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The ONLY article you would need to know the process of Canada Student Visa

Canada is often ranked as one of the most popular studies abroad destinations. Its alluring beauty, friendly and safe environment, advanced facilities, and internationally recognised educational institutions draw a large volume of students worldwide. As a result, thousands of international students apply for admission to Canadian institutions each year to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees. However, in order to study in Canada, international students must obtain a Study Permit before commencing their studies. It is to be noted that a Study permit and Canada Student Visa are often interchanged. But, a study permit is not a visa.

canada student visa

A study permit is an official document that will allow international students to study in Canada. Canada’s immigration officials provide it. In this case, the Canada Study Permit grants permission to international students to stay in the country while complete their studies from Designated Learning Institutions for the duration of their course. On the other hand, a Canada Student Visa, or visa in general, is a document that permits you to enter a country (in this case, Canada). The study permit will act as your Canada Student Visa for the duration of your stay.

In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about the Canada Student Visa.

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Canada Student Visa

As discussed earlier, international students need not obtain a Canada Student Visa for studying abroad in Canada. However, they must obtain a study permit that will permit them to study in Canada. Moreover, international visitors must obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) before arriving in Canada. The Canadian High Commission issue this document which shows that the applicant has met the requirements for temporary resident entrance to Canada.

canada student visa permit

Canada Study Permit

canada study permit

The Canadian Immigration Authority issue the Study Permit to international students that allows them to study in the country. Without a valid study permit, international students are unable to study in Canada. Aside from that, students with study permission can only enrol in Designated Learning Institutions.

What is Canada Study permit fees?

Students need to pay a fee while applying for their study permit. Here is the updated information for your study permit fees

Study Permit CAD 150 (per person)

You can renew your study permit from within Canada if you wish to continue your studies after graduation. Moreover, you can also extend your study permit if looking for a job, working off-campus, enrolling on a new program (higher education) etc. The following is the fee to get a new study permit:

Restore your status as a student CAD 200 plus New Study Permit CAD 150

canada student visa fees

Eligibility Requirements for student visa

While applying for a study permit, one should be mindful that certain eligibility criteria must be met while applying. Furthermore, you must satisfy other requirements throughout your stay in Canada. Moreover, it should be noted that there are further requirements by the Canadian Universities to grant admission to a foreign national in their institution. And one cannot obtain a study permit without an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution. This section will cover everything that you need to know about eligibility and the following requirements to obtain a Canada Student Visa.

Moreover, the admission and visa application process can be lengthy. Thus, it is essential to prepare early to guarantee that your permit is processed before your study term begins. Therefore, international students should prepare for the application process and all the important dates and deadlines beforehand. Planning in advance will help ensure they have enough time to obtain the acceptance letter and complete the study permit application.

study guide to canada-visa guide

That said, here are the eligibility requirements for a study permit in Canada

  1. Acceptance Letter: As mentioned already, to apply for a Canadian study visa, students should have an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), in this case, a Canadian University.
  2. Proof of Financial Support: Here, one should provide enough documents and information to demonstrate proof of financial stability. It is necessary to have adequate finances to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses during your first year of study. 
  3. No Criminal Record Certificate: Applicants need to demonstrate that they have a clean record with no criminal background. One can present a police certificate for the same.
  4. Medical Certificate: It is necessary to prove that the applicant is in good health and should present a Medical exam or certificate.
  5. Other Supporting Documents: Depending on the applicant’s country, one might be required to present other extensive supporting documentation.

It would be best if you also assured the visa office that you will follow all applicable rules and regulations during your stay in Canada. Furthermore, it would help if you guaranteed that after your education term is completed and your study permit expires, you will leave the country.

The visa officer will certify if you meet the conditions when you apply for your permit. Based on the assessment, your application will either get approval or rejection.

Requirements while studying in Canada

    After approval of your study permit, you must comply with some general conditions to keep your study permit valid. That is to say; during your stay in Canada, you should follow all the conditions as indicated on your study permit. Here are some of the general guidelines for international students during their stay in Canada:

    • The applicant should stay enrolled and be associated with a Designated Learning Institute
    • The applicant must complete their course/program within the said duration
    • International students must either extend their visas or depart the country once the programme is completed.
    • The applicant must comply with any other condition mentioned in their permit.

    What are the important documents for a Canadian Student Visa?

      However, one should not forget that a Canada Student Visa is conditional on the terms that the international student should be admitted to a Canadian University (Designated Learning Insitute). Therefore, even before obtaining or applying for the Study Permit or Student Visa, you should have targeted a few selected schools and programmes for admission. Moreover, it is imperative that you apply for the program months before the deadline to have enough time to work on the Study Permit process. The admissions process in Foreign Universities is hectic and requires various documents before the Admission Committee. This section will discuss all the other documents and resources that you should keep handy while applying for an International School in Canada.

        These are the necessary documents to apply for a Canada Student Visa and Foreign Universities.

        • Valid Passport

        In order to apply for a Study Permit, you must have a valid passport. In addition, according to the Canadian High Commission, you must have a passport that is valid for the duration of your anticipated stay in Canada. 

        • Passport Size Photographs

        Multiple copies of your recent passport size photograph while applying for any kind of application. You must obtain physical and digital copies of passport photographs for offline and online application forms, respectively. 

        • English Language Proficiency Exam Score

        The English Proficiency Tests are necessary to demonstrate your English speaking ability. Canadian Universities will require you to present test scores of English proficiency exams like TOEFL, IELTS during the admission process. We strongly recommend you obtain a good score on these tests.

        • Statement of Purpose

        Essay questions are an integral part of the admission process in foreign universities. Therefore, you will have to submit SOPs and other necessary essay questions to justify your motivation to study in Canada and the said institute. 

        • Credit Card

        Another important thing is that you must have a credit card to make payment for your online application. Although you won’t be required to present the Credit Card information during any of the processes as mentioned earlier, you can only make payment via credit card. Please remember that the system does not accept debit cards for fees payment. 

        • Other Documents

        Some schools and institutions might also request you to present documents proving academic prowess. This includes transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates from your school or college. Moreover, some selective programs will ask for test scores of GRE and GMAT as well.

        After you receive your college admission letter, you should apply for a student visa. For example: If you want to apply for the September intake, you should start the visa process around June.

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        How to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit?

          Now that you have all the required documents and the information to apply for a study permit, the next step is to guide you through the process of obtaining the titular document. One thing to be noted, you can only apply for a study permit after you have a letter of acceptance from a Canadian University.

          You can obtain the Canadian Study Permit either online or via offline means. The offline paper process can be more time consuming than the online process. Additionally, you will need to visit the visa office in your country and the mail office multiple times. However, on the bright side, the visa office in your nation will provide you with specific instructions for the application process. Moreover, the application package for the offline mode comes with a guide to help you throughout the process. Also, you will receive instructions via mail or email regarding your application process.

          In the offline paper process, you need to fill out a paper application. Then make a hard copy of your application and mail it to the Visa Application Centre (VAC) for your country.

          While on the other hand, the online application process for Canada Study Permit is less time-consuming. But it will require you to obtain scanned copies of all your documents. That said, today, we will guide you step by step through the process of Canada Student Visa application.

          Application Process for Canadian student visa online


          The first step is to get a Canadian student visa application package, which you may get via the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.


          To receive your application package, you will have to answer a few questions on the IRCC website. These questions will assist you in determining whether you are eligible to apply for a Canadian student permit online and what papers you will need to submit.


          After verification, you will receive a 60-day personal checklist code to use while filling your online application. You should keep this code for future references. Here on this page, you will receive instructions for the following process. This includes other important information as well like an estimated tuition fee, a list of necessary documents and further instructions.


          Now that you are ready with the documents and guidelines create an IRCC account and enter your personal checklist code there. You will receive an email with your unique document checklist, which will allow you to upload and transfer your documents to IRCC.


          Once you have uploaded all the documents and completed all the application forms on the website, you can proceed with payment of the fees.


          Congratulations! You have successfully applied for the Canadian Study Permit.

          study in canada


          Once your Study Permit is approved, you have successfully obtained official approval to study in Canada. However, you will only receive the Study Permit once you reach (enter) Canada. Therefore, again here you need to keep all the documents ready with you. Moreover, the Canadian government will send you a Port of Entry (POE) Introduction Letter. You must save this letter and show it to an immigration official when you arrive in Canada, who will then grant you the Canada Study Permit (or the Canada Student Visa).

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