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MBA Without Work Experience


Work experience is considered to be a prized asset if you plan to apply for a masters degree. In fact, until a few years ago, thinking of a post-graduate degree without work experience was not even possible.

But in the current economy, the rules  have changed. There are several individuals who have had  noteworthy achievements while still in school and B-Schools do not want to miss out on such truly talented individuals who want to pursue a master’s degree without a prior work experience.


So, with an excellent academics , impactful projects and a clear long-term goal, you can get past the experience criteria  and get into a good masters programme right after graduate school.

 Masters in Management  is the best fit for recent graduates and is considered the best pre-experience degree available till date. You may also opt for a specialized Masters program (Masters in Finance, Masters in Entrepreneurship, Masters in Business Analytics, etc.)which requires less work experience and is a good fit if you are sure you want to go into a particular field.

But if you are hard stick on the MBA then you can apply at certain schools which offer MBA without work experience.

Usually, MBA has the following eligibility.

  • GMAT
  • Work Experience

The First two (GMAT and Language Test) won’t be a big challenge but getting a work experience may hold you back for a couple of years.

Pre-Experience MBA can be a solution.


Who is it the best fit for?

It works as the best fit for individuals who have recently graduated and wish to continue their further studies abroad without taking a break in education or for individuals who have some months of the internship experience.

In contrast for a normal MBA , the average age for is 27 years at Harvard while at Michigan, Chicago Booth, Kellogg the average is 28 years. At Wharton, the average years of work experience are 5.5 years and 4.6 years at NYU.


Job Prospects

An early experience makes it easy to enter the corporate world in entry level and middle-level management jobs. Taking up an internship may prove out to be a boon to have better career options and increase your chance of employment.



The Best Schools which offers the Pre-Experience MBA program require you to show an understanding of work experience in some form or the other, this may be in the form of part-time work, volunteering work. Hence, to if you aim is to get to the top schools, you need to have some substantial corporate understanding just having a normal profile won’t cut it.



Starting your MBA studies early helps you lead in some areas as stated below:-

  • Early start – It helps you to learn new things at the early stage
  • Opportunity to develop skills – Develop language skill, analytical skill
  • Growth – Academically, Professionally, and Culturally – You get international exposure, quality education,  cultural exposure through Gap Semesters and Internships abroad 
  • Save Time – You can complete your studies without taking any gap or break in between of education.


Disadvantages also plays an equal role as your advantages:-

  • Having practical experience helps you to connect well with some of the content you will learn in b-school. When you pursue an MBA without work experience, you tend to loose out on the connect.
  • Job prospects and salaries offered are lower as compared to an MBA with work experience
  • Effects Summer Internship Placement as employers prefer students with prior experience
  • Since you directly move from undergraduate college to graduate school, you loose out on the opportunity to build a corporate network
  • It is very very competitive especially for the top schools





MBA without Work Experience in USA and UK

List of Colleges: –

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The above list can be rechecked with the official website of the college to have more clarity on the experience part.


MBA without work experience can be a great program if you have a good profile and are sure an MBA is the perfect path ahead. Here be aware that competition is tough, especially for the top colleges so make sure your application highlights the value you can add.

Alternatively, the Masters in Management can be a better fit. With the course structure specifically customized keeping in mind the low work experience held by most of its applicants, you will have a strong curriculum and get supported by internships and other activities to support your holistic growth. Hence check it out as well. 


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