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Studying abroad is an opportunity that many aspire. It gives students a chance to learn in some of the best universities in the world. At the same time, individuals get to immerse themselves into a new culture, learn a new language and broaden their perspective and worldview. There are only advantages to studying abroad.

Everything about traveling abroad and pursuing an education is tempting to a student, except for one key factor which probably plays the most important role. Traveling, studying and living abroad, irrespective of the country is a costly affair.

There are many reasons which cause this hike in expenditure. May it is tuition, current currency exchange or the country you live in, the amount of money that a student will have to shell out in order to live abroad will always be high. Though there are many options for students like scholarships when it comes to tuition, all of their personal expenditure must be managed by them.

Individuals moving out of the confines of their homes to the world have a natural tendency to explore all avenues of life, which directly affects the money in their bank accounts. Though some are able to get a hold on themselves and show some restraint, others need help in order to manage their money and finances.

In today’s time, as technology has given us so many gifts, one that has been catching a lot of attention is management apps, especially money management apps. These software applications can be installed on your handheld devices and also synced with a laptop or desktop.



Money management is an important task in the life of a working man and even they are prone to drop the ball now and then. This is because money management requires level-headedness and restraint which takes a spell to develop. With money management apps a plan is already created which fits you best. Following the app religiously will help you reach your financial goals.

newly minted college students have a lot to learn when they step out into the world. Managing one’s resources is something that everyone must learn to become independent. Money management apps reduce the workload by creating a simple monthly plan based on your budget all thanks to very interactive and easy to learn interface.

even with scholarships and other financial aid tuition are high in international institutes., therefore most of your financial resources will be pooled into aiding your education. That doesn’t leave much for you to live on. However, a money management app will use the monthly budget you put in and divide it so that you can use all your resources optimally. You need not increase your budget, as the app will calibrate to your needs.

the one financial task that most students fail at is saving money. This is a crucial task as it is a skill that comes in handy in the future. Also, the saved amount acts as a rainy-day fund for an unseen emergency. Money management apps will help you cut non-essentials and advice luxuries you can cut back on in order to increase your savings.

Check out the exclusive list we have created for the top Budget management apps that can help you set a goal for the monthly expenditure and help you keep it.







While we are studying abroad there is already so much things to keep in mind, that remembering the amount spent in groceries, food, household, self development etc can become a tedious task.
So what if you want to keep track of all your monthly expenses, your budget in one place and also spend according to the budget allocated.
You don’t need any fancy requirements or a ton of money to keep a track, a simple app download will easily suffice to have all your expenses at one place right there in your phone and you can get the control of all your expenses.
The apps given below are tried and tested and can help anybody to manage their expenses from any corner of the world and you would definitely see that this has reduced your stress to an extent.


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Personal Finance has never been easy on anyone. But Money manager expense and budget which is the personal finance management app helps in financial planning, review, expense tracking and personal asset management.

They also boast about being editors choice app.

Now, this is something you would definitely want to make use of. Isn’t it?

After all it’s the No.1 app which can manage your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending report, review the daily , monthly financial data and manage your assets with this budget planner.


Wondering, how does this work?

It’s actually quite simple you are just one click away from using it.

Install the app and make essential entries regarding your accounts i.e. total amount available, cash available, your daily expenses made in  the form of cash, cards or e wallets. You can mention the expenses in the sub categories and can check accordingly.

Also. this provides you with a dashboard to see all of the data, graphs and details which enables you to track the expenses.

See it’s that simple, you need no calculations and research. Try this now!



The app is tailor made for each individual, and hence, you can record the expenses more effectively and the features that make this app more readily available for students.

The app shows the budget and expense in a graph which make the depiction very appropriate.It also provides an option to enter the data and you can see the statistics instantly. Now this is something you can definitely look out for.

You can transfer money among  assets and this can make your personal management more efficient .So what are you waiting for?


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An app comprises of assimilation of accounts, bills and budget, which not only promises to keep you with-in your financial planning, but also make you do things as easyway and quick as possible.

The app is tailor made to have a look at  total account balance or an individual account balance whenever required. This allows you to make transfers within the account and also synchronise your data between multiple devices.

So don’t worry if you lost your device, home budget would never let you lose your data.


Here is a quick rundown of the app which can help you bank better and save easier.

When you just install and open the page you will land on the manager page where you can create or delete expenses.

When you want to create an expense just click add, select category, account and the necessary details and you are done. The app also has the feature to mention your upcoming bills, your incomes and the major one you can see the reports as well.

With this app, you would be able to have a checklist of all the bills let it be medical, insurance,gasoline, music whatever it is! You are just a step away to simplify your life.



The app is designed such that the analytics are laid out in a logical and easy-to-read manner.Some of the features include multiple accounts, budgeting functions and support for account balances and transfers.

The app allows backing up the data in excel file which you can look upon anytime required. With this app you can be sure that you would be able to overview, visualise, integrate and synchronize the data in as many accounts as you want.

Let Home Budget Manager take charge of your monetary expenses and you can see how it helps to improve your budget so that you can get whatever things you want later.


Google Rating

Home Budget is another great production from “Easy Softs” , which includes sorting the transactions on the basis of specific categories with the ability to view  finance report of all time.

It helps you to create multiple budgets according to your need which helps you to track the income and expenses easily and fast.

You can also have the data on a weekly basis and track the spending to get a better idea of how you can save more in the future.  


With rich snippets, regularly updated algorithms and interactive dashboard the app is very suitable for the students to use on a day-to-day basis.

This app also provide the options to diversify the categories there description tags according to the need, by which you have the option to customise them and make it according to the expenses made by you and save it in an organised manner.

You can create multiple budgets through this application.


The app has a very friendly user interface which allows the transactions to be made very easily and quickly. If you are a new user and want to keep it simple, this app is designed by you.

This app has an ability to change the order according to your necessity and setting up a password for your security, hence making the data readily available for you just in one click.


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It’s a spending and saving tracker app where you can analyse your expenses through frictionless interface and infographics available. However, you can automatically track your expenses through bank sync or manually to have a better interpretation of budget in the future.

Moreover, this app is for everyone! From being a great household planner for a family to control income and expenses. It is a useful saving tracker for students as well.

Best of all, this is an editors choice and award winning app helping you to manage your budgets


To get started with this app you need to register and create an account. As soon as you are done with this you will land to the dashboard page where you can mention the bank details and cash in the wallet.

The next step can be to create a timeline of the particular month which can help you in budgeting. And this is it, fix the month budget and enter the expenses made accordingly, rest spendee will track and help you in your monetary activities.

Award Winning App



Spendee is equipped with tons of functionality and currencies, making it perfect for tracking money while travelling or vacations.

One of the best features of this app is that it is fully automatic once you enter the bill details it would never forget to pay it making it the ultimate bill tracker.

We definitely recommend you to check this app out. It is really useful, while you want to add your cash expenses within seconds.


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Staying true to its name, Easy Home finance is very simple application to control the household finances for each month.

It allows you to record every income or outcome you made to your mobile applications immediately and you will have a useful tool which helps you to track your monetary activities.


Easy home finance is a great way to simplify your monetary actions. As soon as you sign up you are taken to finance dashboard . Here, you can record your expenses, have a look at the graphic summary .

Also, there are multiple options for payments in the app with several categories to classify the expenditures in. This app makes sure that you always a record of expenses available with you.



This is an all- in-one utility application with the feature of replicating the record in notes, graphs etc. The app also provides with recurring templates,backup, restoring database and a simple widget for the home screen.

With the help of this app you can just press a button and enter all your transactions, which you can later see in the form of graphics.


Feel that you expenses you made in receipts?

Have a handful of papers when trying to calculate your expenses?

Don’t worry, here is a one stop solution to manage your receipts and save your time, which you can carry with yourselves wherever you go! Let’s check out some of the best apps available to help you along the way.


Smart receipts is convenient and easy-to-use tracking and receipt manager application which is perfect for both individuals and businessmen.

It has great features like fully customizable PDF,CSV and ZIP reports, has option of 20 different default data types to create a perfect report and automatic backup support to google drive that will attract users who want to design receipts which is efficient.


This app is simple and quick to use. To create your first receipt  you are required to enter some basic details like name,price, date and also a note of where the expenditure is made. Just follow the same procedure for creating or adding receipts.

You can also edit the reports according to your needs and then download the report in required format.You also have the option to take a picture of the receipts or import it from the server and make necessary changes and store the receipts for future use.



The interface is user friendly. It’s convenient to create, generate and the layout makes the viewing and working more easier.

Smart Receipts makes the life of the user deceptively simple by providing remarkable features like mileage tracking and “photograph receipts” which you edit and study later on.


Once the user creates the receipts, they can change the label accordingly. It’s just that with creating you can also customise the reports the way you want to organise them. You can also download the file in the required format later on.


Google Rating

Staying true to its name the app works offline. It’s abundant with multiple hierarchies, which enable you to manage tasks and tracks deleted them in a different area of your interest through this app.

For example, you may have different folders for different currencies or receipts.

It also provides us with a feature for automatic backup of data with Google,Facebook, Twitter or your phone. So in case if you a task you would be their with the backup available.


After signing in through the app, you will land up to the receipt book page where you can simply  create a receipt by editing the template provided.

The app provides up to 250 receipt templates but in any case if you do not require any of the older receipts it can be cancelled anytime.

You can create multiple books within the same the app.


This application helps you to organise your receipts, keep track of expenditures as well as allows you to export the excel file.

Offline Receipt book provides you with their own graphical reports and also a feature to add relevant stamp and optionally sign on each receipt created, allowing users to share the receipts online.  


Google Rating


The app is very simple to use, just make a click on install button and get started. You just require to click a picture of the receipt, fill in the required data and the receipts are ready to be stored in one place.

The app can also provide you with the statistics with can help you in the budget planning.



Users can easily scan and organize the receipts so that you can you will be able to use it for warranty claim purpose even after a long time after the goods have been purchased.

The interface is very user friendly and easy to get a grip on and the best part of it is that you don’t have to worry about looking out for any new app if you shift to any other platform in future Mr.Receipt is compatible on Android and IOS devices, MacOS and windows.

Users note will be automatically  be saved as backup online and across all the different devices.


When you’re out with your friends, splitting the check can get complicated.

Do you divide the price equally or itemize everyone’s drinks and entrees?

Splitting the cost of bills and expenses is a clumsy process. You have to calculate who owes what, then go through the tedious task of collecting money from each person. And since fewer people are carrying cash less often these days, settling up gets even more difficult.

Well, We’ve got some good news: There are a bunch of great apps that do the calculating—and in some cases even the communicating—for you. Take your pick and download them for less than $1 each.


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Tricont  saves you from lots of budget monitoring hassles as tracking your budget is a very hectic task which includes expense management and splitting bills.

 If you are traveling in a group this can save you from lots of complications and you can enjoy your trip stress-free.

You can add your daily expenses along with your friends and you can have a look on monetary insights.

 Its an editors choice which makes it more trustworthy for the users to opt for.


Is it complicated?

No not at all. You just require to create your account on tri count and share your link with your friends that it and you are done.

What makes this app stand out is that it even work without connectivity, so during your group activities just send a link to your friends and they are just one click away from adding their expenses.

This app actually makes sorting much easier than ever before.

Editor’s Choice App


Tricount is fun and simple manager with a user-friendly interface that helps you to share, see and manage your accounts.

It provides you with innumerable features from sharing the link with your friends to even activate push notifications within the app. It even allows you to create groups and accordingly see the balance.

Those days are gone to say you owe me, I owe you… and to keep records on the papers. You are just a click away to make your life easier.


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Splid  is perfect for housemates, it helps you to settle your expenses in a very relaxed and easy way.

So now no more complications while you are out just traveling and enjoy stress-free.

You can manage even the most complicated bills of the month and no matter how many entries you add, everytime it is going to produce an accurate result so that you won’t have to worry about the management of the budget at all.

Even the most complicated bills like expenditure of the whole month are split quickly and it shows that you can add as many entries as possible and it will give you .


Curious about how to sign-up?

You actually need not worry as there is no sign-up required, just simply activate the sync feature to enter expenses together and you can even pay for your friend and update it in the app.it will do all the calculations and show you the split expenses.



Splid also works offline, you can create a group and start adding your daily expenses. It has a super easy layout, so you will not have any difficulty to navigate through the app

Sometimes we need monthly reports of all our expenses. So this app provides you an option to download your summaries in PDF or Excel format.

This app not only reduces all your budget management problems but also takes care that you don’t worry about it at all.

The app is boasts about being featured by GQ and Cosmopolitan. It has also been certified by The Balance. Now, this is something you cannot miss out.


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Splitwise is the best way to split expenses with friends and roommates and more. It is a unique tool to share bills and IOUs so everyone’s paid and happy.

Generally, when we pay for our friends, need to remember how much money you want back so this app solves your problem and It removes all the complications of borrowing money.

In addition, one can view his/her balances, track spending trends or you can even set up email reminders for bills and other things.


Using this app is a very simple task, you just need to make a group and add your roommates and start adding your daily expenses at the same time.

This app helps you to keep an eye on your total as well as individual spending.

It shows you who owns how much amount from whom and you can write comments while making an entry to clarify your spending.

You can also improve your spending by watching the insights and analyze monthly report to get a better idea of how you can save some extra bucks next month.



You really don’t want to fight with your roommate for money or monthly expense issues and the best thing to avoid that is you need a budget management app which helps you to split the expenses between your roommates and here, splitwise comes to save you from all the conflicts.

This app helps you to do multiple things from splitting bills to how much money you own and it is very popular among students or those who live in shared flats with their friends. Also,

an interactive UI makes it more attractive and converts boring stuff in a fun thing which makes you enjoy this app even more.


Google Rating

Snap & Split Bill is a unique app which provides a unique feature OCR(Optical character recognition) on 75 different languages

You don’t need to take care of your bill receipts just snap the bill and it will do all the splitting process on its own and you will get final calculations in a fraction of second

Things like budget management consume our lot time so we need something which will automate our work and this app does its job very well.


You can split expenses with your friends and roommates very easily.


Do you forget to keep that dinner receipt? And later have arguments with your friend regarding the splitting of the same.

No need to worry now Snap & Split Bill is here, you can just need to capture your last payment receipt and it will evenly divide the amount between your roommates and share it with your friends.



This app provides you multiple upload features , you can enter receipt items manually, upload photos from phones gallery or take a photo of the receipt directly from the app.

Your entries will be showcased in 3 different split modes according to your convenience: by items, in proportion or equally.

One of the greatest features it provides is a receipt organizer  it allows you to keep a history of all your bills.


The app works on both dark and light modes you can choose  according to your need and lightning conditions around you.

Wesplit – Fairly Split expenses with friends

Google Rating

Wesplit is a ready to go application which do all your calculations within seconds.

The app allows you to enter all your daily expenses and can see the weekly as well as monthly reports.

You can divide your bills in different formats with different splitting scenarios as per your need now you don’t have to worry about sharing the electricity bill, the house rent but sometimes it could be as small as paying for new rug for a room, an extra plant for the backyard, a new decor piece for the house.


This app no don’t need to log in through any of your accounts and there is no registration requires as well, simply install the app start using within minutes.

You can even make a group of your roommates and start adding your expenses, this app can split your expenses very fast and saves your lot of time



         This application keeps everything simple and effortless means you will not face any difficulty while navigating through the app

The best feature is that it saves you from all the account creation problems in which generally we forget to remember the passwords

It provides one more great feature that it can handle complex taxes and service charges very conveniently in the smartest way.

Settle Up – Group Expenses

Google Rating

It is one of the best group expense managers, you can track your gang’s payments very easily. It guide you through how you can settle your expenses at the end of the month and minimize your entries, it also shows you who should pay next to keep the balance.


You can easily make groups and add your friends to exchange your expenses with them

Simply add your expenses when you pay for something.

All the expenses are split automatically, synced and backed up across the group so each member of the particular group can them.



Use of different mobile platforms could be an issue while using a particular app for splitting the bill but with Settle up, this issue is already settled as this app is available on every platform like Android, iPhone and even works on web.

This app has a great feature which lets it work offline as well saving you from the headache of remembering  your expense until you keep a record of it.


You can easily see the transaction of each group member and stats of all your spending.

The app sends you notifications about your monthly budget and other activities.


While traveling, one of the major concerns is the budget, it requires a lot of planning and coordination..

It doesn’t matter Whether you are a solo traveler, traveling in a group or living a life as a digital nomad. managing all expenses while travelling such as receipts, bills  Tickets expenditure can be a soul-destroying and can lead to unsatisfactory travel experience.

Travelers really need a budget management mobile app while traveling to keep an eye on their expenses or to split bills.


Fortunately, there are multiple apps available on different mobile platforms to help remove your stress of planning your trip. Check out the list below :

Travel Budget – Track Expenses with TravelSpend

Google Rating

This app helps you keep track of your travel expenses and manages your travel budget .It is completely free and specially designed for travelers.The app is free for use and well equipped with features catering only to the travelers.


Just  Download the app,and start putting your daily expenses on it. The app allows you to set currency according to your country making this app more effective when you have travel to different continents.



This app enables you to stick to your budget. Track, how much is being spent on your journey and manage it according to your budget. This app provides you insights into your spending and exports your data wherever you want . It assists you when, you are officially on a break from your work life. So that you can leave all your monetary worries behind and make use of this app which acts as your travel assistance.

TripMate – A Trip Expense Manager

Google Rating

TripMate is a powerful and complete expense manager to track your travel expenses.

Although ,there are a lot of travel expense manager in the market but none of them have customized it for travellers like tripmate.


It is a simple and feature rich, intuitive app specially designed for group travelers.

It saves your time by calculating your expenses and gives the report of the same at the same time.


Firstly customize the app according to your needs, make a group and start adding the expenses along with your group members and later get a glimpse of all the expenses in detail. you can analyze your expenses and manage accordingly.

Create Trips In Just Few Clicks


You can create your trips with a few clicks. It gives you a full summary of your expenses. You can search your previous trips easily on the side dialog window. It gives you detailed information about hotels and travel booking sites. You can as per your wish, add or remove members off your travel list. Visualize your expenses with the on-point statistics and graphs provided by this app. Lastly, you can change the setting to custom to enjoy stunning themes.

Leap – Travel The World On a Budget

Google Rating

Leap is your travel planner, no matter if your goal is to travel abroad for study or for a backpacking trip, based on your travel requirement, leap automatically estimates the money you need to require for your trip and then this app will tell you when and how long you can travel according to your travel budget.


Plan your essentials and all things that you are going to need while you are traveling, add this on leap and keep a track, how much to spend on each item. Also, you can manage your expenses like expenses on travel, food, hotels, etc.



It is one of the best assistants to improve your finances so you can travel better and longer if you want to.

You can use the world travel planner feature of this app as a preparation progresser so that you can feel relaxed for the entire journey. This feature makes it different from other travel apps and can work best for those who always remain in confusion about the preparation.

Trip Expense Manager

Google Rating

Trip Expense Manager is an ultimate on the go expense management app, it is a unique and perfect app to manage your travel expenses. This app works perfectly for the group as well as solo travelers.


It is very easy to use the app and it almost coves all the features that a traveler requires.

It shows your total spending in a fraction of seconds and it also shows expense summary, stats, and other details.

Create Multiple Trips To Manage Expenses


As you are traveling in a group, sometimes we need to share the budget of a trip with our fellow travelers and plan accordingly in advance so that only one person can keep the deposit and make the needed reservations for the trip.

This app makes it easy to keep an eye on deposits, you can add deposits in the app along with the names of your teammates and see how much each person has contributed.

This app is the go-to app for those who want to travel cheap but still want to make it worth it everytime they travel. So find all your wanderer pals and make your next trip ridiculously easy.

Trabee Pocket

Google Rating

TrabeePocket helps you to track your expenses and manage your budget, you even don’t need to check your wallet if you start using this app. It helps you to track your travel expenses in a way such that you will be able to organize your budget in an efficient manner.


Just simply select the country and currency and choose a category in which you want to add your spending, you can set budget goals for every specific trip. 
This app is a basic travel budget manager/ tracker.

Customise Your Trips As Per Your Priority


The app supports multiple currencies that means you can save numerous currency data as you travel to various hotspots it variantly exports to CSV files. 

You can customize the default setting as per your wish and manage it keeping in mind your priorities. 

It also generates a smart travel expense report for you to rectify any budget cuts or loss you enabled in your trip.

Travel Wallet Manager & Travel Expense Tracker

Google Rating

TrabeePocket helps you to track your expenses and manage your budget, you even don’t need to check your wallet if you start using this app. It helps you to track your travel expenses in a way such that you will be able to organize your budget in an efficient manner.
Just simply select the country and currency and choose a category in which you want to add your spending, you can set budget goals for every specific trip. This app is a basic travel budget manager/ tracker.


Download this app and select your currency to add your total budget and now add how much you are going to spend on each activity, once it is done, you will get to see how much amount is left so that you can spend the rest in other activities that you might have planned for the next week or next month.

Create Multiple Trips To Manage Expenses


This app converts your travel currency to your domestic currency without hassle. It will guide you to keep track of your travel budget and expenses.

While you can plan as many trips as possible, this app will assist you to create trip goals to save money and time. 

It can organize your expenses by category and so that your budget is easily managed. In addition, your spending data will be depicted visually to keep in check as per your need. Try this user-friendly app now.


The above apps have been attested by students across the globe for helping them boost their daily productivity.

All apps have the best performance reviews on app stores and are result-oriented, You can download the app according to your requirement and you can use the technology for the best.

These apps are useful for students and for professionals as well because everyone needs mental relaxation and personal development and all these apps are very efficient in their task.

With a simple download, you can stay focused, manage your studies effectively and finish your projects without getting overwhelmed.

Go ahead, download these apps today and put technology to good use!