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Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is fancied by every aspiring student who yearns to sail exceptionally in their career. Studying abroad has been a ritual for zealous high school and college students around the world. While unique experiences and a thrilling social life appeals to everyone, the academic, cultural, and career privileges that come from abroad study are now prevalent more than ever.

Studying in a foreign land bestows a lifetime of experience to students. You get to embrace your global network while you intend to lay a solid groundwork for your blooming career. Studying abroad isn’t just about a drift for undergraduates anymore. In recent times, the number of graduates traversing outside their home countries to study advanced degrees overseas has been on a swift acceleration.

Not just that students seize the opportunity to expand and build upon their knowledge base, in the present global economy, it’s quite apparent why graduates mostly business-focused are preferred by leading employers across various industries.

The numerous appealing benefits further fosters student to take up international study or exchange programs specially to gain international exposure through their education.

Let’s have look at some of the major benefits of studying abroad-

1. Education

The benefits of studying abroad can turn out to be superfluous at any stage in your career.

However, the practice is more common amongst those students contemplating studying abroad at the graduate level. This urges students to find out a program that will enable them to realize their career goals. Thus, engaging yourself in an education system outside of your home country is a great way to expose yourself to a new learning environment and choose from amongst a wide range of course specializations and electives.

Also, study program programs mostly vary in terms of their tenure. Mostly the program duration ranges between one to two years. While some programs take up less than a year to complete. Hence, students are advised to take evaluate their goals and aspirations and then proceed with searching a program that best fits them.

Not just the program, students must also think over the university they are intending to apply as some university offers the chance to study in more than one campus during the program’s duration. This enables students to expose themselves to two or three countries altogether.

Along the same lines, some schools also offer a semester trip or an industrial visit to encourage students to assimilate learning from a distinct environment and to help them progress in their chosen career paths.

Studying in a foreign country from an esteemed university would also associate a brand name to your resume.

2. International Exposure

Well, who doesn’t adore traveling and exploring new places and what better is exploring new countries, places, and cities while you are on your excursion of study abroad program?

Studying abroad would allow you to see travel to new places that you otherwise might not have been able to visit. During your time away from campus, you can go touring in a new city with your buddies. When studying overseas, you can also visit neighboring provinces and countries, without restricting yourself to just one place. For instance, if you are studying in France, you’ll have the opportunity to travel through various parts of Europe including London, Barcelona, and Rome. You can plan visits to see unique terrains, beautiful wonders, museums, and renowned landmarks of the host country.
Who knew studying abroad could be so much more entertaining?

You can also interact with the locals and get to know about their culture and lifestyle. Thus, through your studying abroad plan, you will get to explore incredible and distinct outlooks, traditions, and ventures.

Moreover, the school on which you’ve set your sight may also hold international exchange opportunities and that can help you immensely contribute to your international exposure.

Undoubtedly, in a world that is intertwined more than ever an open-minded visualization and comprehension of other cultures is essential to shape our global outlook.

Hence, you’ll be able to gain a more comprehensive context for understanding the most pressing global issues. From learning from your cohort to learning from your professors, studying in a multicultural setting will stimulate your assumptions while introducing you to innovative ways of perceiving the world and your surroundings.

3. Language skills

By studying abroad, you can easily traverse the path of becoming multilingual from a bilingual.

Also, by studying abroad, there’s a much higher probability to learn a new language and hone your language skills. While some students equip themselves with the host country’s language in advance, it’s a satisfying experience for them to be able to practically implement it in real life.

And for those newly equipping themselves with a foreign language, what’s better than learning a language in a fast-paced setting amongst the locals and practicing it routinely. Thus, students are most likely to be able to swiftly pick up the conversational language than what they would have grasped through formal language learning.

Building upon your language skills can positively influence your career. Proficiency in a second language is usually helpful, even though it’s not obligatory to learn when working at a multinational organization.

In addition to the plentiful moments you’d get to learn and practice the new language in your daily life in a foreign country, your host university will most probably offer language courses to equip you with a formal education and language training.

More specifically, for individuals with strong business acumen and those intending to immerse themselves in the world of international business, for example, having substantial foreign language skills and a relative experience that confirms those skills can help your resumé to stand out from the crowd in the sight of employers.

So, when on your abroad study journey, soak yourself in a novel culture and go beyond the pursuit of conventional academic experience.

4. Career opportunities (employability)

When you will finish your study abroad program, you’ll encounter two career avenues, one being a lucrative job opportunity in your country, and the other relating to securing a job in the host country (if you qualify the post-study work requirements).

You will return to your home country with new perspectives on culture, communication skills, an esteemed international degree, and a zeal to thrive. All such factors seem highly attractive to employers. Thus, you’ll have an edge over a pool of candidates applying for the same job.

While many students find themselves mending in their host country so well that they choose to work there only. Adding to this, once you return to your home country with international work experience, your resume would glisten, making you more favorable to future employers.

Irrespective of your decision to work in your home country or seek work elsewhere, the international experience clubbed with a study abroad degree would always be viewed on auspiciously by employers across the globe.

Hence, pursuing your undergraduate or graduate degree alongside an international work experience prompts employers that you have the endurance, versatility, cultural sensitivity, and an understanding of diverse work practices and human psychology. All in all, your international exposure places you ahead of the ordinary, especially when it comes to seeking a job in the future.

Not just attractive job opportunities, with it, also comes an attractive salary. Over the years it has been seen that study abroad students bagged in much higher starting salaries in contrast to non-study abroad students. Hence, study abroad programs demonstrate to be more prospering for students across the globe.

5. Networking

One of the most influential and admired benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to network and become friends with people from different backgrounds and countries.

While studying abroad, you will avail of the opportunity to learn and interact with students from distinct nationalities. You will get to acknowledge and form lasting relationships with your fellow classmates.

Aside from just building upon your social circle, once your study abroad program comes to an end, endeavor to stay in touch with your international friends as these friends can also be invaluable networking tools later down the road. In essence, these connections might even turn out to be promising professional relations sometime in the future.

Also, networking is one of the brightest ways for study abroad students to supplement the process of job search upon successful completion of their studies. Likewise, it’s highly suggested to not overlook participating in networking events while on your journey of study abroad program.
Here are some of the options that will aid you to network while studying abroad-

Join your school’s student clubs/associations
Intern or volunteer to carry out a research study with your university professors or graduate students in your field
Interact with professionals in your field of interest. You can also plan industrial visits to gain professional insights and build upon your professional network as well
Intern during your semester break off-campus, only if your visa permits you

These are some of the proven networking tips that work well for students studying abroad.

Also, your ability to network and endure your international connections is another trait that might impress your future employer because that would convey your spirits like resourcefulness, problem-solving attitude, and working cohesively within a diverse group of individuals. Well, you wouldn’t wish to return home without bringing some warm professional relations along.

6. Personal development

When you’ll move to another country for your studies, you’ll relish and learn so much because you would be all by yourself in that foreign country. You will discover that studying abroad truly serves you a whole different level of independence and opportunity to take up your decisions.

Dealing with and handling every circumstance on your own would contribute to your personal development tremendously.

While studying abroad you’ll explore new cultures, people, events, cities, and so much more. This would further enable you to feed your curiosity and learn enthusiastically from novel experiences.

Personal development is a significant benefit of studying abroad as it offers you the opportunity to discover yourself while realizing an understanding of a unique culture. Although living in a new place can be overwhelming at times, yet it assesses your ability to accustom yourself to various situations and adopt a problem-solving approach in life.

By submerging yourself in another culture, you will develop invaluable life skills necessitated for personal growth, including factors like independence and versatility. These skills will, in turn, equip you with an appended boost of confidence both in your personal and professional life.

The idea of studying abroad might get you anxious initially, however, with the passage of time it makes you altogether a mature person. Thus, studying abroad will make you more self-aware, enable you to find ways to establish your identity, and expand on your skill set in terms of communication, teamwork, dependability, adaptability, leadership, and problem-solving skills. All this would enable you to thrive on all your future life pursuits and manifest your dreams.

7. Teaching style & education system

Each country and each school have its own unique technique of teaching. Studying abroad will foster you to expand your academic horizons and adapt to diverse educational settings.

Adapting to an entirely new teaching style will further help you accustom yourself to different management styles, making you more adaptable and ready for your future workplace.

Broadly teaching styles are perceived as teacher-centric and student-centric approach to learning. Although the terms might seem general, yet they play a major role.

While studying abroad, you will also get the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different education system collectively. From the way, your professors will conduct sessions to how you’ll be giving your semester exams and assignments will all be unique. You will experience so much creativity and be able to make the most from a pragmatic learning approach. In the majority of foreign countries, a paramount emphasis is laid on enduring education as a wholesome learning experience for students.

Also, you will explore unique specializations to choose from based on your area of interest. And having embellished the name of a specialized degree or study in your resume would catch the sight of employers. Additionally, your chosen program’s curriculum would be updated, in sync with global issues, trends, and technologies.

You will discover innumerable opportunities to engage in thrilling activities outside your classroom. From arts to sports to everything that might interest you, you’ll be able to engage yourself in it. Thus, your on-campus life would be quite exciting as you’ll have opportunities to indulge in both classrooms and outside the classroom activities.

Top Study Abroad Destinations-

After perusing the prominent benefits of studying abroad, you probably would be wondering about the best study abroad destinations. So here are some of the top picks for you-

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

Well, by now, you must have grasped the benefits of studying abroad.

Aside from expanding your knowledge base, you will also get to explore the allure and culture of a foreign country. A study abroad journey has a lot to offer and will transform you into a well-rounded individual. The entire journey will equip you with a powerhouse of skills and talents that you might not have been able to get your hands on in your home country.

You will have the name of an international esteemed university attached to your resume, which would further pave the way for flourishing career prospects. It would also enable you to get an edge over your competitors in the global workforce to secure a competitive job title. The entire course of your study program will be the most memorable mark in your life. Moreover, a right step towards your career will also give a boost to your career prospects and individuality. So, decide wisely and propel towards a thriving career path while keeping a firm eye on your academic, professional, and personal goals.