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Best Business Schools in US

Unsurprisingly, the US higher education system is acknowledged as the best in the world and offers flexible learning opportunities to students with over 4,000 colleges and universities. Accounting to its academic excellence and enhanced learning experience, US degrees are highly recognized worldwide.

Having a question popping in your head about what blows the trumpet for the US Business schools across the globe?

best business schools in us intro
Well, the U.S. higher education system is considered unique and enumerates some of the best qualities of U.S. culture and society – flexibility, diversity, and an ecosystem that stimulates innovation.

And speaking of business schools, the first program that sparks a light in our minds is an MBA.

So, here you go!

Below are listed some of the best business schools in the US.
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1. Stanford University

best business schools in us stanford university
The Stanford Graduate School of Business in California offers a two-year full-time MBA program. The course study presents a general management degree to enable students to develop their vision and the skills to achieve their career goals.

Stanford GSB aims to provide a metamorphic experience to its students that will change their lives and accelerate their careers.


Stanford GSB will assist you to outline your course in alignment with your career goals, and this is evident from their MBA graduate’s placement statistics.

  • 421 Employers Hired Stanford MBA grads in 2017–18
  • 94% of students received job offers by 3-Months Post-Grad


When you will graduate from the Stanford MBA Program, you will be joining a pack of a global network of diverse leaders strongly invested in the GSB and your inevitable success. You will unite with an incredible, close-knit community, i.e., with more than 30,000 Stanford GSB alumni and 220,000 Stanford University alumni.

Clubs & Activities

Stanford GSB’s social scene is as distinct, engaging, and enjoyable.

You will get to develop your leadership skills through their sturdy MBA student government- more than 50 student clubs and organizations. With club membership, meetings, and events accessible to all students, these groups sponsor a vigorous array of on-campus activities and within the broader Bay Area.


2. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

University of Pennsylvania
The University of Pennsylvania Wharton MBA Program would equip you with the crucial business and leadership skills fundamental to realize your career goals. The university offers its MBA degree in two formats: the traditional, full-time MBA in Philadelphia, or the Executive MBA in either San Francisco or Philadelphia. Both programs necessitate the same high admissions standards, serve the same rigorous curriculum, and award the same Wharton degree. However, these program delivery and structure differ to meet the needs of different student-types.


Their MBA Career Management team is committed to connecting students with an extensive range of employers from the Fortune 500 to various start-ups. Wharton’s MBA Career Management team has supported 650+ companies in making offers to Wharton students.

  • 98.4% of graduates reported full-time job offers, 95.0% accepted
  • 100% of students seeking summer employment received offers, 99.9% accepted


You will get to connect with Wharton alumni at every stage of your career: from mentoring to receiving support. WhartonConnect, Wharton’s online community, provides its current students and alumni a secure way to find colleagues in just nearly any field. The Wharton Alumni-Student Network allows alumni and students to recognize career development resources within the alumni base.

Clubs & Activities

Student life is incredibly rich at Wharton in the vibrant city of Philadelphia.

Wharton encourages students’ active involvement through the Wharton Graduate Association (WGA), which oversees more than 70 clubs. Industry-level conferences organized by students every year, leading the high-octane production of Follies, or leading career treks in nations around the globe are some of the ways how students strengthen their leadership capabilities.

3. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

best business schools in us Northwestern Kellogg
Kellogg’s full-time MBA Program presents several distinct ways to earn an MBA. Whichever one you may choose; you’ll grow as a person and discover how to spark growth in an organization while developing an agile skill set that prepares you to deal with unprecedented challenges and enormous opportunities.


Employers seek Kellogg graduates because of their steady skill set, tenacity, vision, and capacity to inspire teams. More than 200 companies hired Kellogg graduates last year. Broadly recognized as best in class, Kellogg’s Career Management Center would help you carve a career plan, connect with recruiters, and devise your distinct job search strategy.

  • 97.5% of students received a job offer 3 months post-graduation


At Kellogg’s, you will gain great career support from a global network of 58,000+ Kellogg alumni who are recognized as successful leaders across all kinds of industries and function. Thus, alumni can contribute significantly to graduating students’ personal and professional long-term growth. From the moment you begin your journey at Kellogg, you will become a part of their widespread global alumni network- 60,000 powerful in more than 100 countries, traversing almost all industries.

Clubs & Activities

At Kellogg, students get to do a lot more than just learning in the classroom. Students get to put their classroom learned skills to practice in more than 100 clubs centered on a diversity of industries, geographies, and social and cultural affairs. Also, Kellogg Worldwide Experiences & Service Trips (KWEST) is the most popular non-academic opportunity available at Kellogg. It helps unite incoming students through various social, site-seeing, and social welfare activities.


4. University of Chicago (Booth)

Chicago Booth school of business in usa building
Chicago Booth’s top-ranked MBA program is the ideal destination for ambitious and intellectually inquisitive professionals and bold leaders who desire to progress in their careers by earning an MBA degree from the world’s leading business school. Their multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving would equip you with frameworks for free thinking and sound judgment. Most importantly, Career Services will be available to you for your entire life, even long after you have earned your MBA at Chicago Booth.


An MBA from Booth will present you with unequaled access to a strong global network and a host of career resources, tools, and support. Employers visit Booth from around the world and recruit their Full-Time MBA students.

  • 95.1% job-seeking graduates (2019) accepted full-time job offers within 3 months of graduation
  • 200+ firms that recruit on campus annually
  • 900+ internship positions posted on Booth’s online job board annually


Globally, there are more than 90 alumni organizations that would enable you to extend your opportunities to network, learn, socialize, and stay connected with your local Chicago Booth community. There are also some special interest Alumni clubs- groups with a specific focus forming a tight-knit community.

Clubs & Activities

As a Booth MBA student, you can choose from 70+ student-led groups, join a national competition, or study abroad. Throughput your experience as a Full-Time MBA student at Chicago Booth, you’ll find endless opportunities to expand your horizons. You may join a competition on an individual basis or build a team from across Booth and the wider university. For support to your participation, you may even qualify for funding.

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5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

best business schools in us MIT Sloan School
At MIT, the two-year MBA program would transform you into a leader who makes a difference in the world through its intellectual discovery and hands-on learning. Their faculty would educate and mentor you with a common objective of challenging the status quo and developing the next generation management leaders.


You’ll begin to envision your future on your very first day at MIT. By Career Core, MIT MBA students get to analyze their strengths, interests, and values to effectively market themselves, and equip themselves with the prevailing job market and available opportunities.

  • 95.7% of students graduated with full-time offers (2019-2020)
  • 44.3% growth potential cited as a top reason for accepting a position


Graduating students will join an exceptional network of more than 136,000 MIT alumni, representing 90 nations from around the world. Also, you’ll find that more than 4,000 MIT and MIT Sloan alumni volunteers are ready to share their acumens and experiences. Thus, the MBAs are precisely paired with mentors who enthusiastically share their experience and furnish trusted advice through the Alumni Mentorship Program.

Clubs & Activities

At present, 70+ Sloan student-led clubs are running on campus, with membership numbers varying from 12 to 400+. Club leaders are known to be very active as they organize hundreds of events every year, wherein events include- speaker series, recruiting prep sessions, social events, and large-scale conferences. MIT Sloan students also have access to Sloan Groups- tool for engaging with and planning within the MIT Sloan community. Student club leaders utilize the platform to efficiently manage their club membership base, communicate to their contacts, and manage their events.

6. Harvard University

best business schools in us Harvard University campus
The HBS MBA is a full-time 2year MBA program with a general management curriculum, centred on real-world practice. Students study and learn through the distinguished case method of instruction, where they perceive concepts from the view of case protagonists daily, learn to make sound decisions while being challenged by the distinct outlooks of their classmates.


AT HBS, Career & Professional Development strives to provide students with varied resources tailored to each individual’s needs. Thus, you’ll not only have the necessary tools required for both your internship and full-time search but also have a vast array of resources geared toward your professional development post-MBA from HBS.

  • There are 50 career coaches, 150 Alumni Career Programs, and 600 Recruiting Partners
  • 94% of graduates (2019 batch) received a job offer


The support from CPD won’t come to an end upon your graduation. You’ll have lifetime access to programming and events driven specifically toward alumni, as well as access to the HBS Career Coaching program, host of webinars, and other alumni-specific professional development resources. The Career & Professional Development will strive with you at every step of your HBS journey, no matter where your experience at HBS might take you.

Clubs & Activities

At HBS, there are ample opportunities to engage in student government and clubs as well as activities that suit your special interests, be it if you are looking for a shift from academic life or to bring about a notable influence on the HBS community. There are several ways to hone your leadership and organizational management experience, explore interests, and make friends for a lifetime with more than 85 clubs and over 200 leadership positions in the Student Association.

7. Columbia University  

best business schools in us Columbia University campus
Being positioned in New York, the Columbia Business School would provide you the opportunity to mould your career in the very heart of the business. You will learn to take up challenges and respond progressively while augmenting skills to thrive in fast-moving, competitive environments anywhere in the world.


With an MBA from Columbia, you will exponentially multiply your career prospects. Students tend to begin their career transformation — whether in the private, public, or non-profit sectors- with a visit to the Career Management Center (CMC). From internships to full-time employment, the CMC would help you develop lifelong career management skills with intensive workshops, one-on-one sessions, and seminars that will make you outshine in your job search both domestically and internationally. Moreover, corporate representatives regularly visit the campus, many of which are alumni who can extend advice and contacts to get you to that next level in your professional life.

  • 93% of students (2019) reported their job satisfaction as a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1–5


Columbia Business School graduates experience exceptional access to powerful companies and leaders in New York and around the globe, connecting with an entrepreneurial community that nurtures innovation and produces everyday impact in the global marketplace. Columbia students get to build connections with leading practitioners and industry leaders and draw into a lifetime network of more than 47,000 alumni spanning over 100 nations offering mentoring opportunities, internships, and a lot more.

Student Organizations

Joining one from amongst their 100+ student-led clubs would give you an unprecedented set of opportunities to intensify your leadership skills, develop connections with peers and alumni, and network with business leaders through conferences and seminars. You can share your skills and enthusiasm within a group that intrigues you and see how fulfilling a club membership can be. You can even help mold the direction of the School by engaging in the Student Government or the Dean’s Advisory Committee.

Apart from these aforementioned business schools in the US, there are several other options for you to choose from a host of alternatives. Thus, by keeping all things in perspective like your strengths, career goals, interests, and the like you can make up a sound choice for yourself by doing a smart self-evaluation.







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