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Masters in Finance in Europe

There are many ways in which students can boost their chances of getting hired early and create a beneficial career for themselves. One of the straight and easy ways of doing so is by gaining a higher degree of education such as a post-graduate (master’s) degree. A master’s degree is a clear sign of the fact that the student has learned advanced topics in the field of study with respect to its real-time applications in the workplace. Not only does a master’s help one gain higher knowledge, but it also helps the student gain a level of credibility and help instill a sense of confidence in the employer. 
One of the fields of study which has recently shown much popularity among students opting for masters programs in Finance. It has remained an essential part of the business since the beginning and is a quintessential characteristic necessary for the progress and positive development of any company. Though it started out slow, Masters in Finance has pushed through to become one of the recognized business courses, alongside heavy hitters like MBA (Business Administration) and MIM (Management). 
Everyone can agree that the value a post-graduate course is entwined with the status of the university which is awarding it to the student. Therefore, the school where one plans to pursue a master’s degree is just as important as the field of study. Europe is one of the most diverse countries if compared to the size of its landmass. This diversity in very close proximity has helped the countries in the continent to share their ideas and develop some of the most prestigious universities in the world. We will look into some of the advantages of studying in Europe and also look at a list of some of the top European universities and business schools which offer masters in Finance.

What is Masters in Finance?

Finance has been an integral part of the business environment ever since the first transaction took place. The study of finance is the study of money, more pointedly, the flow of money. As transactions take the pace and cash moves in or out of an entities account, someone has to monitor these transactions, make sure they go without a hitch and are beneficial to the client. A Financial professional will be required to work in a monitoring, supervision and/or analysis capacity. 

Finance is divided into three sub-sections depending upon the type of entity they are dealing with. These sub-sections are known as personal finance, corporate finance, and public (government) finance. Personal finance deals with individuals with their financial conditions which may involve planning their expenditure, analyzing investments, helping with insurance or retirement plans, etc. Corporate finance involves helping big businesses with their finances. Professionals may help plan their finances to meet certain expenditure goals, procure investors, advise on investments, do market research, etc. Lastly, Government or public finance deals with financial responsibility applicable to the entire population. This would involve things like taxes, auditing, etc.    

Whereas a bachelors degree will help the student be clear in their basic concepts, a Master’s program focuses on going further deep. They will help the student with learning a higher level of knowledge which may be more focused on one segment of the vast field of Finance. To make it interesting, the course will be taught in a more practical environment with solutions related to workplace situations.

Advantages of Studying in Europe

Pursuing an education in a foreign institution has many advantages that help in personal and career-related growth of the student. Following are some of the advantages of studying in Europe. 
  • Prestigious Schools

Europe has been the cultural datum since the beginning of time. Many civilizations, along with their scholars, have come and gone, each one leaving an educational legacy behind them. along the years, the countries have been able to accumulate the remnants in order to create institutions which could impart knowledge onto others. Europe is peppered with some of the most respected and revered schools in the world 

  • Diverse Environment

From the center point of Europe, every direction you travel to will have you find a completely new culture. This has been made possible due to the laws that are constructed for the citizens of the European Union. The diversity of the countries is also attributed to the previous settlers who came to pursue an education and having completed decided to stay back.

  • Recognizable Degrees

Schools in Europe are known to be accredited from some very well-known associations like EQUIS and AMBA. The degrees offered by European schools are held in high-regard no matter where you present it and the holder with will be dealt with in a manner fit for a professional.  

  • Scholarships

Most European countries are striving to reduce tuition fees for students, as they believe it to be a right rather than a privilege. Though they have not been able to completely eradicate tuition, they have surely lowered it. In order to help further, the governments and some universities offer many scholarships to students who show good pote

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Top Business Colleges in Europe

There are many schools in the entire continent of Europe, however, some of them are the ones considered the best around the world.

The following is a list and a brief overview of top business colleges in Europe offering a Masters in Finance.

London Business School, University of London

London Business School has been part of the prestigious University of London since it first opened its doors in 1964. The school is known to be one of the best business schools in the world and is recognized for its post-graduate programs. Along with being one of the schools with triple accreditation (EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB), the school has also held first place when ranked by Financial Times for five years straight (2014-2018).

LBS, other than its main campus in London, has a secondary location in Dubai. The school offers a Masters in Finance which has been ranked number one by Financial Times.


HEC Paris

Masters in finance in europe - hec paris

Known to be one of the oldest business schools, HEC Paris was established in 1881 and today functions as an international business school. The school has its main campus in Jouy-en-Josas, France and is one of the elite schools of the country. The institute has been consistently ranked first in the list of business schools in France while remaining topmost in the world ranking. Along with being known for having the coveted tripe accreditation school is also known for having the second most powerful alumni network. Along with their famous MBA and Ph.D. programs, their Masters in International Finance is also a well-known course.

Said Business School, University of Oxford

Masters in finance in europe - oxford

The University of Oxford needs no introduction as it has remained the flagship name for the United Kingdom-based universities for many years now. The Said Business School has been a part of the university since 1965. In the early days, the school was known as Centre for Management Studies before it was re-branded in 19996 into its current avatar. The school is very small and has about 1000 students (under and postgraduates) taught by academic staff of 90. The school is known for offering a Master of Science course in Financial Economics.


Masters in finance in europe - esade

Situated in Barcelona, Spain; the Escola Superior d’Administracio I Direccio d’Empreses, or ESADE for simplicity, is a private education institution under the guidance of Ramon Llull University. The school was first formed in 1958 and teaches business and law. The school today has grown to a size of 224 faculty members and 9,500 students. ESADE is divided into ESADE Business School and ESADE Law School. The business school offers a great Master of Science in Finance.

ESCP Europe

Masters in finance in europe - escp

ESCP Europe is the effort made by an entire continent to share ideas and knowledge among their peers and students through a network of schools. ESCP Europe has campuses in major cities like Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw. The first school was established in Paris in 1819 and form their things just picked up. The school is part of a trio known as “Trois Parisiennes”, which is made up of ESCP, HEC Paris and ESSEC Business School. Their Masters in Finance was ranked 2nd by Financial Times.

Bocconi School of Management, Bocconi University

Masters in finance in europe - bocconi

The Bocconi School of Management, also known as SDA (Scuola di Direxion) Bocconi, is a business school and has been a part of the Bocconi University since 1971 and has been called one of the most prestigious schools in all of Europe. The school has many specialized master’s programs and is ground to much research work. The school was one of the first to be accredited by EQUIS in the country of Italy and holds accreditation from AMBA and AACSB making it one of the 71 schools with the triple crown of accreditation. The school is known for having one of the most well-taught Masters of Science in Finance programs.

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