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Best Instagram Accounts For Students

Top Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Follow for Inspiration and Success

Social Media has become an integral part of most people’s lives. But of all the social media platforms, Instagram is used the most. This is because Instagram has, without a doubt, been the best performing social media network. With over a billion users, Instagram’s growth in the last few years has surpassed competitors like Twitter and Snapchat. Factually, in a survey conducted, 53% of adults aged 18-29 years say they use Instagram multiple times every day.

There are so many Instagram accounts that aim to educate their followers and are insightful and informative. Although, it is difficult to choose good accounts to follow from the sea of choices. Below is a list we have curated of the best Instagram accounts for students that every student should follow to get you started.

Top 20 Best Instagram Accounts for Students

best instagram accounts for students

1. Subway Book Review

This is a perfect Instagram account for people who are interested in English literature and language or for people who simply enjoy reading. The founder Uli Beutter Cohen interviewed different people during her subway commute about their choice of reading materials and documented it on the platform.

Her aim is not just to highlight the books but the stories of people reading them. Therefore, she also shares a snap of the person she interacted with, which gives this account a personal touch. This provides a comprehensive, trustworthy review of a particular book. It is also a great way to get a recommendation for your new favourite book from the people who are actually reading it, why they picked up a book, and what they love about it the most.

Subway Book Review is also one of those accounts where captions are more potent than photos. So, if meaningful reads interest you, following this Instagram account is a must. It also promotes the magic of reading printed books and cautions the readers about the implications of digital reading.

2. Business Insider India

Business Insider India provides the fastest business news from around the globe. With so much happening in the world in finance, media, retail, tech and other industry verticals, this account posts and keeps you updated with all the top stories of the day. Started by the No1 internet analyst Henry Blodget, his mission was to inspire and inform people.

In addition, it provides deeper insights into the current happenings of the world, news that is relevant to the Indian readers and hence appeals to a larger audience. Its posts are a mix of business and technology happenings, lifestyle concepts, leadership insights, and sports events.

So, to receive your daily dose of breaking news, business initiatives and stories, and other media coverage, you need to follow this popular Instagram account.

3. Thoughtfully Magazine

best instagram accounts for students

Thoughtfully Magazine provides its followers with motivating quotes and beautiful images. With so much pressure at schools, universities, and life in general, it is impossible not to feel down at some stages. It recognizes the importance of mental and emotional well-being. It states in its bio that ‘self-care is not selfish, it is necessary’ and proves this with the line of its posts.

This account also aims to imbibe the value of slow living in this fast-paced world. Also, it prompts you to accomplish big things in life, taking one day at a time. @thoughtfullymagazine is one of those transparent accounts that believes in the beauty within.

The idea was to inspire people through Instagram to peak productivity by constantly motivating them. So, to boost the positivity in life, this is an Instagram account that everybody should follow.

4. is the world’s leading digital dictionary, and everyone must follow its official feed on Instagram. It is one of the accounts that helps make excellent use of Instagram. This account posts word of the day every day without failing to keep the vocabulary growing daily. This helps improve communication and express oneself better.

It makes the audience relate to the word and the situation we can use it in. posts a word and its literal meaning of it on a bright, colourful background to grasp the attention of its followers or readers, making them informative and educative.

This account strives to provide easily-digestible and valuable content to boost everyone’s knowledge. It makes learning English words a pretty straightforward and refreshing experience. Its transparent and practical approach puts this account on a list of must-follow Instagram accounts.

5. Harvard Business Review

best instagram accounts for students

This is the official account of the world’s most renowned and elite universities. It is committed to making thought-provoking content about leadership and life in the workplace. As Harvard’s influential magazine, this Instagram account provides easy access to practical workplace advice and maintaining workplace relationships.

Harvard Business Review’s posts on Instagram are a collection of ideas on strategy, innovation and leadership from the world’s top business and management experts. In fact, the posts are in line with the account’s tagline ‘Improving the Practice of Management.’

It also posts certain motivational and inspiring quotes from successful entrepreneurs to boost productivity. @harvardbusinessreview is also one of those rare accounts that make excellent use of Instagram’s story feature. It keeps its stories interactive to engage a wider audience.

To sum up, it is a colourful account with bold texts, bright backgrounds and eye-grabbing images. It is a must-follow account for everyone because it makes you think about your day-to-day activities in the larger context of your career, not just about your job life.

6. Futurism

It is impossible to live in the present and not think about the future. This Instagram account covers everything from technology, science, cryptocurrency, machine learning and artificial intelligence discoveries. A scroll through this account on a daily basis will spark your curiosity and help you stay up to date with the industry’s innovations. Futurism also has some fun and interesting facts about what scientists and technologists have developed in the past.

For instance, the first 3D printed human heart, electromagnetic stimuli for the brain, wild theories about the purpose of life, and so much more. This account has something to offer everyone. It helps expand the minds of people.

So, if your interest lies in what the future holds for humanity, there is no better place than this Instagram account of Futurism. It, therefore, is one of the best-loved futuristic publications with over a million followers.

7. The Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian Magazine should be on your list of ‘The most followed Instagram Accounts’ as it is an excellent educational account to learn more about the world. It is the official journal published by the Smithsonian Institution. This account places a Smithsonian lens on the world and posts the subject matters every day for diverse readers.

In addition, it provides information on different popular cultures and human achievements. The images are of high quality and aesthetic to watch, but their short videos are pure magic. The production of the videos is such that it manages to provide all the information about the topic in the tiny video while retaining the interest, which makes it a knowledgeable watch.

The best part of this account is that it is very active and posts multiple images and updates daily. Further, it enables you to get quick facts randomly during the day, making it a fantastic addition to the list.

8. War History

War History influences people with a love of history and people who want to know about the world. It covers war history from all over the world during different periods. This account tells captivating stories and interesting facts from history through photos and well-written captions. It was started with the aim to provide knowledge about the world leaders and their struggles of how they shaped the world we see today.

This account offers you an excellent selection of powerful images from the past coupled with exciting and informative captions. Besides being educative, @warhistory makes you content with yourself. Also, history buffs are surely going to love this.

So, for your daily dose of information on history, this account should be followed for sure. It satisfies your craving to know more about the history of the world.

9. 8 fact by 9gag

This Instagram account offers your feed more than just cool photos. This account was built on the truth that Knowledge is power. It provides you with random fun facts about everything for you to know something new every day. In addition, it makes you question the world around you. To grasp the attention of its followers and readers, the account uses a bright yellow background to present the facts.

These random facts make you more aware of your surroundings and help you perceive a deeper understanding of the subject. It makes your brain think about things other than the daily worries of life. The extra amount of knowledge gained through 8 fact by 9gag will prove helpful in the long run of your life.

So, if you want to stay at the top of the game, this account should be followed. It gives you a pleasure to learn something every day and show that knowledge off to your fellow mates. Learning something new every day also helps you feel more confident about yourself.

10. Entrepreneur

This is an official Instagram account of Entrepreneur Magazine and a number one source of entrepreneurial insights. It is also a premier source of inspiration. It offers powerful content for those who want to achieve something big in life. It fills your feed with some great quotes and motivational images. Along with this, it also features behind the scenes pictures and 15-second video clips of the most successful and brilliant entrepreneurs in the world. 

This official handle also posts interviews of the entrepreneurs who have made a name in the industry. This helps people learn from their stories of struggles and triumphs and get inspired for their lives. It makes people believe that even billionaire entrepreneurs are people just like everyone else. 

The only thing that makes them different from others is their hard work and ability never to quit. @entrepreneur is a classic brand in the world of business that especially celebrates every entrepreneur. Its feed focuses on making people chase their dreams and achieve the impossible. This account also offers interactive contests to indulge more and more people with it.

So, to start your day with a positive mindset, this is one of those Instagram accounts everyone should follow. It helps you stay encouraged in a world full of doubts and challenges.

11. National Geographic

National Geographic is an American television channel, which is also known as Nat Geo or Nat Geo Tv and is a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and National Geographic society. The channel showcases wildlife shows and other adventure stories, which people of all age groups love.

This highly informative channel also has their own Instagram account, where they display wildlife in pictures. With nearly 26.5k posts and 215 million followers, this account allows photographers to interact with the readers directly and receive much-deserved appreciation and feedback on their valuable work. The page also conducts photography competitions to boost engagement and viewer participation.

In addition, the page has an inspirational work of art that is appreciated by all regions worldwide. If you are a budding photographer or someone who loves expanding his knowledge of wildlife and photography, we suggest you hit the follow button on this page and scroll down their feed for more awesomeness.

12. Forbes

Every once in our lives, we have all dreamt of being on the cover of the world’s greatest magazine, which is undoubtedly Forbes. Forbes is an American business magazine published bi-weekly and consists of articles related to finance, business, marketing, investments etc. It also covers topics like politics, science, law, technology etc.

This magazine is popular for its lists and rankings like the richest of America, America’s wealthiest celebrities, 30 under 30 etc. With its headquarters in Jersey City, Forbes follows the most minimalistic approach in its styling and branding part. If you are a budding entrepreneur or someone who has a keen interest in finance and investments, we suggest you follow this informative account and catch up on all their latest posts.

13. Humans of New York

Humans of New York is a photoblog that started in 2010. The blog has a large number of social media followers due to its unique concept and way of storytelling. Initially, the page began as a photography project with the initial goal of capturing 10,000 New Yorkers on the street.

However, this small project turned big when Brandon Stanton began adding small captions and stories of the people’s lives in those pictures. This concept gave a refreshing face to the concept of photo blogging. Together, the photographs and the captions created a vibrant blog that witnessed a huge fan following. Over the past five years, the page has also expanded to feature stories from over twenty different countries.

The work is also featured in two bestselling books: Humans of New York: Stories. If you are a true New Yorker or someone who is in love with the city, you cannot afford to miss out on this page. Follow it and catch up on a new human with a unique story each week!

14. NASA

Who doesn’t know about this world-famous space research organization? Well, NASA ( National aeronautics and space administration) is an independent agency of the United States federal Govt responsible for the civilian space program and aeronautics and aerospace research. But do you know why exactly NASA was formed?

As a result of the space race between the USA and the Soviet Union in the 1950s, NASA was created in 1958 by NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) and other related organizations. NASA’s official Instagram account is a must-follow page if you are someone who adores space and celestial bodies.

The page frequently shares tons of informative posts and mesmerizing pictures of the moon, Earth and other galaxies. The page also conveys information about the latest space missions and discoveries. The account is regarded as a must-follow account for someone who loves space.

15. History Photographed

Since almost everyone has become habitual of starting their day by checking their Instagram feed, it is hard to imagine a day without this app. History Photography has been a part of history ever since humans developed the world’s first camera. It now seems pretty surprising to see the fact that we don’t need cameras anymore to capture the perfect moment of our lives. All we need to do is take out our smartphones and save the picture-perfect moment.

The page has a whopping 4.4 million followers, particularly history lovers. If you are someone who loves seeing history through the lens of a camera, this page is a must-follow. If you follow this account, you can check out the most iconic moments in history through pictures.

16. Ted Talks

Ted conferences LLC is an American media organization that posts talks for free under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. It has been held annually since the year 1990. In the past, its emphasis was mainly on technology and design. However, they have broadened their horizons and further expanded in areas like culture, entrepreneurship, politics, and much more over the years.

The leading TED conference is held annually in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ted Talks events are also held on different continents like Asia, Australia, Europe etc. The fun part of this conference is that the speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways possible.

Past speakers of the event include Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Shahrukh Khan, Bill Gates, Larry Page and other Nobel prize winners. By now, you must have figured out that one of the most important or influential people on this planet is invited to the talk to speak. Sounds like a dream, right?

The page already has a whopping 5 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most influential talks of all time. So if you are a budding influencer or someone who wants to make a mark in this world, you need to immediately hit the follow button of this account.

17. BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed is an American internet media, news and entertainment company with its primary focus on digital media. Based in New York City, Buzzfeed was founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III to focus on tracking viral content on the internet. However, Buzzfeed has become a viral content creator over the years, and almost everybody is aware of this brand name.

Being the world’s leading independent digital media company, BuzzFeed leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally. Like the website, their Instagram handles serve the most trending stories and viral content. So if you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends and viral stuff happening around social media, this page might be the best place for you.

18. Food Network

Are you someone who is a big-time foodie and food is what you live for? Guess you have just found the biggest Instagram handle for all the foodies out there. The food network is an American pay television channel owned by the Television Food network. Food network’s social media handles are where you can chat with chefs, get recipes and connect with food-minded friends.

The network is committed to exploring new and different ways to approach food through pop culture, competition, adventure, and travel while expanding its repertoire of technique-based information.

If you are a chef or someone who just had a deep love for cooking, this is a must-follow account. Also, if you are someone who simply loves cooking or watching yummy recipe videos/ tutorials, the food network will serve you all. With 12.5 million followers, this account is widely known for its interesting and informative food-related content and delicious recipes.

19. MentR-me

best instagram accounts for students

MentR-me is a platform established to connect prospective students looking to study abroad with top universities alumni. Through this platform, students gain deep insights into the program and the school they aim to attend.

You get the opportunity to ask questions to the alumni regarding their experiences and how you’ll benefit from the admission. In addition, you get to attend live masterclasses from the alumni to learn more about their experiences and insights. Another benefit is that you can get on one-one calls with them or hire experts for your projects.

This platform is a SAAS tool designed to guide students through their application processes and help them make their study abroad dreams come true. It has an intelligent AI tool, which will help you evaluate your admission chances to your dream university. Further, there’s a fun quiz to explore several schools that match your profile and interests.

Therefore, following the MentR-me account on Instagram will help you keep yourself updated with the latest information on top B-schools, helping you make a wise decision.

20. MiM-essay

best instagram accounts for students

This is an Instagram account that provides tips and tricks for students planning to study abroad. Foreign education has become a trend that has been increasing ever since. As a result, many students dream of studying in top B-schools worldwide. MiM Essay helps students with their application and interview to ease the process and increase their chances of being accepted at their target universities.

The best part of this Instagram account is that it is very proactive and posts multiple updates in a day. It helps you stay updated with the latest trends in the global study market, and therefore it should be on the list of the ‘must followed’ Instagram accounts.



Instagram gives us a chance to keep ourselves updated with top brands and all the latest information. Not just this, if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to promote his brand, this platform might be just what you need. So now that you know the top 20 Best Instagram Accounts For Students for Inspiration you must follow in the year 2023, pull out your phone and follow them all to get all the latest updates on the world around you.

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