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5 Crucial Factors That Affect Cornell University Acceptence Rate, Rankig and More

How challenging is it to get into an Ivy League institute? With Cornell University’ acceptance rate of 10.9% you need to consider a thing or two. 

Do not get fooled by reading such low acceptance rates of higher education bodies online. It is just an overview of Cornell University acceptance rate (the average acceptance rate of the institute). Student accepted percentile for each program is different. Even so, getting into an Ivy League is not a piece of cake whether it is for the least famous program.

Reason behind these matters is simply because of the acknowledgement and prestige these institutes hold. Apart from academics of competitive applicants, co-culler activities, non-academics programs, community involvement and many more things also add up in these institute’s worth.


Founded in 1865, Cornell University is a private, statutory, Ivy League and land-grant research university located in Ithaca, New York. With an acceptance rate of 10.9%, Cornell is widely known for its Women’s Glee Club and its top-ranked college of Veterinary Medicine and the highly esteemed School of Hotel Administration.

Filled with Cornell Tech, Weill Cornell, Cornell Chronicle, Cornell Advanced Standing Exam and many more opportunities , Cornell University is a highly selective institute for competitive applicants which requires not just the academics but much more than that.

The point is, institutes like the Ivy League require an overall personality to enrol into their graduate programs, especially Cornell University. When you do your research on Cornell you will find out what it means. Here are 5 crucial factors that can affect Cornell University acceptance rate:


Exceptional Academics

Even if academics are not everything in an application we all know its importance. Remember, the criteria which makes you eligible comes in the form of your academics. So even if you need non academics to enroll it does not mean your transcripts and scores are worth any less for your application portal.

When you research to apply to an institute of your choice you can apply only if you meet the necessary requirements which are your academics. With Cornell University acceptance rate we know how much anyone needs to score to apply for these kinds of institutes, which only makes your academics even more important.


Program & Curriculum


Cornell University gives immense attention to their program and curriculum, study approach and pattern The teacher student ratio at Cornell is exceptional which is 1:9 and the classes do not pack a bunch of students so the students can have one on one interaction with faculty. Rest confirm, there are enough students to learn from by working together and faculty providing some extra teaching who  is beyond syllabus too.

To maintain the ratio and class size, Cornell has to look over the number of students to be enrolled so the classes do not get over necessity. This ultimately results in enrolment in a bit less students to maintain the balance. Which results in such a low Cornell University acceptance rate.

International Aplicants

22% of all students at Cornell are international applicants. Cornell University tries to get as many international applicants and regular decision applicants to be enrolled as possible. But for that Cornell needs to cut down some stuff. Do not worry, it does not mean international applicants are given more opportunity even if their records are low.

But to enrol a big diversity of students, maintaining adequate ratio among students is also necessary. So there is a cutback in acceptance rate to keep only necessary and enough students which makes a fine diverse student body whether regular decision applicants or international applicants or outdoorsy students. Keep up with deadlines and application portal ending dates with the help of Applicant Advisory Sessions.




If you know about Cornell, you must know how important co-curricular is there. Cornell is widely famous for its cultural and community aspect especially in acapela. There are movies and TV shows which reflect that. Try Cornell Chronicles once to find something interesting.

Cultural and community involvement is a major part in anyone’s life. Institutes sometimes choose a candidate better with co-curricular over a bit of academic difference between 2 candidates. You might consider including your all co-culler before the application portal closes. Check Cornell’s Applicant Advisory Sessions.


Many students with exceptional records and experience fail in this round. Interview is not impossible to crack per say, it’s more conceptual to see you as a person. Keep in mind if many students are failing interviews and class size is getting smaller than expected, Cornell would not just fill in any candidate to the application portal just to meet the necessary student body. Even if it results in a record breaking low acceptance rate they are fine with it even if Cornell’s application portal closes with lesser students. So track deadlines by attending Applicant Advisory Sessions to be sure.

Admissions is a “highly difficult process and very subjective,” acknowledging that it is a multi-step process where multiple individuals evaluate each applicant.

-Jason C. Locke, interim vice provost for enrolment.


Cornell University Ranking

QS – World University Ranking puts Cornell University at #18 for 2021 with its record holding of #14 for 2020, 2019 and 1018. Times Higher Education (THE) ranks Cornell University at #19 for a continuous period from 2017 to 2021 under University Ranking.

US News and World Report ranks Cornell University at #18 for National University Ranking 2021. Not just that, also Cornell University secured rankings of #17 for 2020, #16 for both 2019 and 2018. As for Global Universities 2021, US News and World Report placed Cornell at #22, improving its previous record for same as obtaining #23 in 2020, 2019, 2018.

All of this data is not for portraying exceptional records of Cornell but instead what we can see from this data is how impressively consistent Cornell University has been for past years. It’s no surprise that an institute can gain popularity and record from their 1 batch only by implementing something new or unique. But to perform consistently while being a part of an Ivy League is something those institutes can not achieve compared to Cornell University.

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Cornell University Features

Located in New York, is probably the best place for outdoorsy students. The opportunity and assistance Cornell provides for outdoorsy students is impressive. Cornell is not just outdoorsy students who are pursuing their career outdoors but also for those outdoorsy students who love enjoying social life, hiking, going to bars etc.

For regular and international students, Cornell offers Cornell Tech, Weill Cornell, Cornell Chronicle, Cornell Advanced Standing Exam. Cornell Tech is a technology, business, law, and design campus which is immense. Cornell Tech MBA is globally popular. It’s a place to nourish yourself and learn under exceptional evidence.

Aside from Cornell Tech, there is Weill Cornell. Weill Cornell is actually known as Weill Cornell Medicine is the biomedical research unit and medical school of Cornell University. It is known for its world class physicians, researchers, educators, medical care and more.

Cornell Chronicle is the in-house weekly newspaper published by Cornell University. Cornell Chronicles is a great way to learn everything about Cornell while being there. 

Cornell Advanced Standing Exam. The department of physics offers the Cornell Advanced Standing Exam (CASE). The Computer Science Cornell Advanced Standing Exam (CASE) is used to determine whether a student should receive credit for CS 1110. 

(Did you know? The University administers two satellite medical campuses, one in New York and one in Education City, Qatar.)


Is Cornell #1 Ivy league?

Ans. No. Probably Harvard or Yale.

Is Cornell the hardest to get in among all Ivy League?

Ans. No.

Is Cornell Chronicles only available to students, faculty and management only?

Ans. Now you can access it from the official website.

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