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25 Amazingly Useful Apps for Students

In today’s world, it will be hard to find a student who does not use cutting-edge technology. However, it is also true that students use various mobile applications for learning as well as fun. Apple and Android have a plethora of tools and applications for college students that can be highly educational and useful if you want to stay current and improve your learning process. Every student presumably has a list of apps that best suit their needs, but there are a few mobile “assistants” that no student should be without. We’re going to tell you about 25 of them right now.

The truth is that some of the top free apps for college students may be downloaded in seconds; all that is required is a mobile device and an internet connection. Free study apps for college students provide a wide range of support to meet the various demands of students. Because most college students are on a tight budget, the free smartphone applications listed below will come in handy.

Make sure you download your school’s proprietary app first, if one is available, before going on a search for the best free apps for college students. The majority of colleges provide mobile applications for their employees, alumni associations, and students.

Staying connected to campus activities, your schedule, and even online coursework is easy with your school’s specialised application. Essentially, with specialised school software, your smartphone or tablet becomes an indispensable tool for managing your academic work, social life on campus, and a pocket calendar.

Moving on, here are the 25 best apps for students in 2021: 

1. aims to increase one’s attention, sleep habits, relaxation, and meditative states through its free iPhone apps for college students. For example, is a free software for college students that has a lot of promise for boosting one’s cognitive abilities. It’s sure to become one of the greatest free apps for college students that is a must-have! achieves its goals by utilising its proprietary functional music, which is available for free through its study applications for college students. Brain.FM provides free iPad apps to college students and five free sessions to see how music combined with parts of EEG and fMRI (functional MRI) technology works for them. These free MAC applications for college students and free Android apps for college students are a great way to see how proprietary music causes more neuronal locking in the brain, which is the key to reducing distraction and increasing attention. Within 15 minutes of usage, offers music optimised for the brain (produced by an AI we created) to increase attention, productivity, meditation, relaxation, naps, and sleep. The brainwave music on is created by artificial intelligence that we designed from the bottom up. This software immerses you in an aural environment that boosts productivity, keeps you focused, and keeps you on track – ideal for studying, working, and remaining concentrated. Relax and de-stress with brain wave music that is meant to help you unwind and feel better. Add to your favourites list so you can always go back to the ones you like most and improve your auditory memory. enlists the help of neuroscientists and psychologists working in the area to develop new ideas, conduct tests, and enhance our music. employs proprietary technology to generate functional music that evokes significant brain phase locking instead of binaural beats or isochronic tones.

2. bsafe

 bsafe is a smartphone software that assures students they are never alone when walking. bsafe is one of the finest free applications for college students, allowing users to stay safe in various ways. When the SOS button is pressed, all of bsafe’s critical functions are enabled. bsafe provides location information and starts recording live streaming/audio clips as soon as it is activated. For college students, bSafe is just as vital as the free study applications accessible. The bsafe app may be customised. A one-touch siren screaming alert is one of the additional features of these free iPhone applications for college students. This application has been released in 125 countries with millions of downloads and more than 100,000+ articles in media such as NBC, CNN, ABC, BBC, Forbes, and Fox News. 

This application prevents crimes like violence, eve-teasing, sexual assaults, etc. In addition, this application prevents and documents violence and threats for your students, employees, community, etc. Live Streaming, Voice Activation, Fake Call, Follow Me, Audio & Video Recording, as well as tracking and location are some of the features of this software.

You can easily enable SOS alarm by voice or touch even if your cell phone is placed inside your pocket, purse, or jacket. You don’t need to press the SOS button at all. As soon as the SOS is activated, your family or guardians will receive your location and track you without any difficulty. Moreover, they will hear and see everything that is happening in real-time via live streaming. Also, when the SOS alarm is activated, your phone will start recording everything, and then those files will be sent to your guardians automatically. On the other hand, if you want to come out of an unpleasant situation, you can get a fake call from this application.

3. comiXology

Are you ready to dive into more than 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels, and manga from Marvel, DC, Image, and other publishers? You can buy books in-app and get quick access to your titles across all of your devices by installing the comiXology app. Looking for something to read but can’t seem to locate it? ComiXology Unlimited offers a 30-day free trial with over 10,000 comics, graphic novels, and manga to pick from.

Whether this is your first time reading comics or you’ve been a long-time fan, comiXology is about to alter the way you read superheroes, science fiction, crime noir, horror, and more! comiXology, an Amazon company, offers over 40,000 comic book and graphic novel titles through its cloud-based service platform. comiXology cloud technology delivers an immersive cinematic experience for Kindle Fire, free Mac software for college students, free iPad apps for college students, and free Android apps. Through their trial offer, comiXology provides one of the greatest free applications for college students. Comic book options are available from Dark Horse, Image, DC, and Marvel, to name a few and are not considered free study applications for college students. In addition, subscribers to comiXology’s free iPhone applications for college students get unique member-only discounts on Dynamite, Marvel, IDW, and Image Comics comic books, as well as other bargain goods.

4. Cron-o-Meter


Cron-O-Meter is a free Mac software for college students who wish to improve their health by measuring their activity, diet, and health statistics in real-time. Those who want to download one of Cron-O-iPad Meter’s apps for college students for free can do so by creating a free Cron-O-Meter account. Through its free Android and iPhone applications for college students, Cron-O-Meter provides an easy-to-navigate platform that simplifies data input about food and activity objectives. These best free college apps help nutrition-conscious students manage their calorie intake by providing access to a comprehensive built-in health library with information on more than 50 nutrients and over 300,000 different types of foods. Cronometer is the most complete and accurate nutrition tracker available. Over 4 million individuals have used the app to learn about nutrition and achieve their weight-loss objectives! Cronometer helps you eat smarter and live better. Cronometer can help you with any diet, whether it’s keto, vegan, paleo, or a doctor-recommended restriction. Also, the free basic application provides more nutritional information than any other application. Through this application, you can log your food and exercises with an accurate database, keep track of the water intake, scan food labels, add custom foods, track your nutrition intake, etc. Cronometer is completely free to join and use. You may upgrade to our Gold edition at any moment for the following benefits: USD 39.99 / year and USD 6.99 / month.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard, a free Android app that organises news, headlines, and socially relevant content, is a wonderful option for college students with limited time. World-renowned publishers and publishing giants, inventive brand managers, and committed. From photography to news, there’s something for everyone, travel to technology, design to cuisine, with a diverse range of hobbies and people to follow. Flipboard produces a magazine for each of your hobbies once you download the app and select your interests. Flipboard users make up this wonderful mobile app (which includes free iPad apps for college students, free study apps for college students, and free MAC applications for college students).

Flipboard is one of the finest free applications for college students since it allows users to personalise news and social media items that interest them and are popular on the Internet. Flipboard also has a cutting-edge blog dedicated to Flipboard’s viewpoints, as well as a blog dedicated to engineering and business.

You may also create your personalised magazines by gathering all of your favourite news, photos, and videos. You may make your magazine public or private, and you can even build group magazines to invite others to help you curate. Follow individuals who have interests similar to yours on Flipboard to see more of what they enjoy or share. All of your likes, shares, and comments help us improve Flipboard for everyone.


Mint provides free Android and iPhone apps for college students that allow them to manage their money at their fingertips. Mint is also accessible as a free Mac software for college students and a free iPad app for college students. Even though it is free to use, Mint provides exceptional services. Mint is a wonderful financial tool for college students and functions as a free study app for finance/accounting students.

Even the most seasoned budgeters will find Mint useful since the software functions as a database that organises a Mint user’s bank accounts, financial investments, credit score histories, credit cards, and mortgages/loans. Mint’s procedures assess spending behaviours to suggest remedies for inefficient spending patterns, making it one of the top free applications for college students. With tailored insights and specific budgets, you can achieve your objectives. Mint may be used to manage your subscriptions and track your expenditure for free. Examine your monthly costs, make budgets, increase your savings, and develop better financial habits. Mint is a free financial management and tracking programme that brings all of your accounts together in one location. All of your money management is now in one spot, from account balances and budget planners to tracking spending and debt payments. Also, through this application, you receive bill reminders, so no more delay in paying your bills. Lastly, spend your money more wisely.

7. NPR

National Public Radio, or NPR, was founded by a congressional act. NPR is a nationwide organisation that distributes programming from over a thousand publicly funded radio stations across the United States. NPR delivers some of the finest free applications for college students through its award-winning, no-cost journalistic and dependable content. NPR provides free Android applications for college students and free iPhone apps, free Mac software for college students, and free iPad apps for college students.

NPR’s news stories, headlines, and podcasts serve as excellent free study applications for college students. In addition, grants, sponsorships, and audience contributions are used to fund original television material. In the early 2000s, NPR was regarded as the most reliable news source in the United States.

8. Google Recorder

The Recorder app for Android is a free voice recording software. This useful mobile software is now only accessible for Google Pixel phones. Still, it aims to be available as free Android, free iPhone apps, free Mac apps, and free iPad apps for college students in the future. The recorder is regarded as one of the finest free applications for college students since it can request a written transcript of the recorded material in under 12 hours.

The Recorder smartphone app essentially combines voice recording with a reputable transcribing service. Transcripts may be easily sent using Dropbox, Evernote, and email, to mention a few options. Furthermore, Recorder’s free study apps for college students are perfect for recording a lecture or a critical meeting.


Tap In is a cutting-edge mobile application that allows users to immerse themselves in the tremendous possibilities that come with living more consciously. Tap In is regarded as one of the finest free applications for college students who face daily stress from life, money, and homework, among other things. Tap In offers free iPhone applications for college students, free Android apps for college students, free MAC apps for college students, and free iPad apps for college students to novice and seasoned meditators. In addition, for college students interested in discovering and understanding their spiritual side, the firm provides free study applications.

Tap In offers daily guided meditations (usually 20 minutes or less) that may be attended with minimum effort by folks sitting at their offices, the neighbourhood café, or the living room sofa.

10. The Score

The Score is a smartphone app that collects and distributes sports material from football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, track & field, and other sports venues. The Score’s free Android and MAC applications for college students, free iPad apps for college students, and free iPhone apps for college students provide score updates on college and professional athletics. The score app is a wonderful addition to the plethora of free study applications for college students now accessible.

The Score is also regarded as one of the finest free applications for college students and a “must-have” tool for fantasy football players. The insane quantities of data and statistics available to college students have given the March Madness event a new lease of life. Real-time news alerts, scores, and injuries are sent out via The Score.

11. Twitch: Livestream

Twitch Interactive Inc. offers free Android applications, free MAC apps, free iPad apps, and free iPhone apps for college students who never want to miss a minute in the world of music videos, video gaming, eSports, and role-playing games, among other things. Twitch: Livestream is a free study software for college students that broadcasts live streaming events such as music concerts, eSporting tournaments, and even creative exhibitions of all kinds.

On your Android device, you may watch live-stream game videos, esports, and any IRL broadcast! Stream your PS4, PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch MMO RPG, strategy, and FPS games. Twitch puts live broadcasting and gaming conversations right in your pocket.

Through this application, you can broadcast your gaming content, broadcast your Overwatch killstreak on Nintendo Switch, and create Minecraft monoliths, on PS4, you can knock down your Fortnite opponents, and on PC, you can show off your Hearthstone cards!

12. Vice News

With its edgy approach to journalism, Vice Media offers some of the greatest free applications for college students. Free iPhone applications for college students, free Android apps for college students, free MAC software for college students, and free iPad apps for college students are accessible from Vice News. In addition, the vice’s website and YouTube channel create videos, podcasts, and comments on current events. Vice Media aims to bring attention to stories that have gone unnoticed and unreported.

Vice News is a must-have free study app for college students studying journalism or English, with its style of edgy journalism about current events and issues affecting the United States and the rest of the world. Vice News covers various topics, including Money, Games, Travel, the Environment, Sex, the Environment, Identify problems, Health, Food, Drugs, Technology, and Music.

13. Medium

Medium is an internet-based publisher that allows college students to participate in the phenomena known as social journalism by providing free MAC applications, free iPhone apps, and free Android apps for college students. Medium aims to provide the general public (amateurs and professionals) with the ability to post narratives and stories that are longer than Twitter’s 140-character limit. It is also accessible for free on iPad applications for college students.

One of the greatest free applications for college students may be found on Medium’s platform. Subscribers to Medium have access to unique material and audio versions of the app’s most popular stories, making it one of the best free study apps for college students.

14. Quizlet

Quizlet includes several useful features that make learning easier and faster. You’ll notice several study modes buttons right away, such as learn, flashcards, write, test and match, and so on. Each of these modes offers a unique approach to learning your chosen subject. Quizlet’s usage of flashcards is another distinguishing feature. Flashcards encourage active recall, which is the practice of actively activating memory while learning. It’s one of the most effective learning methods available. Quizlet provides millions of ready-to-use flashcards. You may even make your flashcards and share them with your classmates. Quizlet also has a variety of games to help you review what you’ve learned. For standardized examinations, there are study packages available. Secondly, there are also customized visuals and sounds to help students study more effectively. Quizlet may help you prepare for your examinations in various ways, including foreign language, English, history, and science subjects, as well as standardized test prep. Quizlet is the most convenient method to study English, other foreign languages, and various other subjects!

15. Udemy

Udemy is undoubtedly one of the greatest student learning applications available. It includes over 130,000 video tutorials for courses ranging from technology and business to personal development skills such as painting, writing, and yoga, among other things. We also get to learn these things at our own pace, which is fascinating. If you’re having trouble with a particular course, you may ask questions and get answers from other students and teachers. For example, if you have some mobile app ideas, Udemy’s professional teachers will guide you step-by-step to realising your goal of building an app. Udemy has the following features: Expert teachers, Discussions, Survey creation, Interactive learning. This application provides you with an expansive library of 3400+ topics with knowledgeable online courses in Python, Coding, Development, Java, SEO, SEM, Drawing, Photography, Marketing, Business, etc. Almost every course is 5-star rated in over 65 languages. So, you have ample options to choose the right course for your goals. Udemy provides you with the option to download courses and learn even when your internet connection is unstable. You can also take in-course quizzes to increase and test your learning. At the Udemy platform, you can ask experts your burning questions to clear your queries and better understand. Here, some free courses you can watch if you want to know the basics of certain concepts. Later, you can take up paid courses to get detailed information.

16. Dragon Anywhere

When your lecturer emphasises a point in class, you’ll want to be sure you can write down precisely what they’re saying a word for word. While not writing down everything your lecturer says is the most effective note-taking technique, it may be useful for brief bits of information. So why not let the Dragon Anywhere mobile voice to text applications do the majority of the work? Converting voice to text may save you a lot of time, and Dragon is one of the greatest school applications you can have.

Dragon Anywhere is a subscription-based service offered solely in the United States and Canada. Other than that, several effective voice recognition applications may be used in the classroom. Dragon Anywhere speech to text makes it simple to generate thorough and accurate papers, fill out reports and forms, and complete other paperwork—all while on the go and using your voice. Because you can synchronise your settings with Dragon Professional for the desktop, transcription work that you started in the field or on the road can be finished at home or the office.

17. My Study Life

Exam preparation might be the most difficult aspect of all university experiences when it comes to studying. Exam preparation that leads to success and achievement requires time management and organisation. A variety of applications, such as My Study Life, which allows students to integrate their university life with their calendars, can help students stay focused and organised. After you’ve submitted all of the required information for your semester, you can remain on track by receiving notifications and reminders about forthcoming classes, assignments, and exams. My Study Life links all of your devices and offers cloud storage as an option. Exam Countdown, Pocket, TCY Exam Prep, and ACCA Student Planner are all similar free apps.

18. Office Lens


Conducting rapid scans with their mobile phones’ cameras is one of the most popular uses of this app. Office Lens, for example, may be synced with OneNote and OneDrive to preserve scanned documents like photographs, texts like readings/outlines/tables of contents, business cards, and whiteboards, among other things. The software recognises the document’s dimensions you want to scan, crops it, and cleans it up. Images on whiteboards may be converted into Word documents, and information from business cards can be converted into contacts on your phone in a matter of seconds. Google Lens is similar software that identifies and understands things, then recommends activities to the smartphone user based on the visual analysis.

19. Coursera

The software recognises the document’s dimensions you want to scan, crops it, and cleans it up. Images on whiteboards may be converted into Word documents, and information from business cards can be converted into contacts on your phone in a matter of seconds. Google Lens is similar software that identifies and understands things, then recommends activities to the smartphone user based on the visual analysis. This educational company’s courses are organised and taught in collaboration with hundreds of institutions and businesses. So it’s impossible for 24 million people to be wrong.

Coursera provides online courses in 12 distinct areas, and students can obtain certified certificates for their accomplishments. In addition, many institutions now accept Coursera credit and enable students to take online courses as part of their normal university degree programmes. FutureLearn, edX, XuetangX, Udacity, Udemy, and Mirada X are some of the other sites that provide various MOOCs (Spanish). These education-based organisations and projects provide various MOOC-based credentials, ranging from audits to certificates to Master’s degrees.

20. Forest

This software takes a unique approach to assist you in staying focused. You plant a tree in your in-app “forest” whenever you wish to start a study session. The tree will grow as you work, but your tree will die if you pick up your phone and exit the app! The more concentrated you are, the more trees you will be able to gather and put in your forest.The more you commit to your tasks or responsibilities without getting distracted, your tree grows. However, if you can’t resist the urge of using your phone, your tree dies. If you show complete commitment and focus, you will have a complete forest built. You can learn about your progress and focus habits daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. This application helps you manage your ADHD and daily routine. Using this application regularly will form your productive habits and break your phone addiction. For a better experience and more exciting features, you can activate the PRO version. Besides that, you can set up a customised allowlist that would urge you not to kill your tree. Moreover, categorise your tasks with tasks and allot time for each. 

21. Todoist


Todoist is for individuals who want to take their time management to the next level. Using its numerous task-keeping capabilities, this app combines efficiency and simplicity. Create separate to-do lists for each project, add reminders, and assign various priorities to your activities. Todoist will even set a single or recurring time for your task based on its language recognition. So far, this application is used by 20 million people to plan, organise, and collaborate on various projects, whether it is big or small. Through Todoist you can capture and organise your tasks the moment it pops in your mind. It will keep you on your toes at all times, preventing you from missing any deadlines. Also, you arrange your projects in the form of kanban style with boards. You may also give assignments to other individuals if you wish to cooperate on projects or presentations. The best thing possible is, you can also track your progress through personalised productivity trends. You can integrate Todoist as you do for Google Calendar, Slack, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, etc. This application is available on any device, and it can quickly become your hub for getting life and work organised. It is a very simple way to use this app: Open the app and drag the Plus Button anywhere to insert a new task.

22. Google Calendar


Google Calendar is the most popular software among my peers since it is basic, straightforward, and useful. It helps you to keep track of all of your classes, events, extracurricular activities, and assignment due dates on your phone and computer. You can quickly view obligations throughout the day, week, and month thanks to its simple design. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, set up reminders before occasions or for to-do lists. Goodbye to missing deadlines and missed meetings, and hello to more structured student life! In this application, there are different ways to view the calendar. You can quickly switch between month, week, and a day view. Also, the interesting thing is, all the events from Gmail, whether concerts, flights, hotels, or restaurant reservations, will automatically be added to your calendar. This way, you can create, manage, and view your duties alongside the events in the calendar. Your Google Calendar will work with all calendars on your phone, including Exchange. Google Workspace also includes Google Calendar. You and your coworkers can plan meetings by verifying the availability of your supervisors. You may use your phone, laptop, or tablet to access this software.

23. OneNote

Create individual notebooks for each subject, divided into sections and then further divided into pages. Important concepts should be highlighted, voice notes should be recorded, handwritten notes and doodles should be made, and lecture notes should be typed. Because of its versatility, power, and paper-like appearance, OneNote is ideal for any learner. You can organise your ideas, thoughts, and discoveries and simplify your planning of important moments with a digital notepad. OneNote gives you the option to take notes on your phone and let you sync with other devices. Through this application, you can seize a moment of inspiration to create, plan a big event, and track a list of everything that is too important to forget. Write memos, take notes, and make a digital sketchbook right on your phone. Also, you can utilise OneNote’s flexible canvas to place content anywhere you like.

Moreover, you can scan business cards or scan documents right away. This application is a digital notebook that has brought 3-ring binders into the digital era. This application is a part of the Office family and works pretty well with our favourite applications, such as Word or Excel. To use OneNote, you need a free Microsoft account.

24. Grammarly

It’s usual to notice spelling problems, poorly worded phrases, or improper punctuation when creating your initial draught. Grammarly assists you in improving the quality of your writing by detecting and correcting mistakes in spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structure. 

It has mobile and tablet apps as well as add-ons that work with any browser. You may also acquire more sophisticated correction features for a nominal fee, such as plagiarism detection, vocabulary improvement, built-in grammatical help, and expert proofreading. Advanced features such as the synonyms tool help you improve your writing for social media posts and emails. You need to download the Grammarly app and enable it in your keyboard settings. You can now start typing in the app, and Grammarly will check your spelling, grammar, each word, suggest synonyms, punctuation, and improve your communication skills. The Grammarly keyboard supports swipe typing, too, so that you can write quality content without slowing down. Through this application, you will receive short and clear explanations for every correction. You can also change the language to say you want your content in Australian English instead of British English to do that. If you choose for the premium subscription, you’ve struck the perfect note because it provides real-time feedback and greatly expands your vocabulary.

25. Wolfram Alpha

Google scans the internet to provide you with the most relevant information. However, learning something new isn’t enough for pupils. Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine that uses a built-in knowledge base and artificial intelligence to answer any inquiry. This tool may be used to find detailed information on units, formulas, equations, statistics, data analysis, scientific explanations using facts or figures, and other topics. With a single click, you may practise scientific quizzes and mathematical puzzles or obtain solutions to questions about finance, calculus, algebra, and statistics. There are thousands of domains on Wolfram, with more continually being added. The application uses its huge collection of data and algorithms to compute answers and generate them for you. Some parts of Wolfram Alpha are used in the Apple Siri. All to say, this application gives you access to the complete Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine. Domains covered by this application are: Mathematics, Statistics & Data Analysis, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering, Astronomy, Earth sciences, Life sciences, computational sciences, units & measures, culture & media, music, etc.


To summarise, there are several valuable student applications that your phone now lacks, so please go ahead and instal the ones that you believe will be most beneficial to you after reading this post.

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