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Best Business Analytics Courses

Best business analytical courses in order to become a professional. One of these is to pursue a higher degree of education in best business analytics courses. A higher form of education, like a master in best business analytics courses helps a lot. However, in order to make the most out of their masters in best business analytics courses  students need to make sure that they opt for the one that is most applicable. it is important to find the best business analytics courses is because it is one of the programs which have recently seen a rise in popularity is the Business Analytics program.

In the following article, we will be looking at an overview of the program, some of the benefits of pursuing it and top courses available across the globe.

best business analytics courses Intro

What are the Best Business Analytics courses

Data, in its various forms, has become a very important asset today to businesses and organisations. Earlier in the day the data mainly took physical form and was used to keep track of the monetary assets and used for audit and tax related work. However, times have changed especially with the development of technology. Now that data has primarily taken
the digital form it is easier to read to asses.
The ease of storage of large amounts of data has given professionals the opportunity to study it more acutely. They realised that when studied in depth, a lot of keen and useful information can be gained from the data which can be used for the progress and development of the company. This field of study is known as Data Science, and when used with business as the key focus, it becomes a sub-section known as Business Analytics.

Business Analytics is essentially a very important form of study which is primarily an amalgam of three forms of study; Mathematics, Technology and Business studies. In order to study and plot data subjects like statistics, probability, computation etc. are taught to the students. With an increase in the amount of data, it has become a necessity to take the help of a computing instrument. Students are taught to use third-party developed software and write algorithms in high-level machine languages like python. In order to make sense of the final information in a business related form, students are also taught subjects that would help build their business acumen.

Business Analytics, though a growing field of study, has already helped many companies in increasing their profits and creating a more actionable business plan. Business analytics can be used for assessing a companies internal and external performance, studying the market, create better customer satisfaction and even track the progress one competition.

Benefits of best Business Analytics courses

All courses have their own benefits of pursuing that help make it a perfect fit for students and business analytics is no different. The following is a list of benefits of pursuing a Business Analytics course
  • Business Analytics deals with studying collected data from the past in order to gain actionable information. In order to drive a business which gives the most out of the resources available, one must be aware of how the business has been performing so far in order to make necessary changes. Business Analytics can help provide and deduce this information in order to help make the decisions.
  • As the data has increased in size due to development in technology, it was necessary to learn the same technology in order to help breakdown this data. Business Analytics students are taught advanced software and writing algorithms in advanced machine language, skills which require skilled teachers in order to be taught.
  • Even though most of us are thankful for the technological advances that have taken place as they have made our lives easier, it also has given birth to automation causing many people to lose their jobs. Business Analytics, though heavily reliant on computation, would always require a human being driving it. This ensures job security for professionals of Business Analytics.
  • Business Analytics, unlike courses like Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Management, is a new course which hasn’t gained much popularity. However, it has shown to be a useful tool with many business-related applications. This leaves a large job market open for professionals of this field who are offered high salaries for their services.

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Top B-Schools for Masters in Business Analytics

Best Courses for Business Analytics in the world


best business analytics courses MIT
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious private research universities in the world situated in Cambridge, Massachusets. The school was first established in 1861 and is known primarily for its courses in science and technology. The Sloan School of Management is their effort of teaching business and management related
subjects. They offer a 12-18-month course in Master of Business Analytics.

Imperial College Business School

best business analytics courses Imperial College London
Imperial College Business School is one of the topmost business schools in the world and has been a part of The Imperial College of London since 1955. The business school was an effort of the Imperial College, which is primarily a science research university, to provide business- related courses to their students. The school offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics program which is attended by many international students.

The University of Texas at Austin

best business analytics courses The University of Texas

Established in 1883, the University of Texas at Austin is the flagship school of the 14 schools in the University of Texas system. The school was the first of the 14 established in 1881, and today has the eighth largest single-campus enrollment with 24,000 students. McCombs School of Business became a part of the university in 1922 and houses, 12,900 students. the
school offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics, which is a 10-month course.


best business analytics courses ESSEC Business School
ESSEC Business School was established in 1907 and is one of the oldest business schools in the world. today it has made its name ass one of the most prestigious institutes and part of the French trio known as three Parisians, which also includes ESCP and HEC Paris. The school is one of the 76 schools with triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. The school offers a very prestigious Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics course.


best business analytics courses esade

The ESADE Business School has been part of the ESADE campus at Barcelona, Spain since 1958 and is considered as one of the best schools in Europe and the World. It is one of the 76 school which holds the triple accreditation (AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS). The school today houses a total of 7,674 students, a good number of which are international students the school offers a very prestigious one-year program in Master in Business Analytics.

University of South California

best business analytics courses University of South California
Founded in 1880, the University of South California is situated in Los Angeles, California and functions as a private research university. The school has a history of being at the forefront of many innovations like DNA computing, dynamic programming, VoIP, antivirus software and image compression. The USC Marshall School of Business is their effort since 1920 to provide quality business courses. The school offers a very prestigious one-year course in Master of Science in Business Analytics.

University of Manchester

best business analytics courses Universiy of Manchester

Having first being established in 1824 as a mechanics institute the school has gone through many changes which finally led to its current avatar in 2004 as the University of Manchester. The main campus of the school is in Manchester, England and houses a total of 40,000 students. the Alliance Manchester Business School has been part of the campus since 1918 and ranked 2 nd in United Kingdoms for research related achievements. The school offers a Masters of Science in Business Analytics.

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University of Warwick

best business analytics courses University of Warwick

Established in 1965, the University of Warwick is a public research university in the outer regions of the city of Coventry, United Kingdom. The school was established in order to promote good quality higher education to the students and today teaches a student population of 26,500 students. The Warwick Business School has been a part of the campus since 1967 and has been responsible for producing leaders in corporate, government and academic organisations. The school offers a 10-12 month long course in Master of Science in Business Analytics.

University of Edinburgh

best business analytics courses University of Edinburgh

Established in the year 1582, the University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest school in the world and is listed as Scotland’s ancient universities. Today the school has a student population of 36,500 students all of which are housed in their five main campuses. In 1918 the University of Edinburgh opened the doors of their world renowned business school. The Business School has created a reputation of its own and offers one of the most prestigious Masters of Science in Business Analytics course.

University of Minnesota

best business analytics courses University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota was established in 1851 as a public research university at two locations; Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota. The school functions as the oldest institute and flagship of the University of Minnesota system and is the sixth largest main student body with 50,000 students. The Carlson School of Management is its effort to teach business and management courses. The school offers a course in Master of Science in Business Analytics to its 3,000+ students.

Singapore Management University

best business analytics courses Singapore Management University

An autonomous university, the Singapore Management Universities prime focus is to provide business-related higher education to the student of the world. The school’s curriculum and programmes were designed after the Wharton School of Business when it was first established in 2000. It is one of the few non-European schools to have the triple accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. The School of Information System of SMU
offers a Master of IT in Business program.

Purdue University

best business analytics courses Purdue University

Purdue University was established in West Lafayette, Indiana in the year 1869. The university is named after John Purdue, a businessman in Lafayette who donated land and money for building the school. The school began with 39 students, but today it has 43,000 students studying at the institute. The Krannert School of Management is a business school which was added to the university in 19622 and today houses 3,000 students. The school offers a Masters in Business Analytics & Information Management to its students.

University College Dublin

best business analytics courses University College Dublin

University College Dublin, as the name suggests, is a research university established in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1854. It is one of the largest universities in Ireland with a faculty of 1,400 teaching a student force of 32,000 students. the school has been ranked as the 2nd best in the country of Ireland. The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School was added to the university in the year 1908. They offer many prestigious programs, of which their MBA was the first of its kind to be offered in Europe. The school offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics which is renowned all over the world.

University of Melbourne

best business analytics courses University of Melbourne

A public research university found in the year 1853, the University of Melbourne is the second oldest university in all of Australia and the largest in Victoria. The main campus is located in the Parkville area along with many other campuses spread across Victoria. Today the school has a student population of 50,000 taught by academic staff of 4,429. The school
offers a very prestigious Master of Business Analytics program which is an in-year long course.

Michigan State University

best business analytics courses Michigan State University

The Michigan State University, or MSU, was established in 1855 as a public research university in the East Landing area of Michigan. The school was first established as an Agricultural College of the State of Michigan, first of its kind in the country, before turning into a coeducational institution. Today the school houses a student population of 50,000 in its campus. The Eli Broad College of Business became a part of the university in 1953 and offers a Masters of Business Analytics program to it, students.

National University of Singapore

best business analytics courses National University Singapore

When first established, the National University of Singapore was established as King Edward VII College of Medicine in 1905 and would take many other names before taking its final form. The school is one of the oldest higher education institute ever established in Singapore. The school has faculty to teach science, medicine, design and environment, law,
arts, social sciences, engineering and business. The Business school at NUS offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics at their school.

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