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At MiM-Essay, we are dedicated to turning every student’s study abroad dream into reality, a commitment evident in our proven track record.

Don’t just take our word for it; Trust the Numbers!

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Applying to a top B-School is not a simple cup of tea. With odds as less as 1:10 in some schools, every edge you can garner, matters.

Did you know HEC MiM gets more applicants than the Harvard MBA?

Helping 7000+ students over the years and getting them into top schools the world over, we have realized that primarily students have the following problems

  • Not sure which schools are a good fit for their goals, hence unclear where they should apply
  • Not having a good break up of Dream, Competitive and Safe schools
  • Not clear whether their profile is good enough to make the cut
  • Some idea about how to approach the essays, but not really sure about how to highlight strengths and differentiating factors
  • Confusion about the whole application to draft LORs? What is an effective Resume format? How to prepare for interviews.

If you can identify with any of the above pointers, we can help.

With a 98% success rate and years of experience under our belt, we know what the schools want and can help you personalize your essays such that you are able to deliver exactly that.

But don't take our word for it, get to know this directly from the horse's mouth, via our customer reviews.

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Video Reviews of Our Clients

Bhavya | MFA | LBS |

Vaishnavi | MiM | ESSEC |

Harshal | ESSEC, ESCP, Columbia, Cornell |

Supreet | MBA | Oxford, IE |

Here's what some of our Happy Clients say about us

Admits Received: HEC, LBS
"Before reaching out to MiM-Essay, I wasn't sure if I could even get into a prestigious university with my profile. But with the help of my consultant, I managed to strengthen my profile, which ultimately led to me securing admission into my dream school!"
Admits Received: Duke, ESSEC
"After receiving multiple rejections, I was looking for a consultant who could guide me through every step of the process and help me fulfill my dream of studying abroad and then I stumbled across MiM-Essay! Kudos to the team!"
Admits Received: IVEY, Mcgill
"Though I was skeptical at first about investing my time and money with MiM-Essay, I must say that it undoubtedly paid off! I couldn't have asked for a better counsellor than Rhythm. I'm so glad to have made it into my dream school!! WE DID IT! "
Admits Received: IE, Oxford
"To simply put it, my dream of studying abroad came true with the help pf MiM-Essay! The personalization and expert guidance provided by my consultant Aatreyi made my journey a smooth sailing process. Best investment ever!"
Admits Received: NYU, Cornell, Michigan Ross, Berkeley Haas
"The best part was the utmost attention and quick replies. I would gladly recommend MiM-Essay to others who stand confused at the start of their study-abroad journey because of the personalized attention that I received along with the utterly helpful resources!"
Admits Received: LBS, Imperial
"I never thought of making into top B schools abroad but MiM-essay helped me improve my profile and also worked extensively on my applications to make sure I get an admit from one of the top schools abroad .Thank you MiM-essay for constant support."
Admits Received: ESSEC, ESCP
"Right business school can help you out in making a bright future. But deciding the right business school can be tricky as there is too much data online. MiM-Essay is the best solution in such a case where consultants can guide you with the right option."
Admits Received: FSFM, ESADE
"Honestly speaking, I got many rejection specially last year so I was looking for someone who can provide me a bunch of information all together. Finally I came in contact with MiM Essay who gave me all reliable meticulous information which is helpful for me."
Admits Received: HEC, LBS
"Getting admitted to a competitive program at a well-known school is difficult and only a small percentage of applicants are able to do so. But MiM-Essay helped me to get into my dream schools, the HEC and LBS MFA program."

More Video Reviews of Our Clients

Shaurya | HEC Paris |

Lakshay | MIT, CMU, Columbia, UC Berkeley |

Shubhankar | LBS |


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