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Every year, thousands of students make it to their dream universities and colleges, but ever wondered why a number of them seek help from consultants and what do they exactly need help with? Today, we are going to help you understand what do educational consultants actually help and why seeking professional help is important for your application process. Before we get started, let’s answer the most basic question which comes into almost every applicant’s mind.

Why Do I Need A Consultant ?

study abroad consultants why you need them
Many students are caught between two stools when it comes to deciding which degree to go for. This is exactly where the role of a consultant comes into play. Not only do they suggest a list of programs which you can opt for, but also help you get admittance into the same.

Sounds cool right?

They also help you figure out a professional roadmap for yourself by digging deep into your profile and making an actionable plan for your master’s or bachelor’s degree.

If you are someone who has a dream of studying abroad but some negative elements of your profile like low GPA, gap years or an average GMAT/GRE score are coming in your way, you definitely should consider taking help from the professionals.

How an Admission Consultant helps you with your Application Journey?

study abroad consultants why you need them
There are a number of other ways too in which a consultant assists you. The entire process can be divided broadly into 4 parts. Let’s take a look at them.
study abroad consultants brainstorming session


Before taking things further, they dig deep into your profile and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The agenda of the initial call/meeting is to know you and your goals better or if you are confused about which specialization to go for, they will help you make an informed and a calculated decision based on your academic/professional background, interests and goals.

The brainstorming session helps the candidate to gain clarity of his/her goals and work upon them.

study abroad consultants school selection

School Shortlisting

The second step is shortlisting the schools that offer the program which you wish to pursue. They are not just any schools, the list is highly personalized and consists of only the schools where you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

They make sure that the Universities that they select for you offer the curriculum which aligns with your personal and professional goals. Also, since most of the educational consulting firms have experience of sending thousands of students to their dream colleges, they know what’s the best for you.

stellar application

Creating a stellar application

Drafting an application that showcases your life story in the best and the most impressive way can be a tedious task if you’re doing this by yourself.

The whole idea of getting a consultant is that they will help you conceal the flaws related to your application like a low GPA or maybe an average GMAT/GRE score or simply the reason behind why you took a gap year.

At the same time, they suggest you how to highlight your strengths and keep your application real and interesting. Since they are professionals, they know the dos and don’ts of drafting an application and what elements in your profile can impress the admission committee the most.

stellar application

Interview Preparation

In order to get into your dream school, there is a final round which you need to clear at all costs, and you will reserve a seat for yourself in the program which you have been dreaming about day and night.

Interviews are the final rounds of admission, where a candidate’s listening and speaking skills are evaluated and the school gets to know him personally. Most interviews are skype interviews if you are an international applicant.


MIM ESSAY – Who Are We?

MiM-Essay.com was founded in 2014, with the goal of being the One-Stop-Service for Master in Management (MiM) and Specialised Master’s application. Our adroit team of Master’s application consultants makes the process of getting insights regarding any Master’s degree a cakewalk with their expert guidance.

MiM-Essay provides you a specialized consulting service that focuses on young graduates and professionals: people who have just finished with the undergraduate degrees or have less than 3 to 4 years of work experience.

We specialize in degrees such as Masters in Management, Masters in Finance, Masters in Engineering Management, Masters in Marketing, MBA, and Masters in business analytics, so on. which help students kick-start their careers in the corporate world.

What makes us different from the other consulting firms in the market?

The Platform was born as an answer to the low-quality services plaguing the consulting market and to help students make an informed decision about their careers.

In order to provide our clients with expert guidance, we hire consultants who are themselves graduates from top business schools across the globe and are well-versed with the entire application process.

With a consistent 92% success rate in the industry from the past 4 years, we make sure that most of our clients get into their dream b-schools and the best part is that we try our best to help them seek scholarships and fundings.

Till date, we have successfully sent 1800+ applicants into their dream business schools and our clients have bagged 2 million+ Euros worth scholarships to date.

What degrees can we help you with?

Masters in Management

Masters in Finance

Masters in Engineering Management

Masters in Business Analytics

Masters in Marketing

Masters in Business Administration

and many more.

Who will be your Consultant?

To ensure our clients’ affirmative headway to their dream b-schools, we have exquisite consultants from top B-schools around the world.

Our consultants are based in the US, UK, Germany, France, India, Europe, Singapore and Canada.

study abroad consultants Abhyank bio

Abhyank Srinet (MiM-ESCP Europe, Merit Scholar)

Profile : CK Birla Group-Operations | Tata Steel Europe- Business Excellence | Rocket Internet-Digital Marketing | MiM-Essay Founder

A visionary leader and innovative thinker, Abhyank Srinet embarked on his startup journey with MiM-Essay in 2014 to endeavor transparency and build a congenial environment to take cognizance of the MiM program and other early-career degrees. He went ahead to synthesize his consulting service, which is currently a global market leader in MiM consulting.

At MiM-Essay, Abhyank is the chief consultant and looks after the company’s marketing and operations functions.

Rohit Rajaram (ESCP Europe Merit Student)

Profile: Honda Cars India- Business and Planning Analyst | Evania Video-Digital Marketing | BidMotion- Performance Marketing | MiM Essay co-Founder

Having worked as an analyst in India, Rohit made his headway to gain international exposure alongside pursuing his MiM program at ESCP Europe. Upon successful completion of his graduation, he worked as an account manager in Berlin and as a strategic Product Manager in Paris. With a consolidated 5 years of work experience, he returned to India to get grips on his entrepreneurial spirit.

He associated with MiM-Essay as a consultant in 2017. Presently, Rohit is the COO of MiM-Essay, heading the strategy and business expansion operations of the company.

study abroad consultant rohit bio
Aatreyi bio

Aatreyi Mitra (MiM-ESSEC Charpak Scholar | MBA Exchange-Kellogg Business School | B. Tech NIT Surathkal)

Profile: United Nation- Project Management | Vicbac—Logistics | L’Oréal-Chair at ESSEC- Diversity Studies | L&T Construction- Project Management

Currently based in New York, Aatreyi is optimistic about making progress. With the United Nations, she works closely at their field programs and their mission to target support.

Completing her management studies at the best schools in France and the USA, she cheerfully contributes to the welfare of society.

Harshika Sinha (HEC Paris- Merit & Campus France -Charpak Scholar)

Profile: GIZ (German Development Agency)- Business Development |
Allianz SE- Project Management | Solvay SA- Strategy and Business Intelligence

Harshika sprightly propelled toward her goals during her tenure at HEC Paris. With a geographical background, she always gave her best shot in the corporate world. Working in the European culture has broadened her global perspectives.

At MiM-Essay, she profoundly works as a consultant and handles clients across various nationalities having an impressive success rate.

study abroad consultants harshika bio

Successful Admits

What All We Help You With?

School Selection Services

We will help you shortlist schools which are suitable according to your profile and career goals. All these schools are going to be suggested by an expert consultant who himself has a strong academic background and international experience.

Resume and LOR Editing

We will help you draft a strong resume and make your LOR’s more formal and comprehensive in order to help you draft the best of everything.

Essay Content Preparation

Essays are an important part of your application because the admission committee gets to know about your life through them.

Your essays should paint a picture of who you really are and how you can be a good fit for the school. They also want to know a lot of other things as well like- why do you wish to pursue a particular program and what are your short and long-term career goals.

In order to draft the most perfect essays which showcase the real you, we offer an essay editing service pack as well.

Interview Preparation

Our consultants are going to guide you with how you need to present yourself in front of the Admission Committee for an interview and how to tackle some difficult questions.

In order to prepare you for the same, we make you go through a series of mock interviews where you can prepare yourself for the actual b-school interviews.

Unlimited Essay Editing

We work on essays until they are perfect. Hence, our service doesn’t come with a limited number of edits. We keep improving the content until the consultant, as well as the client, are satisfied with the outcome.

Assistance for Scholarship

Scholarship essays are something that we insist on every client to write. With the aim of helping you bag a decent scholarship to cover your program fee, we provide scholarship assistance as well.

Here again, to gear you up for the toughest interviews, the role of a consultant comes into play. They make you go through a series of mock interviews where you answer questions just like a real interview and at the end of it, they let you know your weak areas and how can you improve on them.

We Support you through our Multiple Free Resources :

study abroad consultants profile evaluation

Free Profile Evaluation

Every person has his set of strengths and weaknesses and a detailed analysis of this is important to get into your dream B-school.

We provide a FREE profile evaluation for you to gain a deeper insight into your profile. It will help you to know where you stand among the various applicants and the estimation of the chances of getting accepted into the target B-school.

study abroad consultants Blogs

In-depth Blogs Resource

To provide you maximum support, we regularly update our blogs section with the correct information from trusted sources.

This helps you to gain knowledge about various topics in the education domain that is simply not available on Wikipedia. It provides you information on various management degrees, their scope, best universities, available scholarships, visa process.

Our blogs are also aimed at providing tips on how to score maximum in GMAT or GRE, how to create perfect resumes and so much more.

study abroad consultants Application Dashboard

Student Application Dashboard

We provide you access to the Student Application Dashboard. It is the best source that can give you goal clarity by evaluating your profile. It provides you recommendations on which parts of your profile need to be highlighted to create the maximum impact.

Access to the Student Dashboard also provides you with a school selector tool that helps you filter B-schools on the basis of your preferred degree and country.

Once your list of target schools is made, it will help you explore different schools by providing you honest school reviews.

study abroad consultants school reviews

School Reviews

School reviews are important information required by most students before they consider universities for their higher education.

We provide in-depth reviews of Top B schools all over the Globe to help you set your target.

Our school reviews are focussed on providing you with the information on programs available, curriculum, application details, employment prospects, and other vital details.

study abroad consultants forums


We are hyperactive on various education platforms such as Quora, GMATClub to resolve students’ queries regarding profile, application and how to go about the admission.

You can always get connected with us via the panels. So, if you are in a dilemma regarding subjects related to your higher education, profile, school to target and so on forums are the best place to be.
You can swap ideas, connect with fellow like-minded people and establish meaningful relationships within MiM Essay.

study abroad consultants social media channel

Social Media channels

Also, to better interact with you, we are actively available on social media channels, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
study abroad consultants contact us

Instant Support for Clients

We also provide you with support via Mail and WhatsApp. If you have any queries related to our services or doubts related to your Profile, Schools Selection, Application Process, Interview Preparations or Scholarships, our experts are available round the clock who will provide you instant support to everything.

Want to Know How We Can Help to take Your Application to Next Level? 

Check Our All In One Service!

Our Services

What began as a drive to help other applicants sail through their application journey back in 2014, has flourished into mentoring applicants hailing from 36 nations across the globe.

MiM-Essay has helped over 1800+ applicants get into their dream school, all through expert consultancy and sheer guidance. Moreover, we have helped students bag scholarships worth 2 million+ euros, detangled complex cases and fulfilled dreams of pupils that hold the future of tomorrow.

On this note, we acknowledge that application hassles are common to face, but the one thing we could guarantee is that enduring our services is rare to find! Read along to know all about the services we offer – specially curated by an applicant for an applicant!

All-in-One Service

Our All in One Service is a comprehensive solution to all your application woes. From initial counseling to post admit assistance aid, we have it all covered. Here’s what our All-in-one-service constitutes of:

1. Counselling session

This is a free 20-minute consulting call, taken by one of our founders, who themselves are alumni of top B-schools and have more than 300+ success stories up their sleeve.

In this call, you get an opportunity to clarify any sort of confusion clouding your mind – this may include queries like which school to target, how to go about the application process, etc., straight from an expert consultant.

2. The Brainstorming session

The brainstorming session is simply conducted to dig deeper into your profile, as understanding your profile in depth is a means to help you better.

Apart from this, digging out the ‘why’ of your profile will help in figuring out your USP.

3. Shortlisting schools

Post the brainstorming call, after thoroughly analyzing your profile, requirements, and goals, your consultant will help with shortlisting schools that are tailor-made for your needs and capabilities.

These schools would be divided into three categories – Dream, Competitive and Safe.

4. Essay content analysis

Once the schools have been shortlisted, an essay analysis call is scheduled, wherein the consultant provides insight into what the essay question demands, keeping personalization at the heart of the answer.

Alongside this, essay samples are shared for reference purposes which makes going about answering the question much easier.

5. Unlimited edits

Now that the talking has been done, its time to put in the execution. Once you have created your first draft, the process of editing takes form and continues with endless edits until sheer perfection isn’t achieved.

6. Crafting a powerful Resume

Simultaneously, we begin work on drafting an ideal Resume. The focus here is to highlight every important, relevant and impressive elements of a profile. Then we continue to iterate with you until it’s absolutely perfect – as many times as it takes!

7. Letter of Recommendation

The LOR is one of the most underrated documents which hardly enjoys any attention.

What students tend to do is, choose the wrong referee and let their referee quote whatever pleases them, which is a wrong strategy to follow.

In this step, we help you understand what the schools are looking for in the LOR, and help you craft a document that can help guide your referees.

8. Interview Preparation

Now that you’ve made it to the final round of your selection, we provide mock interview services that will not just act as a means to practice and kill your anxiety but also gain confidence by getting an idea of the answers expected by the Admission committee through the tips and tricks shared by your mock interviewer.

9. Post admittance Aid

-Visa Counselling to make sure your documents are in order.

-Connecting you to Loan providers and Aggregators, so that the financing process is eased and you get better deals.

P.S: We offer a 10-day money-back guarantee in case, just in case our clients are unsatisfied with our services!

Essay Editing Service

The Essay Editing Service is curated for those applicants who require help solely for their application essays.

Following the same pattern of Counselling sessions and brainstorming calls followed by the essay analysis call and unlimited essay edits, we have achieved a 92% success rate of admittance!


study abroad consultants Essay editing service

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