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Karan, 24, India 


Strong Business skills



Medium GMAT, average work experience, Average extra-curricular activities



Engineering degree and an IT profile




 The Challenge

Karan, our 24 year old client, adorned an IT profile and had pursued his Bachelors in Engineering, graduating with an average GPA of 3. He further worked in the educational sector, coming to the standstill of complementing his technical skills with managerial knowledge to elevate his career.

On the surface, Karan had a very average profile, he had no big brand on his resume and there was nothing spectacular about his work experience. Adding on to the list, back in college, he participated in a few extracurriculars, which lead to an ‘average’ tag on his profile.

Client Hesitation

Karan wanted to apply to the top schools only, but he was very skeptical about his profile. He was perplexed about the school selection and how to showcase his profile holistically in the application.

 Our Strategy

In order to create a narrative that would prove Karan had what it takes to go to a top B-School, we had a few options discovered post the brainstorming call:

  • Focus on his passion for business and make a case for why he was going to be a perfect candidate for the cohort.
  • Highlight the business competition he had participated in where he created a device prototype to tackle a critical social problem in the country.
  • Highlight the roles and responsibilities of his present work and discuss the skills he has developed.

 How we Implemented it

It was a challenging assignment as the schools he wanted to target were competitive and were looking for holistic applicants.

We began by elaborating on his business competition, though he had not won, the struggle he had put into creating this device highlighted some very strong business skills. We had a winner here, and we capitalized on this to showcase his abilities.

Further, we focused on the work he was doing. As he was working in the educational sector, we dissected the projects he had led, people he had helped and the workplace achievements he had gathered. This again showcased some critical skills b-schools are looking for and we tied his application to the drive of working towards the betterment of society. 

Basing the application on these 2 points and a decent GMAT score we were able to put forward a strong application.

Result: Received admits from HEC and ESSEC!

Client Remark



The Brainstorming and essay analysis sessions were the turning point for me. They brought me clarity in terms of my goals and gave me confidence in what I wanted to do. The discussions with the mentor and counselor helped me build my own story and I was able to decide how I want to present myself to the business school.

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