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Bruce, 24, Asia


His drive and determination.



Low GPA, inconsistent work experience, seemingly pointless part-time jobs



Finance Bachelors, settled in the US




 The Challenge

Our client was originally from Asia, and though he had a fair GMAT score with a decent amount of work experience, a low GPA, blew a hole in his profile.

Client Hesitation

When our client contacted us he was very demotivated and was on the career crossroad. He was very confused about how he should account for his low GPA in his application and was doubtful about his eligibility. 


 Our Strategy

Our first order of business was salvaging the low GPA. We strove to understand the reason behind the same and discovered that he was working in multiple companies as a part-time employee because of his financial conditions. We decided to captialize on this very fact and showcase how despite the hardships, he stood strong to support his family through varied pursuits, thereby adding feathers to his cap slowly yet steadily.

 How we Implemented it

Post the brainstorming call, when Bruce started writing his initial draft for essays we handed him the sample essays of our past clients.We made sure he goes through the previous essays and put a lot of focus on his passion for the industry and on its value in society.

We focused on how his proactive attitude kept his spirits high in spite of difficulties. How he worked hard for his GMAT and with that he was pursuing the part time job as well.

We worked together to connect all the dots together, spinning a story as to how he moved through all his hardships getting better with every pursuit, and how all these diverse activities culminated into this desire to aim for London Business School.


This very personalized account of struggles and accomplishments helped him land an admit in LBS!

Client Remark



I had an absolutely amazing experience with MiM-Essay. They helped me to create a pitch-perfect application highlighting my strengths. I was very confused on how to explain for my gap year, but they actually dig deep into my profile and helped me to find out my passion. I am really thankful for all the guidance provided by them, that helped me to get into my dream B-school

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