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Best Accommodation in Singapore: How to Find Perfect Place

Whether you're visiting Singapore for a short-term study program, a semester abroad, or a full degree program, finding the right accommodation is crucial for a successful and enjoyable experience. Singapore offers a variety of options, from university dormitories to private apartments, each with its own advantages and considerations. In this guide, we'll explore the different types of accommodation available to students studying abroad in Singapore, along with tips on how to find the best option for your needs and budget. So, let's delve into the diverse landscape of accommodation in Singapore.

Type of Student Housing

Type of Student Housing

Understanding your options as an international student is the first thing you should do before you start looking for the "perfect" housing in Singapore. The alternatives are sure to be many, with tens of thousands of overseas students choosing Singapore as their home for anything from one to four years. However, they may be divided generally into two groups:

Accommodations on Campus

These options typically include university-managed dormitories or student residences. Living on campus can offer convenience, as you're close to classes, libraries, and campus facilities. It also provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the student community, participate in campus events, and make friends easily.

Accommodation Away from Campus

This category encompasses a wide range of options, such as private apartments, shared housing, or homestays. Living off-campus can offer more independence and privacy. However, it may require a longer commute to campus and additional responsibilities, such as managing utilities and grocery shopping.

Accommodations on Campus

Accommodations on Campus

These are the possibilities offered on the university campus, to put it simply. Student residences (with or without meals), studio flats, and family housing are all choices. For undergraduate, graduate, and research scholars, as well as for single or married students, this availability is frequently further split (travelling with a spouse). Universities from all around the world, both public and private, have campuses in Singapore. While they all provide top-notch education, there is no reason to think they would provide you with on-campus housing.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the two most prominent public universities in Singapore, provide on-campus housing and are sometimes referred to as campus universities. However, it might be challenging to obtain on-campus housing due to the significant influx of international students. You shouldn't assume you'll receive a space on campus, and the institution is not required to provide you with one. The secret to getting on-campus housing is to apply as soon as possible. Top Business schools in Singapore provide accommodation facilities as well.

The price varies depending on the kind and location of the lodging. In these elite colleges, "Type A" apartments (for a married couple) often cost upwards of SG$3000 (or around Rs. 1.35 lakhs) for a semester (typically 5–6 months depending on the degree). Residence halls are frequently more affordable choices; nonetheless, the monthly fee might reach SG$200 (about Rs. 9000) depending on the facilities (meals, laundry, etc.) offered. 

Remembering that just because something is on campus doesn't necessarily imply it would be the least expensive choice. It is the most practical for first-time travellers to the nation and gives more protection.

Accommodation Away from Campus

Accommodation Away from Campus

As the name implies, off-campus lodgings are outside the university's physical boundaries. In Singapore, they are further divided into three categories:

1. Off-Campus Hostels for Students

Foreign students in Singapore often choose these. In reality, they are frequently located near a university and are thus quite popular with local students. Some Universities also partner with these hostels and assist their domestic and foreign students in obtaining rooms there. You would need to contact the university for these. In any case, your best bet is to contact the university for assistance in finding housing. This would be best if you are planning to do MBA in Singapore.

Student apartments, studios, and halls are also available at these hostels, and the prices vary depending on the area, the availability of utilities, and the style of lodging. A student hall may run up to SG$ 1700 (approximately INR 75,000) in rent and utility deposits for a semester. The monthly price of a private flat would be about SG$ 1500 (about INR 67,000). 

Hostels also offer meal plans, so it's a good idea to look at all the options and choose wisely. Additionally, the length of the stay affects the rental rates. The rent would be less if you intended to rent the place for a more extended period.

2. Housing Development Board

Public housing units like this are supported by the government and spread out nationwide. These are one of the most affordable lodging alternatives in Singapore and are frequently found in estates with all essential amenities on-site. For example, HDB groups would have their own grocery stores, coffee shops, clinics, schools, and Metro Stations. To rent this apartment, you must have a current student pass.

The cost of an HDB will depend on where it is located, but on average, three to five people may comfortably share one for between SG$ 1,000 and SG$ 2,000 (INR 45,000 and INR 90,000) each month. It gets relatively affordable. Some HDBs are offered for as little as SG$ 650 per month. However, before you fall for low costs, we advise you to look into the amenities offered, the neighbourhood, and other property details. Once more, expensive residences are not always a secure bet.

3. Private Accommodations

Singapore's real estate benefits from the many students who come to the city to study, much like any other student city. As a result, several private flats are also offered for rent. These frequently have urban locations and provide a range of services and facilities. They are therefore rather pricey. However, if you can afford it and genuinely want to experience the opulent Singapore Life, they guarantee a taste of authentic Metropolitan culture.

There are several types of private housing, including apartments and studio flats (also known as condos or condominiums). An apartment would cost you upwards of SG$ 4,000 per month, while a condominium would cost you up to SG$ 1,000. The cost of lodging is based on the location, distance from a university or metro station, and amenities the apartment building offers.

Explore Your Accommodation Options in Singapore


Finally, we would want to caution the kids against scams. If you are unfamiliar with the nation, it is generally best to begin your studies with an on-campus residence for the first few months. In the unlikely event that you do not locate one, we suggest contacting the university's office for international students. They frequently have a list of reliable real estate brokers and rental homes they may pass along to you.

1. Accommodation: Hmlet Community

You receive everything you require for the lifestyle you choose when you move in. Live in a stunning house in your preferred city, connect with our multicultural neighborhood, and enjoy complete independence with limitless convenience and total flexibility. Choose what you need and how you'd want it, from shared houses to completely private flats, and we'll have it ready.

Make yourself at home among our diverse group of charismatic individuals, and connect at the events that Hmlet has put together for you. Offering individual rooms that are fully furnished and equipped as well as 2-bedroom apartments.

  • Location: All Singapore neighborhoods
  • Price range approximation: SGD 1600–2400

2. Accommodations: Lyf Funan

lyf is a brand-new coliving idea created for the future generation of travelers. Check out the vast selection of communal spaces that let you live, work, and play. With cozy beds and private bathrooms, the fully equipped co-living apartments make it easy to check-in. Three hotels in the Singapore cluster total more than 600 rooms.

The following properties are available: 

  • Level up, Up and Down, Two of a Kind (2 Bedroom), Altogether (4 Bedroom or 6 Bedroom Duplex), and One of a Kind (Studio) (loft).
  • Cityhall, One-North, and Farrer Park MRT stations are nearby.
  • Price range as a guide: SGD 1900++

3. Accommodation: yo: HA Hostels

We are the largest hostel management company operating under the yo: HA brand. We have a solid track record of working with significant private educational organizations and independent universities to offer top-notch living quarters for students. 

  • Today, yo: HA operates 4 hostels dispersed around Singapore and has varying room arrangements to better suit our students' needs.
  • Single-to-six-share rooms are available, and they all come with shared amenities, including a pantry and a gym.
  • Henderson, Evans Road, Pearl's Hill, and Woodlands are locations.
  • Indicative Price range: 508 to 2400 SGD (per bed)

4. Accommodation: Figment

With their boutique co-living community, Figment provides a novel perspective on co-living in Singapore's hectic metropolitan environment. Their dwellings effectively reimagine the traditional shophouse via thoughtful curation and forward-thinking design. The finest of Singapore's architectural history into contemporary living spaces with a unique sense of place, and

Local artistic talent Plug yourself in one of the carefully chosen neighborhoods with the most incredible street-level ambiance into lively areas with convenient access to the CBD, neighborhood food markets, and historic buildings. Your wholly furnished apartment in a quaint shophouse with a private toilet is available. Complete kitchenette, too. Facilities include lounge spaces, a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, a pool, and a rooftop are shared.

  • Closest MRT: Orchard, Farrer Park
  • Price range approximation: SGD 1800–3000

5. Accommodation: CP Residences

For the contemporary international traveller, CP Residences makes short-term urban co-living affordable, accessible, and excellent. Each distinct property is a nexus of factors chosen to serve as the "focal point" of lifestyle living. Giving you access to the city and the teeming network of leisure options. We deliver the convenience of home. To you, along with convenience, cleanliness, and safety. the amenities and resources you require, either in your compound or just a short walk away. Here, communal space and individual seclusion coexist together.

  • Rooms Available: There are several options, including completely furnished studios, executive rooms, and three-bedroom apartments. Share access to amenities, including a pool, a fully-stocked kitchen, and lounge spaces.
  • Price range approximation: SGD 1400 to 3500

6. Accommodation: Relogo

Relogo Coliving is a marketplace for home rentals that offer move-in-ready private apartments or flat sharing with customizable lease durations. In Singapore, you may explore and compare different co-living brands and property types, or you can talk with a Relogo representative for assistance and guidance. Book with assurance to reserve your new house and avoid the hassle of coordinating with merchants on many platforms.

Explore Relogo's one-stop relocation portal, which offers free a-la-carte relocation services to support self-managed transfers and your apartment search. Relogo will compile estimates for your choice after gathering your specifications, link you with dependable vendors, and support you in every step of the decision-making process. Relogo helps you save time and money by finding vendors that meet your specific requirements, whether you need movers to transport your personal belongings to Singapore or sports coaching services once you've established them.

  • Rooms Available: Private apartment or professionally managed flat-share
  • Location: All Singapore neighbourhoods
  • Price range: Private apartments start at S$2,400, while flat shares start at S$1,250.

7. Accommodation: Singapore Realtors

One of Singapore's biggest and best real estate firms in Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI). We serve the customers' needs by offering real estate consultancy and real estate portfolio solutions as industry leaders in high-net-worth house brokerage, new launches, sales, and leasing. 

  • Accommodations: Many students have sought out lodgings of different kinds with the assistance of realtors and have successfully moved them, finding the best and most comfortable homes for each of them while haggling for the most affordable lease prices.
  • Location: All Singapore neighbourhoods

Cost of Living in Singapore


One must prepare for other costs in addition to the cost of housing. You will need to make other expenses in addition to the SGD 1,846 to SGD 2,779 average cost of student housing in Singapore.

The locations where you would also need to spend money are listed below:

  • Depending on how much air conditioning you use, your monthly gas, water, and electricity costs might be as low as SGD 200 or as high as SGD 600.
  • A monthly mobile phone subscription can range in price from SGD 35 to SGD 100. Your monthly residential broadband Internet connection cost will be about SGD 50.
  • For a cable TV connection, you may budget between SGD 50 and SGD 80 for an extended subscription and SGD 28 to SGD 50 for the basic channel package.
  • Particularly public buses run around 1 SGD every journey. The inexpensive, effective MRT costs about 2 SGD per trip.

As a result, one should conduct thorough research on their accommodations to alter their living expenditures properly. Below are a handful of the several internet marketplaces for requesting prices. If you are getting education loan for abroad studies then you can get this amount as well.

  2. PropertyGuru
  3. Property SRX
  4. Expats in Singapore Forum

Checklist for Singapore Student Housing


It is common knowledge that Singapore offers a wide variety of lodging options. In general, Singapore's cost of living is more forgiving to those who know how to handle their money. Before choosing your housing, you, as an international student in Singapore, need to be aware of a few factors and keep an eye on them. You can check out amber student for that.

  • Place/Close to the School
  • Housing Type
  • Geographical and cultural context
  • Rent Prices & Differences Among Housing Websites
  • Personal Preferences
  • Policies for Housing Agreements


In conclusion there are many alternative student housing in Singapore, choosing the ideal one might be difficult. Off-campus housing would cost more to purchase but has appealing benefits, as opposed to on-campus housing, which includes a wide range of services.

The overall conclusion is that the cost of living for an international student in Singapore might range from SGD 10,000 to SGD 12,000. Therefore, one should be prepared and certain of their priorities. Extensive research may be done to attain the same results based on your tastes and university.

How can I find a place to rent in Singapore for students?

It takes just 3 simple steps to reserve your home away from home: 

1.Decide on your preferred lodging, If necessary, pay the security deposit. 2. Reservation confirmed.
3. You will receive free assistance from our knowledgeable team in these phases.


What other kinds of student housing are there in Singapore?

To ensure students have a comfortable stay, University Living provides purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) near several institutions with fewer limitations and possibilities. You can choose studios, apartments, and shared and private rooms. We also offer brief stays for students participating in exchange and summer school programs.


What kinds of student housing are there in Singapore?

The main categories of rooms are: When two or more students share a single room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and other common areas, it is referred to as sharing. En-suite/Private: The bathroom and bedroom are private, but the living room and kitchen are shared. Studios: A studio is a self-contained unit with a bedroom, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. Subject to the restrictions of the lodging operator, two students may reserve a single studio together.


Do the expenses come out of the rent?

Depending on the type of lodging you select. However, most of our student apartments in Singapore include bills, so you won't have to worry about extra costs. Wi-Fi, water, gas, electricity, and other services like a fitness center, TV, washing machines, air conditioning, and more are all included in the costs.


Can I only spend a semester living in a dorm?

Yes. Students who participate in semester exchange programs can find housing through University Living. They provide temporary student accommodation in more than 30 places across the world.

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