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Bayes MBA Fees: Program Cost, Financial Aids, ROI & More

Pursuing an MBA from a renowned business school is a significant investment that requires careful financial planning. As an Indian student, it's crucial to understand the expenses involved in studying abroad and the potential returns on your investment. In this blog post, we'll focus on the Bayes MBA fees at the City, University of London and provide you with up-to-date information on tuition fees, living expenses, scholarships, ROI, part-time jobs, and work-hour restrictions on Indian student visas.

Bayes MBA Fees

The tuition fees for the Bayes MBA programme at the City, University of London is £50,400 for the full-time Bayes MBA program. If you are self-funding your MBA, you have two alternatives for paying your costs. Option one requires you to pay the entire tuition costs by the start of the course, along with a £5,000 non-refundable deposit to ensure your place.

Option two permits you to pay in two instalments, with a £5,000 deposit to confirm your seat. You will be encouraged to register online and pay in whole or in instalments. To complete your registration and begin the course, you must pay a minimum of 50% of the year's tuition costs if you choose instalments.

Living Expenses in UK

bayes mba fees

Apart from the tuition fees, living expenses are an important consideration when planning your finances for Bayes MBA fees. London's cost of living can be high, and it's essential to budget for accommodation, food, and travel expenses. Let's understand the expenses. 

1. Accommodation:

In the Bayes MBA fees , accommodation for the program in London can cost between £750 to £1,200 per month, depending on the location and type. Students can choose from shared apartments, student housing, or renting a room in a private house.

2. Food:

Food expenses can vary based on individual eating habits and preferences, with an average monthly cost ranging from £200 to £400. Planning meals ahead and cooking at home can help save money, as eating out in London can be expensive. Therefore, understand the Bayes MBA Fees to plan effectively.

3. Travel:

Transportation expenses can add up quickly, especially if the student lives further from the university. Monthly travel expenses can range from £50 to £150, depending on the mode of transport and distance. Public transportation, biking, or walking are some of the options available. Thus, Bayes MBA Fees can become manageable once you understand the process and components involved.

It's crucial to factor in these living expenses while planning the budget for Bayes MBA fees in London. This will help students manage their finances better and focus on their studies.

Expense Cost Range
Accommodation £750 - £1,200 per month
Food £200 - £400 per month
Travel £50 to £150 per month

Bayes MBA Scholarships

bayes mba fees

Indian students looking to study abroad can take advantage of various scholarships available to them. Here are some of the top scholarships for Indian students to study in top MBA Colleges in UK :

Scholarship Name Eligibility Value Criteria
The Clélia Haji-Ioannou Scholarship Offered a place on a full-time MSc course at Bayes Business School £10,000 Academic merit and financial need
The Haberman Fund Offered a place on a full-time MSc course at Bayes Business School £10,000 Academic merit and financial need
The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholarship Self-funded candidate working in or setting up a start-up £10,000 Demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship
Bayes Business School Impact Scholarship Demonstrated commitment to making a positive impact in the community £10,000 Track record of community service

1. The Clélia Haji-Ioannou Scholarship: This scholarship is open to all students who have been offered a place on a full-time MSc course at Bayes Business School. The scholarship is worth £10,000 and is awarded based on academic merit and financial need. 

2. The Haberman Fund: This scholarship is open to all students who have been offered a place on a full-time MSc course at Bayes Business School. The scholarship is worth £10,000 and is awarded based on academic merit and financial need. 

3. The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholarship: This scholarship is worth £10,000 and is awarded to a self-funded candidate who has set up or has been working in a start-up. Indian students who are interested in entrepreneurship can apply for this scholarship.

4.  Bayes Business School Impact Scholarship: This scholarship is worth £10,000 and is awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact in their community. Indian students who have a track record of community service can apply for this scholarship.


The Bayes MBA program has a full-time tuition fee of £50400 for the 2024 start. For self-financing students, the fee can be paid in four instalments, including a £100 application fee, a £5,000 deposit to secure your place, and two additional payments of £19,000 and £24,000.

While the Bayes MBA programme represents a significant financial investment, the potential ROI for graduates can be substantial. According to a recent survey, the average post-MBA salary for BAYES graduates is £80,000, with some graduates earning significantly more.

Using the ROI formula, we can calculate the potential return on investment for BAYES MBA graduates:

ROI = (Post-MBA salary - Total investment) / Total investment

Assuming a post-MBA salary of £80,000 and a total investment of £50,400 (including the application fee, tuition fees, and deposit), the ROI for BAYES MBA graduates would be:

ROI = (£80,000 - £50,400) / £50,400 = 58.6%

This means that graduates can expect to recoup their initial investment and earn an additional 58.6% on top of it over the course of their careers.

Of course, ROI is just one factor to consider when deciding whether to pursue an MBA. It's important to also consider your personal and professional goals, as well as the potential career opportunities and networking benefits that come with earning an MBA from a prestigious institution like BAYES. Thus, you should understand the Bayes MBA fees and its component to take the final call.

Part-Time Jobs and Potential Earnings for Bayes MBA Students

bayes mba fees

As a Bayes MBA student, it is possible to work part-time while studying in the UK. International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and holidays. Here are some potential part-time jobs that Bayes MBA students could consider to manage their Bayes MBA fees:

1. Campus jobs: On-campus work options are available through the Bayes MBA programme, including research assistants, teaching aids, library helpers, and student ambassadors. These occupations might be a great way to supplement your income while remaining near to your academics.

2. Hospitality Industry: Students looking for part-time employment can find opportunities within the hospitality industry. From waiters, and bartenders, to chefs at restaurants and bars or working for cafes as customer service representatives, this industry offers many opportunities to gain work experience and earn some extra money.

3. Retail Sector: The retail sector is a large and diverse industry that offers part-time opportunities in supermarkets, departmental stores, and exclusive boutiques. These jobs can provide flexible hours and could be perfect for those who want to balance work and studies.

4. Tutoring: Bayes MBA students can consider tutoring as an option to help other students while deepening their knowledge of a subject. This can be a great way to earn money and help others simultaneously.

5. Freelancing: Bayes MBA students can also explore the option of freelancing to earn money while studying. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can be used for content writing, graphic designing, and web development projects.

It's important to note that while part-time work can help with Bayes MBA fees, it should not come at the expense of academic performance. Bayes MBA students should consult with the university career services office for possible job opportunities and associated visa regulations before taking any action.

Student Visa Work Hour Restrictions

bayes mba fees

International students pursuing their MBA at Bayes Business School must adhere to UK student visa work hour restrictions. During term-time, students on Tier 4 visas can work up to 20 hours per week to balance work and academic commitments. This limit ensures students can dedicate ample time to studies while having the opportunity to gain practical work experience.

During designated vacation periods, such as summer and winter breaks, students can work full-time, offering them the chance to supplement their income and gain valuable skills.

It's crucial for students to prioritize their academic commitments and manage their time effectively to balance work and study. Violating visa work restrictions can have serious consequences for students' immigration status, so it's essential to stay informed and comply with regulations.

Students should familiarize themselves with the specific terms and conditions of their Tier 4 visa to ensure they understand their work rights and responsibilities. By understanding and adhering to these restrictions, international MBA students at Bayes Business School can make the most of their study and work opportunities in the UK.

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In conclusion an MBA from a reputable business school is a significant investment, so you must plan your budget and understand the fees involved. The Bayes MBA course at City, University of London, is an excellent option for Indian students interested in doing an MBA abroad. While Bayes MBA fees and living expenses may be high, students can apply for numerous scholarships, and the programme provides a good return on investment.

Part-time work may also be an excellent way to supplement your income and gain job experience while studying but keep in mind the work-hour restrictions on your Indian student visa. Indian students may make the most of their time in the UK by planning ahead of time and utilising tools such as career counselling and networking.

What is the total program cost for the Bayes MBA?

The total program cost for the Bayes MBA is [insert total cost here], which includes tuition fees and other expenses.


Does Bayes offer any financial aid or scholarships for MBA students?

Yes, Bayes offers various financial aid options and scholarships for MBA students. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and student loans.


How can I finance my Bayes MBA?

There are several ways to finance your Bayes MBA, including scholarships, student loans, employer sponsorship, and personal savings. Bayes also offers flexible payment plans.


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