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Best MEM Colleges in UK

Engineering management combines the foundations of management for engineering and technology. So, if you wish to acquire the skills of engineering and management together, rather than pursuing an MBA in the UK, MSc in engineering management must be your go-to choice.

To know more about it, scroll down and get answers to all the possible queries that you may have regarding MSc engineering management UK. Here we cover everything from benefits and costs to job opportunities and the best universities for engineering management in the UK and much more.

The MEM colleges in UK has a worldwide reputation for delivering the best quality education, research and career opportunities.

Some of the QS world university ranking in UK offer Engineering Management courses. The Engineering Management course at the University of Bristol, University of Birmingham, University of East London, Brunel University and University of Leeds is designed for graduates willing to combine knowledge in management practices with practical advances.

Types of MEM in UK

In the UK, there are several types of Master of Engineerinus newsg Management (MEM) programs, including:

1. Traditional MEM programs

These are full-time, one-year courses that typically require a bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field, and focus on teaching engineering management skills. 

Traditional MEM programs are designed to provide students with a solid understanding of engineering management concepts and techniques.

They typically cover subjects such as project management, finance, marketing, operations management, and innovation. Graduates of these programs are well-equipped to manage complex engineering projects and teams.

2. Part-time MEM programs

These are similar to traditional MEM programs but allow students to study part-time, usually over two years. They are ideal for students who want to continue working while they study. It offer the same curriculum as traditional MEM programs but with a more flexible schedule.

Students can usually attend classes in the evenings or on weekends, allowing them to continue working while they study. This type of program is ideal for working professionals who want to enhance their engineering management skills and advance their careers.

3. Dual-degree programs

Dual-degree programs combine an MEM degree with another degree, such as an MEM. These programs are typically longer and more intensive than traditional MEM programs, but they offer a broader range of skills and knowledge.

Graduates of dual-degree programs are highly sought after by employers and can pursue a variety of career paths.

4. Online MEM programs

Online MEM programs are ideal for working professionals who cannot attend classes on campus. They offer the same curriculum as traditional MEM programs, but with more flexibility.

Online MEM programs typically use a combination of pre-recorded lectures, interactive assignments, and online discussions to deliver the course content.

5. Customized MEM programs

Customized MEM programs are designed specifically for a company or organization's engineering managers. They can be delivered on-site or online and are tailored to the company's specific needs and goals.

Customized MEM programs can help companies improve their engineering management capabilities and achieve their business objectives.

MEM Colleges in UK: Eligibility and Requirements

mem colleges in uk eligibility and requirements

The needs and requirements for Engineering Management in UK depend upon the university you choose.

Some basic requirements asked by top universities are:

  • Undergraduate Degree
  • English Language Requirements
  • Passport & Visa

Documents related to the Application

Admission for Engineering Management in UK requires a set of documents. Some of the common document requirements are mentioned below:

  • Transcripts of all educational qualification
  • CV or Resume
  • LOR or Letter of Recommendation
  • SOP or Statement of Purpose
  • Scorecards of IELTS/TOEFL
  • A write-up describing your intention behind opting to study MSc. Engineering Management in UK.
  • Do also include your specific area of interest and any prior achievements you have.

Educational Qualifications

In the UK, educational qualifications are typically divided into different levels, including GCSEs, A-levels, and degrees.

GCSEs are generally taken by students aged 14-16, while A-levels are taken by students aged 16-18. Degree programs can be pursued at various universities across the country and may include undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees.

Work Experience

Work experience is highly valued in the UK job market, and employers often require candidates to have relevant work experience in addition to educational qualifications.

Internships, apprenticeships, and volunteering opportunities are common ways to gain work experience in the UK. Many universities and colleges offer work placement programs to help students gain practical experience in their field of study.

Language Proficiency

English is the official language of the UK, and language proficiency is essential for success in both education and the job market.

International students may need to provide evidence of their English language proficiency by taking tests such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Language courses and language schools are also available across the country for those who wish to improve their English skills.

Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are commonly used in the UK for admission to universities and colleges. These exams may include the University and College Admissions Test (UCAT) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), among others.

For some professions, such as law or medicine, specific entrance exams may be required. Preparation courses and practice materials are widely available for those who wish to prepare for these exams.

Top MEM Specializations in UK

Here are some of the top MEM (Master of Engineering Management) specializations in the UK:

  1. Industrial Engineering: This specialization focuses on improving operational efficiency, productivity, and quality in industrial and manufacturing settings.
  2. Data Analytics: With the growing importance of data in decision-making processes, data analytics is becoming a highly sought-after specialization.
  3. Renewable Energy: This specialization is designed for students interested in the field of sustainable energy. It covers topics such as renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, and environmental impact assessment.
  4. Operations Management: Operations management focuses on the design, planning, and control of production processes.
  5. Project Management: This specialization prepares students for a career in project management, covering topics such as project planning, risk management, stakeholder management, and project execution.
  6. Sustainable Engineering: This specialization combines engineering principles with sustainability practices.

Overall, the UK offers a range of specializations in MEM programs, allowing students to pursue their interests and career goals.

These specializations prepare graduates for careers in diverse industries, including manufacturing, technology, energy, and consulting.

Specializations Sectors Average Salary
Industrial Engineering £42,000 
Data Analytics £60,000 
Renewable Energy £55,000 
Operations Management £45,000 
Project Management £59,000 
Sustainable Engineering £67,000 

MEM in UK without GMAT

Many MEM programs in the UK do not require GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores as part of their application process.

Instead, they may consider other factors such as undergraduate transcripts, personal statement, and professional experience. This makes it easier for students who have not taken the GMAT or those who did not perform well on the test to still pursue a Master's degree in Engineering Management.

Applicants without a GMAT score may need to demonstrate their academic ability through other means, such as their undergraduate degree results, academic references, and a personal statement.

Some programs may also require applicants to complete an admissions interview. For example, the University of Leeds does not require GMAT scores for their MEM program, but they do require applicants to complete an online assessment and a personal statement.

MEM in UK without Work Experience

Some MEM programs in the UK do not require applicants to have work experience. This can be beneficial for recent graduates or those looking to change careers.

Programs that do not require work experience may place more emphasis on academic performance and potential. Applicants may need to provide transcripts, academic references, and a personal statement to demonstrate their suitability for the program.

It's important to note that while some MEM programs in the UK do not require work experience, many employers still value professional experience when hiring for management roles. Therefore, graduates without work experience may need to work harder to demonstrate their potential to employers.

MEM in UK: Costs and Fees

The overall cost of studying Engineering Management in UK depends upon fees that your university charges and the lifestyle you choose. Therefore, the costs may be divided into two parts: Tuition fees and cost of living.

Cost of Living Expenses

The cost of living in UK depends upon your lifestyle and preferences. An estimated mem in uk cost per year for international students is £1,215 - £1,715 per month. It covers all amenities like housing, food, travel, stationery, recreational activities, etc.

MEM Scholarships for UK

Only worthy and deserving candidates get scholarships for engineering management, provided they have sufficient evidence to showcase. Following is the list of scholarships for masters in engineering management in UK that international students can apply to:

  1. Anglia Ruskin University, Sports Scholarship: Anglia Ruskin University offers Sports Scholarships to students who have exceptional talent in sports and have the potential to represent the University in competitions.
  2. Anglia Ruskin University, International Excellence Scholarship: The International Excellence Scholarship is offered by Anglia Ruskin University to international students who have achieved excellent academic results in their previous studies.
  3. Anglia Ruskin University, International Early Payment Scholarship Amount: The International Early Payment Scholarship is offered by Anglia Ruskin University to international students who pay their tuition fees in full by a specified deadline.

  4. Bournemouth University, Academic Excellence Scholarship: Bournemouth University offers Academic Excellence Scholarships to students who have achieved outstanding academic results in their previous studies.

MEM in UK Scholarships for Indian students

Indeed, UK boasts an impressive array of scholarship opportunities for international students including those from India.

To assist them fund their studies, MEM scholarships for Indian students are available to be claimed by government agencies, private organizations, and institutions as well as individuals meeting stringent criteria such as academic performance; leadership capabilities; community engagement; and financial hardship.

Some of the most prestigious scholarships are:

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarships: The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are offered by the University of Cambridge to outstanding students from around the world who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree at the University.

  2. Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford: The Rhodes Scholarships are offered by the University of Oxford to exceptional students from around the world who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree at the University.

  3. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships: The Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships are offered by the University of Edinburgh to outstanding students from around the world who wish to pursue a PhD degree at the University.

  4. Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London: The Denys Holland Scholarship is offered by University College London to students who demonstrate financial need and academic potential.

MEM in UK: Jobs & Placements

mem in uk jobs and placements

A Master's degree in Engineering Management (MEM) from a UK university can open up a wide range of career opportunities.

Graduates can work in a variety of industries, including engineering, manufacturing, construction, finance, and consulting. Some common job roles for MEM graduates include project manager, operations manager, production manager, and supply chain manager.

Job Profiles

Graduates at MEM in uk jobs are highly coveted by employers due to their capabilities and expertise in business and management.

According to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 83% of MEM graduates were employed within three months of graduation, with an average base salary of AUD $101,229.

The most lucrative industries for graduates at MEM colleges in UK are consulting, finance, technology, healthcare, and retail; within these sectors there exist numerous duties that employers desire to fill.

To fulfill those roles effectively, here are five of the ideal job profiles for recent graduates from MEM colleges in UK - along with their average pay:

  1. Management Consultant: The average salary for a management consultant in UK is AUD 107,356.
  2. Financial Analyst: In UK, the average salary for such an occupation is AUD 73,947.
  3. Marketing Manager: The average salary for such roles in UK is AUD 97,656.
  4. Business Development Manager: The average remuneration for a business development manager in UK is AUD 102,638 per annum.
  5. Operations Manager: The average salary for this role is AUD 97,416 in UK.

Average Salary for MEM in UK

The average mem in uk salary of graduates at best MEM colleges in UK varies depending on factors such as experience, industry, and location. However, in general, graduates at MEM colleges in UK can expect to earn higher salaries than those with only a bachelor's degree in engineering or management.

According to data from, the average starting salary for engineering and technology graduates at MEM colleges in UK is around £28,000 per year. However, salaries for graduates at MEM colleges in UK can range from £30,000 to £50,000 or more per year, depending on the industry and location.

Average Salary by Different Regions

It's important to note that averages can vary depending on the industry, company, and individual factors such as experience and qualifications. It's also important to consider the cost of living in each city when comparing salaries.

  • London: £50,000 to £80,000 per year
  • Manchester: £40,000 to £60,000 per year
  • Birmingham: £35,000 to £55,000 per year
  • Bristol: £40,000 to £60,000 per year
  • Edinburgh: £35,000 to £55,000 per year
  • Glasgow: £35,000 to £50,000 per year
  • Leeds: £35,000 to £55,000 per year
  • Liverpool: £30,000 to £50,000 per year
  • Newcastle: £30,000 to £50,000 per year
  • Nottingham: £30,000 to £50,000 per year

Average Salary by Job Role

Graduating from the MEM colleges in UK, gives the students a strong edge over other MEM graduates, here is an overview of the average salary at MEM colleges in UK based on their job roles: 

  • Investment Banking: £70,000 - £100,000 per year
  • Corporate Finance: £45,000 - £80,000 per year
  • Asset Management: £50,000 - £80,000 per year
  • Risk Management: £40,000 - £70,000 per year
  • Financial Analysis: £35,000 - £60,000 per year
  • Private Equity: £60,000 - £90,000 per year
  • Hedge Fund Management: £65,000 - £100,000 per year
  • Consulting: £50,000 - £80,000 per year

Average Salary by Different Industry

It's important to note that averages can vary depending on individual factors such as experience, qualifications, and location.

  • Aerospace and Defense: £45,000 to £65,000 per year
  • Automotive: £40,000 to £60,000 per year
  • Construction: £35,000 to £55,000 per year
  • Consulting: £40,000 to £70,000 per year
  • Energy and Utilities: £40,000 to £70,000 per year
  • Finance and Banking: £50,000 to £90,000 per year
  • Healthcare: £35,000 to £55,000 per year
  • Manufacturing: £35,000 to £60,000 per year
  • Pharmaceuticals: £45,000 to £75,000 per year
  • Technology: £45,000 to £80,000 per year

Top Recruiters at MEM colleges in UK 

top mem in uk recruiters

So what is the scope at MEM colleges in UK? Engineering Management graduates are highly sought after by the leading companies and organizations of the world. They get the opportunity to opt for a broad range of careers in the manufacturing, service, and government sectors.

Some of the top companies hiring at MEM colleges in UK are:

1. Atkins

Atkins is a British multinational engineering, design, and project management consultancy firm. They offer services in the areas of transportation, infrastructure, energy, and water management. Atkins is known for its innovative approach to solving complex engineering challenges and for its commitment to sustainability.

2. Canon Europe

Canon Europe is a subsidiary of the Japanese multinational corporation, Canon Inc. They specialize in the production and sale of imaging and optical products such as cameras, printers, and photocopiers. Canon Europe is known for its commitment to sustainability and for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

3. Ford

Ford is an American multinational automobile manufacturer. They produce a range of cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Ford is known for its innovative engineering and for its commitment to sustainability. They are also known for their iconic Mustang sports car.

4. Unilever

Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company. They produce a range of products including food, beverages, cleaning products, and personal care products. Unilever is known for its commitment to sustainability and for its efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

5. Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is a British multinational engineering company. They specialize in the production of aircraft engines, marine propulsion systems, and power generation equipment. Rolls-Royce is known for its innovative engineering solutions and for its commitment to sustainability.

6. Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is a British multinational automotive company. They produce luxury cars under the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. Jaguar Land Rover is known for its commitment to sustainability and for its innovative approach to automotive engineering.

Why study MEM in UK?

As we already discussed the importance and scope of studying at MEM colleges in UK, let us now look at the related benefits of the course:

  1. MBA is equally accessible to engineers, but those opting for a career in Engineering Management can acquire a graduate degree that is specifically designed to tackle the challenges in technical setups.
  2. The course content of Engineering Management is aligned with market needs that help you to learn high-demand skills and enhance your engineering management career opportunities.
  3. MEM colleges in UK is a way to learn from the top-notch experts and professors having years of experience in their respective fields.
  4. You may also explore upcoming topics like artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. while studying theoretical as well as practical engineering and management topics.
  5. Students studying at MEM colleges in UK have frequent access to speakers and researchers, This enables them to be up-to-date with the latest news and developments in your concerned subject.


Studying at MEM colleges in UK can provide students with a solid foundation in both engineering and management principles, making them highly sought-after candidates in the job market. The MEM colleges in UK are best universities in the world offering MEM programs, with a variety of specializations to choose from.

In this blog, you are provided with a deep dive in MEM program with opportunities for scholarships and the chance to gain work experience through internships, the MEM colleges in UK is a great investment for those seeking to advance their career in engineering management.

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What is an MEM degree and why should I consider studying it in the UK?

A MEM degree is a Master's degree in Engineering that focuses on advanced theory and practice. Studying in the UK can provide access to top-ranked universities, highly qualified faculty, and excellent career opportunities in the global TECH industry.

What are the entry requirements for an MEM degree in the UK?

Entry requirements vary by university but generally include a bachelor's degree in a related field, relevant work experience, and proficiency in English (usually demonstrated through TOEFL or IELTS scores). Some universities may also require GRE or GMAT scores.

What are the career prospects for MEM graduates in the UK?

MEM graduates in the UK can expect to find employment in a variety of industries, including investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, and asset management. Salaries can be highly competitive, with top earners making six figures in pounds per year.

How long does an MEM degree take to complete?

An MEM degree in the UK typically takes one year to complete, although some programs may be longer or offer part-time options for working professionals.

What are the tuition fees for an MEM degree in the UK?

Tuition fees for MEM programs in the UK can vary widely, depending on the university and the program's duration. However, students can expect to pay upwards of £20,000 per year for tuition and fees.

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