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Duke University MeM Review

The Duke MEM programme is tailor-made for those students with a background in science and engineering who have the capacity to perform well in this highly competitive programme.

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Duke University MeM Introduction



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

24 Months


Course Fee





The Duke MEM programme is tailor-made for those students with a background in science and engineering who have the capacity to perform well in this highly competitive programme. The programme’s curriculum is structured in a way such that it provides state of the art education and facilities. Team-based learning and workshops are an essential part of the program and case study methods.

Duke MEM Class Profile

Duke University is well known for its diverse community of students. The enriching and prestigious MEM program is recognised all over the globe which attracts students from various cultures and nationalities. Students work together to develop solutions while learning from each other skills and experiences. 

Average Age





Average Work Ex

2.5 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


Duke MEM Acceptance Rate

Duke MEM program has been ranked number in the USA according to the US news. The admissions to the prestigious MEM program at Duke University is highly competitive. The admissions committee at Duke looks for students with a holistic profile. You need to build a strong profile with a great academic record and active participation in extra curriculars which is considered equally important. 

Program and Curriculum of Duke University MEM

The core of Duke MEM comprises of four building the executives courses related to the Duke Law School and Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.

A required temporary job joined by a composed task synopsis and oral introduction safeguards understudies have work understanding, while four alumni level specialized courses of the understudy’s picking serve to expand the understudy’s science and building foundation.

Core Course

    • Marketing
    • Intellectual property, Business Law, and Entrepreneurship
    • Finance in High-Tech industries.
    • Management of High-Tech industries


      • Advanced Finance for Technology-Based Companies
      • Industrial Practicum
      • Project Management
      • Operations Management
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Commercializing Tech. Innovations: Turning Visions into Value
      • Decision Model
      • Competitive Strategies
      • Computational Finance
      • Negotiation/Consultative Sales
      • Data Visualization
      • Designing Customer Experiences
      • Design Thinking and Innovation
      • Engineering Entrepreneurship
      • Fundamentals of Data Science Innovation Management
      • Intellectual Asset Management
      • Managing Product Development
      • Marketing, Analytics & Research New Opportunities in Big data product
      • Management in High-Tech Companies
      • Software Quality Management
      • Uncertainty, Design, and Optimization
      • Using Real-Time Data to Improve Customer Quality Experience
      • Independent Study

      Extra Activities


      • Achieving Objectives in Organizations
      • Community Service: Professional Development through Volunteerism
      • Film & Discussion:  Mercury 13
      • Leading through Laughter
      • Relationships That Accelerate Success (remote)
      • Respectful Workplace Culture: Rights and Responsibilities
      • Time Management
      • Understanding U.S. Politics
      • Wellness & Self Care
      • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
      • Communicating Effectively in a Professional Setting Part 1
      • Communicating Effectively in a Professional Setting Part 2
      • F-1 & H-1B Visas: Rights & Responsibilities
      • Hamilton:  A Leadership Analysis
      • Intercultural Communication
      • Leading with Laughter
      • Media Literacy
      • Presenting with Ease
      • Rock Climbing:  Adaptability & Resilience
      • Strengths Finder Coaching


      Students need to complete an internship with a company anywhere in the world and work on a well-defined project. Students are responsible for finding and establishing an internship—Duke provides an experienced professional team to help you in your search.

      • Students who are still enrolled in undergraduate study are encouraged to use their institution’s career center
      • Previously employed students should use their experience as described below
      • International students may use Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to complete the internship, after completing two semesters in F-1 visa status

      Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into Duke MeM) 


      • A bachelor’s degree in engineering or science from an accredited institution (transcripts required, including an estimated GPA and a grade scale)
      • Statement of Purpose
      • Resume
      • Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
      • English Language Testing (TOEFL or IELTS): official results required (international applicants only

      Document Related to the Application

        • Your CV
        • Secondary school Diploma
        • Bachelors’ Diploma/Degree
        • Academic transcripts
        • Diploma/Transcripts of additional academics
        • Proof of English proficiency
        • GMAT test results

        Duke University MeM Deadlines

        Applications are accepted for fall admission for most options; spring is an option for the online degree program only

        • Applications are reviewed in rounds.
        • Applicants should submit their application materials as early as possible, but before the deadlines below
        • Duke will not consider your application complete until Duke has received all components of your application
        • Your application must be complete by a round’s deadline to be considered for that round
        • Applicants can check application status through their DukeOne account
        For Application Round Applications Received by Receive Decision Notification by With Reply Required by
        1 January 1 March 15 April 15
        2 March 15 April 15 May 1


        Duke University MeM Employment

        The Duke MEM Program performs as a proactive partner in career exploration and professional development. Its complete professional advancement and quest for new employment programs, the Career Services group facilitate numerous expertise upgrading exercises consistently. These administrations start a new direction, with two days of exercises concentrated on professional investigation and improvement, and proceed with different courses and workshops.





        Top Sectors hiring Duke University MeM

        The top 3 sectors where Duke Univeristy graduates get hired are: 

        1. Consulting

        2. Analytics

        3. Product Management

        Companies recruiting from Duke University MeM


        • Deloitte
        • McKinsey & Company
        • PricewaterhouseCoopers
        • Bain and Co.
        • Oliver Wyman
        • A.T.Kearney


        • Adeco
        • Accenture
        • Abercrombie 

        Product Management

        • Ace Fence Company
        • Active Scaler
        • 4flow

        Duke MeM Alumni Info

        All the alumni of Duke MEM play an important role in the life of current MEM graduates. They are the greatest ambassadors of the program, through participation in alumni activities and events on the campus, they ensure the growth of the network and keep the graduates motivated by guiding them in their journey of making a successful career.

        Some Famous Alumni

        • Naveen Anne-Manager, CIO Advisory, KPMG
        • Anand Sankar-Vice President, ABS Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

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        Application Essay for Duke MeM

        1. We  can learn about your past experiences from your resume, but we’re interested in learning about your plans. Why are you most interested in pursuing the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree from Duke University?
        2. Professionalism & The Five Principles are the pillars of the Duke MEM program. Choose one principle and explain how you plan to contribute in that way at Duke MEM and beyond.
        3. Do any of the elective tracks within the Duke MEM program appear to fit your needs? If so, which one and why? If not, and understanding you are free to change your mind later, list 3-4 electives within or outside MEM and how they will help you meet your career goals.

        Letter of Recommendation for Duke MeM

        • Duke requires three (3) letters of recommendation for master’s degree programs. Recommendations must be submitted electronically in the online application.
        • Non-degree applicants are required to submit two (2) letters of recommendation.
        • These can be academic or professional. If you’re still a student, at least one should be academic. If you’re a working professional, it’s fine for all three to be professional.
        • When selecting academic recommendation sources, don’t only go with the instructors who gave you the greatest grades. Instead, consider choosing those who can provide insight into your programme readiness. Provide a summary of the programme, as well as a copy of your résumé and an understanding of your objectives.

        Interview Questions for Duke MEM

        1. Tell me a brief story about yourself.
        2. Walk me through your resume.
        3. Why are you interested in this program?
        4. What is leadership in your opinion?
        5. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
        6. Tell me about your work experience.
        7. Tell me about your previous employer? What was your learning experience?
        8.  Mention a situation where you worked under pressure?
        9. Mention a situation where you worked in a team? Did you also lead the team?
        10. How did you overcome your weaknesses?
        11. Tell me about your short-term and long-term goals?
        12. What was your role in your family business?
        13. Could you give me a brief introduction about yourself before I start with the interview?
        14. You have already done an exchange at Duke during your bachelors? How was the experience?
        15. Since you mentioned that being in a peer group of various cultures has benefited you in many ways, what about some of the difficulties you faced in such a class which might have been out of your comfort zone?
        16. Why do you want to pursue a Masters’s in Engineering Management? 
        17. How do you go about identifying the “right” teammates and what are some factors you keep in mind when looking to build a team?
        18. During the course of the program, what do you think you will bring to the table and what do you believe to be your weaknesses?
        19. Any questions you want to ask me?

        What makes Duke MEM Unique

        • Customise Your degree to match your goals:
        • Duke offers elective tracks aimed at in-demand skill-sets:
        • Customer Experience and Product Design
        • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
        • Operations and Supply Chain Management
        • Product Management
        • Technology Development
        • Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
        • Or, build your elective track

        Faculty with deep experience

        • The Duke Engineering Management faculty includes executives-in-residence and instructors from Duke’s highly-regarded professional schools of engineering, law and business.

        Great Outcomes for Duke graduate students

        Duke Engineering management students have access to dedicated services and support—including career services and professional development. Master of Engineering Management grads makes up a global alumni network spanning multinational companies, small businesses and exciting startups.


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        What is the duration of the MEM programme at Duke University?

        LBS’s MEM programme is a 12-24 month full-time programme which also provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills through various clubs and associations.

        How many Intakes does Duke offer?

        Duke offers admissions for the august intake. International Students can apply to the prestigious Duke’s MEM program before the deadlines.

        Is work experience required for LBS’s MEM program?

        Though there is no eligibility criteria regarding work experience to enrol for the MEM program, students applying to Dukehold at least 2.5 years of average work experience.

        Is it compulsory to belong to a business background to enrol into Duke’s MEM program?

        No, Duke accepts students from various backgrounds; it is not compulsory to have a business degree.


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