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Best Productivity Apps for Students

No wonder student life is chaotic, and that is the reason why students have a hard time meeting their daily to-do list. Many a time it’s been observed how students drive themselves into the ground to seek an optimal balance between their academic, personal, and social worlds. 

 Since students ought to make the efficient use of their time, between their lectures, internships, and extracurricular activities, they feel worn out as they are unable to create more time in a day.

 However, in this digital age where smartphones and tablets serve as a comprehensive resource, students can get their hands on several productivity apps, to tasks done methodically, and make headway to an organized life.

best productivity apps for students intro

How are productivity Apps Useful?

Productivity Apps are designed to help you navigate through the multitude of tasks that an average student deals with daily.

Productivity Apps help cope with a myriad of tasks that students, on average, perform every day.


Do you find yourself struggling with:

  • Spending excessive time on monotonous tasks?
  • Difficulty in retaining fundamental concepts?
  • Feeling sleep-deprived during the exam days; other kinds of plague in your routine?


Well, it’s a sign for you to befriend productivity apps to automate mundane tasks, train your brain to concentrate on a significant piece of work, and schedule your to-list sprucely.


Therefore, for all problems, an absolute solution exists in the form of a viable productivity app. 


Check them out below!

Brain Training

Have you ever spent a couple of minutes ever to reflect on your brain and its functioning? 

It’s the only organ that regulates all our body functions and capacities. It’s worth mentioning that just like our body demands exercise to stay fit, our brains are no different, i.e., it also requires stimulating activities to perform in a razor-sharp way.

It is suggested that with a bit of brain training, we can advance the performance of our brain by up to 5%.

Besides aiding you in enhancing your cognitive and problem-solving skills, brain training also helps to keep ailments like dementia at bay. Continuous effort can help you overcome stress levels and witness a consequent improvement in your capacity to retain the academic concepts studied.

Now if you are sweating on the thought of fancy requirements or spend a great sum of money to train your brain, you’re completely wrong. Only a simple tap to download productivity apps will do the job.


The below-listed apps are quite trustworthy and usually benefit people in enhancing their brain’s productivity:

1. Lumosity

best productivity apps for students lumosity

What’s the app about?

You can train your brain via challenging and stimulating games with Lumosity for Android.

Designed by scientists and designers, this free app features games invented to enhance your memory, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities, through an everyday mental training program.

An interesting feature of this app is that you can begin with a free 10-minute Fit Test to set your baseline scores and compare yourself with others of your age.

Why download the app?

The app is meticulously curated with game sets just for you and enables personalized tracking of training habits and preferences to find distinct ways to stimulate your brain.

It’ makes it a lot easier to gain insights into your game strengths, weaknesses, and cognitive patterns. Also, it helps analyze and relate your gameplay to daily life. With Luminosity, you can access 50+ activities to challenges your memory, agility, reasoning, problem-solving, math, language, and so much more.

The app just requires a free sign to get started with A Fit Test, playing 3 quick games per day, and gaining personalized training insights. Thus, the app has an entire series of fun and entertaining exercises that will keep you hitched to it.

2. Memory Games: Brain Training

best productivity apps for students memory games

What’s the app about?

Memory Games: Brain Training are logic games that help you train your memory and concentration.

While playing their brain games, you not only enjoy but also gradually enhance your memory, attention, and absorption.

The app offers 21 logic games to exercise and train your memory.

Through the online mode, you can also challenge your friends and play with random opponents from around the globe.

Why download the app?

Over 1,000,000 users chose to train their IQ and memory with this app. To get your hands-on ever-expanding brain games and to give your cognitive skills a boost, this app is perfect for you.

The app features simple and valuable logic games that are easy to train your memory and allows you to play without an internet connection on your way to work or going back home.

It consumes the least of your time a day, and about to 2-5 minutes of training is sufficient. These games are intended to amplify your brain performance.


3. Neuro Active

best productivity apps for students neuro active

What’s the app about?

Neuro Active brain exercises and mind games are the best in all.

Did you know, if you brush your teeth with the other hand increases, it the brain activity by 20 percent, and when you meditate, your brain activity increases by 30 percent?

Neuro active brain training games present you clinic exercises that enable you to exercise your brain more effectively via a single program.

It aids in concentrating on your tasks and stretches your thinking abilities to solve any problem.

Why download the app?

This free app enables its users to pursue their tailored daily program via Neuro Active.

You can gain command over your brain activity in times of accelerated business tempo, exam duration, and when you have to handle various tasks.  It also offers auxiliary games to help improve your intellectual skills.

It is designed with real-time artificial intelligence statistics to offer scientific advice and tips for your brain health and has an in-game help menu and a daily training program. Neuro Active incorporates clinic training, and in contrast to other boring tests, you will be presented with rich traffic and algorithms. It is centered uniquely on memory, attention, problem solving, and improving skills.

Write your Notes

Jotting down notes forms the most common classroom exercise for students. Whether making assignments or an all-nighter well before the exams, note-making is the backbone of students’ lives.

 Precisely, note-taking is important as it allows you to highlight key points and details that you might otherwise slip of your mind, such fragments of information aid in maintaining a track record of what you have studied or listened to.

 During these digital times, you need not carry a fat notebook with you every time you walk out of your home or college to draft your to-do list and take notes. All you need is a smartphone in which you can easily download useful Note-taking apps and to get yourself organized than ever before.

 It’s good to develop a note-taking habit as it helps you combat stress, keep your schedule intact, draft sound reference materials, and it just organizes everything you plan to do.


Wondering what apps, you should download?


Don’t worry we have some of the top-rated “Note-taking apps” which would help you in making your life simpler and well-organized: 

1. Any Do

best productivity apps for students any do

What’s the app about?

Any.do is there to replace your traditional To-Do List.

It has helped over 25m users to get tonnes of things done.

It is a free to-do list, planner, and calendar app that would help students effectively manage and organize your daily tasks, to-do lists, notes, reminders, checklists, calendar events, grocery or shopping lists, etc.

You can add all such tasks in this app and have a productive day ahead.

Why download the app?

The app enables you to keeps all your to-do lists, reminders, notes, and calendar events constantly in sync, so you never miss out on a thing.

It offers the flexibility to sync your phone’s calendar, Google calendar, Facebook events, outlook calendar, or any other calendar so you don’t skip a significant event. Also, you can create one-time reminders, recurring reminders, location reminders, and voice reminders as per your need, or even create tasks and receive reminders in WhatsApp.

It enables you to share your to-do list and allocate tasks to your friends, family, and colleagues from your list to collaborate and get it all done. An impressive feature is that it lets you create a shopping or grocery list, share it with your close ones, and see what they add in their shopping list in real-time. Streamline your grocery shopping experience and get your grocery list automated, instantly import online recipes, and share your list with your loved ones.

And it’s worthwhile to note that it operates with Siri and Alexa too!


2. Simplenote

best productivity apps for students simple note

What’s the app about?

Simplenote offers the platform to keep notes, ideas, and other such things effortlessly in one place. 

It’s quite simple to use and is built with an interesting feature that offers users the flexibility to sync their notes across all devices without charging for it.

The outlook of the app is modernized yet unfussy.

Why download the app?

Simplenote is a valuable note-taking application built with markdown support.

Apart from cross-platform apps, Simplenote can be quickly accessed via almost any web browser. It is crafted with an externally accessible API, enabling other clients to be written: macOS Dashboard widget DashNote; nvPY, a cross-platform SimpleNote client; and others. 

It is intended to provide a swift and efficient experience to users. You simply need to open it, spill your thoughts in there, and you’re done. As your note compilation grows, you can instantly search them and use tags and pins to keep everything organized.

3. Quip

best productivity apps for students quip

What’s the app about?

 Quip is an immensely useful app that college students must get their hands on.

It allows work teams in one place to create live documents. It is a blend of chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets all under one roof, thus providing quick and easy collaboration.

 Students no longer need to keep the bulk of email chains, meeting, and chats as Quip allows to document versions on your Desktop, tablet, and phone in a simple and easy way. Thus, student teams can watch their teamwork or project being done live. 

Why download the app?

Students can share notes with their friends, edit notes, create group chats, create collaborative tasks checklist to track progress, use fully featured spreadsheets integrated with 400+ functions, access notes and docs via any device, and so much more.

 It offers the ease of importing your docs from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Google Docs, and the like, exporting docs to PDF and Microsoft Word or export spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel, and also import your address book from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook or Google.

Students can sign up to avail of the trial for Quip and decide if the app is helpful for them.

4. Evernote

best productivity apps for students evernote

What’s the app about?

Evernote would enable college students to concentrate on the important stuff and access information whenever needed.

Users may choose to type their notes or scan handwritten notes, and even add to-do items, photos, webpages, or audio and instantly search for them anytime.

Students can create notebooks, organizers planners, and even share their notes with their friends.

Why download the app?

Evernote can be students’ go-to place, where they can put everything without worrying about the device and the need to organize.

‘Notebook’ is an interesting feature of the app allowing students to create notes for studying and for others and give different tags to notebooks to make the search process easier.

In digital times, Evernote is no less than a data management savior.

Task Management

Do you find yourself always running short of time and unable to seek a balance between your assignments and extra-curricular?


You need not sweat it out, as it’s the case with a majority of college students.

However, Task management is the not-so-secret sauce to attain a productive student life, and if you want to put an end to overburdening yourself, you need to get hands-on a few productivity apps to help you get all sorted.

1. Fantastical 2

best productivity apps for students intro fantastical 2

What’s the app about?

Fantastical is an award-winning calendar and tasks app that is well-equipped with features like natural language parsing, beautiful Day, Week, Month, and Year views, and so much more. 

Fantastical 2 is an easily accessible and handy app, integrating sleekly with calendar accounts to set up on built-in iOS- Apple devices.

It has exceptional features like- iCloud reminders support, prompt access mini window, complete calendar window (with day, week, month, and year views),& time zone assistance, drawing users seeking to manage their schedules and deadlines effectively.


Why download the app?

The app delivers the convenience of natural language inputs and snoozes for alerts as well. There are 3 main views on the Fantastical 2 app.

The day ticker displays a brief overview of events to come. Events are expressed by colored bars, which is similar to the month’s calendar color on which the event is scheduled. All-day events are displayed at the top, whilst events throughout the day are posted below.

 By dragging up the time ticker down, you can see a more comprehensive hourly view, similar to the calendar’s weekly view. Fantastical 2 also offers a today view widget that comes handy if you want to quickly check in on a specific daily schedule.

The compact view displays vital information about calendar events. In totality, Fantastical 2 is an impressive app, and it’s worth having it on your Apple devices

2. Google Keep

best productivity apps for students google keep

What’s the app about?

Google Keep is a note-taking app developed by Google, and it offers a variety of tools to take down notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

Students can instantly capture what’s on their mind and get a reminder later at the apt place or time.

You may even speak a voice memo on the go and have it transcribed automatically. Take a photo of a poster, receipt, or any document and quickly organize to find it later in search.

Thus, Google Keep, makes it easy to seize a thought or draft a list for yourself and enables you to share it with your friends and family.

Why download the app?

Build with a user-friendly interface, it’s quite convenient to view all notes, images, and to-do lists all in one glance with series of colored tiles, and the design, making reviewing user lists quite convenient.

Google Keep makes user life simple by rendering remarkable features, such as location or time-based reminder features and “grab text from image” feature.

 Users can create a note and also change their color or add a label.

It offers the ease to copy the notes within the tool and even convert it instantly to a Google Doc. Having removed a note, it will be archived by default, such that those deleted notes are still searchable and can be quickly retrieved either by text search or by note’s color.

3. Tick Tick

best productivity apps for students tick tick

What’s the app about?

Tick-Tick is another popular application among students as it is loaded with an intelligent feature called the smart list. It having multiple hierarchies that enable you to manage tasks and tracks them in a different area of your interest through this app. For eg: you may have different folders for Work, Home, Gym, etc.

You can color-code your folders, so it will be easy to recognize in which folder you are on. Tick-Tick comes with nine predefined Smart Lists: Inbox, All, Today, Next 7 Days, Assigned to me, Calendar, Completed, Tags, and Trash. You can show or hide any list according to your wish, except for the Inbox List. The Inbox List cannot be hidden. It also provides the feature to integrate google calendar. It takes a minimalistic approach to provide simple user interference.

It provides an easy option for you to add a task and provides you an option to set the duration of the task. In case you deleted a task it provides you an option to recover tasks from the trash. Another notable feature of Tick-Tick is that it provides an option for you to set priorities for each task accordingly.

Why download the app?

This application helps to organize your inbox, keep track of your schedules, to-do lists as well as get your work done on the go.TickTick provides its own impressive set of designs and animations.

Thus it makes an attractive impression on the user’s mind.

It also provides “themes” and “seasons” allowing the user to truly take control of their own to-do list background.


Vocab Booster

Communication and vocabulary go hand in hand. You will be able to communicate eloquently with a strong vocabulary, and building your vocabulary needs continuous practice.

A part of your first impression people form of you is based on the way you communicate. People are more like you to respect you and consider your opinions as a credible source of information if you have the vocabulary to back those opinions up. Building your vocabulary builds your reading skills as well as your comprehensive skills.

As your vocabulary grows you spend less time reading which eventually help you to increase your productivity as you manage to finish your reading in less time. It also makes a great impact on the way you think, Considers the words as tools that helps you do your job more efficiently.

When it comes to vocabulary your tools consist of those precise words that will help you analyze better, evaluate better, and result better. Think about how much time it will save when you stop putting that extra effort to understand things that you couldn’t due to your low vocabulary. Building a bigger better vocabulary takes effort and time.

To help you out with this we have listed out some app that will boost up your vocabulary on a daily basis and gradually create a great vocabulary bank within a couple of months.

  The only need of good vocabulary is for outstanding presentation of own ideas and better communication with others and even it reflects your IQ.

In many industries, English with good vocabulary is very important for job and growth (Aviation industry, Hotel management, etc.) To boost your vocabulary many applications are available on android and ios platform and many are mentioned below

1. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

best productivity apps for students mangoosh vocabulary booster

What’s the app about?


Magoosh is one of the best platforms out there to prepare for exams like GRE, SAT, and TOEFL.

Nevertheless, this app can be used to improve your everyday vocabulary. With 1200 most important words embedded in the app, you are sure to become a pro when you start using this vocabulary builder.

The unique feature here is that the app is designed in such a way that words you don’t know are repeated again and again until you master them. This is a proven strategy for learning new words.


Why download the app?

The app is created by a team of experts, led by Chris Lee who has been training students for the 10 years and also runs a YouTube Channel which has trending vocabulary learning series.

Also, the words are divided into groups like Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sections which help you navigate through the words on the basis of difficulty. 

Each word is accompanied by an audio pronunciation of the word, its definition and example sentence so you learn not just the meaning of the word, but also its usage.  It also helps the user to visually track their progress.


2. Quizlet

best productivity apps for students quizlet

What’s the app about?

Quizlet is a classroom set creation tool, it means that you can create your own set of study materials and notes with diagrams, graphs, and many pictorial elements to improvise and change the concept of learning.

It includes more than 2,60,000 + learning set right from history to science, physics, biology, etc. 

This application is just a new way of exploring and presenting the ideas of learning and sharing knowledge.

Why download the app?

Quizlet is a compact multi-tasking tool that gives global access to connect to different study materials.

You can explore and learn difficult concepts easily and it gives you the power to create your own study set as per your need. It also provides spelling checks and learning games.


Concentration & Focus

How susceptible are you to the distractions that pop up on your mobile screens ( Hint: Social media notifications) 

Belonging to the internet generation has its downsides. Today, students consume almost 9 hours’ worth of social media every day. No prizes for guessing how adversely it affects your ability to focus.

If you constantly find yourself fiddling with your phone when you ought to be working, then it is high time you find a solution. Now, would you really like to lose your chance of getting a great job or getting into your dream college just because you were too busy checking Facebook?


Check out these apps which will help you keep your tryst with social media in check!

1. Block App

best productivity apps for students block app

What’s the app about?

Staying true to its name, Block App blocks apps for a specific period of time and helps you to keep procrastination at bay.

It allows you to create schedules where you can select a time window within which you can select certain apps to be blocked.

The schedules work automatically, preventing access to the blocked apps, so you finally get your work done without any distractions.

You also get notifications about any active blocks, so you are aware of the status of each application.

Why download the app?

Social media is a bug that has caught all of us and has the potential to interfere with our day to day activities.

How many times have you caught yourself spending too much time scrolling through your feed on Facebook or Instagram?

Imagine how much productive work you can get done in all of that time you spend on social media!

Hence, use the Block App and never lose time again!

2. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

best productivity apps for students brain focus productivity timer

What’s the app about?

It’s a time management app where you can log in all the tasks for the day, weeks, and months.

It auto-disables mobile wifi, sound and other apps that can be a cause of your distraction while you are on a schedule,

However, you can always use the pause whenever you want in between It starts popping up notifications 5 min before making you speed up things and complete the task with better efficiency and within time.

It basically acts as your mentor which helps you to get things done on time and create a wall between your work and the distraction elements that comes in between.

Why download the app?

The brain focus productivity timer has the support of over 29+ languages which makes an interactive interface for your schedule in your local language for better understanding. 

The app also allows one you to customize the interface with your own preference and have multiple themes which makes it more personalize towards your taste.

The alarm reminder for your coming up tasks is one of the plus points of the app and this is one of the features that is quite hard to get on similar apps out there.

3. Noisli

best productivity apps for students noisli

What’s the app about?

Noisli is a soundboard application that allows you to replicate an environment around you using sound to enhance your productivity. The collection includes high-quality ambient sounds that help one to remain focus while studies in a noisy environment such as canteen or classroom. It creates a pleasant audio environment which helps one to be the focus on and remove all the distractive noise around us. 

You can also filter to the category provided in the app itself to choose your mode as:

  • Random play
  • Productivity
  • Relaxing 

And the rest the app will take care of and play the sounds according to the category you have selected.

Why download the app?

Noisli is equipped with tons of functionality and sounds by which you can create a pleasant environment even while sitting in a noisy place.

One of the best features of this app is that it allows creating a set of sounds and set timer for them by which one can keep an eye on the time taken for a particular task.

We definitely recommend you check this app out.

It is really useful while you are trying to study in a noisy environment.

Voice Apps to Boost Efficiency 

A few decades earlier voice command was considered as imagination but in this 21st century, voice command is now emerging as the fastest and reliable innovation for present and for the future as well.

Voice command is not only online rather than that it is incorporated with AI (Artificial intelligence) in offline devices as well to enhance the efficiency and provide easy and smooth access to the particular task for the user.

Voice command for managing the tasks is the best way for time management, task management and this will help to complete the task within or even before the given time frame. 

Voice command applications increase the efficiency by decreasing the task completion time, for example, few apps mentioned below are best to manage task notes, sharing schedules, etc.   

1.Voice Notes

best productivity apps for students voice notes

What’s the app about?

The application converts speech into a text form, helping you to take down notes. The app has a one-touch feature, wherein you can speak continuously and the app keeps converting your speech into text and automatically saves it into a storage file.

The application supports speech recognition for nearly 119 different languages along with which it supports 20 user interface languages. Hence, there is no language barrier as such.

So, go ahead and download this app and use it irrespective of whether you are at home, or in the classroom or even while traveling (this saves time as well!)


Why download the app?

There is only so much that our mind can retain everything that the ear hears. Hence, making notes is an important part of student life. But, note making is not possible in every scenario.

For example, imagine that you are in an important seminar and the speaker is making a lot of important points. With the help of this app, you can just press one button and all the speaker’s words are converted to text, which you can use later.

Or, you might just be tired of writing a lot and would want an easier way for you to make notes. In such a scenario, you need to just speak what you want to be noted and the application will make notes of it automatically!

2. Parrot voice recorder

best productivity apps for students parrot voice recorder

What’s the app about?

If you are facing difficulties in being organized. Parrot will help you out.

In a simple 3 step process, it allows you to record a voice memo that you can, Play, and share with your classmates with just 3 taps on the screen.

You can even use it for recording your study related doubts conversations on the phone with your teacher for your future reference. 

Why download the app?

With no time and functionality limit, Parrot comes with 90+ Various setting combinations.

One can fine-tune the recording edit and schedule the record time for the future. It also provides the functionality of saving your notes to the cloud.


Power Nap 

A power nap is psychological concept that reduces your fatigue and recharges your mind when we are not able to manage 6 hours of sleep or when we feel fatigued, stress, anxious, insomnia, etc. Daytime power naps are one of the best way to treat sleep deprivation said by, Sara c Mednick, author, and expert of “ take a nap and change your life”. It acts like a snooze button that slows down or reduces stress and restores energy and activates the nerves system to increase the movability of energy through the blood. “There never is a point at which you can say, “well, I am successful now, so I might take a nap now.” 

Mostly, we all love to take a power nap during the day, but only a few people are aware that a power nap actually reboots the brain and has numerous benefits for our body. Good power naps not only just help you to improve your productivity, but even aids in your over overall well-being.  A power nap has miracle effects of its own. it is also the most effective way to wake yourself up and refresh your mind when  feeling tired and sluggish

There are 6 main reasons why power nap is so important:

  1. Napping Boosts Alertness
  2. Napping improves learning and memory
  3. Napping increases creativity
  4. Napping boost productivity
  5. Napping lifts your spirits
  6. Napping Zaps stress

1. Smart Power Nap

What’s the app about?

The app describes itself as a “simple, intelligent alarm clock”, which is designed to give users a power nap lasting 26 to 28 minutes.

The reason that it states it is an intelligent alarm clock is that it will start the countdown only when you are really sleeping.

So, how does it know that you are really sleeping and not just closing your eyes? This is how it works. Press the start button when you are ready to take a nap. Every two minutes the app asks you to tap the screen.

If you do tap the screen, it means you are still not fully asleep, so the countdown gets postponed for another 2 minutes.

The app asks you to tap again after 2 minutes. This time, if you do not tap, the app confirms that you are now asleep and sets the alarm clock for 26 minutes.

Why download the app?

Power naps are a great way to take short breaks during tight schedules, where you need your concentration levels to be high.

Also, tight schedules mean that you can’t take long naps. Hence, this app is great as it has a set alarm for 26-28 minutes.

It takes into consideration that you are fully asleep and then start the timer. This is great as by doing this, the app ensures that your brain is rested thoroughly for a fixed period of time.

Moreover, there is no chance for procrastination here, as the alarm wakes you up in 26-28 minutes.

Also, an interesting feature is that the alarm sound of this app is set to maximum by default and can’t be changed.

It makes sure that you are awake at the end of 26-28 minutes!

2. Power nap with Andrew Johnson:

best productivity apps for students power app with andrew johnson

What’s the app about?

This is the most trusted app by the user for physical and emotional relaxation.

A power nap is very important in order to relax the nervous system which creates tension and stress when we do not take rest after a long work session,

It is just a 30 minutes soothing voice recording which will help you to take a quick nap and will refresh your mood.

Why download the app?

 Power nap with Andrew Johnson gives you emotional and physical relaxation by just a quick power nap and charges your mind and body to push more.

It is a meditating voice of Mr. Andrew Johnson which makes you focus on the diamond ray in the sky.

This app is even helpful in migraine, stress, insomnia etc. 


3. Pzizz

best productivity apps for students pzizz

What’s the app about?

Pzizz is a “sleep at the push of a button” application, This app has a huge fan credits from Rob Hibbert, Nba star and JK Rowling”, writer. 

This app helps you to push your mind into relaxation by utilizing effective psychoacoustic principles to create amazing dreamscapes that will help you to fall asleep faster.

 It has plenty of combinations of soothing voice over with 3D effect and music which helps you to reduce your problems like chronic insomnia, stress, anxiety, hypertension, etc. It also provides wake up alarm with music to make your mind fresh.   

Why download the app?

This is a all in one utility application with one button push sleep enhanced with voice over and music which reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia and wakes you up with customised alarm set.

This app also provides customised music length editing and even works when you are offline.

 It is a combination of science and emotional factors i.e personalized pzizz, it means it will learn your sound and music likes and dislikes in order to give you best sleeping experience.

The above apps have been attested by students across the globe for helping them boost their daily productivity.

With a simple download, you can stay focused, manage your studies effectively, and finish your projects without getting overwhelmed.

 Go ahead, put technology to good use, and download these apps today!