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The MIM Rankings 2020 are usually the best medium to get a first impression of the school. This is especially true for foreigners who have no credible source to obtain accurate information about schools in distant countries. Looking at these MIM rankings will help you understand where you rank amongst the other candidates.

The MIM rankings are done by taking into account a number of important variables such as the quality of a college, the international nature of the degree, future placement potential, International diversity of faculty, Median salary expected on graduation, etc. Thus, providing you accurate and precise data for MIM Rankings.

So you can get a pretty good idea about the nature of the school by a quick look at their MIM rankings.

We have tried to go beyond conventional information & give a more detailed comparison of the different colleges. Thus, providing you all the data about their MIM Rankings

Metrics that students value such as Average Salary, previous rankings, Class strength, Program length etc, have been compared for the top 20 schools.

The latest MIM RANKINGS by the QS World University Rankings are as follows:

MIM  Rankings 2020

[1]- Requires degree in Business Administration
[2]- Requires degree in Non-Business Administration
*- An average of salaries 3 years after graduation. The figures are shown in USD (purchasing power parity equivalent). Keep the MIM Rankings in mind as they will come in handy.

We will shortly post about the ft MIM Rankings 2021 and the economist MIM Rankings 2021.


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