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Arizona State Unversity MSBA Review

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    The Arizona State University MS in Business Analytics is a rigorous and comprehensive course of study that prepares students for the position of senior business analytics professionals. The program was designed to meet the current research needs of organizations in the financial services, health care, manufacturing, retail, and services sectors.

    ASU is one of only five universities nationally to offer a master's degree in business analytics which draws on its partners in industry and academia to innovate and make advancements in the field. ASU's W.P Carey School of Business offers 5 distinct degree programs under Arizona State University Business Analytics. Those are MSBA in Big Data, MSBA in Cloud Computing and tech consulting, MSBA in Fintech, MSBA in Marketing Analytics, and MSBA in Supply Chain Analytics.

    Full-time MSBA Fees A$74,400
    Top Post-MSBA Industries  IT, Healthcare, and Finance
    Program Length 16-month program

    Arizona State University Business Analytics Class Profile

    The Arizona State University Business Analytics welcomes talented, motivated students from across the country and around the world. The diversity at ASU is quite commendable. With over 93% of international students coming from across the globe. The school shares a wide range of cultures including minorities and racial variety. See how you compare to this year’s entering class of Arizona State University MS in Business Analytics. 

    Average Work-experience 5+ years
    Average MSBA Salary $110,000

    Acceptance Rate

    The admissions process at Arizona State University business analytics is tough, and only 88% of applicants are accepted. Although the acceptance rate at ASU varies from the degree program. For example, it is 18% for the MBA programs. Half of the people who apply to Arizona State University and get in have SAT scores between 1120 and 1380 or ACT scores between 20 and 28. To know about the stem-designed MSBA course i.e. Big Data and its required scores, check the official website of Arizona state university ms in business analytics.

    Acceptance Rate- 18%

    Arizona State University Business Analytics Program and Curriculum

    asu business analytics program and curriculum

    The curriculum focuses on your quantitative abilities and develops the depth of analytics you need to have an instant influence on your career. It is informed by industry partners to ensure its relevance in the real world. Business Analytics at Arizona State University Business Analytics is intended for recent college grads with a solid quantitative foundation. There are 5 academic tracks in this curriculum:

    Core Curriculum

    • Cloud computing and Tech Consulting
    • Fintech course
    • Marketing Analytics Course
    • Supply Chain Analytics Course

    Extra Activities for Arizona State University MSBA 

    Within Arizona State University's business analytics and the W. P. Carey School of Business, joining student clubs and organizations is a fantastic opportunity to meet people and get active. More than 1,000 clubs are available to join at the institution, including more than 35 business clubs that complement W. P. Carey majors.

    Business fraternities

    • Alpha Kappa Psi
    • Delta Sigma Pi

    Entrepreneurship and consulting

    • AdWorks
    • Arizona Microcredit Initiative
    • New Venture Group

    Honors societies

    • Beta Alpha Psi

    Clubs by major and career path

    • American Marketing Association
    • Department of Information Systems Club
    • Sports Business Association
    • Supply Chain Management Association
    • Business of Fashion at ASU
    • Financial Management Association
    • Institute of Management Accountants

    Special interest

    • Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders
    • Association of Latino Professionals for America
    • Black Business Student Association
    • Hispanic Business Students Association
    • Women Business Leader’s Association

    Service learning

    • Business Ambassadors

    Scholarships for Arizona State University MSBA

    Arizona State University Business Analytics wants to help you learn as much as you can. More than 80% of Arizona State University MS in Business Analytics students get some kind of financial help every year. This includes a variety of scholarships that are meant to help you in school and in life. This is in addition to the nearly $1 million in scholarships that the W. P. Carey School of Business gives directly to business students every year.

    • Alan Brunacini Memorial Scholarship
    • Brian S. Page Endowed Scholarship
    • Burton S. Barr Memorial Scholarship
    • Colonel Ernest L. Morton, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

    Eligibility and Requirements

    asu business analytics eligibility and requirement


    • Fill out the ASU Application form with the mentioned details- Information about you, like your name, address, date of birth, citizenship, and Social Security number
    • Resume: Your current resume needs to list the jobs you've had and the dates you worked there in Month/Year format.
    • Admission essay: The committee that decides who gets in would like to know more about you, your past, and your goals. Your responses to short essay questions help us evaluate your application beyond test scores and GPA requirements.
    • Personal statements won't be accepted, and they will slow down the application review process. In the graduate application, there are places to write essay questions.
    • Application fees for international students are $115.
    • LORs- Recommender(s) contact information: name, affiliation, and work email address of someone who can answer questions about your personal qualities, professional success, career goals, and ability to do well in a graduate program.

    Documents Required

    • GMAT or GRE Scores- Admission is based on test scores, which are sent directly to the school from the organizations that give the tests. If your program requires a GRE or other graduate school entrance exam, you don't have to take it before you fill out the application, but you do have to take it before you hear if you were accepted. To prepare for the GMAT exam one can take the 6-month preparation from any institute.
    • Transcripts- One doesn't need to send in transcripts from ASU if you went there. If not, you must have one set of official transcripts sent to ASU Graduate College from every college or university where you earned a bachelor's degree or higher.  Arizona State University business analytics accepts official transcripts, which are original academic credentials issued by the registrar of the school attended and have the original raised or colored seal of the school and the signature of the registrar, an academic official, or a recognized international organization.
    • Applying as a student from outside the U.S.- The application process for international students is the same as for students from their own country, except that they have to show proof that they can speak English well (for students whose native language is not English). Please note that ASU does not accept TOEFL iBT® Home Edition, TOEFL iBT® Paper Edition, or TOEFL Essentials Exams as proof of this requirement
    • U.S.Visa- After you've been accepted, you'll also need to get a U.S. visa, which requires you to submit a graduate financial guarantee. To apply for Visa, one can understand how to write SOP for visa.

    Arizona State University Business Analytics Deadlines & Admission Process

    For Arizona State University business analytics, applications for Fall 2023 admission will be accepted on a rolling basis until July 15, 2023.

    Rounds Deadline Dates
    Round 1 Oct. 1, 2022
    Round 2 Dec. 1, 2022
    Round 3 Feb 1, 2023
    Round 4 April 1, 2023
    Round 5 July 1, 2023

    Employment And Placement

    asu business analytics employment and placement

    Regional, American, and international businesses are vying for Arizona State University business analytics students. Numerous businesses hire our students every year for internships and full-time jobs and careers due to the high caliber of the pupils. Another benefit is that Phoenix's thriving economy provides more internship opportunities and part-time or pre-professional work than in other cities. Even before they graduate, many students are already working in the occupations they intend to stay in.

    Top Sectors Hiring MSBA Graduates

    Banking & Finance

    • American Express
    • Bank of America
    • Goldman Sachs
    • HSBC
    • Visa


    • Walmart


    • Starbucks


    • FedEx

    Technology & Software

    • Adobe
    • Amazon
    • Apple
    • Boeing
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Intel
    • Microsoft
    • PayPal
    • Qualcomm

    Business Analytics Alumni at Arizona State University

    The Arizona State University Business Analytics has a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are here to help you with the tools and support you need. Discover your alma mater for a variety of ways to invest in your lifelong career, such as featured job opportunities, career coaching content, and exclusive resources that are made to meet you where you are. In our private LinkedIn alumni group, W. P. Carey alumni are welcome to share ideas, career tips, and business wins with other Sun Devils. Through the ASU Mentor Network, you can also help train the next generation of leaders to do well.

    Some Famous Alumni are:

    • Christine Devine- Los Angeles news anchor; winner of 16 Emmys
    • Doug Ducey- Arizona governor; former Arizona state treasurer; former CEO
    • Mary Temple Grandin- Autism spokesperson, animal behavior expert, author
    • Vada Manager- Founder and CEO of Manager Global Consulting Group
    • Phil Mickelson- Professional golfer; winner of five major PGA championships

    Arizona State University Business Analytics Application Essay

    Each applicant has a distinctive writing style that they utilize to highlight their individual qualities, successes, and histories when dealing with Arizona State University business analytics applications. It is also true that a writer's writing style may make or break a job application.

    They can use the model to help them generate ideas for their own essays, which will make the essay-writing process a little simpler. Here are some essays for interviews that will be conducted as part of the Arizona State University MS in Business Analytics admissions process.

    Essay 1
    As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Arizona State University MS in business analytics program? (300 Words)

    Essay 2
    What qualities do you believe make for the finest leaders, and how do you work to develop them in yourself? Conversely, what steps are you taking to avert any leadership problems you see in yourself or others? (500 Words)

    Essay 3
    Write about a time when your community or family helped you transition from being a child to an adult. (450 Words)

    Letter of Recommendation

    A faculty member from your undergrad institution often submits an academic letter of recommendation, preferably one who is close to you. It's crucial that you seek advice from a professor who is knowledgeable about you and has worked with you in the past. This essay gives the Arizona State University business analytics admissions committee a positive picture of your experience, accomplishments, knowledge, and skills, which is often communicated by a recommender through a recommendation letter. A total of two letters of recommendation is required.

    Arizona State University Business Analytics Interview Questions

    Imagining the interviewer's questions for Arizona State University Business Analytics and the questions you will ask them are both parts of the interview preparation process. The list that follows, while not exhaustive, should give you a framework to understand the variety of questions that might be asked. Try to respond to these questions in a way that highlights your career competencies, which are listed on the reverse. It's best to limit your responses to two to three minutes.

    Arizona State University MS in Business Analytics interview questions:

    Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    Q: Tell me about yourself
    Q: Why did you choose Arizona State University for Business Analytics program?
    Q: Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 15 years?
    Q: Tell me about a difficult decision you made.
    Q: What did you do in a project that contributed to the team environment?
    Q: Tell me about a time you encountered a difficult customer or co-worker.
    Q: What is your experience in operating tools to assess the security of IT networks?
    Q: What is the capacity of human brain memory?
    Q: Describe a time when you went above and beyond expectations.

    What Makes Arizona State University Unique?

    asu business analytics unique

    With more than 85 top programs ranked in the top 25 in the country, with 38 of them in the top 10, and has won more than 270 national and conference athletic championships.

    One of the largest universities to attend is this one.

    Arizona State University has a $4.48 billion economic impact on the state's gross domestic product in FY21.

    Arizona State University named the nation's most innovative university by U.S. News & World Report, is where teachers and students collaborate with NASA to develop, advance and lead advances in space exploration.

    Master learners are taught here by Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners.

    Beyond the faces you'll see on campus, Arizona State University values diversity.

    Their four locations in the Phoenix metro area provide a range of experiences, views, and feelings.

    There is a campus for everyone, whether you choose to live in the middle of a large metropolis (the fifth-largest in the US to be exact), can't wait to show off your ASU passion at all of the home football games, or prefer a more quiet, peaceful atmosphere.


    Arizona State University was named the nation's most innovative university by the U.S. The Arizona State University MS in Business Analytics has a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are here to help you with the tools and support you need and gain the required skills. The Arizona State University Business Analytics is a rigorous and comprehensive course of study that prepares students for the position of senior business analytics professionals. If you choose the best b-schools for MSBA then the program is the best choice for you.

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