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Having aspirations for studying in top business schools abroad? Your first step is to give a GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test. The GMAT is a standardized test that is required for admissions in any top business university across the world. A good GMAT score is an indication of your strong analytical and reasoning skills.

If you think that the GMAT scores are only accepted by top MBA programs, that’s not the case. GMAT is also required in early career degrees like Masters in Management (Mim), Masters in Engineering Management (MEM), Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), and Masters in Finance (M.Fin). For the M.Fin program, the GMAT plays a significant role as for this degree you require a good quant score to showcase your strong inclination towards the field of finance. 

Why GMAT is Important?

Why GMAT is important?

You realize your GMAT is significant, however why? What’s more, what would you be able to do now to ensure your GMAT score will speak to your capacities how you need it to?

The B-schools gauge your standardized test scores (GMAT) alongside your GPA, to measure whether you’re academically ready for the program you want to pursue. GMAT helps to assess the quantitative and verbal thinking abilities as well as the effectiveness of language use of the candidates under a time constraint. This test is a mandatory requirement for all the business programs in schools abroad. You can’t pass or fail the test but only achieve certain scores. For international students, the GMAT is the only source of comparison for assessing their potential. The good GMAT scores showcase the strong academic prowess of the student and open up the doors for most of the top schools.

Why Do Students Fail in their GMAT Preparation?


Have you ever wondered what separates those who get high GMAT scores and those who don’t? Here are a few reasons why people fail the GMAT:

1. Inconsistent in preparation

If you have planned to give the GMAT, you need to be consistent with your preparation! You might be busy with your other exams or office work but make sure at least keep an hour free each day for GMAT preparation. In case you take a break for a longer span, it can break your productivity and thus hamper your scores. Avoid it at every cost! During weekends, you can put in longer chunks of study time but again do study daily.

2. Not clear on why you are taking GMAT

You need to be clear about why you want to give GMAT! There are a lot of students who give this test just for the sake of it. That should be avoided since all it does is lead you to procrastination. Research about your dream colleges and courses that align with your future prospects and then choose your target score for the GMAT.

3. Lack of a plan

There is a popular quote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” There are so many students who take an arbitrary approach in terms of studying for GMAT, and it’s no doubt why they fail. Just buying a few GMAT books and practicing mocks doesn’t count as a plan. You need to have a structured approach for this. If you are serious about getting into your dream colleges, make a detailed step-by-step plan to prepare for the test. Have a full-fledged content knowledge of what is going to be asked in the test, learn about the strategies, and last but not least practice and practice till you don’t get the hang of it.

What is the GMAT Success Mantra?

Success Mantra for GMAT

Whether to take coaching or not, solely depends on the individual capabilities. However, in answer to this question, coaching is not necessary. There are a lot of students who can crack this exam without any guidance. But again, nobody knows your current level of skills and knowledge so if you feel you require coaching then definitely go for it.
In case you are still confused, try preparing on your own first, and then if you feel that you need some sort of guidance, join a coaching institute to get a better understanding of the test.

If you are someone who has already given a GMAT and scored less then you should go for prep classes. Additionally, the benefit of joining the classes would be that you get a well-structured GMAT course which will save your time and energy. You will also spend less time figuring out what is the best strategy for the exam. The people who’ll be giving you training for the test are already professionals who can help you with suggestions and reviews.

All to say, you must look for your level and then decide wisely what suits you best.

Is Coaching Necessary For GMAT Prepration?

GMAT coaching

Want to know the GMAT success mantra that can significantly impact your score? Then you have arrived at the right place. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for the test:

1. Build up a study plan

Maintain a strategic plan and try to give yourself, at any rate, a large portion of a year to get ready for the GMAT. Stay disciplined and use this time wisely by zeroing in on an assessment plan. While building up a GMAT study plan, attempting to take help from the alumni or students of the graduate school can be a great help to you in your success as they too have been in your position. Furthermore, consider the sort of program you are applying for and center your energy likewise. For instance, in case you’re going for a Masters in Finance, invest additional amounts of energy and time towards improving your GMAT Quant score. The reason being the admission committee will closely look at that section compared to others.

2. Avoid Procrastination by all means

You may have heard this articulation every time. But it does make sense. What is the purpose of saying, “I don’t want to concentrate today but from tomorrow onwards I’ll thoroughly focus on the preparation.” Well, tomorrow never comes. It’s either now or never. However, getting started is the real task and does require extra effort. Thus, before beginning your planning, ensure you can beat the delay.

3. Choose a suitable exam date

hen you’re ready to know where you remain in your planning or your present GMAT capacity, set aside some effort to figure what amount of time will it require for you to arrive at your target score? In like manner, pick an appropriate GMAT test date. For that, ensure you have relevant information with you to make an informed decision for the date.

4. Go through the test sections

Before creating a study plan, it is best to go through the structure of the test/exam. The GMAT exam is divided into four sections:

AWA Section (Analytical Writing Assessment): This area checks your ability to think critically and how well you communicate your ideas.

IR Section (Integrated Reasoning): It measures your ability to analyze and interpret data and information.

Quant Section (Quantitative Reasoning): It measures your mathematical abilities and how well you solve quantitative problems and graphical representation.

Verbal Section (Verbal Reasoning): This section evaluates your reading skills, editing skills, and whether you can make sense of the written statements/arguments. Get yourself informed of the duration, scores, and number of questions which will further help ease your preparation. Also, check for the most frequently asked questions in each section and practice those thoroughly.

5. Pick the preparation material

There is a pool of preparation resources available but one has to choose wisely. Not all resources are of use. The best is to use GMAT official preparation materials. These are created by the makers of the GMAT test. The material contains the actual test scoring.

6. Identify your weakness

Find out which important skills need your extra attention. Know your weakness by taking several mock or practice texts. Analyze your performance from there and then create a plan to brush up on areas where improvement is required.

7. Set a target GMAT score

Maybe you’re not aiming for 700+ but it is always wise to have high expectations of scores during preparation. You should always aim for a 50+ high score that is what you need. We have seen a lot that the test takers have either got 30-40 points more or less than what they were expecting. This can depend on the candidate’s mental or physical state on the day of the exam. But overall the context is why not aim for high?

8. Learn to tackle anxiety

Last but not the least, we all fear exams. The same goes with GMAT, while your preparation, you might feel overwhelmed. Many people give up on their preparation due to fear or anxiety. At this point, one thing is recommended to keep calm and focus on the positive. Overthinking won’t lead you anywhere. So stop thinking about the consequences and start preparing.


50 Free Resources For GMAT Preparation

10 Best GMAT Books


1. The GMAT Official Guide 2021: Book + Online Question Bank

Recommended Retail Price: £62.08
Pages: 1,760

This GMAT Official Guide is the only study guide available from the Graduate Management Admission Council. It offers a student over 1,895 real past exam questions with explanations on how to answer them.
The book includes:

  • Essay topics for the analytical writing assessment
  • An overview of the content and format of the GMAT exam
  • Sample responses
  • Information on scoring
  • Practice questions for all areas of reasoning
  • Verbal and Quantitative Review supplements
GMAT free book 2

2. Manhattan Prep All the GMAT

Recommended Retail Price: £189.99
Pages: 1,912

This book is an updated and expanded edition of the 10-book Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set. The authors reviewed the previous guides and streamlined them into three books that cover GMAT content and strategy. The three books are:

  • GMAT All the Quant guide
  • GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Essay guide
  • GMAT All the Verbal guide

These guides are comprehensive and focus on developing methods to help students. It helps a student to practice the skills needed to improve performance across the sections, instead of quick tips to superficially enhance performance without the certainty of solid base skills.


Gmat free books

3. Ace the GMAT: Master the GMAT in 40 Days

Recommended Retail Price: £22.95
Pages: 420

Ace the GMAT: Master the GMAT in 40 Days – Authored by Brandon Royal works on the assumption that by learning how to solve what it deems to be the most important recurring problems on the GMAT, a student can score high marks.
It focuses on how to master the seven main GMAT question types:

  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing
  • Problem-Solving
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Correction
  • Data Sufficiency

Rather than general answer explanations, the questions in this book are categorized by type and difficulty level. Also, each question comes with its own problem-solving strategy. This helps a student to organize study across all difficulty levels.

Gmat book 4

4. Manhattan Prep GMAT Roadmap

Recommended Retail Price: £11.99

Pages: 248 page

This book is created by Manhattan Prep and is a part of the GMAT strategy guides series It is fit for the students who are trying to score in the top percentiles and just beginning their GMAT study journey.
This book offers online access to six adaptive tests and includes:

  • Study routine advice
  • Pointers from instructors
  • Tips from others who have taken the test
  • A good section on timing

It also contains a section of FAQs for the day of the test, but overall this is a solid and comprehensive introduction to studying for the GMAT

Gmat free books

5. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2021

Recommended Retail Price: £34.99 

Pages: 1,176

This study guide by Kaplan contains more than 1,200 practice questions and six full-length online practice tests comprising the most recent revised version of the GMAT test.

It also covers Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning questions, providing detailed answers to the questions posed.

This guide provides an online quiz bank of 200 questions, allowing students to study for the GMAT topic by topic.

GMAT free books

6. Verbal – Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook

Recommended Retail Price: £16.99

Pages: 312

This Kaplan guide book is specifically tailored to the Verbal section of the GMAT. It aims to help GMAT students to build up the essential verbal and writing skills needed to succeed in the exam.

The guide contains essential concepts involved in GMAT:

  • Critical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Correction
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

It also provides hundreds of practice questions covering each skill, alongside detailed explanations.

To help a student prepare for the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), this guide offers sample essays and scoring guides. This Kaplan guide also contains ten practice essay prompts for structured and realistic writing practice to get students accustomed to the format of the AWA and practice timing.

Gmat free books

7. Quantitative – Manhattan Prep GMAT Foundations of Math

Recommended Retail Price: £19.37

Pages: 480

The Manhattan Prep book gives an overview of the Quantitative section of the GMAT and helps to improve your math score.

This guide book contains:

  • Over 700 practice questions
  • Online access to a practice test and video tutorials
  • Online access to the Foundations of Math homework banks, rendering access to further questions
  • Useful strategy skills

This book breaks down fundamental math concepts with easy-to-follow explanations. Also, its logical approach will help you to increase the speed and accuracy of the test.

Gmat free books

8. McGraw-Hill Education’s Conquering GMAT Math

Recommended Retail Price: £19.99

Pages: 350

This guidebook is specially designed for students who struggle with Quantitative Reasoning. The publication’s 3rd edition is available for free on Kindle. The book consists of 3 full-length practice tests and extensively covers crucial topics like Algebra, Arithmetic, Word problems, and Geometry. The hundreds of questions provided help the aspirant clarify all his doubts and therefore assess his strengths and weaknesses.

Gmat free books

9. 500 Essential Words: GMAT Vocabulary Flash Cards

Recommended Retail Price: £79.99

Pages: 800

The tome holds a massive collection of GMAT vocab flashcards, specifically designed by GMAT instructors. These flashcards help the students with better retention of words in their memory palace. These cards comprise a set of definitions, usage, and synonyms. It begins with the most commonly used to the essential ones and then eventually to the advanced vocabulary.

Gmat free books

10. Barron’s Essential Words for GMAT

Recommended Retail Price: £27.80

Pages: 422

The publication has garnered appreciable reviews for its vocabulary section and its application in puzzling literary and analytical contexts. Besides 800 of the most commonly used words and their definitions, a preliminary test is also provided with the book that gives you a basic idea as to where you stand.

10 Best GMAT Apps


2. Manhattan Prep GMAT

Platforms: iOS, Android

Cost: Free to download with in-app purchases

Average Rating: 4 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

The Manhattan Prep GMAT app has lots of quality, varied content, including 1,110 practice questions, 16 practice quizzes 1,500+ terminology flashcards, 300+ vocabulary items, idioms, and sentence correction drills and quizzes; strategies for each question type; mathematics and verbal glossaries; and a section that tracks your progress, including in-depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses. Manhattan Prep is one of the most comprehensive apps out there.


3. GMAT Math Flashcards and GMAT Idiom Flashcards (Magoosh)

Platforms: iOS, Android

Cost: Free 

Average Rating: 4.3 stars ( Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

The maths flashcard app teaches users formulae necessary for solving most GMAT quantitative problems, using content written by tutors from Magoosh an online GMAT prep company. This app has 425 math cards that include practice questions of all difficulty levels. The set contains 19 algebra practice questions; 38 questions on fractions, ratios, and percents; 51 geometry questions; two sections of 33 and 32 questions, respectively on number properties; six sets of miscellaneous practice and 24 statistics and probability questions, containing 36-37 questions each. 

The Idiom flashcard app’s 160 flashcards are written by their in-house tutors and cover all difficulty levels. It gives you two versions of a sentence with a variation in the idiom used; you select the correct one. After flipping the card, you’ll see the correct answer. The cards are segregated into two basic and two advanced sections. This app uses a “smart algorithm” to target specific focus areas to help your GMAT Preparation.


4. Bloomberg GMAT Tutor

Platforms: iOS, Android

Cost: Free for 7 days post which you need to buy a 

Average Rating: 4.3 stars ( Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

The Bloomberg GMAT Tutor is meant as a companion to the Economist’s online GMAT course. This app uses adaptive learning technology so that you can focus on areas where you need to improve. In addition to practice questions and exams, the app provides feedback via tutors trained by The economist and gives you feedback on your writing samples. This app offers a feature of the Ask-a-Tutor messaging tool that allows you to get in touch with accredited tutors.


5. GMAT ToolKit 2

Platforms: iOS

Cost: Free to download with in-app purchases

Average Rating:  4.8 stars (iOS)

GMAT ToolKit 2 app developed by the GMAT Club Forum features content from five test prep companies: Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT, Knewton, and Manhattan Review. 103 questions from Knewton, 63 questions from Kaplan, 77 challenge questions from Manhattan GMAT, 236 questions from Manhattan Review, and 202 questions from Princeton Review. It also provides over 18,000 questions from the GMAT Club Forum, quant and idiom flashcards as well as tips and tricks from people who have scored between 700-800 on the GMAT.  The app also provides you with GMAT and MBA News to keep you updated on the latest GMAT tips and Business School application trends.


6. GMAT Pill HD+

Platforms: iOS, Android 

Cost: Free 

Average Rating: 4 stars (Android), 4.5 stars (iOS)

The GMAT Pill HD/HD+ app brings the online course, GMAT Pill, to your mobile phone. It is created by Stanford MBA graduates, who specialize only on the GMAT, as a top-rated online GMAT test prep course designed for busy professionals with limited time to study. App content includes over 1,200 GMAT videos, 500+ practice questions, 100+ flashcard drills much of which is available even without a Wi-Fi connection.


7. Wiley Efficient Learning

Platforms: iOS, Android 

Cost: $81.95

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

The Wiley Efficient Learning app is a companion to The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2021 app is produced by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) the same people who devise and operate the GMAT. Its app provides tips, math and grammar reviews, practice tests and allows users to create customized practice sets using questions in the Official Guide series. Similar to the GMAT Pill app, this app works even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.


8. Exam Proctor by TestMax

Platforms: iOS

Cost: Free 

Average Rating: 4.3 stars (iOS)

Exam Proctor by TestMax gives you a proper exam day experience for eight of the most popular standardized exams: LSAT, SAT, GRE, ACT, GMAT, MCAT, Bar Exam, and TOEFL. It recreates the exact timing for an whole exam and also for one specific section. It simulates a realistic test room experience by providing Exam Proctor play background noise and conditions by providing the section instructions before you are taking your exam by consistently practicing these sections under real exam conditions. With this, you can easily and conveniently optimize your score.


9. GMAT Prep: Practice Tests – Verbal, Math, and Writing

Platforms: iOS, Android

Cost: Free 

Average Rating: 4.5 stars ( Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

The GMAT Prep app developed by Varsity Tutors provides all of the information a student needs to prepare for the three-and-a-half-hour exam’s Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections. The app uses multiple practice and diagnostic tests to assess your ability to analyze, evaluate, and draw conclusions from data. Students can also select to learn more about individual concepts, such as how to understand the content of mixed passages or how to analyze argumentative claims and bias. 


10. GMAT Prep Verbal And Math Flashcards Exambusters

Platforms: iOS

Cost: Free with in-app purchase

Average Rating: 4.7 stars (iOS)

The Exambusters Math Flashcards app provides comprehensive, fundamental GMAT review–one fact at a time–to prepare students to take practice GMAT exams. Each course in the GMAT Prep App provides a quick and easy, focused review. It uses quizzes and jumbles to test your skills. The app has over 450 questions in algebra and geometry each and fundamental GMAT flashcards which include definitions, formulas, and sample problems – concepts you need to know to test well.

The Exambusters Verbal Flashcards app has a commonly confused words list, 380 essential word roots, and over 350 essential and advanced vocabulary lists compiled by certified teachers and college professors with a focus on exam preparation.

10 Free GMAT Mock Tests


1. Kaplan

Kaplan’s free GMAT practice test is one of the top platforms that offer a realistic format and high-quality practice questions. Not only does its test series closely resemble the real GMAT, but also it comes with easy and meticulous video answer explanations.

Also, you can take the test online at any time and even sign up for a live, instructor-proctored test. If you select the proctored tests, then you will get the live explanations from Kaplan faculty, which is a mini-lesson from an instructor. Apart from that, you also get access to a live chat window where you can ask related queries.


2.  Veritas

It is also one of the best free GMAT practice test platforms. It provides exams that are realistic and presents high-quality practice questions. You can also take the exam at one go or just choose to give a test of certain sections.

Similar to the official GMAT practice tests, you can pause these mock tests at any time. However, it is recommended that you take the test at one go and follow the real GMAT timing to build up your stamina for test day. To access these tests, head to VeritasPrep.com, and create your account. This company also offers six additional computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests for only $49.


3. Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep offers free GMAT practice tests, and you just simply have to create an account on ManhattanPrep.com to avail of these free mocks. The questions on the Manhattan Prep test are high quality, but sometimes the visuals of the test don’t match the real GMAT. However, it’s recommended that you follow the same timing as you are going to follow at your GMAT, you do have the option here of adjusting time settings.

That means you could extend the time limits by taking the test completely or by section. Also, you can set a time limit for yourself for each question. If you go with Manhattan Prep, then you can move on to the next question when time runs out whether you’ve answered the question or not.


4.  Princeton Review

After creating an account on Princeton Review, you can access one free GMAT practice test. It can be either self-proctored or you can take it online. If you do not avail of any of the options of taking the exam, then you can sign up for their one practice test event.

These events are organized in the Boston area, for example, at local colleges, such as Northeastern and Brandeis University. These events give a realistic testing center experience. Also, the questions in the mock tests match with the format of the GMAT. However, you must make sure that any ad-blocking software is turned off.


5. 800 Score Test

To take the 800 Score free GMAT test, you just have to enter a username and password and start testing. You will get five practice tests, but only the first one is free. You can avail of the remaining four tests for $24.95. Again, the format and visuals of these practice tests do not mirror the actual GMAT exam. All being said, the questions are relatively realistic and both the verbal & maths sections have the adaptive format. After completing your 800 Score free GMAT test, you can look over your answers, read answer explanations, and check how much time you spent on each question.


6. McGraw-Hill

At McGraw Hill Education, you will avail of six free GMAT tests, each with three of the four GMAT sections. The tests do not contain the AWA section, but otherwise include all of the question types you will encounter on the GMAT. The visuals also do not closely resemble the real GMAT exam, but the questions are relevant. The Verbal and Integrated Reasoning questions are especially relevant, while the Quantitative questions are easier than what you will encounter on the real test. You can take both McGraw-Hill’s free GMAT tests, timed or untimed. You can also log out and save your progress at any time.


7.  Babson (or London Business School) Practice Test

Both London Business School and Babson’s FW Olin Graduate School of Business offer the GMAT practice resources on their websites. These tests include realistic, timed verbal and math sections. However, these tests do not include the AWA and Integrated Reasoning Sections. You can also take a mini-test/ micro-test for shorter experiences of GMAT testing. You need to create an account to access these tests.

You should also note a discrepancy in the LBS instructions. It says you are only entitled to a 10-minute break between the Verbal and Quantitative sections, but on the actual GMAT, your break can only go up to 8 minutes.


8. GMAT Club Test Practice

GMAT Club offers two GMAT sections, one computer-adaptive Verbal section, and one computer-adaptive Quantitative section. Both are 75 minutes and include realistic questions and visuals. You can also have access to independent sets of reading comprehension, critical reasoning, math, and sentence correction questions.

To access these free GMAT practice questions, you need to create an account and respond to the activation email. When you sign up, you will also get to choose a few benefits, such as one month of free trial access to a Magoosh GMAT lesson or access to two free practice tests from Veritas Prep.


9. Prep Adviser Test

The Prep Advisor Test contains Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal sections but does not have the AWA segment. It also added the IR segment, so you just have to take this separately and then head to the Quantitative and Verbal sections, instead of all sections being together. Though it includes proper free GMAT questions, in general, they are easier as compared to the real GMAT. Also, during the test, you will have a question tracker and a timer.


10. Test Prep Practice

Test Prep Practice offers practice segments using question types for the Quantitative and Verbal sections. It also contains GMAT questions on reading comprehension, data sufficiency, critical reasoning, sentence correction, and problem-solving questions. These tests are best for drilling skills and having more practice in answering GMAT questions. However, they will not give you a proper practical experience of GMAT.

10 Video Channels To Follow


2. PerfectScores

This is one of the popular channels to prepare for scoring high in the GMAT. It also provides videos on GRE and any other SAT exams. Mostly detailed videos are uploaded on the channel which are simple and easy to understand.


3. Takshzila Shikshak

As the name suggests, the app consists of a log of 1100 commonly used, essential words that provide one with the memory palace to boost their vocabulary. These words are also similar to the ones that commonly appear in the TOEFL exams. Alas, the app can not be used by iPhone users as the app is only available on Playstore.


4. Rav Singh Cetking

Rav Singh Cetking is run by Rav Singh and has video tutorials presented by candidates who successfully cracked the GMAT.


5. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is an education service provider that has been successfully imparting offline coaching in India, with 175+ centers across the country. Their YouTube channel has also been operational since 2008 and has 6700+ videos.


6. Magoosh GMAT

Magoosh, literal meaning – one who is a highly-learned and wise person in Persian. It has a great channel if you’re concentrating more on the GMAT. The company is a brainchild of Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy and provides effective tips on GMAT.


7. OfficialGMAT

Official GMAT YouTube Channel has the best quality of videos on GMAT that can help you in your initial stages of the GMAT Preparation.



8. Dominate the GMAT

GMAT guru Brett Ethridge from the US runs this YouTube Channel. The content of GMAT Preparation videos is really helpful but there are not a lot of videos on this channel. Also, the videos do not get regularly uploaded but the existing videos will be really helpful in your GMAT Preparation.


9. GMATPrepNow

With around 398+ videos, this is one of the useful channels for GMAT and CAT entrance exams.


10. VeritasPrepGMAT

It was started by Yale graduates Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, which will make it more credible. VeritasPrepGMAT has supreme quality videos that will help you prepare to for scoring high in the GMAT. 

10 Best Coaching Institutes for GMAT Preparation

GMAT Coaching Institute - TIME


Time has its centers across 112 cities around the globe. Its core faculty includes 40 alumni of IIT and IIM on whose learning the institute is built. Time as a coaching center helps in preparation for IIT, CAT, CET, and GMAT. The institute has a well-structured course plan with good study material and supportive faculty. 

GMAT Coaching Institute - IVY GMAT


This institute is established by Sandeep Gupta who claims to have never scored 770 in GMAT in all his attempts. IVY-GMAT’s branches are located in Delhi and Bangalore. The training at this institute is quite rigorous as Sandeep says, “Give me 360 hours and I’ll give you a score of 760.

GMAT Coaching Institute - CRACK VERBAL

4. Crack Verbal

Crack Verbal was started in 2006 to develop a study module that is suitable for Indian students. Currently, the institute is located in Chennai and Bangalore. Their faculty consisted of trained professionals who have never scored less than 700 in any attempts. Other benefits are that the institute also has weekly doubt seminars and a student forum. 

GMAT Coaching Institute - CAREER LAUNCHER

5. Career Launcher

Career Launcher was started 20 years back by experienced professionals under the guidance of IIT and IIM alumni across 86 cities in India. The program is quite quick and aggressive while touching upon the basics and teaching you how to crack GMAT questions. The institute often conducts practice drills and Mock tests to check the preparation level of the candidates.


6. Princeton Review

Established in New York, the GMAT course at this institute was started in 1988. Currently, it helps students with different coaching options like private tutoring, preparation courses, etc. To help with the GMAT preparation, Princeton provides students with 10 computer adaptive practice exams and also 27 hours of live instruction.

GMAT Coaching Institute - MANHATTAN PREP

7. Manhattan Prep

The institute was founded in 2000. Talking about its course features, one can opt from Interact Gmat, Private tutoring, and Live GMAT. It is usually a two-month course online as well as in-person classes. Also, the institute’s faculty is equally impressive.

GMAT Coaching Institute - VERITAS PREP

8.  Veritas Prep

This institute was started by two undergraduates of Yale university in 2002. The faculty comprises those individuals who have never scored below the 99 percentile. For GMAT preparation, you are provided with 12 GMAT booklets and 12 practice tests, 36 hours of Face-to-face live online prep, and an online student account with a study plan.

GMAT Coaching Institute - ACHIEVERS' POINT

9. Achievers’ Point

The institute has its presence across different countries like Italy, France, India, the USA, Austria, etc. Achievers’ Point regularly conducts workshops that help one improve their overall personality required in the MBA, MIM, MSBA, MEM, etc in abroad. The institute also helps in preparing for top MBA colleges in India like IIM, ISB, etc.

GMAT Coaching Institute - TOP ONE PERCENT

10. Top one percent

Located in Delhi and Gurgaon, this institute focuses on a modern method of teaching students through interactive courses. Online coaching for GMAT/GRE/SAT usually lasts for 4 months from the date of joining. Herein, students are provided with elementary practise guides and unique copywriting techniques like LINGO (PS), OCTAVE (RC), ACT (CR), ACED (DS), etc. 

To sum up, as and when you begin with the preparation make sure you have a well-developed study plan, the right study material, mock and practise papers, a good network of people who can guide you through your preparation (it is always preferred if you know someone who has given a GMAT and got into a top B-school), and a target score. With this, you can perfectly ace your exam. In case, you don’t land up with a good score, don’t lose hope. You can always go for a retake and give your best.