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Cass Business School MIM Review

The MSc Management programme follows an MBA-style curriculum and is academically challenging while also emphasising management education’s applied, practical components. Academic rigour is combined with applicability to the real world.
The Cass MSc Management Review is helpful for individuals who need to pick up a fast comprehension of the MSc in Management program at Cass Business School and know whether it would be the correct decision for them. Here you will find not just a general overview but also information about the Masters in Management curriculum, the application process, the class profile, and the top recruiters of Cass MSc Management graduates.

The curriculum is enhanced by possibilities for customised learning and personal development. You are encouraged to choose the courses you decide to study based on your interests and professional aspirations to improve your confidence and leadership characteristics beginning in term two.

The MSc Management programme at Cass Business school is a perfect choice for individuals who want to sharpen their hard skills like problem analysis, critical thinking, finance and strategy. Additionally, they can enhance their soft skills like teamwork, influencing, leadership, negotiating and managing people.


Course Duration

12 Months


Course Fee








Cass MiM Class Profile

Cass Business School has a diverse class profile of students coming from over 24 nationalities. The average age of students in a class of 64 for Cass MSc Management program is 22 years. To study at Cass, students must have an average GPA of UK 2.1 in their bachelors or an equivalent score from any recognised university. In addition to this, students having a GMAT score between 600-800 have a bright chance at getting selected for the program.

Average Age




Class Size


Average Work Ex


Cass MSc Management Acceptance Rate

The Cass Business School is pretty competitive as it has an acceptance rate of 29% for its MSc Management program.

Program and Curriculum of Cass MIM

Through Cass MSc Management program you will acquire a thorough grasp of management principles and its applications. The curriculum would enable you to choose electives based on your interests to realize your professional goals. This graduate management programme will equip you with relevant knowledge that will pave way for your personal and professional development. In addition, you will also network with a supportive global alumni network.

Core Course

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Digital Management
  • Principles of Marketing and strategy
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Business & Managerial Economics
  • Research Methods for business
  • Business Research Project


The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

  • Advanced Strategy Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Leading Organisations in the Digital Age
  • Business and Society
  • Consulting Project
  • Global Strategy
  • Practicing Management in the Digital Age
  • Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • Organisational Behaviour & HRM
  • Innovation in Organisations
  • New Market Creation
  • Political Risk Management
  • Project Leadership
  • Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Storytelling for Business
  • Strategy Consulting Skills
  • Ethics, Society and The Finance Sector

International Electives

  • Strategic Innovation in Hyper Competition (taught in Bologna, Italy)
  • Start-ups: International Field Trip (taught in Helsinki, Finland; Barcelona Spain and Paris, France)
  • Start-ups: International Field Trip (taught in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Procurement (taught in Mannheim, Germany)
  • The Monetary Policy (taught in Singapore)
  • Uncredited International Study Tours (Milan, Florence, Prague, Lisbon and Berlin)

Extra Activities for Cass MiM

Clubs and Societies

Students can enjoy the perks of being a member of a club or society at the Cass Business School in addition to their studies. Students in all programmes – undergraduate, master’s, and MBA – have wonderful opportunity to meet people with similar interests. They can network with professionals outside of the school, and develop employability skills through the Careers Clubs & Societies.

Career Business Clubs

  • Tuaries, 
  • Insurance, Risk and Quants Society, 
  • Alternative Finance and Investment, 
  • Analytics and Data Science Society, 
  • Chinese Careers Society, 
  • Consultancy Society, 
  • Energy and Commodities Club, 
  • Entrepreneurship Network, 
  • Finance & Banking Club, 
  • Fintech Society, 
  • M&A/Private Equity Club, 
  • Marketing and Strategy Club, 
  • Real Estate Club, 
  • Shipping Society, 
  • Supply Chain Club, 
  • Trading Society, 
  • Women in Business

Social/Leisure Societies

  • African Caribbean Society, 
  • Design Thinking, 
  • Ethics, Social Responsibility & Sustainability Society, 
  • Fashion and Luxury Business Network, 
  • German Speaking Society, 
  • Global Health Society, 
  • Latin American Society, 
  • LGBT Society, 
  • Mindfulness Society, 
  • Poker Society, 
  • Russian Speaking Society, 
  • Scandinavian Business Society, 
  • Society for Indian Sub-Continent, 
  • Toastmasters, 
  • Value Investing Society, 
  • Wine Society

Social Sports Clubs

  • Basketball, 
  • Football, 
  • Golf Club, 
  • Yoga Society

Eligibility and Requirements for Cass MiM


  • A UK 2.1 score or above in bachelors, or the equivalent from an overseas institution.
  • The MSc Management program is customised for fresh graduates with minimal work experience.
  • The previous study of business, management or finance is not required
  • Applicants with more than three years’ work experience might consider applying for the MBA programme

Document Related to the Application

  • Transcript/interim transcript,— An interim transcript showing your marks achieved to date
  • A list of modules that you are undertaking in your final year of study (if these are not listed on your degree transcripts).
  • Personal statement (500-600 words)
  • CV
  • References- Please note that references from fellow students, family, and friends are not acceptable.
  • Fluency in English ( PTE, IELTS): IELTS Academic score is an overall score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in writing and no less than 6.0 in any other section.
  • The required Pearson PTE Academic score is overall of 68 with a minimum of 60 in writing and no less than 55 in any other section.
  • If you have done a 2+2 degree with two years in the UK you will be required to provide IELTS scores
  • GMAT -A well-balanced score over 600 with all sections marked at a minimum of 50%
  • Students who do not submit a GMAT with their application may be asked to sit the GMAT and achieve a score above a specified threshold as a condition of entry at the discretion of the Admissions Panel.
  • Please note the GMAT is not compulsory for MSc Management, but it is highly recommended and may be requested as a condition of your offer if you are accepted.
  • Confirmation of professional qualifications/exemptions/passes (if applicable)
  • Final year module list (if currently studying)
  • A-Level certificates (if requested)

Cass MIM Deadlines

Cass Business School MIM has one intake in September every year for its MSc Management program. The application deadline must be followed by each applicant in order to be accepted in the school, no late applications will be accepted by the school.
Deadline Dates
1st Deadline 01 AUGUST


Cass MIM Employment/Placement

The MSc Management graduates from the Cass Business School can explore a wide range of employment options around the globe. Cass alumni are working across the globe. Around 40% of the graduates are working in the UK, 26% in EU/EEA nations, 30% in Asia, 2% in the US, and 1% in Africa and the Middle East.





Top Sectors Hiring Cass MIM Graduates

After being graduated from the Cass Business School MIM students can work in multiple sectors including Finance, Consulting, Business services, and IT companies. Let’s have a look at the table below to know the percentage of MSc graduates employed in various sectors:

Companies recruiting from Cass MSC Management


  • Morgan Stanley
  • PwC


  • Accenture
  • Adyen

Cass MiM Alumni Info

The school’s Alumni Association has more than 38,000 members in 160 countries. Our alumni are employed in cities worldwide, putting into practice the knowledge and skills they learned on an MSc at Cass.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Muhtar Kent (former CEO of Coca Cola company)
  • Barrie Pettman (Co-founder of Emerald Group Publishing)
  • William Castell (former chairman of Wellcome Trust)

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Application Essay for Cass MIM

MSc Management Applicants at Cass Business School must submit a Personal Statement not exceeding 500-600 word limit along with their application. 

Your personal statement must answer the following set of questions:

Q. Why have you selected this course? What are your motivating factors?
Q. What are your areas of interest within the course?
Q. What contributions do you feel you can make to the course?
Q. How do you see the course affecting your career plans?

Letter of Recommendation for Cass MiM

Applicants must submit at least two letters of recommendation duly approved and signed by either professional referee or academic advisor. Students must compulsorily submit one academic letter of recommendation written by their previous professor/associate professor/head of department.

Interview Questions for Cass MSC Management

There is no specific set of instructions for interview issued by Cass Business School. However, students can go through the following set of questions that might be asked by the interviewer: 

Set 1:

Q: Tell me about yourself.
Q: What interests you about this course/school?
Q: What skills and attributes can you bring to this school?
Q: What are the main benefits you have gained from your previous work experience?
Q: Which aspects of the course did you find most enjoyable, least enjoyable, have found most difficult and why?
Q: How do you organize and prioritize your work?
Q: Give me an example of how you have coped under pressure.
Q: What would you do if a team member was not pulling their weight?
Q: Can you give an example of a time when you have used your initiative? What was the outcome?
Q: When have you demonstrated good organization skills?

Set 2:

Q: Give me an example of a time when you did not meet a client’s/manager’s/supervisor’s expectation. What happened, and how did you attempt to rectify the situation?
Q: How many Golf balls can fit in a Boeing 747?
Q: What’s the global market size for smartphones?
Q: What areas do you think you need to develop to meet your career goals?
Q: What have you learned from your professional experience so far that you can take into the next stage of your career?
Q: Why did you choose the course you are doing at University?
Q: When you have had a deadline to meet, what have you done to ensure that you have met the deadline?
Q: If you work in a team, how do you see your role in the team?
Q: If you have two deadlines to meet, how would you go about prioritising your tasks?
Q: What do you think makes a good team?

Set 3:

Q: What is your Plan B if your career choice does not happen?
Q: One reason that we should not select you?
Q: Why MSc Management program now or Why at this stage of your career?
Q: What are your short & long term goals?
Q: Please tell me about a significant project you recently worked on.
Q: When you have had a deadline to meet, what have you done to ensure that you have met the deadline?
Q: Do you have any relevant work experience?
Q: What are the main benefits you havegained from your previous work experience?
Q: Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?
Q: What have you learned from your professional experience so far that you can take into the next stage of your career?

Set 4

Q: Why are you so driven towards the <career of your choice>?
Q: Why CASS?
Q: Describe a time when you faced a major setback and how did you overcome it?
Q: How will MSc Management program formulate your professional career in the future?
Q: Why do you want to study in Europe?
Q: What are you passionate about? and how do you follow your passions?
Q: We are interested in people who think about more than just themselves. So give me an incident where you helped someone else grow.
Q: What did you find different in CASS compared to the other schools?
Q: How did you decide which schools you want to apply to?
Q: Summarize yourself in a single sentence.

What makes Cass MiM Unique


Here are a few facts about Cass Business School MIM that makes it unique-

  • World University Rankings: The Cass Business School has been ranked 4th in the UK for its Masters in Management program in 2021. At the global level, this business school bags the 31st position for its Masters in Management program 2021.
  • The Bayes MSc Virtual Careers Fair: This career fair allows students to display their business while also meeting master’s grads with specific expertise.
    Cass Business School is the largest provider of specialized master’s courses in Europe, offering more than twenty MSc programmes in finance, actuarial science, management, marketing, real estate, energy, shipping, insurance, and risk management.
    Cass Business School’s courses are developed with employers in mind and contain cutting-edge business theory. As a result, students have a wide range of abilities and experience, making them suited for graduate, entry-level, and experienced hiring positions.
  • Challenging electives in foriegn locations: Cass Business School offers rigorous electives from its master’s degree portfolio, which are either situated in London or held in overseas locations. They invite students to broaden their understanding of contemporary management practises and develop the skills required of future global leaders. Some electives will take you beyond the classroom and serve as a culmination of your academic and practical experiences.
  • World-class Research facilities: Bayes Business School is known for its world-class research, which has applications in business and society and academia.
    Cass faculty members go outside the box and ask tough questions to develop groundbreaking research that benefits business, society, and the environment. Students at Cass provide consistently cutting-edge theories and business trends because they bring their studies into the classroom.
  • Three Principles of Cass: The following three principles are the pillars of strength at Cass Business School:CARE: The business school is concerned about one another and the entire planet. They are diverse, inclusive, and collaborative.

    LEARN: Cass employees are inquisitive, rational thinkers who make judgments based on the best information available. They are curious and open-minded. That means they are never too attached to their beliefs. They modify their thoughts if new information emerges that suggests they should.

    ACT: Cass Business School’s actions have an impact on the world. They are always trustworthy. When they have the opportunity to improve something, offer assistance, or make a difference, they choose to do so.


It’s not as tough to get into a top business school as it may appear, whether it’s the Cass Business School or another one. To know how, where, and what to start with, all you need is the right instruction. We would be pleased to help you in that situation. They will support you every step of the way till you graduate from your top-choice business school.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


Is it possible to apply for many courses?
You will be given the option to designate a second and third choice course, in order of preference, while filling out the online application form. If your first-choice course application is unsuccessful, your application will be forwarded to your second-choice course for review. All courses will use the same application form and supporting documentation. Please do not fill out and submit a separate application for each course option you are interested in, as this will cause delays in processing your application.
How many intakes are there in the MSc programme each year?
Except for the ‘quick track exemptions route’ Insurance and Risk Management degree, which has a January intake, Cass’s MSc programme has a single admission each year in September.
Is it possible to apply before receiving my final degree results?
Before receiving your final degree results, you can apply, but the university will need an interim transcript to prove your progress. After that, Cass Business School might make you a conditional offer. If the school makes you an offer, they will need to see the original or certified copy of your final transcript before they can make it unconditional.
When I apply, what should I include in my personal statement?
A personal statement should state your reason/motivation for applying to the programme of your choice and how your academic background and job experience qualify you to be a great candidate.

If you’re applying to many courses, make sure you only submit a personal statement for your top pick. If you are then considered for your second option, your Admissions Officer will contact you individually to seek a personal statement. Ideally, your personal statement should not be longer than 600 words.

What scholarship options are available to students for MSc Mnagament program at Cass Business School?
Cass Business School offers several scholarships, including MSc Program scholarships, course scholarships, and alumni discounts.

To be considered for an MSc Program scholarship, you must have accepted your course offer and paid your deposit, unless otherwise noted. Let’s look at some of the scholarship opportunities available to students applying to the MSc Management programme:

  • September 11th Insurance Trust Scholarship
  • Stelios Scholarship
  • The Clélia Haji-Ioannou Scholarships
  • Haberman Fund
  • The Matrona Michael Xylas (MMX) Scholarship
  • The Iain Allan Bursary
  • The Worshipful Company of Insurers Scholarship
  • The Wael Khatib Scholarship supported by Lockton MENA Ltd
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