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Solve Your Application Queries!

What Is In It For You ?

✅ Get an Exclusive Live Session with our Founder, where he answers any doubts that you may have about the application or your profile.

✅ Understand how to select schools, and break your choices into Dream, Competitive and Safe schools.

✅ Get tips on how to complete the initial Brainstorming for your application essays, to distill out your strengths and weaknesses.

✅Know more about how our services work, and how they can help you get into your Dream School.


We have resolved 2000+ Application QueriesAnd Counting !

Here are the some of the questions that applicants ask in our webinars:

  • Is my profile good enough for my target school?
  • What are my job prospects after the degree?
  • How do I go about getting a scholarship?
  • I am worried about low CGPA and gap years. How do I  Compensate for it?
  • How do I write an SoP in 500 words?
  • I am interested to study in Canada or Germany. Which are the top MiM programs over there?

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Know Your Author
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Abhyank Srinet
Study Abroad Expert

Abhyank Srinet, the founder of MiM-Essay, is a globally recognized expert in study abroad and admission consulting. His passion is helping students navigate the complex world of admissions and achieve their academic dreams. Abhyank earned a Master's degree in Management from ESCP Europe, where he developed his skills in data-driven marketing strategies, driving growth in some of the most competitive industries.

Abhyank has helped over 10,000+ students get into top business schools with a 98% success rate over the last seven years. He and his team offer thorough research, careful shortlisting, and efficient application management from a single platform.

His dedication to education also led him to create MentR-Me, an AI-powered platform that offers personalized guidance and resources, including profile evaluation, application assistance, and mentoring from alumni of top global institutions.

Continuously adopting the latest strategies, Abhyank is committed to ensuring that his clients receive the most effective guidance. His profound insights, extensive experience, and unwavering dedication have helped his clients securing of over 100 crores in scholarships, making him an invaluable asset for individuals aiming to advance their education and careers and leading both his ventures to seven-figure revenues.

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