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What if you cannot attend a University Open Day?

The majority of the university and business schools worldwide offer to their prospective students and their families the chance of the university open days. Those are days open to the public that give the visitors the very good and helpful opportunity to explore the campus, get a sense of what the university life is like and learn more about the range of degrees available.

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Online Open Days connect you with your future!

Recognising the difficulties, The Study Abroad Portal has established a revolutionary and innovative way to help the prospective international students with the difficult decision of finding the right country, university and study program. In order to ensure that they will still be able to benefit from the direct contact with the university when they are looking to study abroad trying to make the decide about their Bachelor, Master, MBA or PhD studies, The Study Abroad Portal is here to invite them to the Online Open Days!

What´s an Online Open Day?

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An Online Open Day is an online session between the University and the interested participants — this is you! It’s a 1-hour webinar, where the prospective students can listen and also watch the university professors and staff presenting all the useful aspects of the topic depending on the category of the session:


1. University related

2. University Department related

3. Specific Programme related

During the webinar the participants can ask direct questions about the university, the Bachelor, Master or MBA Programme, the modules included and the job prospects, as well as, practical questions about admissions, fees, scholarships and accommodation options. They can pick up a wide range of useful information asked by the rest of the participants and they have also the chance to establish contact with the university for further communication.

The Benefits

#1 Absolutely no cost – Free for you, your friends, colleagues and family to join

#2 Not time-consuming – 1 hour dynamic and interactive sessions

#3 No software tools necessary – A mobile, a tablet or a laptop connected to internet is all you need

#4 Great variety of countries, universities and programmes – You can simply choose

#5 Unlimited questions number – Ask as much as you need

#6 Recorded versions – You didn’t quite get the point? No worries, you can watch the session again

#7 Flexibility – Missed a session you are interested in? You can still watch it when you have time.

#8 Kind reminders – Too busy? No problem, you’ll get reminded


So, if you are planning to study abroad, go further by getting closer: Visit The Study Abroad Portal, find your Online Open Day and discover more about your future!


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