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21 Best Budgeting Apps for Students

best budgeting apps for students

Budgeting is an interesting concept as it helps you organise your budget and save money. This was done in the old days with a calculator, paper, and a pen. The technological world has simplified things for you and me. The greatest and most straightforward budgeting applications for college students are listed in this article. If you’re bored of having credits at the end of the month/year, you won’t want to miss out on them. Moreover, it is usually the college students who face fluctuations in their cash availability, especially as the month draws to a close. For most college students, money management is a big worry. Students find it difficult to keep up with their ever-increasing expenses on a tight budget.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of one’s costs as more students utilise credit and debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets. Students must, however, maintain track of both their sources of income and their expenses. Consequently, they can then create a budget to cut down on wasteful spending based on this information. This is where your smartphone can be quite useful. Many of the best budgeting apps for students are available online for free where they can keep track of their income and expenses.

What is a budget app?

To make it as simple for you as possible, Budgeting Apps are basically Apps created to help you keep track of your expenses both as an individual or a college student. That is to say, the main purpose of these Apps is to help you save money which is very necessary if you are a college student. There are countless options of best budgeting Apps for college students available in the world. However, it is also important that you ensure that the App is well encrypted to protect all your bank and college fund account details. 

Benefits of Budgeting

  1. It provides you with an opportunity to control your money – A budget is a method of being deliberate about how you spend and save money. In other words, it relieves you of the worry of having to change your lifestyle since you did not prepare ahead of time how you would spend them.
  2. Helps you focus on your money goals –  The best benefit of budgeting apps is that you can avoid spending unnecessarily on items and services that do not really add up in your financial goals.
  3. Keeps you aware about your money – You can see what money is coming in, how quickly it is going out, and where it is going using a budget. A budget allows you to determine what you can afford, where you can invest, and how you can pay off your obligations. It demonstrates how to spend your money wisely.
  4. Helps you take care of your spending and savings – A budget divides your money into areas of spending and saving, allowing you to see which category of spending consumes which portion of your income. It will be much easier for you to make changes this way. Besides, Budgets can also be used to keep track of bills, receipts, and financial statements.

What are the types of budgets that we have?

Incremental budgeting

It uses actual data from the previous year, adding or subtracting one percent to get the current year’s budget. Hence, this is the most common method of budgeting because it is simple and easy to understand. Because of this, it is true if the basic cost drivers do not change from year to year. Cost drivers are things / factors that trigger a change in cost.

Activity-based budgeting

This method demonstrates the steps you’ll take to arrive at your season’s budget. As an example, suppose you’re a college student who wants to set aside a certain amount of money for the semester. You can use activity-based budgeting to set out your monthly spending, which will help you stick to your budget.

Value proposition budgeting

This type of budget is to ensure that everything included in the budget is valued. The value proposition budget aims to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Zero-based budgeting

This assumes that all budgets are zero and must be recreated from the ground up. Every year, you spend all of your earnings and begin budgeting again the next year. You must be able to justify each and every expenditure. The goal of zero-based budgeting is to prevent any and all expenses that are not regarded as absolutely necessary. In addition to this, it’s useful when you need to cut costs quickly.

How to Choose the Best Budgeting Apps for Students

It’s critical to analyse what you actually desire and need from a budgeting tool before selecting the best budgeting apps for students. Do you simply want something to assist you in keeping track of your spending and saving? Are you trying to figure out how to make and stick to a budget? Is it necessary to invest for the future?

You should think about your existing financial condition after you’ve narrowed down your personal finance goals. To put it simply, these apps are designed to help you manage your money rather than spend more of it. Therefore, before you make a financial commitment, take advantage of the free applications or use those that provide a free trial.

21 Best Budget Apps for College Students

1. Mint

best budgeting apps for students

Mint is a popular and one of the best budgeting apps for students. It brings all of your finances together in one location and connects to your bank account securely. Mint creates many budget categories and also includes some useful tips. If you withdraw money from an ATM, for example, it will generate two separate categories: one for the withdrawal charge and one for the amount withdrawn. It’s a feasible alternative for students because they don’t have to track and record each and every purchase separately. Most significantly, Mint divides a student’s budget into various categories, allowing them to see where they spend the most money and where they may save money.


  • One of the most prominent features of this app is that it provides you information about various Mutual Fund Schemes in India.
  • Moreover they also contain Fact sheets for mutual fund schemes. Some of the details consist of; Fund Objective, Features, Return Performance, Holdings, NAV Graph.
  • This app also has an added feature where it shows you the performance comparison of Schemes by return.
  • Moreover, for easy reference, Financial Calculators are provided.

    As the name implies, PocketGuard is a simple free and is considered as one of the best budgeting apps for students, most precisely college students, that can help guard you against spending too much. This app for college students consists of a software that connects your financial accounts and lets you manage your spending against your budget throughout the month. PocketGuard simplifies budgeting by focusing on what nearly every student wants to know: how much money they have to spend. It displays how much money is left after bills, expenses, and savings goals have been taken into account. It also expressly states what they were used for. Furthermore, this software keeps track of individual bills and recurrent spending, as well as possibilities to save and cut costs.


    • Your Data will be safe and secure with only you..
    • The interface and other functions are very simple and user-friendly.
    • You can view your money in your own preferred currency.
    • The best feature is their ability to track on which category your money is spent.

    Some of us find it very troublesome and confusing to manage a bank account even though we have had one since the age of eleven while selling lemonade to earn the money required to maintain the account. Allow Simple to manage your account for you if you avoid it at all costs. Simple is more than just a budgeting app; it’s also an online bank account that replaces your old checking account and comes with a slew of budgeting tools. With this, your budget and your bank live in the same app becomes much more easier to manage and while keeping everything under control since you only have one place to see and manage your money.

    Furthermore, Simpl automatically tracks your income and expenditures and includes a goal feature to encourage you to save. Its unique Safe-to-Spend® function lets you know if you’re on track with your budget or if excessive spending is threatening to ruin your objectives. This is a great all-in-one banking and budgeting app that has no costs.


    • Track your expenses: Keeping track of your expenses is a time-consuming task, therefore we do it for you. You can keep track of all your costs and repayments using the Simple App.
    • Billbox: Make one-tap payments for all of your utility bills using the Simpl app (for select users only).
    • Easy payment functions: Through this app you will be able to track your dues and repay your Simple bill easily.
    • Quick payment – Within a click of a button, pay your bills and payments using the Simple App. 
    • Purchase now and pay later: Simple allows you to pay your payments over a 15-day period. This means you can place an order for food, groceries, and other items right now and pay for them later – once every 15 days.
    best budgeting apps for students spending tracker

    Spending Tracker is the simplest and most user-friendly cost tracker app available. Again considered as one of the best budgeting apps for students, Spending Tracker can aid in your quest to relieve your money management woes. The simple truth is that tracking your expenditure will allow you to stick to a budget and so SAVE MONEY. So go ahead and download it for free, add your expenses and income, and gain quick spending management!


    • The user interface is simple and intuitive.
    • Aids in the easy management of your spendings
    • Has a super fast and quick expense entry
    • The time periods are flexible in nature
    • Use this to track Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly data
    • Budget Mode

    • Set a fixed budget amount to help you accomplish your spending goals in Budget Mode
    • carry over any remaining budget to the next month or week.
    • Summary View

    • Overview of the Situation
    • a summary of your current balance, including totals for expenses and income
    • take a look at your major spending areas
    • Log Expense and Income

    • Keeping Track of Expenses and Income
    • Count your spending on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
    • To use in a spreadsheet, export to CSV.
    • For viewing, export to PDF.
    • Multiple Accounts

    • construct distinct personal, business, and savings accounts.
    • create separate personal, business and savings accounts for example.
    • Reports

    • Beautiful and interactive graphs make it simple to see where your money goes
    • a breakdown of spending by category
    • View your history to keep track of your progress.
    • Categories

    • Expense and revenue categories that can be edited
    • For each category, select a high-quality icon.
    • Syncing (Pro Upgrade required)

    • Sync your data with other Android devices automatically
    • You can also sync to the iOS and Windows versions of Spending Tracker, however these platforms will require a separate upgrade. 
    • Backups

    • Back up your data to Dropbox to keep it safe.
    • It will be taken care of by the auto backup option.
    • Widgets

    • For easier access, place the widget on your home screen.
    • buttons for easy addition
    • Local Tips

    • When you enter participating local locations, you can choose to get tips (requires location and bluetooth permissions)
    • This could include offers to save money.
    • Tablets have a unique design layout.
    • It’s much better for managing your money with the optimal utilisation of a larger screen size.

      Goodbudget, formerly known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid or EEBA, is an excellent choice for couples who want to share their budgeting process. It employs the well-known envelope budgeting method. GoodBudget is a collaborative budgeting tool that allows you to keep track of your spending and bills. It’s ideal for couples with shared finances because you can share and sync budgets with budgeting partners across iPhone and Android, but it’s also great for single people. You have the opportunity to add some details to new transactions, which divides your costs into different envelopes. It’s also simple to figure out how much money is left over for non-essentials.


      • The Expense tracking system gives optimized results
      • Use this to Check Envelope & your Account balances
      • Goal and Annual Envelopes let you save for the future.
      • Envelope fills and scheduled transactions
      • Divides the expense transactions
      • Save time with payee and category suggestions that are clever.
      • Transfer cash between Envelopes and Accounts with ease.
      • Search for transactions
      • Add your income
      • Choose budget period 
      • You can also Add and edit Accounts
      • Provides a Location-based widget 
      • Lastly, you can edit your budget according to your needs

      Cashbook is a budgeting app which has been designed in a way that it provides multiple benefits through multiple functions. 


      • Make as many cashbooks as you want and keep records for each of your ledger accounts separately.
        Share Cash Khata with coworkers, divide spending sensibly, and keep track of recurrent payments.
      • Create a report quickly and easily, then export it to Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF.
      • All cash in and cash out transactions linked with the remark period should be recorded.
      • On the fly, you can easily view and alter your budget
      • Select credit or debit, cash-out or cash-in from the filter.
        The date filter allows you to switch between a daily and monthly budget view.

      Wally is a budgeting app which is slightly more complex than the rest of the apps mentioned in this list. This app is a bit difficult to navigate when compared to other budget apps for college students. Having said that, it is also one of the best budgeting apps for students due to the extensive number of features it provides. For example, it keeps track of your income and expenses while also providing a picture of your remaining budget to prevent overspending. There are iPhone and Android versions of this free budget app for college students (the Android version is called Wally+). Wally’s built-in support for practically all international currencies is a huge advantage, making it a better alternative for those who live outside the United States.


      • Sync all of your accounts and keep track of them all in one spot.
      • Get instant insights into your spending patterns for up to two years.
      • Learn about your net worth and how to boost it across all of your asset and obligation accounts.
      • Track the balances of all your accounts in real time.
      • In one place, you can manage all of your foreign currency accounts and digital wallets.
      • Global & Free: For 15,000 Baht, it’s available in 70 countries.
      • End-to-end encryption, PCI compliance, ISO 27001 certification, and GDPR compliance.
      • In your financial calendar, all of your transactions will be automatically sorted and organised.
      • Highlights of your recent expenditures and what’s to come while you’re on the go.
      • Get detailed spending information by category, business, tag, account, and currency.
      • It’s a lot of fun to visualise and understand your money using interactive pie, bar, and line charts.
      • Scan, categorise, and attach receipts, as well as add notes to transactions.
      • Reminders and shopping lists might help you plan for impending payments.

      YNAB, which can also be termed as ‘You need a Budget’, is a unique budgeting app for college students when compared to other budgeting apps. Here, you create your budget based on your income, employing every penny in your budget. These jobs cover everything from living expenses to repaying loans, saving or investing. It makes you think about every dollar you earn and spend. One of the reasons we like this budget app for college students is that it offers both a desktop and mobile interface, you can sync your bank accounts automatically or enter expenses manually. You can also add debt repayment and goal tracking features to motivate you to reach your money goals. Some people have noticed that YANAB has made them more cautious about spending, as the app sheds light on every dollar in its budget.


      • Connect all of your accounts in one location and import your transactions to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date data.
      • Do you prefer to enter transactions manually? Yes, you can! Your account balances will always be precise since YNAB will match imported transactions with those you enter manually.
      • You may budget with a partner and always have the information you need to make sound spending decisions since you have real-time access to all of your budget data across various devices.
      • Take it a step farther than a spending tracker. Set objectives and track your progress to see when you’ll be able to achieve them.
      • Spending and trend reports that are detailed and visually appealing will help you track your success and make improvements.
      • Our helpful support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email and live chat, and we host over 100 free live budgeting classes each week.
      best budgeting apps for students-Monefy

      Toshi Finance is a very simple and easy-to-understand UI. It lets you set spending limits for several types of expenses such as food, travel, and so on. It also gives you a clear picture of how close you are to going over your financial limits. These visualisations are very useful at keeping you from going overboard with your spending. To gain a clear picture of where you spend your money, just enter the information of your income and expenses using reusable tags.


      • Over 14 000 different bank accounts, credit cards, and financial services in the UK and throughout the world are automatically connected.
      • In just four clicks, you may enter manual expenses quickly and easily. Included is a tip calculator.
      • Use any currency you choose. Almost 200 currencies, including 30 cryptocurrencies, are supported, with constantly updated exchange rates.
      • Multiple tags, a financial account, a location, a description, repeats, bill reminders with notifications, and images can all be added to entries. 
      • Receipts, warranty information, and expenditure reporting can all be kept in photos.
      • Import data from your online bank files (CSV, Excel, QIF, QFX, OFX, and so on) into the toshi.com 
      • Web app budgets for all costs or sorted by categories, tags, and accounts
      • create a budget for any amount of time
      • Optional rollover to the next budget period –
      • Alerts when you’re getting close to your budget limits

      10. Monefy

      best budgeting apps for students-Monefy

      How to track your expenses successfully? We know that it’s easy. You only need to add each expense. And Monefy is going to help you. Just add new transactions when you are buying a coffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one click, because you do not need to fill anything except the expense amount. Let’s face it, saving money in today’s world is not easy. You need a budget. Luckily, Monefy is more than a money tracker, it’s also one of the best savings apps to help you with money management. Keep track of your personal expenses and compare them to your monthly income with the budget planner. Keep your monthly budget in mint condition.

      Additionally, your new budgeting app will help you become a budgeting master and start saving money with Monefy. Do you own multiple mobile devices? Maybe you want to share budget and expense tracking with a significant other. Monefy helps by safely synchronizing data between multiple devices. Create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones, and the changes will be made on other devices right away!


      • A user interface that is simple to use. There is no redundancy.
      • Add new records at a breakneck speed
      • Get specific information from the records list or look at your spending distribution on the lovely and informative graphic.
      • Support for many currencies
      •  If the settings don’t work for you, change the categories.
      • Use your own Google Drive or Dropbox account to sync your files safely.
      • Choose the period of the report
      • Easily keep track of recurring records.
      • Passcode security
      • Support for multiple accounts
      • Calculator built-in
      • There are no advertisements.

      The check interface is very similar to Mint. However, unlike Mint, which is only associated with one of your accounts. The check can be linked to multiple accounts. Most college students never had to worry about paying monthly before coming to college. As a result, they often forget to pay before the due date and are charged late. As such, the check has a feature that allows users to set up monthly payment reminders for various services and also notifies you if you get too close to drafting an account. 


      • Check Balance

        The All Bank Account Balance Inquiry app allows you to check the balance of your bank account at any time. You can check the balance of all your bank accounts with just one app.

      • All of the apps for checking your bank balance are completely free. You can check your bank account balance through missed call banking. In addition to internet banking, nearby ATMs may be found with a single click of a button. If you’re curious where your nearest branch is, here’s a map. There is a search option for bank branches. For the convenience of customers, the bank account balance enquiry app offers several languages.
      • Money Transfer

      • You can send money to any mobile phone or make a UPI payment using USSD banking. You can use it to send and receive money. Alternatively, you can use net banking to send money through IMPS (Instant Money Transfer) or NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer).

      • Missed Call Banking App

      • With a missed call, you can check your bank balance and obtain a little statement from your bank. For any assistance, you can also call your bank’s customer service number directly from the app. This method works for both savings and checking accounts.
      • You can use USSD banking to send and receive money, view your bank account balance, profile details, and prior transactions, among other things. You can also pay by phone with it (mobile payment)
      • Never run out of cash by searching for ATMs and bank branches. You can locate bank ATMs and bank offices near you by using a bank account balance checker app. This is especially useful when looking for an ATM when visiting a new location.
      • Banking on the Internet With the help of the Bank Balance Check app, you may access net banking for all of your bank accounts (Free). You’ll be able to examine bank statements, check your balance, and use other financial services supplied by your bank.
      • Customer Service Phone Number For any banking related questions, you can easily contact your bank’s customer service department. These can include things like checking your bank account limit and asking queries about banking services. To assist you save money, we strive to provide a toll-free number.
      • Calculator for EMI

      • The software also includes a simple EMI calculation in addition to a money check. You can plan your loans and EMIs with this calculator. It enables you to calculate how many EMIs are required to repay a loan.
      • Calculator for FDs

      • The FD calculator aids in the planning of your investments by providing a projected return on fixed and recurring deposits.

        Pocket Expense is a comprehensive financial app for your smartphone. It consolidates all of your bank accounts into a single location, making it easy to keep track of their activity. It also assists you in budgeting and keeping track of your bills. The app includes a calendar feature that allows you to view your monthly expenses. It also includes statistics and reports for tracking purposes. 


        • Supports various accounts and account types, as well as tracking account balances and multiple budgets.
        • Visualize your one-budget costs using graphs.
        • In a single action, transfer monies from one budget to another.
        • All budget information is kept and freely accessible for comparison purposes.
        • Keep track of your spending and stick to your budget.
        • Supports multiple recurring invoices
        • Sets notifications to remind you which bills are approaching their due dates or are past due
        • Allows you to pay payments in full or in part.
        • Each bill can be paid several times.
        Blue Coins is an amazingly easy finance app that is a great expense tracker, budget and money manager tool. This is a complete reporting and analysis app for managing money, expenses, income and budget. Use it as a family budget planner, or for personal finance for a small business! Create monthly expense reports, manage family budgets with your spouse, or export financial records in a spreadsheet / PDF! It’s easy and wondering how you can become a finance and budget expert without time. Take control of your money now!


        • Finace made easy-Don’t get tangled up in the financial world. It’s simple to reconcile finances using bank data and credit card statements. Easily track transactions using bank notifications via SMS! You don’t have to be an accountant to follow sound financial concepts, and you’ll get better at it if you utilise this fantastic finance software!
        • Money accesible from everywhere-securely access info across various devices and with family members! Anyone with whom you share data can use their device to submit their expenses or incomes. To synchronise and track money, budget, and finance, use Google Drive or Dropbox. Manage your money anytime, anyplace with the great multi-currency functionality!

        You can check your daily expenses and improve your savings. Imagine the flow of your money at a glance with a fully customizable review page. In a fast budget, you have a lot of tools to better manage your money, such as a variety of charts or a useful calendar. It is possible for you to sync your data across devices and link your bank accounts.


        • To make the insertion of a transaction go faster, this budget manager has a number of tools:
        • Earnings and expenses are tracked on a regular basis.
        •  Templates for transactions.
        • Profits and expenses are recorded in the default account.
        • Two widgets to help you create operations faster.
        • Make your own budgets so you always know how much money you have left.
        • Control your finances with several graphs that display and compare spending and profits to help you figure out where you can save money.
        • Make your own budgets so you always know how much money you have left.
        • Up to five devices can be synchronised.
        • Data can be exported in PDF, CSV, and XLS (Excel) formats.
        • Manage your debts and credit cards.
        • There is a dark mode.
        • Color the pages as you wish: for each page, you have the option of selecting a different colour.
        • Data loss can be avoided by using Dropbox’s automatic backup feature.
        • Use a passcode to secure your data.
        • A friendly reminder to remember to enter your daily transactions.
        • Change the currency (over 90 options) and date format.
          best budgeting apps for students-Chip

          This programme analyses your money and calculates how much you can save automatically. You can also earn bonuses by convincing your friends to join; if they do, you both get an extra 1% interest on any savings you make. You can invite up to 5 friends to earn 5% interest on your savings, which is likely to be better than your existing account’s yield.


          • By attaching a credit card that is accepted, you can add money to your digital wallet.
          • Rather than using cash, pay friends and family with your phone.
          •  You may easily request money from friends and relatives without forcing them to go to the nearby ATM.
          • Keep an eye out for participating merchants where you may pay for goods and services with money from your digital wallet.
          • Someone has made a payment to you, and you’d like the funds returned to your bank account? It’s no problem! We will send your money to your selected bank account if you request a cash out.

          16. Wallet

          Wallet is a market leading personal finance manager, built to help you save money, plan for the future, and see all your finances in one place. With Wallet you can track your daily spending automatically with bank synchronisation, dive into weekly reports and charts, plan your shopping, and share specific features and data with loved ones. Wallet allows you to see your money your way: anywhere, any time. Chuck your notebooks as well as spreadsheets and budget for clear, tangible goals that are easy to track in real time. It may be for your holiday travel, education, family, car expenses, small business expenses or any other expenses you might have.

          Wallet by BudgetBakers is not just a finance expense tracker, report or budgeting app. It’s all about getting things under control now, so that you can make wise decisions and plan for the future – a month, a year or 10 years down the line. You can easily control your spending & save more using a finance tracker. Wallet is designed to be your personal manager which helps you get your finances under control from day 1, giving you continuous insight into your financial situation and helping you stay in control for the long-term. It’s your personal expense report.


          • Automatic Bank Updates

          • Transactions are synchronised with your bank automatically and securely, then intelligently categorised and included into your budget. You’ll save a lot of time by not having to track every dime with 3,500 participating banks throughout the world.
          • Imports or Manual Bank Updates

          • You can now import all of your transaction data into Wallet from any source you want, giving you a complete report. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your bank or your own spreadsheets.
          • Flexible Budgets

          • Budgets aid in the planning and saving of funds for the future. Wallet provides the flexibility to reach your goals and intelligently react to any changing financial conditions, whether it’s paying off debts, buying a car, or saving for retirement.
          • Insightful reports

          • Easy-to-understand graphs and financial overviews give you actionable finance insights about the state of your finances, across bank accounts, credit and debit cards, debts and cash. You can get your income & expense report.
          • Sharing accounts

          • Accounts can be shared with family, friends, or coworkers that need to work together on a budget. Anyone, regardless of platform (Android, iPhone, or Web), can contribute.
          • Loyalty and reward cards

          • Upload all of your plastic cards with barcodes to Wallet to eliminate all of the extraneous garbage that makes your wallet bulky and heavy. You may even share your cards with family members and keep track of your points in one place. Make your life more enjoyable.

          It’s a budget app that helps users plan their expenses and purchases. This simple college app fits into a zero-based budget, where your expenses are equal to your income. With the free version of the app, you can create transactions every time you spend money and then calculate it within your budget. You cannot link your bank accounts to the free version. For a more automated version, upgrade to Evidular Plus to integrate your bank account and expenses. 


          • Aids in planning the budget beforehand for future purchases
          • Creates transactions for you for future reference
          • Helps calculate the expenses within your budget

          Dollarbird makes it simple to save money by allowing you to plan ahead of time and track your expenditure. Pre-entering your monthly rent, phone bill, and other fixed bills does this. Dollarbird will tell you how much money you still have to spend and how much money you still have to save.


          • You can create, track, and visualise your transactions using a simple calendar-based interface.
          • Auto-categorization with a hint of AI that assists you in quickly classifying your entries.
          • A detailed summary of your previous and scheduled transactions, as well as an automatic balance calculation for each day or month.
          • Ability to work together with your partner, family, or friends to manage your finances and keep informed about common financial issues.
          • Your data is saved in the cloud and is accessible from any device, independent of platform.

          This isn’t quite as broad as the other apps, but what it does do well is check if you are spending too much on your weekly food shop. What it does is to compare the prices across a range of supermarkets. They claim to save you 30% on the price of your shop every time. It is as simple as just creating your normal shopping list and then the app works out which shop would give you the cheapest items at the end! Students find this very economical, especially my fellow foodies.


          • Compares prices across a plethora of supermarkets
          • Prepares a shopping list for you
          • Helps suggest the most cost effective shops 
          • With cheap items to help you save money

          Money Manager makes personal financial management a piece of cake! With Money Manager’s spending tracker and budget planner, you can effortlessly record personal and company financial transactions, generate expenditure reports, evaluate your daily, weekly, and monthly financial statistics, and manage your assets.


          • Applying double entry bookkeeping accounting system. Money Manager makes asset management and accounting easier. It not only keeps track of your money in and out of your account, but it also deposits funds into your account as soon as your revenue is entered and withdraws funds as soon as your expense is entered.
          • Budget and expense management function. Money Manager displays your budget and expenses as a graph, allowing you to rapidly compare the amount of your expenses to your budget and make appropriate financial inferences.
          • Credit / Debit Card management function. When you enter a settlement date, the asset tab displays the payment amount and overdue payment. By simply adding your debit card to your account, you can set up an automated debit.

          • Passcode. You can use Money Manager to check your passcode and safely manage your financial review account book.
          • Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function. It is feasible to transfer assets between them, making your personal and company asset management more efficient. You may also make it easier to handle your pay, insurance, term deposit, and loan by setting up automated transfers and recurrence.
          •  Instant statistics. You may see your expenses by category and how they’ve changed over time based on the information you’ve input. You may also use a graph to observe how your assets and income/expense have changed over time.
          • Bookmark function. By bookmarking your recurring expenses, you can conveniently enter them all at once.
          best budgeting apps for students-Spendee

          Seeing all of your financial habits allows you to stay on track with your objectives and stay organised. Take charge of your finances and keep track of where your money goes. You may be your own money manager with Spendee. It’s that simple!


          • Budgets – to help you stick to your financial goals
          • Wallets – organize your cash, bank accounts or different financial occasions
          • Shared Finances – to efficiently manage money with partners or flatmates
          • Multiple Currencies – to handle vacation finances with ease
          • Labels – to mark and analyse transactions in more depth
          • Dark Mode – to enjoy in an eye-friendly environment
          • Web Version – to see your finances on a bigger screen
          • Secure Data Sync – to keep your details private, confidential and safe


          All in all, this extensive list of some of the best budgeting apps for students in 2021 provides you with the most conducive and cost-effective solutions to your financial worries. Considering the fact that most college students are already burdened with education and other educational expenses, it becomes very important to keep a check on your cash flows. Moreover, it is always advisable to take the advantage of the current digital era in order to stay ahead of others.