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Haskayne MBA GMAT: Tips to Improve Acceptance Chances

The Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary is a prestigious institution that offers an Accelerated MBA program. To be considered for admission, applicants must meet strict criteria, including a minimum GPA, relevant work experience, and a score of at least 550 on the GMAT exam. In this blog post, we will explore the average Haskayne MBA GMAT and offer tips to improve your chances of acceptance even with a low GMAT score.

Haskayne MBA Average GMAT Score

The Haskayne School of Business requires a minimum GMAT score of 550 for admission to its Accelerated MBA program. However, the average Haskayne MBA GMAT score for successful applicants is typically much higher, hovering around 650. Therefore, most admitted students score significantly above the minimum requirement of 550.

Year on Year Haskayne MBA GMAT Trends

Over the years, the Haskayne GMAT MBA program has witnessed a steady rise in the average GMAT scores of admitted students. This trend is consistent with the pattern seen across many other top business schools in Canada and the United States. The mounting GMAT scores imply that the competition for admission to the Haskayne MBA program is becoming increasingly fierce.

Year Average GMAT Score
2022 655
2021 660
2020 670
2019 655

How Does Haskayne Use GMAT Scores in Admissions?

Haskayne MBA GMAT is one of many factors that the Haskayne School of Business evaluates when assessing an applicant's suitability for its Accelerated MBA program. The school considers other elements such as undergraduate GPA, work experience, letters of recommendation, and essays. Haskayne is one of the famous MBA colleges in Canada. However, the GMAT plays a vital role in the admissions decision, as it provides a standardized measure of applicants' academic abilities.

Haskayne MBA GMAT: How to Prepare

Preparing for the Haskayne MBA GMAT can be daunting, but it's definitely doable with the right approach and mindset! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Assess your current level of knowledge: Taking a diagnostic test can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to focus your studies.
  • Develop a study plan: Create a study plan that suits your learning style and schedule. Setting achievable goals and deadlines can help keep you motivated and on track.
  • Use official GMAT study materials: To ensure that you are studying the right content and format, use official GMAT study materials, such as the Official Guide for GMAT Review.
  • Time management and pacing: Practice completing the test within the allotted time to avoid feeling rushed or panicked on exam day. Time management and pacing are key to achieving a high score.
  • Consider taking a GMAT prep course or hiring a tutor: If you need additional support, consider taking a GMAT prep course or hiring a tutor. They can offer expert guidance and personalized feedback to help you improve your score.

Keep in mind that preparing for the Haskayne MBA GMAT requires dedication, effort, and patience. With the right mindset and strategies, you can definitely ace the exam and achieve your academic and professional goals! And for Indian applicants, remember that competition may be more intense, so be sure to put in the extra effort to stand out.

Average Haskayne MBA GMAT for Indian Students

Aspiring MBA students from India may be curious in the average Haskayne MBA GMAT score of admitted students at the Haskayne School of Business. The average score may be higher or lower than 550, depending on variables such as the difficulty of the applicant pool and the timing of the application. However, data on the typical GMAT score of Indian applicants is currently lacking.

Applicants from all over the world, including those from India, may need to overcome special obstacles during the admissions process, such as proving their command of the English language and securing the appropriate visas and permissions to study in Canada. Candidates for the Haskayne MBA programme would do well to familiarise themselves with the program's admissions requirements and expectations and to confer with admissions counsellors or MBA consultants.

The GMAT is a consideration in the application process, but it is not the only one. A candidate's undergraduate performance, job history, essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews are all taken into account by the admissions committee. Candidates might increase their chances of being accepted by submitting an application that is comprehensive and persuasive for Haskayne MBA GMAT.

How to Improve Acceptance Chance with Low GMAT

Being unsatisfied with your GMAT results shouldn't worry you too much! You have numerous ways to increase your possibility of getting selected for Haskayne MBA program. Some tips to follow:

  • Emphasize your strengths:  Beyond just the Haskayne MBA GMAT score, there are other key factors that should be highlighted in your application. Showcase your academic feats, work background, and extra-curricular ventures to help the admissions committee see your potential. This is key to ensuring that the committee's understanding of your suitability is not solely based on the GMAT score.
  • Retake the GMAT:  If you have the determination to up your score, taking the test again is an option. Significant improvement is possible with concentrated study and practice.
  • Apply for a later intake: If you're not feeling completely sure about your application, one possible solution could be to apply for a later intake date. By doing this, you'll have extra opportunities to enhance your profile and ultimately increase your odds of gaining acceptance.
  • Look at other MBA programs: Consider exploring other MBA programs maybe they'd be more forgiving with your GMAT score. Who knows, you might discover an even better-suited program for you. 

For the Haskayne MBA GMAT, having a low GMAT score isn't an end all be all for being a qualified applicant. Keep putting in effort to showcase your capabilities, and your odds of getting accepted will improve. 


With great competition and demand, the Haskayne MBA program is a sought-after opportunity. Though the minimum Haskayne MBA GMAT score is significant, it's not the sole metric in consideration during admissions. Aspirants with lower test scores can increase their likelihood of acceptance by highlighting their work experience, academic accomplishments, and participation in after-school endeavors.

Moreover, taking the time to prepare for the GMAT can notably enhance one's score and chances of obtaining a spot in the program. Haskayne MBA GMAT applicants hailing from India have their work cut out for them, as they must keep in mind the Haskayne MBA GMAT average for their particular group and aim to surpass it if possible.

Those who take the time to prepare thoroughly and craft a compelling application may be better poised to secure a spot in the program, thus enabling them to advance their career prospects significantly.

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