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How to Choose an Ideal School for you?

If you thought that the GMAT was hard, you’re in for a surprise!

Shortlisting schools that match your expectations can be a very long and painstaking process. Initially, you might feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start – after all, there are so many schools out there!

So why not simply apply to every top business school?

Well, there are a couple of reasons that might deter you from doing just that

1. The application process takes time. You simply don’t have time to apply to each and every school, as that would involve writing countless application essays and going through several interviews rounds.

2. The application process is expensive. The average application fee for each school comes around to be 90$. So you can imagine the amount of money wasted on application fees, after all,  you are just going to attend 1 school.

By shortlisting schools, you focus all your time and effort into those select few schools that you are interested in joining. That way, you can considerably increase the quality of your essays as well as spend less money in terms of application fees.

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I’m sure the next question on your mind is –

On what factors do I shortlist schools and how much importance should be given to each one?

Well, it depends from person to person.

While some people are more focused on university rankings while shortlisting schools, others might decide based on the country it’s located.

Based on the above criteria you can then bifurcate the schools into the following sections “Dream”, “Competitive” & “Safe” (More information on this in the latter half of the article)

We’ll talk about each factor in detail as we move along the article.

But there are a few factors that everyone should take into consideration while shortlisting schools

  • Self Evaluation
  • Career Goals
  • Specializations Offered
  • School Ranking
  • Admission Requirements
  • Course Structure

Self Evaluation

To start with, we would advise you to do a microscopic evaluation of your professional, academic and extra-curricular experiences.

Questions like these will help you evaluate your strengths, weaknesses as well as figure out areas of interest -
  • What accomplishments make you proud?

  • What motivates you?

  • What are some qualities that you feel differentiates you from the crowd?

  • What is the biggest criticism you received from your friends?

  • Describe a difficult work situation/project and how you overcame it.

You are the best judge of your profile (although, we recommend evaluating your profile with professionals to negate the under/ overvaluation you might have done) in terms of your potential and the work you have done till now.

Once done, you can use the factors given below to shortlist and apply to b-schools that seem like the best fit for you.

Here is a detailed youtube video on 
7 Steps To Identify The Ideal B-School 

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