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University of Calgary MBA Review

Founded in 1966, the University of Calgary is one of Canada's top comprehensive research universities, offering a blend of traditional education, vibrancy, and diversity of the city of Calgary. It encompasses five campuses with 14 faculties and a student population exceeding 35,000. The University of Calgary MBA program offers a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for leadership roles in various industries.

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University of Calgary MBA Introduction

Course Duration

20 Months

Course Fee



$97,000- $250,000



Attention ambitious professionals! Are you ready to ignite your career and make a lasting impact in the world of business? Look no further than the Calgary MBA program. With its exceptional faculty, forward-thinking curriculum, and a vibrant business community, the Calgary MBA equips you with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to excel in today's competitive landscape. Whether you aspire to lead global organizations, drive innovation, or create entrepreneurial ventures, the Calgary MBA offers a transformative experience that propels your career to new heights. Join us today and unlock your full potential with the Calgary MBA program.

University of Calgary MBA Class Profile

university of calgary mba class profile

The University of Calgary offers a diverse array of educational opportunities for students. The 2020-2021 class profile provides insight into the school's student body, including data on the number of applicants, accepted students, and enrolled students. Additionally, the profile offers demographic information on the University's student population. It includes statistics on gender, international and Indigenous students, and more. With such an impressive range of statistics, readers can gain an in-depth understanding of the University of Calgary's MBA class structure.

Average GPA




Average Work Ex

4.5 Years

University of Calgary MBA Acceptance Rate

The Calgary MBA's daytime MBA program has a 56% acceptance rate. This suggests that about half of those who apply are accepted into the program, making it a competitive but accessible option for those interested in pursuing an MBA in Calgary. To be accepted into the program, you must still submit a strong application while also fulfilling the admission requirements.

Program and Curriculum University of Calgary MBA

university of calgary mba program and curriculum

The University of Calgary MBA curriculum is tailored for mid-career professionals who want to sharpen their business skills and explore their career opportunities. It provides comprehensive business education with an ample selection of specialization and elective courses.

Core Curriculum

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Global Environment of Business
  • Business Technology Management
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Managerial Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Managerial Decision Modelling
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Advanced Leadership
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management


  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development
  • Management Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Studies

Extra Activities For the University of Calgary MBA

The Co-Curricular Tracker (CCT) program at the University of Calgary allows students to track their eligible volunteer and extra-curricular activities. The CCT allows individuals to document their involvement throughout their university experience, creating a formal record in conjunction with their academic transcript to create a comprehensive narrative of their time at UCalgary. Some of the extra activities available at the University of Calgary MBA is 

  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Camp LEAD
  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Sophomore Leadership Program
  • Student Activities Fund
  • Peer Helper Program
  • Strengths-Based Campus

Scholarships for the University of Calgary MBA

The University of Calgary MBA program offers a variety of funding and scholarship opportunities to international students with merit or financial need. Popular awards include

  • The Adam Richard Leinweber Entrance Scholarship provides a $10,000 award.
  • The Graduate Student Association Support Bursary offers up to $1,500 in support,
  • The Tuition Reinvestment Bursary provides up to $1,500.

Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into University of Calgary MBA

university of calgary mba eligibility and requirement

Applicants for the University of Calgary MBA programs are evaluated based on their potential to contribute to the program, their professional goals, and how their participation may enrich the overall cohort. 

The admissions committee carefully considers a range of factors and reviews each application with a comprehensive eye to ensure that the quality of the MBA experience is maximized with a diverse, vibrant student body.


  • Applicants for this program must have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale during their undergraduate studies at an accredited university.
  • Applicants must possess a minimum of two years of professional experience.
  • A GMAT score of 550 or higher is required.
  • Applicants may demonstrate an equivalent score to the GMAT using the GRE.
  • TOEFL- 97 or Higher
  • IELTS- 7+

Documents Related to the Application

  • Work Experience Resume
  • Valid passport.
  • Passport-size photograph.
  • All the academic official and supporting records and transcripts

University of Calgary MBA Deadlines

Registration for the University of Calgary MBA program for the 2023-24 academic year will open on September 15, 2023. Canadian students have until February 1, 2023, to submit their applications, whereas international students must apply by June 1, 2023.

Deadline Dates
1st Deadline 01 February
2nd Deadline 1 June

University of Calgary MBA Employment / Placement

Recent reports suggest that the employment situation at the University of Calgary has been steadily improving. While employees still need to fill specific roles, measures taken by the University have resulted in positive changes.





Top Sectors Hiring University of Calgary MBA Graduates

The Haskayne Professional Development Center at the University of Calgary MBA is a unique, community-oriented facility that guides students in attaining their career ambitions. It equips them with access to innovative tools such as interview preparation resources, industry-relevant knowledge, and up-to-date information for an effective transition into professional life. All while assisting students in navigating through any questions they may have regarding job-hunting strategies too.

Companies recruiting from the University of Calgary MBA


  • Accenture
  • KPMG


  • Deloitte
  • TD

University of Calgary MBA Alumni Info

More than 28,000 individuals from 96 different countries are counted among the alums of the Haskayne School of Business - an astonishing figure.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Arman Ghanbari (Co-founder of AShare)
  • Jeremy Eusebio-Wong(Business Analyst at Propel Ventures)
  • Brielle Pelletier(PCC Intergrate Inc.)
  • Roberta Stinn (Strategy and Operations Manager, PlaceHolder Inc.)

Application Essay for University of Calgary MBA

Students applying for the University of Calgary MBA program at the University will be asked to provide answers to two essay questions of no more than 250 words each. These questions focus on an individual's motivations for pursuing the degree and how their undergraduate experience will have prepared them for success in the program. Some examples are mentioned below:

Essay 1
Explicate why you have decided to enroll in the University of Calgary's MBA Program. Spare no detail as we probe into your reasoning.

Essay 2
What motivates you to keep pushing yourself to do better?

Essay 3
Reflect upon an episode that heralded change and advancement yet was wrought with adverse circumstances.

Essay 4
How does the University of Calgary, as it is constituted today, fulfill your desire for a particular type of learning experience - community and future? Please elucidate in detail what aspirations you have in relation to UCal.

Letter of Recommendation for University of Calgary MBA

Provide a letter of recommendation for the University of Calgary MBA and aid in their admission process. The University requires a total of two LOR. This professional support could be what this institution needs to attain its goals.

Interview Questions for University of Calgary MBA

Q: Tell how your personal qualities could benefit the College.
Q: Why MBA?
Q: What makes you stand out from the crowd?
Q: Familiarize yourself with a concise summary of your life experiences.
Q: What are your hobbies? 
Q: What activities do you enjoy engaging in during downtime? If you had to pick only one, what would it be?
Q: What would you say are your strengths?
Q: How would your friends describe you?
Q: What achievement are you most proud of?
Q: What is your biggest regret?
Q: Who do you admire the most?
Q: What is your favorite book and why?

What Makes University of Calgary MBA Unique?

university of calgary mba unique

The University of Calgary significantly contributes at least $8 billion annually to Alberta's economy. Its mission is to explore new knowledge and translate our discoveries into innovations that benefit our local, national, and international communities, whether you're interested in the arts, medicine, or sciences - ranked 6th on the top research program. Your research activity will focus on generating novel insights that ultimately benefit your field and contribute to a better future for all. Our professional programs are also informed by ongoing research activities that infuse course-based degrees such as business, education, or social work with groundbreaking insights useful in real-world situations.


The University of Calgary MBA is a leading institution for higher education in Canada, boasting an impressive array of undergraduate and post-graduate educational programs. This prestigious University has been attracting students from around the world with its excellent facilities and student services; graduates have opportunities to achieve their professional goals through its various industry partnerships. This article provides an overview of the University's past, present, and future - providing ample information on how it fits into today's globalized society

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Can A Graduate student apply?

Since this program is for undergrads, they can apply for this MBA course, provided they fulfil certain conditions.

What are the application components, and what's their purpose?

To apply to the University of Calgary MBA, applicants must submit a personal statement, curriculum vitae; up to two reference letters; and an uncertified transcript. These are the requirements commonly encountered by those seeking admission into graduate or professional school or scholarship and employment opportunities.

How many students are registered in the program each year?

The number of accepted students is subject to change from year to year, depending on available resources and quality applicants. The program has seen anywhere from ten members up to a maximum of sixty.

Who can join the Scholars Academy?

Students who have completed a minimum of one semester in their undergraduate course of study are eligible to apply for admission into the program. Therefore, you can apply following your debut year or any subsequent interval up through the final semester; however, students in their final degree year cannot be considered.

What is the cost of joining the program?

The non-refundable application fee is CDN$125 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents and CDN$145 for international students attending on a Study Permit. The compulsory fee is to be paid with time to proceed with the process; alternatively, applicants may seek dispensation from this requirement.