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Jasmine, 24, South-East Asia


Strong Interest in Business


No connection to business, Low GMAT


Bachelors in Science from a US college



 The Challenge

Our client, Jasmine, was from South East Asia, and had moved to the US 4 years back to pursue her undergrad in a niche science field, graduating with an impressive score of 3.4 GPA. She further explored job opportunities in this field but found her calling towards the managerial aspect of things, in short, she was determined to switch her field to Business.

The problem in this case lay in her limited exposure to the business field evident through her academic and professional path chosen. Moreover, she scored a 620 on GMAT which weighed her profile down further and made it difficult to show  why she would be a good fit for a top MiM school.

Client Hesitation

  • When Jasmine contacted us the biggest confusion she had was if she should retake GMAT. 
  • Other than that, whether she should go for business management or MS considering her prior experiences and graduate coursework.
  • She was also puzzled about school selection.

 Our Strategy

We decided to look into the skills that she developed during her graduation and in the workplace. Basically, we wanted to figure out “The Why” behind the work she has done till date and highlight the same in her applications.

 How we Implemented it

Having discovered the reasons behind all her endeavors, some interesting elements of her profile began to emerge. 

We discovered the reason for her interest in the niche sciences field was connected with the aim of discovering means to improve the standard of living in her home country, and she was slowly moving towards this goal and even had an idea of a start-up. 

 We capitalized on this to showcase her interest in business and give it a strong backing by linking with endeavors she had taken to pursue her long term goal.

Further, she was actively involved in several extra-curricular activities from NGO’s to student bodies, & had spearheaded some activities in the same, via this, we showcased her strong leadership and team skills. 

Lastly, we concentrated on how she was able to showcase management aptitude even while working in a core engineering company, by highlighting the teams she led and how she went above and beyond her work responsibilities.

Putting together all these elements of her profile lead us to draft a pitch perfect application!

Result: A Glowing Admit from London Business School

Client Remark

In my first call with MiM-Essay, my consultant did a profile evaluation and immediately assured me that I had the profile to get  nto a top business school. Later, the two-hour brainstorming session was the turning point that made me see that yes! I could get into a top school and what exactly I should highlight in my essays, that’s what brought my confidence back

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