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Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines - Dates, Rounds, When to Apply

Meeting the application deadline for the Berkeley Haas MBA program is paramount for prospective students aiming to join this elite institution. Missing these deadlines can result in your application not being reviewed, which makes timely submission a top priority. Ensuring that you are aware of and plan for the Berkeley Haas MBA deadlines will help you submit a comprehensive and timely application, increasing your chances of admission. The program's structured timeline for applications, interviews, and decisions means that you need to be well-prepared and organized to present your strongest application by the specified deadlines.

If you're planning to apply for the Berkeley Haas MBA program, remember the application deadlines. Submitting after the deadline could result in your application not being considered.

Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines

The application deadlines for the Berkeley Haas MBA program are structured across three rounds, giving applicants multiple opportunities to submit their applications:

  • Round 1: September 30, 2022
  • Round 2: January 5, 2023
  • Round 3: April 6, 2023

It is important to submit your application by these deadlines to ensure it is reviewed. The Berkeley Haas MBA program spans 21 months, offering an intensive and immersive experience that prepares students for leadership roles in their careers. For more detailed information, visit the Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines page.

Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines: Best Round to Apply

The choice of round depends on individual circumstances and preferences. It's important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each round before making a decision. Regardless of the round, applicants should focus on submitting a high-quality application that showcases their unique strengths and qualifications.

  • Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines: Round 1
    This round typically attracts the largest number of applicants and is the most competitive. However, applying in this round demonstrates strong interest and commitment to the program. It also allows for more time for scholarship consideration and provides more flexibility in terms of deferring admission to the following year. Note that the application deadline falls early in the academic year, so applicants should have a clear plan and be well-prepared to submit a high-quality application.
  • Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines: Round 2
    This round is a popular choice for many applicants as it falls in the middle of the academic year and provides ample time for preparation. Applying in Round 2 still provides enough time for scholarship consideration and financial aid applications, as well as visa processing for international students. While the competition may still be stiff, applying in this round can also provide more time for self-reflection and preparation.
  • Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines: Round 3
    This round is typically the least competitive, but it also provides the shortest turnaround time for admission decisions. Applying in this round can be a good choice for applicants who may have missed the earlier deadlines or who need more time to prepare their applications. However, it's important to note that Scholarship Opportunities may be more limited in this round and there may be fewer spots available overall.

Past Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines

Reviewing past deadlines can help applicants understand the typical timeline and prepare accordingly. Below is a table with past dates for the application process, interview decisions, interview periods, and admission decisions for the Berkeley Haas MBA program for rounds 1, 2, and 3. All deadlines are in Pacific Time (PT).

Round Application Deadline Interview Decision Sent On Interview Period Admission Decision Sent On
Round 1 September 2023 October 2023 Mid-October to early November 2023 December 2023
Round 2 January 2024 February 2024 Early February to early March 2024 March 2024
Round 3 March 2024 April 2024 End of April to mid-May 2024 June 2024

Also, be sure to check out the application calendar for the Berkeley Haas MBA .

Why Apply Early for Berkeley Haas MBA Deadlines

Applying early for Berkeley Haas MBA deadlines can offer several advantages. Here are some reasons why applicants may want to consider applying in the earlier rounds:

  • Increased chances of admission: Applying early can demonstrate a high level of interest and commitment to the program, which can be attractive to the admissions committee. Additionally, fewer spots may be available in later rounds as more offers of admission are extended earlier on.
  • More time for scholarship consideration: Berkeley Haas offers scholarships to many of its MBA students, and applying in the earlier rounds allows more time for scholarship committees to review applications and make decisions. This can be especially important for students who need financial aid to attend the program.
  • More time for visa processing: International students may need to secure a student visa in order to attend the program. Applying earlier allows more time for the visa process, which can be a lengthy and complex procedure.
  • More time to plan and prepare: Applying in the earlier rounds provides more time to carefully consider the program, develop a strong application, and prepare for interviews and other aspects of the admissions process.


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