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Know Which Consultancy Is Worth Your Money

With the acceptance rates of top MiM programs ranging from 18% to 25%, getting into a highly ranked B-school is tougher than ever.

There are a lot of smart students  in the competition so the difference between candidates is about how much you know what the school is searching for and how to express it the best.

A seasoned admissions consultant can help you do just that.

Which Type Of Admission Consultant Will Add Value To Your B-School Application?

Once you have decided to get the “extra-edge” in your application, it’s a matter of “which consultant” rather than “why consultant”.

And with so many consultants popping up all over the globe, this decision is an important one.

So how do you decide which consultant is worth your money?

In the education consulting sector, there are 3 types of admissions consultant:

1.The Old Watch (Personalized, Very Premium Prices, High Value addition)


  • Personalized

  • High Value addition

  • Very Premium Prices

Premium consultants  typically charge around $4,425-$9,002 per application.

Elitist consultants are generally the oldest players around & charge premium prices on the basis of their longevity and brand.

They have a lot of experience and know their game, but spending 3000$+ on one single school is out of budget for 97% of the population, further the advice they give can be obtained via more economic means as well (see below)

The experience helps, but beyond a certain point it adds only marginal value

Look at the price – value proposition while hiring such consultants.

2. Value Adders ( Personalized, Competitive Pricing, High value addition)


  • Personalized

  • High Value addition

  • Competitive Prices & Value for Money

These consultants have been in the industry for a good amount of time, and know what matters to the schools. Most of these companies have founders and team members who have themselves studied in premium universities abroad and hence know exactly how the admission committee thinks and what they are looking for.

This insider’s perspective helps them give immense value to clients.

They provide customized solutions for almost every type of budget and aim to provide value for money Their fees falls  in the price range of $300 -$750

These are the recommended type of consultants, and we at MiM-Essay are proud to associate ourselves with this group.

That said, be very careful about scrutinizing who will be handling your application, his/her credentials as well as how exactly is the service structured. You may just be marketed into believing that you will be getting a lot of value, but reality may differ. So do your due diligence.

3.The Mass Market Consultants ( Highly commercialized, Low prices, low value addition)


  • Highly commercialized
  • Low Value addition

  • Low prices

Probably the cheapest bet on the block, they charge between $50-$100 per school!

However, they follow the “template approach”, hardly provide any value in the editing process and hence rank very low on reliability and success rate.

Beware of the “too good to be true” bundle pricing packs they offer.

Good work has value, so it’s absurd if a consultant plans to give you personalized service and does not value the worth of his time.

In the cookie clutter sector of admission consultants , we have managed to carve out a niche space for us.

We may not be the oldest players on the block, but our quality is at par with them.

Till date,

  1. We have a 92% success rate with our clients
  2. We have mentored applicants to bag 1.2k+ million Euros in scholarships
  3. In the last 2 years, we have grown by 400%!

Our work speaks for itself 🙂

Interested to know how we can help you get closer to your target school?

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