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Babson College MSEL Review

Babson College’s Master of Science in Management in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) is a 9-month comprehensive program. 

Babson MSEL is a 9-month comprehensive program. The program equips students with the necessary practical knowledge and academic precision to thrive in the contemporary workplace with an emphasis on aspects like social, economic, and environmental sustainability.





Course Duration

9 Months


Course Fee




Rolling Intake

Babson MSEL Class Profile

Students come to Babson MSEL College from all around the globe. Master’s students include accountants, financial analysts and entrepreneurs. Moreover, athletes, non-profit organizers, writers and artists have chosen Babson College for their graduate studies.

Average Age




Class Size


Average Work Ex

1 Years

Babson MSEL Acceptance Rate

The college has a tough admissions procedure and has a 27% acceptance rate. Moreover, female candidates are accepted at a rate of 34%, which is greater than the male acceptance rate of 22%.

Program and Curriculum of Babson MSEL

The program is split into two semesters in which students not only study academically intense courses like marketing, economics, operations, management, and finance but also engage in leadership activities and hands-on learning projects.

The MSEL Programme is intended to equip students with extensive knowledge of business and practical exposure to experiential learning projects and participation in leadership activities. Babson encourages students of all academic backgrounds to apply to this specialized program. Also, the Leading Entrepreneurial Action Project (LEAP) fosters students to think beyond the usual to develop a business idea or resolve a business problem. This course advances the careers of students by presenting skill-building sessions, seminars, and unique global exposure.

Core Course

  • Operations Management
  • Managerial Accounting (Resource Planning)
  • Marketing Management
  • Quantitative Methods (Data Exploration)
  • Entrepreneurial Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Strategy
  • Law


The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

  • LEAP-Design, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Behaviour (4.5 credits): Designing, defining and solving a real-time business problem
  • Creating you- Building your Professional Life (1.5 credits): Comprised of skill-building sessions, seminars with Babson’s centres and institutes, and opportunities for reflection, this aspect of the program will provide support for career development.

    Extra Activities

    Babson College creates a campus environment that inspires you with a drive to co-create experiences in conjunction with others, with over 100 student organizations on campus. Additionally, students are encouraged to form new clubs and groups to address unfulfilled needs. Therefore, it is not difficult to establish a new organization.

    Many campus events and activities are originated and developed by students, offering an instant chance to apply and practice entrepreneurial leadership. This is just another way Babson allows students to forge their paths.


    Babson College has a range of club activities on and off-campus, which allows the students to hone their interpersonal and communication skills. The clubs include:

    • AMAN- South Asian Students’ Association
    • Babson Hillel
    • Pride- Babson’s LGBTQ and Ally Organization
    • Origins of Necessary Equality 

    Eligibility and Requirements for getting into Babson MSEL


    • A bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university is required.
    • No work experience is required, although it can help

    Document Related to the Application

      • Essay
      • Letter(s) of recommendation— 1 letter of professional recommendation and 1 letter of academic recommendation
      • Résumé
      • Transcripts from all institutions, undergraduate and graduate
      • GMAT or GRE score reports (The GMAT or GRE may be waived for applicants who have earned a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or better and meet one or more of the following criteria:
      • 1. Have achieved a grade of B or better in two or more quantitative undergraduate and/or graduate courses             
      • 2. Have submitted a valid SAT or ACT score
      • 3. Have acquired demonstrable analytical skills through professional certification with a quantitative focus –                  CFA/CPA/Six Sigma, etc.
      • Video interview
      • TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score reports for international applicants
      • $100 application fee
      • Optional items: Candidates may include an optional essay to provide additional pertinent information to the admissions committee.

      Babson College Master in Science Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) Deadlines

      Rounds Deadline Date
      Round 1 27 January 2021
      Round 2 31 March 2021


      Babson MSEL Employment/placement

      Babson MSEL graduates were employed in 94% of cases within 6 months, with the average base income increasing by 26%.





      Top Sectors hiring Babson MSEL Graduates

      The Babson MSEL Course prepares students to achieve their professional goals through its academic curriculum, particularly Creating You: Building your professional life.

      Companies recruiting from Babson College MSEL


      • Deloitte
      • McKinsey & Co.
      • PwC Strategy&
      • Bain & Co.


      • Fisher Investments
      • Citi
      • IBM
      • Goldman Sachs
      • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
      • Tradecraft


      • Oracle Corporation
      • Apple Inc.
      • Microsoft
      • Google

      Babson College MSEL Alumni Info

      With a responsive network of more than 40,000+ alumni, the MSEL program proudly presents an employment rate of more than 81% within three months of graduation and 94% within 6 months of graduation.

      Some of the enterprising young alumni of Babson’s MSEL program include- Iyan Adeendren Ayyan Kodiswaran, CEO of Capital Circle; Shriyans Bhandari, CEO of Greensole; Katrina Fludd, Senior diversity and inclusion specialist at Princeton University, Alfred Schofield Co-founder Vitalfit nutrition and so on.

      Some Famous Alumni

      • Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot.
      • Alberto Perlman, Co-founder of Zumba Fitness.
      • Ruthie Davis, President of the luxury shoe brand Ruthie Davis.

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      Application Essay for Babson MSEL

      For new applicants in all full-time and working professionals programs, an essay is required. Applicants may choose from one of two prompts listed below and respond in 500 words or less. 

      Essay 1

      Babson College educates entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value everywhere.

      Using Babson’s mission, describe your short-term and long-term goals and how your goal(s) align with this mission. We encourage you to highlight your strengths, any recent accomplishments, or future ambitions.

      Essay 2

      Babson educates entrepreneurs of all kinds. Some students will seek to start businesses, and others will seek to grow an established business with innovative approaches and solutions.

      What kind of entrepreneur will you be? How do you intend to leverage Babson’s resources to support your ambitions?

      Letter of Recommendation for Babson College MSEL

      A detailed recommendation might reveal a lot about you. Make sure you choose someone qualified to speak about your professional accomplishments and leadership potential. Babson MSEL candidates must submit two letters of recommendation. It is preferable to have a recommendation from a professional source, preferably a manager or supervisor. the academic LOR should be from one of your professors. Family members’ proposals are not accepted.

      Interview Questions for Babson College MSEL

      Interviews are only available to those who have been invited. They are a necessary part of the procedure. An invitation to interview indicates that your application has progressed to the next step of review, but it does not ensure acceptance. Prior to the interview, those who have been invited to participate will be requested to answer two extra questions.

      Interview Questions (Set 1)

      Q. Introduce yourself
      Q.Tell us three key learnings from your work experience.
      Q. What are your future goals? Why MSEL now?
      Q. Why do you want to do MSEL at this stage in your life/ career?
      Q. One reason that we should not select you?
      Q. Which other schools have you applied to? What will you do if you get into all?
      Q. What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
      Q. How will you add value to your peer group at Babson Olin?
      Q. Tell us about a challenging situation that you faced? How did you resolve it?
      Q. What financial and quantitative analysis do you do when you start a project.

      (Set 2)

      Q. What are your greatest strengths? Give examples
      Q. What are your weaknesses? Give examples
      Q. What is your mentorship style? Tell me about a time when you mentored someone.
      Q. What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
      Q. Which majors/ electives are you interested in?

      What makes Babson College MSEL Program Unique

      Babson College is an esteemed business and entrepreneurship institution in the USA. Its Masters of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) Program is ranked #1 by Entrepreneur Graduate Program (U.S. News & World Report, 1994–2020). Also, it is famous for its exceptional curriculum that utilizes the Entrepreneurial Thought & Action (ET&A) methodology to educate students with a pro-bono method in classrooms.

      You can acquire practical experience through Babson MSEL’s MSEL programme. Your individuality will be valued by the MSEL programme. The MSEL programme will provide learning opportunities and challenges for everyone, as well as many opportunities to broaden your skill set and knowledge, whether you come from a business-related or non-business background. The MSEL programme makes an investment in entrepreneurship’s future.


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      Is Babson College a decent place for MSEL?

      Babson College comes under the 50 best universities in the USA. Furthermore, 94% of MSEL graduates get placed in leading companies within 6 months of graduation. 

      How tough is it to get into the Babson College program?

      Only 24 applications out of every 100 applications are accepted for admission. This indicates that the school is extremely selective. If you have a good chance of getting into Babson College if your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application requirements are met.

      What is the most well-known feature of Babson College?

      #34 on the list Babson College is recognised for its top-tier business education programs, multinational and diverse student body, innovative entrepreneurial course offerings, and comprehensive and holistic admissions process.

      Is there a scholarship program at Babson College?

      When students are admitted to Babson, the most highly qualified students are awarded four-year merit scholarships. These are the scholarships: Scholarship at the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership.


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