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Best Masters Degrees for Career Change

As students leaving the shadow of schools and stepping into the world of higher education there are important decisions to make. In schools, students are taught a balanced blend of subjects in order to prepare a strong foundation for future studies. After passing out of school, students need to choose a specific field of study which will lay the bedrock for their future career.
As youngsters, the careers that we decide to pursue are based on trivial information like our preferences, preferences of our peers or parents. This may lead you to select and an undergraduate course which, though it seemed appropriate at the time of admission, now seems unfulfilling. Even if you do start working with your current qualifications, you may find out that the career track is no longer a viable option.
It is not the end for such individuals, as there is still time for them to get the train back on track. There are many master’s programs that can help you change the career path that you have created for yourself so far. In the following, we will look into the advantages of a career change and different types of masters that can be of benefit to you.

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Advantages of a career change

A career change sounds like a scary and tedious concept. It may seem like that in the beginning, but all bold moves require some amount of risk. The following are some of the advantages to a career change

  • Informed Decision

As a student having completed higher secondary schooling your information is limited to word-to-mouth or written information. These are the popular sources which students use to make a decision about their undergraduate courses. Working in an organization exposes you to the elements and understand the workplace better. Using this information, you can make an informed decision for your further studies.

  • Varying Skillset

Let us assume a student from a background in technological studies, for example, engineering or computer science, looking for a change in career, towards management or business. The skills that they will acquire during their time learning two different courses will make them a well rounded professional. They will be considered a valuable asset as they can bring a different perspective to the problems, they may face in the workplace.

  • Raise in Pay

There are many reasons why a career change contributes to a rise in your income. First is, a higher degree of qualification correlates to a more critical job description which always pays better. Secondly, a varying skill set due to your expertise in different fields makes you a valuable professional to the organization.

  • Change of Scenery

In many cases it is not the work that feels unfulfilling, but the co-workers surrounding you. A career change will put you amongst completely different individuals, with a different mindset and approach to their work. This is a good opportunity to network and also a healthy way to challenge yourself by putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Comfortable Schedule

Working tediously and trying to match a schedule that doesn’t leave much time for anything else is as unhealthy as it is illogical. You be an individual who likes setting their own hours, for example, a freelancer, or you may be someone who does their work best behind a desk but made to do sales calls out in the open. A career change will help you in working in an environment that suits your skill set best.

Selecting a Masters

Having decided to take a different career track, it is now time to choose a master’s program that will benefit you the most. There are many underlying criteria’ that can be looked into while selecting a master’s degree, the most common being eligibility, popularity and future growth. Most sought after Master’s programs, e.g. management and accountancy, can be applied for by students of all disciplines. Some other programs are a little picky. They either require students to be graduates in specific programs or require a few years of work experience.

Different Master’s degrees

best masters degrees for career change different master's degree
  • Master of Business Administration

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most famous post-graduate courses out there. Most of the business professionals today who run multi-millionaire dollar companies hold this or an equivalent degree. MBA deals with the study of management and business. The syllabus of Masters in Business Administration helps in creating a professional capable of managing and organizing different aspects of a business workplace. Subjects include applied statistics, business ethics and communication, finance, marketing and much more.
MBA is a 2-year course in most universities, but the course period may vary. The entrance exams for MBA are the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE). A student may be a graduate of any discipline at the time of admission, however, having some work experience will work in their favor.

  • MS in Accounting

Accounting deals with creating and maintain records of transaction data that takes place within an organization. This is an important job as the collected data is submitted to legal organizations. Also, the analyses of this data give crucial insight into to progress of the company.
Bachelors in Accounting equips students to the basic principles of collecting and maintaining data. The MS program, however, prepares you for mid-management level tasks, like conducting research and analysis of the accounting data. The program could last anywhere from 1-2 years and is open to all disciplines.

  • MSc in Finance

Finance in layman terms is described as the art of money management. More technically, it is the study of the movement of assets and investment of money. Professionals well versed in the theory can put an accurate price on assets based on the present risk level and calculated future returns.
Masters in Finance is a course that can help you gain the knowledge to analyze factors that affect the price of shares and assets. Having analyzed the data, you would be working in the capacity as an advisor to your clients.
The program is a 1.5-2year program. Students are eligible for admission if they have a bachelor’s in any field, having knowledge in Mathematics. Students with any previous job experience would have an edge over others.

  • Master in Management

When the day leaders are not born, they are created they must be talking about this course. Management is a department that is applicable to the workplace in all sectors. May the company work with technology, medicine or banking, all of them require individuals who could manage and organize them in a profitable manner.
Master in Management is a course that helps turn individuals into leaders by educating them in organizational and communication skills, accounting, finance, business law, human resources, etc., in order to create a well-rounded leader. The course lasts for 2 years, and students of all disciplines can apply for it.

  • MSc in International Management

There has been a change in the market recently mainly due to countries opening up their borders to do smooth and problem-free business. This is good for world harmony, but this globalization has also opened up the market for individuals who understand international trade and business laws.
Masters in International Management are equipped with the knowledge of international trade laws which is critical information for a budding business. Additionally, they learn how to analyze and conduct business on a global scale with multi-cultural individuals. Plus, it is a great opportunity to see the world, as the professionals of Masters in International Management are required to travel a lot. The course lasts for 2 years and requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.


Many may feel that the train has left the station with respect to their careers. Nothing is further from the truth. By opting for a viable Master’s course you can have the chance of finding a career that fits you best.

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