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The process of study abroad applications can be intimidating, especially if you are applying to top schools which have an acceptance rate of mere 6-12%.

Hence, building an application that focuses on your strengths and compensates for the weaknesses is essential.

Making way to your dream school solely may seem like an uphill battle, yet with the right guidance, the entire journey feels featherlight. To this end, over the years, we have helped 2000+ students to seek admittance into top schools across the globe.

Year after year, we have realized that students have been challenged with the following concerns-

  • Lack of self-assessment
  • Doubtful if their profile is ahead of the pack
  • Choosing schools that are ideally matched to their career ambitions
  • Not having a good break up of Dream, Competitive, and Safe schools
  • Vague notion of approaching application essays, LORs, resume, and other materials

In essence, most students at large are unsure about the entire application procedure and struggle to put their best foot forward. A strong application is one that highlights your strengths and meticulously sheds light on your academic and professional pursuits aligned with your goals.


If you find yourself relating to any of the concerns listed above, we are here to give life to your application.

With years of experience, we have grasped the sum and substance for which schools are on the lookout.

Our experience in the industry is demonstrated with our 92% success rate, and therefore, we can help personalize your application to target schools. Through our expertise and team of dedicated consultants, we have helped 2,000+ applicants differentiate themselves.

Our Work Speaks for Us


Success Rate



3.3 Million+

Euros in Scholarship

Know how we can help you create the strongest application possible?

We Offer the following:

Round the Clock Support
Unlimited Edits
Personalised Approach

But just don’t take our word for it! Know about our customer’s journey in their words.

Here’s what our customers are saying…

LEA | Admits : HEC Paris and LBS | Masters In Management

Sreeja | ISB & USC Marshall | MBA

Varun |Admits : EDHEC, ESSEC & ESADE | Masters In Management

Travis | Duke and Bocconi | Masters in Management

Jai | St. Gallen, ESSEC & IE | Master in Management

Anirudh | ESSEC & Purdue University |MiM & Msc Analytics

Tanmay | LBS, ESCP, ESADE & Duke |Master in Management

Alexandros | HEC, ESSEC, Duke & Cornell | Master in Management

Namita Vats | ESSEC, ESCP & Duke | Masters in Management

Anubhav | UCD & NUI Galway | Msc Anaytics

Raghav | ESSEC & ESCP | Master in Management

Aazim | Duke, Rotman, Waterloo | MSBA 

Arun| HEC Paris | Master in Management

Janice | Cass Business School| Master in Management

Kartik : MiM Essay Review | IE Business school | Masters in Management

Arunima : MiM Essay Reviews| ESSEC | Master in Management

Pengjuan : MiM Essay Review | London Business School| Master in Management |

Akshata : MiM Essay Reviews | Grenoble, ESMT | Masters in Management

Rahul | Brandeis (35000$ scholarship) + NUS + Schulich + Marylandt | Master in Finance

Akshata| Grenoble, ESMT | Masters in Management

Avni | HEC-Paris-ESSEC-LBS | Master in Management

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