelancer.



Upwork has been recognized as the biggest freelancing platform. The site act as a bridge between freelancers and the companies looking out for talented individuals. The portal offers something for each sort of freelancer. From web and mobile app development to SEO, and from social media marketing, content writing to graphic designing, you will find every type of project.

It obliges both short-and long-term ventures, hourly or per-venture work, and master level and section level commitment. Notwithstanding where you are in your profession, Upwork is probably going to have something for you. Due to the immense accessibility of work, it is likely that anybody can look for some kind of employment through Upwork.

The website has a client base of over 1.5 million people. With millions of jobs posted on the website annually, freelancers are able to earn money by providing companies with over 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of work.

Overall, Upwork makes it quick, simple, and financially savvy to discover, contract, work with, and pay the best experts wherever, whenever.

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Individual Firms

Top Jobs –  Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Operational, V.A


Numerous organizations — both extensive and small-scale — come across difficulties in discovering talented individuals that fit their required criteria.  Toptal is a platform for all those firms as well as the jobseekers which provide unique solutions for procuring world-class independent contractors.

With an unmistakable and unexpected methodology in comparison to other services, Toptal is for prepared, seasoned and skilled freelancers. There is a screening procedure that should be finished to access extraordinary customers with substantive tasks alongside impressive remuneration.

Past their splendid specialized capacities, Toptal additionally screens their candidates on their delicate abilities including disposition, moral qualities, vitality, instruction, and English capability. It ensures that the people who get hired are stunning partners and not simply shirking laborers. It also provides you with an opportunity to join Toptal community for meetings and tech events.

Also, Toptal just acknowledges the main 3% of candidates who are tried and tested, making their pool of ability profoundly significant. It simply bridges the gap between organizations and the people who have the ability along with broad experience and are significant to the job.

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Airbnb, Netapp, Zendesk, HP

Top Jobs Fields- Developers, Designers, Finance Experts, V.A


Freelancer enables you to contend with different consultants in challenges to demonstrate your abilities. In case you’re certain about your expertise, it’s an incredible method to exhibit your capabilities and pull in more customers.

This site has a gigantic assortment of ventures and projects. There are a couple of various working choices including both hourly work and additional challenges.

Jobseekers can peruse through the occupations that are a match with their aptitude level and skill set, and apply to their picked openings.

There are over a million undertakings that need consultants at some random time, so this is an incredible place to flaunt your abilities and work to draw in future clients.

The main drawback is that they just give 8 free applications after which you need to pay the participation expense.

The task expense is additionally somewhat extraordinary – pay between $3-5 and 3-5%, whichever is more noteworthy (one of the less expensive commission rates).

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Individual Firms

Top Jobs – Application Developers, Content writing, V.A, SEO & Digital Marketing, Software Development


Flexjobs is an exceptional all-around curated site for independent employment, as well as remote and generally adaptable gigs.

You can browse through independent and low maintenance work in an assortment of professional fields. The majority of the working from home employment are screened, with the goal that jobseekers or freelancers can feel sure that they are applying at a genuine organization.

Freelancers can likewise take part in aptitude tests, read up on tips for employment seeking; and individuals can get unique rebates through banding together sites.

You are also provided with access to information resources such as webinars, to learn how to grab projects and land better clients and customers.

Flexjobs has an experience of more than 10 years in effectively helping individuals discover occupations that better fit their lives.

The portal has a database of more than 40,000 organizations which offer a vast array of opportunities for employment. Additionally, Flexjobs have won honors, gotten heaps of press for its brilliant track record.

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Forbes, NBC, BBB, TIME, Dell

Top Jobs – Account Management, Administrative, Accounting & Finance Jobs, Content Writing, Software Development.


It’s no secret that internships are the most effective way for students to gain work experience before graduation. In fact, studies show that 7 out of 10 internships turn into full-time jobs.

Luckily, starting your internship search is easy.

Listed below are few of the best portals which can be used by students and professionals to find out a suitable internship opportunity.


Primarily based in Burbank, California, Internships.com is the world’s largest internship marketplace which brings the students, employers and higher education institutions together at one centralized location.

It is specialized in helping students and young professionals so that they can find the right internship opportunity and kick-start their career in the right direction. It is one of the most popular platforms to look for internships as per your suitability. The website helps you to look out for an appropriate internship opportunity on the basis of the category of job, city, and preference for a specific company.

Along with information about internships and access to top most companies, the website also provides you with useful tips as well as stories from other interns. The portal claims to have more than 144,933 internship opportunities from more than 90,000 companies across the globe.

For better results, it is advisable to create your own account on the portal. Whether you are looking for work experience, want to receive college credits or just need some extra spending money, Internships.com is a suitable platform for you to find paid internships, summer jobs or entry-level jobs. 

The additional feature like “Internship Predictor” on the website lets you find a perfect match taking into consideration your skillset and your preferences.

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Individual Firms

Top Jobs – Marketing, Accounting, Engineering, Finance, Art & Design



Idealist is another job portal to find internships working with an objective to connect idealists which implies connecting people who want to do good with opportunities for action and collaboration. In other words, the portal is an attempt to close the gap between intention and action by connecting people, organizations, ideas, and resources.

Launched in 1995, the firm is based in New York and primarily focuses on finding positions as volunteers, opportunities at nonprofits, and open internships for the job seekers. Numerous opportunities exist for individuals who want to do internships, volunteer work, or find positions where they will be involved in activity allowing them to give back and make a difference in the world.

The website offers opportunities from more than 120,000 organizations with 1.4 million monthly visitors to the website. It may also be interesting to know that Idealist.org was a project developed through Action without Borders, a non-profit organization that began in 1995.

Countries – USA

Top Companies – Individual Firms

Top Jobs – Administrative, Software Development, Graphic Design, Writing/Editorial, Marketing


Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a pursuit of employment that gathers work postings from everywhere throughout the web, including organization vocation pages, worksheets, and specialty work sites. If you are a student or a professional looking for internship opportunities, Simply Hired can be a suitable platform for you.

Simply Hired matches and shows applicable options to work searchers on the site. The website is quite easy to use and collates a large number of job listing from different sources such as employer websites, staffing, and placement firms, job boards, newspapers, social networks, and other company career websites. These jobs are displayed on various platforms like a company website or its app and even on blogs and social media channels.

Simply Hired records employment opportunities from 700,000 one-of-a-kind businesses. The organization is currently spread and operating across 24 countries and in 12 languages.

For consistent 3 years, Simply Hired has been named a ‘Top job search website’ by Forbes and PC Magazine.

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Amazon, Glassdoor, UPS, Bank of America

Top Jobs – Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Administrative Assistant


Experience.com offers numerous internships and also offers a wealth of resources and advice for those seeking internships.

The website is populated with articles that provide an enormous amount of information written by the students and for the students itself who share their personal experiences. This site is solely customized to fit your preferences. By entering your interests, area, and school you’ll discover temporary jobs in your general vicinity. Also, you will be informed about the advantages attached to your school like vocation or career fairs and associations with local businesses. This site is a very well reputed and is utilized in the career centers of renowned colleges such as Duke University and the University of Tampa.

You just need to create your own account in order to apply for the internships on this portal. Once you create the account you will have access to a large pool of job opportunities.

Countries – Global

Top Companies – Individual Firms

Top Jobs – Entry Level Jobs for Management, Finance, I.T.



The increasing job opportunities and changing scenario of the business environment today has made people search for better career and opportunities.

With so many online job portals today, searching for a job has never been easier. No matter the industry, location, experience, or salary range, with these job portals, there is always something or the other for everyone.

With these job portals, you are sure to find your dream job, and now the only obstacle standing between you and sure shot at success is your interview. To make sure that you breeze through your interview and leave a strong impression on your interviewers instead of turning out to be a bumbling and stuttering mess, you need to be prepared. So, hop on and give a read to our blog on common job interview questions and how to answer them.