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Cass MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your Cass Masters in Management Application

| About Cass Business School

Cass Business School is positioned among the best business colleges in Europe and viewed as one of the world’s top driving and effective business colleges. Cass business college offers more than 20 diverse Msc programs which make it distinct from other colleges. MSc in Management course will create both your aptitudes base and your confidence as an employee, ready to take on any test in Today’s quick-moving worldwide business condition.

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Class Size : 64
  • Average Age : 23 years
  • Nationalities : 88%
  • Female : 50%

How Can You Create Your STRONGEST APPLICATION ever?

Your application has about 30% weightage in your selection chances. Check out what Cass is looking for through its Application Process

Cass MiM Essays

 Personal Statement (500-600 words)

Cass MiM Resume

CV( no longer than two sides of A4)

Cass MiM LOR

Two reference letters for each student

Cass B-School MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1. Personal Statement (500-600 words) 

  A: Through this prompt, the Adcom aspires to know about your motivation to pursue the MiM course at Cass Business School. Hence, applicants need to dig deep in their thoughts to pick up the central points of their goals and motives, which led them to traverse towards the MiM program to describe their suitability for the course. Further, applicants are required to illustrate their enthusiasm concerning the course specialization and the industry they wish to pursue a career in. The immaculate essence of this essay resides in presenting before the admission jury how the MiM program will help applicants transform career goals into reality by enabling applicants to embark on their ideal career path.

The first step to draft an SOP is to brainstorm on all your past experiences, note them down and eventually shortlist those instances that are relevant to the program. Then, commence your SOP with an introduction by talking about your background and your core interest. Further, focus on connecting the dots and linking every major life decision and experiences. In this process, don’t forget to talk about your learnings, knowledge, and skills gained along the way, be it through professional indulgences or extracurricular activities. Having covered every impressive and impactful detail of your profile, introduce your goals and move on to accepting your flaws and how this program is the ideal fit for you. Now that you’ve put through your requirements and the means to fulfil them, you must then move on to convincing the Adcom as to why Cass Business School is the best fit for you by talking about specific features like the curriculum, clubs and alumni that would contribute towards actualizing your goals. Conclude with a statement that depicts high interest in the program and you’re good to go!


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Acceptance Rate

Less than 11% of the Applicants who apply for CASS MiM program get accepted.

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