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Masters In Management Deadlines

Tick Tock Tick Tock!!

The clock is ticking fast and the second round for the Masters in Management deadlines. You will never realize how the days pass when you drown yourself in the application process. This calls for a well planned out schedule for each part of your application process.

Also, the Masters in Management program has quickly garnered a lot of popularity over the recent years. The number of applicants is increasing every year and so is the competition.

In this scenario, it is not only important to perfect your overall application but also is extremely crucial to know when the application deadlines are for each round, for each school that you choose to apply to.

You see, as the deadline approaches, the stress levels go high and there might be a chance that you might not be able to get all the documents ready on time. Typically, an application for a Masters in Management school requires you to submit your

  • CV
  • At least 2 Essays
  • 2 LOR and
  • 1 Statement of Purpose. 

It requires a good amount of time, typically (2 months), to finalize all these drafts.

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The last thing you would want is that you miss the deadline, because, in the further rounds, the competition only gets stiffer. Missing deadlines could cost you an admit and all your efforts would go down the drain! To avoid all this, be aware of the deadlines for each of your target schools and make this application process a smooth one.

Masters in Management Deadlines

In this blog, first, we will go through the important Masters in Management Deadlines for some top schools. After that, we will explain how to go about starting your application process so that you finish it on time. In the end, you also get some additional tips to keep in mind while applying for the Masters In management degree. Being MiM students ourselves and having undergone the same process ourselves, we know how much of a struggle it can be if there is not a clear go-to guide.

Top Masters in Management Schools :

School Name Round 1 Deadlines Round 2 Deadlines Round 3 Deadlines Round 4 Deadlines Round 5 Deadlines
St. Gallen  November 12,  2020  January 31, 2021 March 31, 2021 April 30, 2021

October 20, 2020

China pre-selected Universities round- October 1, 2020

January 6, 2021

March 3, 2021

Deadline for Double Degree with Paris- March 1, 2020

April 28, 2021
IE Rolling Admissions. They do not have a specific start and end date.
LBS September 30, 2020 November 4, 2020 January 25, 2021 March 31, 2021 May 28, 2021
ESSEC October 19, 2020 January 4, 2021 April 28, 2020 March 1, 2021 April 26, 2021
ESCP Applications for the September 2021 intake will open in October 2020.
WHU Will be updated soon for 2021

October 6, 2020

November 24, 2020

January 12, 2021

February 9, 2021

March 9, 2021
CEMS The 30 different schools in the CEMS Program each have their own deadlines.
Bocconi Application deadlines for the AY 2021/22 Program are yet to be released

September 15, 2020

(Spring Entry- January)

November 1, 2020

(Spring Entry- January)


LSE Rolling Admissions.

Application deadlines for the 2021 Program are yet to be released

RSM The admission process starts on  October 1, 2020
NUS Applications for the 2021/2022 intake will open later this year.


Once you are aware of the deadlines of these top schools, the next important step is to plan ahead, well in time for your application process. To make the process easier for you, we have a tried and tested plan that is sure to help you out.


1. Choosing The Right School

Choosing the right school must be your first step when you initially are thinking about applying for your Masters in Management degree. Typically, you should spend about 2 weeks of time doing adequate and relevant research on the schools you would want to apply to.

Another point to keep in mind would be that you must ideally apply to 4 to 5 schools. Out of these, 2 to 3 can be applied to your dream schools and the rest you must apply to those schools where you will get an admit for sure. This way you are on the safer end!

2. Consider The Masters in Management Deadline

When you choose the school, it is crucial that you keep in mind the various rounds of admissions. Typically, the second round starts from October to January. Applying in the early rounds gives you a benefit as the schools are trying to diversify their student profiles and there is usually less competition. The maximum competition is usually in the second round where most candidates choose to apply. The later rounds- the third and the fourth rounds are where late applicants apply and the overall application must be stellar to receive an admit in these rounds.

Note that, the competition is quite tough from the second rounds. But don’t worry! With the right guidance and perfecting your essays, SoP and LoRs, you will be giving yourself a fair chance

3. Next, prepare for your GMAT/GRE

Management Aptitude Tests like GMAT and GRE require at least 4 months of prep depending on your strengths and weaknesses. The reason why these exams are important is mainly that these are international and all the students are judged on their aptitude on the same platform. Considering that MiM schools receive applications from all over the world, each university in each country follows its own grading mechanisms to grade students. GMAT and GRE serve as a common platform to really know the candidate’s aptitude.

Note: If you are someone who doesn’t wish to take up the GMAT/GRE, here is a list of schools that don’t require either of those exams as part of their application. https://www.mim-essay.com/blog/business-schools-that-dont-require-gmat/

4. Analyze Your Application

By time you are done with your competitive exams, it is finally time to analyze your application and know your strengths and weaknesses in your profile. Some might have an abundance of internships or work experience but lack extra-curricular activities while some have excellent grades and excellent GMAT/GRE scores but might lack in having some international exposure.

Make a list of all your achievements so as to focus on these more, in your applications. Here is a FREE brainstorming sheet that you can use to fill out all your details.

5. Craft Your Essays

Most schools require you to write essays and these require a lot of introspection from your side to give it the best shot. That is why give yourself at least a month’s time to make your essays really stand out from the pool of applicants.

Remember that your essays must have your personal touch and express your views and achievements. Create multiple drafts and always seek the opinion of another person to review your essays.

6. Obtain Impressive LORs

The right recommender for your LOR is the first step in this process. Always choose a person who knows you well and has worked with you or provided you guidance. He/she must know your strengths and weaknesses well to properly write a recommendation.

It is advised that you approach your recommender at least 30 days before so as to give them an ample amount of time to craft that perfect LoR.

7. Conquer The Interview

If you get shortlisted for the interview round, then you are halfway forward towards your dream goal. Unlike your application process where you can re-edit your essays and LoRs, you only get one shot at the interview and it is imperative that you create a good impression about yourself.

Go through the common interview questions asked by the school and practice before an expert to know where you are going wrong.

You can check out our in-depth blog on the Application Roadmap here. https://www.mim-essay.com/blog/mim-application-roadmap/

Well, the application process is surely a lengthy one. But do enjoy the process as once you get admitted, you are welcomed into a whole other family and a world of opportunities waits for you at the other end.

Do make sure that you are aware of the Deadlines for the Masters in Management Program for all the schools that you are applying to. Plan ahead in advance to strike gold in your attempt of getting into your dream schools. Best of Luck.

Here is a YouTube video on What you Should Know Before You Join These Top B-Schools |St.GALLEN ESADE, HEC, IE, ESSEC

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