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Our Consulting Services

MiM Application Consulting Services

We at know about the sleepless nights you go through to prepare for your whole application. After completing a grueling preparation for GMAT and acing the test, one tends to think that the battle is over, but THINK AGAIN!!!!

With hundreds of young ambitious students aiming for entry into this top level program, competition is getting tougher with each passing year.

Apart from a good GMAT score, top colleges are on the lookout for candidatures with gleaming achievements, strong work experience, and well-rounded profiles. Hence it is essential that you portray the unique elements of your profile in the best manner possible, in front of the admission committee.

It is here that the essays, LORs and Resume come into play, as they are your mouthpiece to showcase what you can bring to the schools via your unique profile, as well as highlight the motivation to taking up the degree.

It is not uncommon for people to bungle up this part of the process, and hence even people with 720+ GMAT, frequently receive rejects, only because they could not portray themselves on paper properly.

Our MiM application consulting services are designed such that they can give a comprehensive understanding of what schools want as well as give you personalized assistance in framing your application and ensuring that you don’t make any key mistake.


Flagship Services

As each applicant has different needs, we have customized our services to suit your application consulting needs at different stages of the application cycle.

MiM All In One Service

Top schools require more than just a stellar profile and a 700+ GMAT.

To get a leg up on your application you need to showcase your profile in the best of light, as well as make sure your differentiating points are evident to the admission panel.

All this can be done via a strong and compelling application.

But a strong application does not just end at essays, you need to complement the same with well written LORs, a compelling Resume, and impressive interviews.

These cumulatively result in an admit from your dream school.

The All in One service is our most popular offering, where we not only help you create and frame engaging essays but help you structure your LORs, hone your resume to perfection as well as prepare for interviews via 2 in-depth mock sessions.

MiM Essay Editing

Your application essays account for 25% of the total weightage given to your application.

This is as much if not more than the GMAT.

So while you spend months preparing for the GMAT, you should give no less attention to your varied school essays.

The essays are meant to showcase what makes you different, highlight your motivations and explain how you will add value to the schools.



Via our Essay Editing Pack, we brainstorm with you to understand your profile, send you sample essays of past successes and via our essay content analysis calls help you structure and define your essays such that they stand out.

Additionally, multiple edits make sure that your essays are engaging and to the point.


Support Services



    Resume Preparation

    Doesn’t matter if you are applying to LSE, HEC or RSM; your resume would be an essential part of the application. It has the capacity to deliver a tonne of useful information about you if you use it correctly.

    It is the first document the admission committee will give attention to while reviewing your application. You can also expect most of your interview questions to be based on it.

    You can also expect most of your interview questions to be based on it as it intrinsically into the whole application & hence gives crisp & clear data about you.

    Via our Masters in Management Resume Preparation/Editing Service, we help you do just that and take your resume to the next level.

    Interview Preparation

    The interview is the stage where your face finally pops up from the application bundle and materializes in front of a panel.

    Till now you had the time and leisure to perfect every word, tweak every line of your application bundle carefully at your home, but the interview round is in real time and every word you spontaneously utter can make or break the deal.

    Unlike the other rounds, you get only one shot at the interview and you have to make the most of it.

    Via an extensive database of questions and 2 mock interviews, we ensure that you are as prepared as you can be to tackle the interviews.



    Hourly Consulting Services 

    Hiring a consultant can change your application strategy and give you that edge you need to overcome the competition.

    But needs differ from person to person, and we understand that.

    Applicants see the value of getting an End to End pack and realize the value it can add to their application. Others need just some advice on critical parts of the application, maybe which school to select, or brainstorming on how to approach a particular essay or a set of essays, or an in-depth review of one or more essays, among other things.

    With an hourly package, you have complete flexibility with how you choose to spend your time.

    You get unrestricted one on one access to one of our consultants and can ask their advice on anything you want.

     Don’t leave your business school application to chance. An expert advice might be the only resource you need to get into your dream school.