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25 Most Lucrative Skills Students Can Learn Online

most lucrative skills

In this highly competitive state of the current job market, it is imperative for students to constantly up-skill themselves to stay updated with the market. You can make a comprehensive list of skills to learn based on your interests and aptitude. While applying for your dream job, learning new skills might help you stand out as an applicant. When choosing the right skills to learn online, you must pay attention to the actual demand for those skills and the employability in that sector. There are several in-demand skills that you can learn online, which can help you advance your career or gain a competitive edge over your peers. 

Reasons to Upskill Yourself

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1. Increase your employability

Companies tend to hire well-trained and adaptable people and those who possess a variety of skill sets. People who are active learners are chosen over those who possess only rudimentary skills. Up-skilling helps you build a diverse set of abilities in various areas, which can help you progress towards a new job, a new company, or a new career. If you have a comprehensive skill set, you may be granted additional opportunities because it demonstrates your efforts and might even get frequent promotions.

2. Seek new opportunities

If you are a recent graduate, finding good opportunities is critical to launching a successful career. You might even be confused at the moment as to which career path is suitable for you. Trying new skills and seizing opportunities is the only way to receive more clarity regarding the top opportunities in your field. These possibilities rarely present themselves to those who aren’t looking for them, so you should always be on the lookout. But suppose you are someone who has kickstarted their career. In that case, developing your abilities in your chosen industry is a superb method to connect with mentors and who can assist you in exploring additional possibilities. When you acquire new talents, you may discover a new professional path that you enjoy. It can provide you with an option to switch careers or do something that makes you happy, resulting in increased job satisfaction.

3. Discover your passion

If you have been bogged down by the monotony of the corporate world, learning a new skill is an excellent way to discover a new passion. Irrespective of your current stage of life, learning new skills is always a great move for your personal and professional growth. Up-skilling is beneficial not just to your current job but also to your personal development. When you learn new skills and increase your knowledge base, you open yourself up to new possibilities.

4. Improve your CV

Nobody dreams about staying in the same job role indefinitely, so switching it up after a certain period is crucial. Thus, adding new skills and certifications to your CV will help you stand out from other job seekers. Furthermore, having more skills under your belt will demonstrate to employers that you are always up for growing and add immense value to any organization you work with.

5. Meet new people

It is essential to have a professional network in this increasingly interconnected world if you wish to continue exploring new opportunities. By taking up online or offline courses, you put yourself in new settings with like-minded people who wish to enhance their knowledge. Furthermore, you deliberately place yourself in settings where you are likely to encounter like-minded people who motivate you to go further and aim higher. It is a promising opportunity to meet new people who might end up being your mentors, employers or colleagues.


Essential Skills for college students

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Certain soft skills can help you make the most of your time as a student. These skills can also prepare you for the rigours of adult life and help you succeed in all your future endeavours. 

1. Self-management

Students are responsible for carrying out numerous projects in school and college. It requires them to collaborate with their peers to submit the project on time. This is where self-management comes into play, as they will have to nurture the ability to assess the situation and speak up when necessary. It needs to be done so that it does not hamper the progress of the project.

2. Possessing personal goals

A student’s college experience will be considerably more beneficial if they have certain future goals. This does not imply that they must declare their major on the first day of college and start working towards their ultimate goal right from the start. It simply means that they should have the desire to contribute and learn from various research projects and experiences. Students must recognize viable opportunities and seize them instantly.

3. Assertiveness

Students will almost certainly have to stand up for themselves in college and make their voices known multiple times. It can be difficult depending on the situation and also varies from one student to another. However, the more they speak up and assert themselves, the better it will be for them in the future.

4. Communication

Students will meet new professors, staff members, and other students in college; thus should know how to communicate with new people effectively. In addition, it will further help them apply for a job in the future and appear for one-on-one interviews.

5. Collaboration

Since several jobs necessitate collaboration, thus students must hone this skill early in their lives. Collaboration in a project includes contributing to the project substantially and ensuring that each member equally shares the burden.

6. Time management

There is a lot for students to wrap their heads around and accomplish while still in college. WIth limitless academic resources to study, multiple activities that need to be juggled, time management is crucial. Unlike in school, you will not be given as much guidance on what to study each week. You’ll also be managing a lot more in your daily life, possibly with part-time work and a more active social life. As a result, it’s critical to create a timetable that allows you to focus on studying when you are free from other distractions.

7. Critical-thinking

Critical thinking is emphasized heavily in college as students are required to solve problems with in-depth thinking. Thus, students need to put themselves in hypothetical situations and figure out the best way to deal with them.

8. Technical skills

Several students are at ease with and capable of navigating today’s technology. However, as a student, you will have to quickly learn how to use some fundamental software tools and how to search for and access information on the internet.

9. Responsibility

Students attending college are usually accountable for most of the events happening in their lives. It’s now up to them to get to class on time, finish their homework, and prepare their meals. Give them more responsibilities at home to help them prepare. The sooner you learn to take on these responsibilities, the better it will be for you in the long term.

10. Dealing with diversity

During your college years, you will meet people from many walks of life, including people of all colours, cultures, beliefs, political affiliations, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds. Thus, you need to be sensitive towards other people’s feelings and deal with diversity respectfully.

11. Exam skills

Exams account for a significant portion of college evaluation, so students should know how to prepare for a short period. You should know how to make a study schedule containing the objectives and goals you want to attain and the deadlines you want to meet. When studying, especially when taking practise exams, attempt to study in a setting close to the exam hall as possible, with no music, phones, or other distractions.

12. Creative thinking

College is the best place for students to nurture their creative abilities. There is a significant demand for innovative and fresh perspectives to traditional ways of thinking. In addition, it will make you stand out and gain the respect of your teachers and peers.

13. Note-taking

If you take effective notes during lectures, you will retain material much more quickly. Individuals differ in their preferred note-taking method; some prefer to write down as much information as possible. Others prefer to jot down summary points that will help them remember later.

14. Ability to work on your own

In addition to teamwork and collaboration, your kid will need to be able to work independently. They’ll be doing more solo work than group work, so being self-motivated, knowing where to acquire knowledge, and knowing how to handle problems are all important qualities.

15. Following directions

Following rules and being disciplined is an important aspect of a student’s life. This includes instructions from their professors on how to turn in assignments and classroom standards. While college is a time for self-discovery and exploration, there will always be some element of uniformity.

25 Most Lucrative Skills students can learn Online

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Apart from honing multiple soft skills, students must focus on branching out and exploring new things to learn, thus up skilling themselves. Moving out of your comfort zone and investing your time and energy in learning lucrative skills can positively impact your career trajectory. Given the current times when technology is evolving rapidly, it has become easier for students to learn various skills online. Here is a list of the best 21st-century skills for students that can give them an upper hand in this highly competitive world:

1. Digital marketing 


Learning the ropes of digital marketing has rapidly gained popularity across the globe. It is one of the major skills employers look for in prospective employees as businesses gradually shift to a completely digital space. Digital marketing is nothing but simply using internet-based tools to boost your business. You’ll learn how to offer items and services using cutting-edge technology. Unlike conventional marketing techniques that entail using newspaper or magazine ads, digital marketing relies heavily on using social media, emails and text messages. There are a plethora of online digital marketing courses that students can choose from. One of the most well-known digital marketing courses is offered by Upgrad. You can also study digital marketing as a whole first and then choose a particular niche for specialization. It includes SMM, PPC, and affiliate marketing.

2. MS Excel


Data has become an inextricable part of our daily lives. With the advancement of technology, we have numerous tools at our disposal which have the potential of making our lives much simpler. A spreadsheet is something that you will constantly be working with as soon as you are employed in a business organization or a student. It is a vital tool for data analysis to manage daily tasks in the office till using MS excel for your finances. Although many people often have a vague idea about using MS Excel since it’s not rocket science, they seldom know how to utilize its full potential. You can learn how to use this for mass arithmetic calculations and the particular formulae that will undoubtedly save a lot of time. You can access this course on various online platforms, including GoSkills, which offers students a comprehensive MS Excel course.

3. Learn a new language 


You can instantly increase your job prospects after learning a new language right from the comfort of your home. If you have always thought about knowing other languages besides your native language, this is the right time for you to take up this challenge. Whether you plan on studying abroad in countries like France, Germany or Canada, knowing the native tongue will give you an upper hand over the other students. It will also increase your job prospects in the future. You can easily learn a new language online with the help of an online course offered by Duolingo.

4. Sales

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Being good with sales and learning how to be a good salesperson is important because it teaches you some important life skills like being a good listener and, more importantly, a good communicator. It helps you brush up on your public speaking and communication skills. On the other hand, you get to communicate with many different people from different areas, cultures, ethnicities, religions. It helps you broaden your horizons. It is a very rewarding but very challenging career. Finding the perfect solution for your customer and the perfect pitch to sell the product feels like a huge accomplishment once you get the hang of it.

It allows you to understand the importance of leads, the hard work behind converting those leads and lastly, keeps you prepared for anything that comes your way. It teaches you how to become a team player but, above all, to tap into your inner grit and determination to sell your product or service. It’s also a very incentive-based career. So, earning capacity increases with the selling skills. These skills will also come in handy while applying for jobs in organizations that rely mainly on word of mouth for buying or selling a product. Sales will also help you get a basic idea of marketing and promotions. You can also switch to these areas and get a holistic understanding of how a business works through online sales conversion courses.

5. Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) 


You must have made a PowerPoint presentation as a part of a school or college project back in the day. But I am sure you never took out the time to explore the features of this tool. Giving a presentation becomes an inevitable part of your adult life, even though you are employed or still studying. A PowerPoint presentation is an effective way of putting across your ideas. The appealing visual element accompanied by the presenter’s speech is a great way to capture the audience’s attention.

It will help if you learn the basics of PowerPoint and master using the multiple visual aids to use them to your advantage. It can also be used to generate flowcharts, infographics, newsletters, and even new logos and images, in addition to presentations. If you choose to take up an online PowerPoint course, you will gain access to all of the most recent add-ins available.

6. Ethical hacking


If you are new to cyberspace, then you’d probably be unaware of what ethical hacking entails. Don’t worry; it’s nothing illegal. It might just be the most impressive skill that you can gain online. In ethical hacking, you will be working for large organizations and companies that are regularly faced with the threat of hackers. Additionally, you will get to experience the thrill of hacking into a system without having to bear the brunt of the legal repercussions. Hackers are required to brainstorm and come up with creative ways to fix the damage done by crackers. Now you might think that tech companies will only approach you for this job, but that is not the case. All kinds of organizations need ethical hackers to prevent their data from being exploited. You can explore the EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker course to learn about the latest ethical hacking tools.

7. Graphic design


 Have you ever been awestruck by a visual composition you’ve seen online? If yes, then you’ll be surprised to know that it was a graphic designer’s creativity. From postcards, banners, infographics, email templates to social media ads and graphics, there is nothing that a graphic designer cannot do. The latest technology is gradually taking over the majority of tasks. But graphic designing requires an artist’s creative inputs and a clear vision of what the outcome would look like. Given the current times where businesses reach great heights solely based on branding and marketing, the role of a graphic designer becomes all the more integral. They use a visual aid to attract customers and convince them to invest in its products and services. Students can enrol for an online graphic designing course at Shaw Academy and learn everything ranging from photoshop, animation, and image editing.

8. Cloud computing 


If you know anything about the latest technology, you’re well aware of how cloud computing is changing the IT industry. It refers to providing IT resources like data storage and computing power via the internet. With the coming of artificial intelligence, the forecasts provided by cloud computing have become standard in dealing with crucial business decisions and goals, lowering operating costs and eliminating errors. In addition, you can check out the highly reputed cloud computing certification offered by Intellipaat.

9. Financial Management


Finances are one of the most crucial aspects of our adult lives. It is something that we are expected to take care of as soon as we step into adulthood. Therefore, financial literacy is a very useful skill that comes in handy to manage your finances. The least we can do is gain the necessary skills to tackle our finances and cultivate integral savings habits. It becomes even more important to effectively manage your finances once you start working because it’s easy to go overboard with your expenses if you don’t pay close attention.

If you want to apply for a credit card in the future or even take out a loan, having a good credit score is crucial. Understanding financial management will not only help you in saving money but exploring viable investment options. Corporate Finance Institute offers multiple online finance courses, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

10. Adobe photoshop


Did you realize that knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop might help you earn money? You don’t have to be a niche expert to do anything, but you can quickly advance to the next level if you grasp the basics. If you plan to venture into web designing or graphic designing, Photoshop can act as a stepping stone. Learning photoshop will be especially beneficial for you if you are trying to improve your job prospects in the creative field. Once you know the basics, you can gradually progress into working with UX designs. Apart from providing you with fruitful job prospects, it can be very fun to learn photoshop. It will allow you to amp up your organization’s social media game and create animations and GIFs that appeal to the younger audience.

Additionally, you can also rectify old images and make them look more appealing using the latest photoshop tools. Learning the basics of this useful tool will also enable you to set up your website by making a couple of mock-ups and figuring out what aligns with your body of work and skills. Once you have your website, you can either go for freelancing or use it as evidence of your skills. It offers five Adobe Photoshop courses and provides 62 additional resources to polish your skills.

11. Human Resource Management


This is one of the most crucial skills to learn if you want to venture into general management in the future. It is a basic skill required to deal with the kind of challenges that you will face daily. Individuals must understand human resources to deal with issues that arise among their colleagues or employees. This skill teaches you various tactics to deal with changes in policies and laws. It ensures the smooth functioning of your organization, thus keeping it away from unnecessary lawsuits. You can explore the Human resource management courses offered by Coursera that can help you up-skill yourself. 

12. Video making


 You may assume that you already know how to do this, so why waste your time and money learning something you’ve already mastered? But there is so much to video making that meets the eye. I am sure that you are still unaware of the professional techniques and tricks to make a video 100 times more visually appealing. So this is something that you can consider, and I can assure you that it will be worth the investment, plus it does not require a lot of fancy equipment. You can get started on something so basic as your iPhone, and then you can consider investing in professional equipment as you progress and hone this skill.

In today’s world, video is extremely important. For example, every new product or album release is frequently accompanied by a teaser or promotional clip. You can either make videos to promote products and services. If you want to grow your creative side, you can attempt documenting events, working on low-budget films or music videos. You can find out more about comprehensive video making courses offered by prestigious universities like NYFA on their official website.

13. Writing


It is one of the most basic skills that every individual should possess. Good writing skills form a crucial aspect to succeed in the personal and professional domains. Students require academic writing skills to put forth their thoughts via essays, articles, and short stories. On the other hand, professionals need these skills to write official emails and applications. Writing is an integral part of communication skills, gives you the confidence to explain your perspective, and improves your thinking ability.

Taking up an online course in writing can also carve a new career path for you, as you can work as a technical writer or a copywriter in the future. You can either go for a more generalized course that will focus on basic skills like grammar, sentence formation or structure. Otherwise, you can take up an online creative writing course to learn about different writing techniques like descriptive, analytical, and narrative writing styles.

14. Investing


You might already be familiar with this skill if you have watched multiple Wall Street movies. Investing is indeed one of the most lucrative skills to learn in the present times. Money is a significant aspect of our lives, and managing it effectively is a huge comfort. From small business owners to CEOs of international companies, all kinds of people have tried their hand at investing and have succeeded too. It is always better to learn how investing works through an online course about stock markets offered by skillshare to prevent yourself from the risk of losing all your money.

15. Google Analytics 

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With the constantly changing market trends and multiple technological advancements, learning how to use analytics has become a prerequisite if you wish to establish a lucrative career. It is one of the most vital skills to learn if you wish to venture into marketing, advertising, communications, web development, and sales. Google Analytics provides useful insights into how a website or app is functioning and whether it is reaching the company’s goals. It is used to track the performance of websites designed to provide information, promote a product, or generate online sales. In addition, it can be used to see how users find a site, what actions they take on a page, and the effectiveness of individual pages.

16. Project management 


It can be one of the most effective skills to learn, especially for students, as it can help them in various situations. It can help them excel in the academic domain and assist them in improving their job prospects. Projects are a vital part of a student’s life. However, they tend to become burdensome if they are not managed properly quickly. Project management skills can help you become more organized by breaking down a complex project into smaller parts. It also allows you to effectively communicate your ideas and build on your team-working and collaboration skills.

It will help you hone your analytical and problem-solving skills by teaching you how to deal with roadblocks and how to turn your team’s weakness into a major strength. You will be an indispensable asset to your future employers as you will know how to reduce costs and provide high-quality work. You can look at the project management courses offered by Simplilearn in collaboration with the Project Management Institute.

17. Budgeting


 You might think this is one of the ridiculous skills to learn, especially when the only money you are getting as a student is your pocket money. Nonetheless, the earlier you learn this skill, the better it will be for you in the future. Even as a student, managing your expenses is a huge task. Budgeting is a crucial skill that can prevent you from spending too much. It trains you to be prepared for emergencies and put some thought into planning your expenditure. You can explore the finance fundamentals course offered by Futurelearn that revolves around planning and budgeting. 

18. Copywriting


 You might be wondering what’s the point of investing in another writing course if you have already spent money on learning basic writing skills online. Well, it’s quite surprising to know that it takes more than just basic writing skills to attract readers and retain their attention. This is where copywriting comes in, and it refers to the same thing that you witness in enticing websites and advertisements. Being a copywriter gives you the power to influence and persuade people and eventually empower them through unique stories and anecdotes. To master this in-demand skill, you can check out the award-winning copywriting course offered by Henry Harvin Education.

19. WordPress 


Have you ever visited a website that hooked you with its design and overall experience? Have you dreamed about having the ability and skills to develop something similar that can instantly catch the audience’s attention? If yes, then WordPress is your one-stop solution. WordPress is a great tool to learn if you are looking to build a new website from scratch. It’s a strong content management system and a powerful website builder that beginners and advanced professionals utilize for this task. The best thing about WordPress is how adaptable it is to different websites. It’s very useful for novices because it is free to use. You just need to invest in the domain name and hosting, and you are all set to develop your unique website.

It implies that you are free to download, install, use, and modify it as you see fit. It may be used to make any website type. It offers you a plethora of easily customizable themes and has the power to transform your website drastically. So you don’t have to be concerned, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy. Multiple online courses teach you how to use WordPress. Once you get the hang of it, you can gradually start adding plugins to your website to enhance it and make it more interesting to browse. To get one hour of free WordPress training immediately, you can explore the course offered by WP Apprentice.

20. Public speaking


Public speaking is an important aspect of one’s day to day life. It helps us make connections, motivate changes and decisions. Without the proper knowledge of public speaking and having a good understanding of how to talk to people, it’s nearly impossible for one to progress in the real world. Public speaking will assist you to overcome the fear, anxiety and nervousness of being in front of a huge crowd. You can hone your communications skills and be more expressive. It will help you be more socially active, which will, in turn, help you make better connections with all kinds of people. You will ultimately have the ability to create a strong social network with better contacts in different parts of the world.

The more self-assured you are, the more likely you are to be chosen for the top positions. You will also have the potential of inspiring and motivating others by putting your thoughts and words out there. If you somehow manage to be a good orator, you can tilt the world in their favour by articulating in a manner that works for the listener. Public speaking will also build your self-esteem and sharpen your critical thinking skills. Good public speakers tend to be excellent observers and can mould themselves according to different situations. So if you wish to hone this highly essential skill, you can sign up for the public speaking course offered by Cambly.

21. Affiliate marketing


If you have wondered about working in a fast-paced startup, affiliate marketing is one of the skills to learn to help you get an edge over the other candidates. Companies are always looking for skilled people to promote their products and services and increase overall sales. It allows businesses to sell their products with a minimum budget, effort and time. At the same time, it ensures immense business growth and a great ROI. You can have a look at The Authority Site System to learn the latest techniques for building highly effective affiliate sites.

22. Photography


If you had a budding interest in photography but did not pursue it due to some reason, this is the right time for you to give it a shot. The fun fact is that you can quickly generate money with your photography skills by actively assisting people with event or portrait photography and creating stock photos that you can sell on popular websites. Apart from that, if you happen to work for a creative agency, a shift to high-quality photography can greatly impact the organization’s sales. It also acts as a huge selling point and helps attract customers to invest in your products and services. In addition, numerous websites such as Karl Taylor Education teach photography skills, whether you’re just getting started and need a beginner course or you’re an accomplished photographer in need of more in-depth instruction.

23. Social media marketing


Using social media as a marketing strategy can help you boost your online presence and expand your business. We have started spending most of our time on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. A significant number of your potential clients and leads are on social media, regardless of your sector, segment, or audience. Publicity from social media posts allows people to engage with your content and visit your website. It will increase the traffic and bring in new customers as your posts will show up on the feeds of consumers interested in similar products. Social media is a highly effective tool that takes you closer to your audience and helps you understand their needs. If you are an entrepreneur with an inspiring background and a zeal to learn the ropes of this amazing platform, you can enrol in an online social media marketing course offered by Udemy.

24. Podcasting


If you have been searching for a budget-friendly creative outlet, then you should give it a shot at creating your podcast. You just need a few things to host your show, and once you have them, you’re good to go. A podcast is an excellent tool to establish yourself, or your firm, as an authority in any niche. You can rely on podcasting whether you want to develop and monetize your show or make one for your employer to advertise their products and services. The content is in the audio version consumed while the listener is already engaged in some other activity. This is what makes a podcast so unique.

People are attracted to the luxury of multitasking provided by podcasts because time is of the essence these days. If you are confident that you can carry an entire show on your shoulders, then go ahead. Otherwise, it’s always fun to have someone else host the show with you to have better odds of retaining the readers’ attention. There are resources available to you whether you’re just getting started with podcasting or want to learn more advanced techniques. You can go ahead and register for the online podcasting course offered by Buzzsprout

25. UX Design


User experience (UX) design is a set of techniques and concepts that enable you to tackle real-world problems and transform a beautiful design into functional and engaging. It’s a website design that understands them better and addresses their concerns, thus giving consumers a great experience. If you take up this skill, you are likely to increase your employability instantly. The main reason for this is that UX design is at the centre of all platforms, apps, and websites. It integrates research with project management and is highly appreciated by employers looking to obtain a competitive advantage. It is among the ten most in-demand hard skills and will place you amidst digital innovation, where new ideas and technologies emerge daily. To get started with UX design, you can enrol for a self-paced course offered by the Interaction Design Foundation. 



Choosing from a comprehensive list of skills to learn is indeed an important decision. You can make it easier by reflecting on your long term goals, as these skills can act as a stepping stone for you. If you choose the right skills to learn, you’ll be instantly increasing your employability. This list can also be extremely helpful for students confused about the career path they wish to embark on. Up-skilling yourself in two-three different fields can give you an idea about what they entail and if you will be a good fit for that particular job. Possessing a solid combination of the soft and hard skills mentioned above can help you diversify your income sources and make you an ideal candidate for dynamic job roles in the future.

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