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Client Case Study 

Rohit, 23, India 


Passion for Innovation


Gap in studies & Unspectacular GPA


Bachelors in Science from an Indian University



 The Challenge

Rohit after finishing his bachelors had refrained from taking a job and had rather invested time in preparing for a competitive exam. Sadly, he wasn’t able to succeed in it and now wanted to pursue his second passion, business.
But with a gap in studies and no work-ex, this was looking extremely difficult, further, a low GRE added to this problem.

Client Hesitation

Rohit had alot of confusions when he contacted us:

  • Firstly, he was very demotivated as he already had a gap year and, thought he was lacking way behind other applicants.
  •  His school list included the tier 3 schools as he was not feeling very confident in applying for the competitive schools.
  • Lastly, he was in a dilemma if he should take his GRE again.

 Our Strategy

We had a couple of ways to showcase that he had various things in his profile that differentiates him from other applicants:

  • Our first step was to look beyond the obvious and dig deep into his profile, concentrating on his achievements while in school and college. 
  • Here we found a string of activities he had been involved in since a young age. He was passionate about innovation and had several competitions and awards to his name. 
  • Once we figured out his skills our next step was to highlight the projects he was doing in parallel to his preparations. This also helped to account for the gap year after his bachelor’s. 

 How we Implemented it

We started with an hour-long brainstorming session where we dig deep into his profile. Through this call, we got to know his strengths and activities he was involved in during his college.

We used this as a base to connect this passion for innovation with the activities he had pursued in school and other part-time pursuits he had enrolled in after graduating. 

Further leadership skills and teamwork skills were explicitly highlighted by giving due credit to the activities he was involved in both in school and college, which were varied and considerable.

 Lastly, we focussed on projects he was doing in parallel with his studies, and connecting them with his passion for innovation, we were able to present a different profile from the average applicant, which colleges appreciated. 

To account for the gap after his bachelor’s, we highlighted a sustainability project he was doing alongside his studies and concentrated on why he took this pursuit up.

Result: Admit into the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management!

Client Remark

I had an absolutely amazing experience with MiM-Essay. They helped me to create a pitch-perfect application highlighting my strengths. I was very confused on how to explain for my gap year, but they actually dig deep into my profile and helped me to find out my passion. I am really thankful for all the guidance provided by them, that helped me to get into my dream B-school

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