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Masters in Engineering Management

masters in engineering management intro

An Overview of the degree

Masters in Engineering Management, abbreviated as MEM is a specially designed degree for the engineering graduates to build the link between engineering, technology and management. 

‘Engineering Management’ is the name used as the course is mainly related to managing and optimizing the output of engineering processes using the tools of business management. 

The degree is popular among the engineering graduates who want to get a higher management role in their company’s hierarchy.

Why should I apply to Masters in Engineering Management?

Known famously as the ‘Engineer’s MBA’, the MEM degree is the perfect match for the engineering graduates who want to give a jump to their monotonously moving career path.

The degree is associated with management of engineering process, thus making a good use of the engineering knowledge of the students.

The core curriculum for MEM covers marketing finance, intellectual management, and management law. The degree helps the candidate to acquire the perfect blend of engineering and management skills.

There are certain problems which require a good knowledge of engineering and good management skills to be solved.

Problems related to planning, scheduling, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the process requires an efficient MEM to be solved efficiently as he has the managerial skills as well as the complete knowledge of the process.

The program is a great platform for those young or experienced engineering graduates who want to take technical management and leadership role in the big technical firms.

The MEM degree, as mentioned, again and again, is designed to optimize the technical processes, which makes it stand out among the available management degree for engineering graduates.

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 What do I need before I join MEM?

As mentioned above, Engineering Management is a degree for the engineering graduates.

So, it is expected that the student has appropriate knowledge of his engineering field. The students from science and mathematics field can also join this program but they need to develop the basic skills of engineering.

Also, introductory knowledge of management and business laws is a good advantage to have if you are willing to pursue this degree.


As its name suggests, it is an engineering degree and this program is designed to enrich the blend of advanced technical courses with core business courses and considered as best fit for today’s technology companies with a core curriculum in economics, operations, and marketing.

MEM gives you an advantage of business acumen in strategy, marketing, and finance much similar to MBA with technical background and knowledge as well.

While MBA gives only the business administration and marketing and leadership aspects and this program is designed to cover the wide variety of business aspects like accounting, operations, organizational behavior, economics, finance, and leadership etc. It does not specifically focus on technology either its focus on core business and marketing concepts.

What is Master of Engineering Management programs consortium (MEMPC)?

The MEM consortium is a highly selective and elite group of professional graduate programs to provide the right programs for the right candidate.

MEMPC members work as a consortium to provide guidance to high potential students to enlighten their right blend of technical and management to improve them and make them capable to lead companies of the generation ‘Z’.

The list of MEMPC members are:

  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Northernwestern University
  • Purdue University
  • TUFTS University
  • University of Southern California

 MEMPC Mission

“The master of engineering management (MEM) consortium is a dedicated group of highly selective and forward thinking professional graduate programs devoted to providing the right program for the right students”.

Elective Courses

The MEM candidates need to go through a number of compulsory engineering management subjects related to professional engineering stream, they also need to select some major choice subjects from their own engineering stream as a part of postgraduate engineering studies.

Apart from this, certain numbers of electives need to be completed. Some electives available are:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organization Design and Behavior
  • Marketing Management
  • Organization Information Systems
  • Operations Management
  • Industrial Financial Decisions
  • Leadership in a Global Environment

Duration of MEM degree

There are many universities which offer part time MEM engineering program which ends in three to nine months.

However, a full time program in any reputed university takes close to 12 to 15 months for completion.

The period may include compulsory internships or projects. In general, the duration remains in the above mentioned range in most of the universities.

 Admission requirements for MEM

The admission requirements for Engineering Management are almost similar in most of the universities. They are:


  • The student should be fluent in English and should hold a valid TOEFL or IELTS score for non-native students.
  • The student should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or STEM discipline.
  • Some schools demand GMAT or GRE scores while they are waived in case of candidates with hefty work experience.
  • Letter of Recommendation are compulsory in some of the colleges.
  • Most of the colleges demand a Statement of Purpose and few essays on the specific topics mentioned.
masters in engineering management admission requirements

Admission process

There is a two-step process for applying to a MEM Program.


  • A first selection is made based on the evaluation of your application and supporting documents.
  • The pre-selected candidates will then be invited for a face-to-face or Skype interview.
  • Selection is done on the basis of the overall profile including Global Admission test score, extracurricular and previous work experience (if any).
  • The student should have strong ambition to rise up the managerial hierarchy and strong willingness to learn new skills.
  • The candidate should have a fixed motive for applying for this program.

Do I need GRE/GMAT Score

Mostly, the GMAT/GRE test score is compulsory. It may be waived off for candidates with more than three to five years of work experience in some universities.
A valid TOEFL or IELTS score for English proficiency assurance is required.

Class Profile

  • Average GRE Quantitative: 161-167
  • Average GRE Verbal: 152-157
  • Average GRE Analytical Writing: 3.5-4.0
  • Average Work Experience: 2.5 years
  • Average Age: 24 years
  • Women: 26%

Jobs after Masters in Engineering Management

After completing the MEM degree, the candidate can be hired as an Application Engineer, Associate Marketing Manager, Automation Engineer, Business Analyst, Client Services Analyst, Clinical Specialist, D Director of Business Strategy etc. Some of the companies hiring MEMs are: Consultant Firms: Accenture, Deloitte, Capital OneTech Giants: Google, Microsoft, Cisco, AppleFinancial Service sector: BNP Paribas, Citi Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, State Street Corporation.

For details about Jobs After MEM (Click Here)


masters in engineering management jobs

Average Masters in Engineering Management Salary

The average salary for the students from some type Business Schools after completing the MEM degree was around $90,000 per annum. The figures mainly fluctuate depending on the firm and the cities.

Ranking of Top Colleges

The course is offered in several top universities across the globe and that makes it difficult to determine the ranking of the business schools for this course. In no particular order, given below are some of the top universities offering MEM programs.
S.NoUniversity NameProgram NameCountry
1McGill UniversityMaster in Manufacturing managementCanada
2University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyEngineering ManagementCanada
3Lambton CollegeQuality Engineering ManagementCanada
4University of OttawaMaster Engineering ManagementCanada
5University of WindsorMaster of Engineering ManagementCanada
6University of AlbertaDegree of MEng in Engineering ManagementCanada
7University of WaterlooManagement EngineeringCanada
8Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and LabradorMaster of Engineering ManagementCanada
9Tshingua UniversityMasters of Engineering ManagementChina
10Rwth Business SchoolM.Sc. Management and engineering in technology, innovation, marketing and entrepreneurshipGermany
11Carleton University, OntarioMaster of Applied Science in Technology Innovation ManagementCanada
12National University of SingaporeExecutive Masters in Systems Engineering & ManagementSingapore
13University College LondonMaster of Systems Engineering ManagementUK
14Kings College LondonMSc in Engineering with Business ManagementUK
15University of ManchesterMSc in Engineering Project ManagementUK
16Brunel University LondonEngineering Management MScUK
17Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
18Stanford UniversityMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
19Cornell UniversityMasters of Engineering ManagementUSA
20Columbia UniversityMSc Management Science & EngineeringUSA
21Duke UniversityMasters of Engineering ManagementUSA
22Dartmouth CollegeMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
23Johns Hopkins UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
24Northwestern UniversityMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
25Purdue UniversityMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
26Tufts UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
27University of Southern CaliforniaMaster of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
28University of California IrvineMaster of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
29Georgia Institute Of Technology(Not Confirmed)USA
30University Of California-BerkeleyMaster of Information Management and SystemsUSA
31University Of Wisconsin-MadisonMS in Engineering ManagementUSA
32University Of MichiganMS in Engineering ManagementUSA
33Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-ChampaignMaster of Science in Technology ManagementUSA
34Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMasters in Systems Engineering & ManagementUSA
35Pennsylvania State UniversityMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
36Texas A&M UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering Systems ManagementUSA
37Ohio State UniversityMaster’s in Engineering ManagementUSA
38University Of IowaMaster of Engineering in Engineering ManagementUSA
39Northeastern UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
40Lehigh UniversityM.Eng. in Management Science and EngineeringUSA
41Arizona State UniversityMaster of Engineering in engineering managementUSA
42North Carolina State UniversityMasters of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
43University Of PittsburghMaster of Science in Information ScienceUSA
44University Of Nebraska-LincolnMaster in Engineering ManagementUSA
45Oklahoma State UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering and Technology ManagementUSA
46Kansas State UniversityMaster in Engineering ManagementUSA
47Wayne State UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering ManagementUSA
48Iowa State UniversityMaster of Engineering in Engineering ManagementUSA
49Univ Of Massachusetts At AmherstMaster of Engineering ManagementUSA
50University Of FloridaUniversity Of FloridaUSA
For reference, we have shared links to MEM program listed on the official sites of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University. You can check them out here –

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology MEM Program
2.Cornell University MEM Program
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