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Durham MiM Review

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Durham MiM Introduction


International Students


Alumni Network





Course Duration

1 Year


Course Fee





Durham MiM Class Profile

Durham values diversity and is committed to providing an environment that is inclusive of all students. This ensures that the teaching and learning experiences of its students are effective. This section aims to provide an overview of the various factors that affect the selection process for Durham’s courses. These include the number of students from different backgrounds, the Gmat score, and the average age of the applicants.

Average Age





Average Work Ex

1 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


Durham MiM Acceptance Rate

Durham has an acceptance rate of 29% for MSc Management. One of the world’s leading business schools, Durham is known for its international reputation. It is among the elite group of schools that have been granted triple accreditation.

With the aid of the diverse backgrounds of its students, Durham’s teams are less likely to think alike. This is how the students have been inculcated in the art of thriving in a multicultural business world.

Program and Curriculum of Durham MiM

The program is delivered through a variety of lectures and seminars. These include a selection of international experts and practitioners in a particular field. In addition, students can also participate in the Durham Speaker Series, which provides them with the opportunity to meet and network with prominent individuals in the business community.

Through seminars, students can participate in discussions and debates about their studies. These allow them to improve their knowledge and solve problems.

The program consists of six core modules and three elective modules. Each of these provides students with the opportunity to complete a 12,000-word dissertation or a business project. The latter allows them to develop their skills in analyzing and writing scholarly articles.

Core modules:

  • Business Economics and Accounting
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategy
  • Research Methods and Dissertation

Elective modules 

  • Consulting
  • East Asian Business and Management
  • Employee Reward Strategy
  • Competitive Strategies & Organisational Fitness
  • Global Marketing
  • Innovation 
  • Technology Management


During the third term, you will complete an original research project. This project may be independent work or, alternatively, it could be used to develop a more applied project. This project will be supervised by a faculty member with a relevant background. You’ll be able to develop a deeper understanding of a particular field and professionally present your ideas.

Extra activities 


  • Jam Soc
  • Trevle Clefs Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Chamber Choir
  • Trevelyan College Musical Society (TCMS)
  • Sixth Side Theatre Company
  • Football (men and women)
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Cheerleading
  • Badmington
  • Hockey (men and women)
Other Societies 
  • Art Club
  • LGBT
  • Boat Club
  • Fashion Show
  • Politics
  • Yoga
  • Open Minds

Eligibility and Requirements for getting into Durham MiM (How to get into Durham MiM )

Eligibility Requirements

Must be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree at first or upper second class standing in the UK.
Most Chinese students who have graduated from a top university in China are eligible to apply. Their entry requirements will vary depending on the reputation of the institution they studied at. As a guide, they are expected to have an average of 85%.
A minimum score of 7 in IELTS or 100 in TOEFL.
GMAT is not required but a score above 600 adds value to your profile.


Note- The applicants can apply for one master’ Management programme.

  • Official transcript of marks
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Copy of English test results

Admission process

Durham will let you know when they have received your application and when they will send you an email with a decision.
If the decision is made to offer a place on the programme, they will let you know via email. Hard copy offer letters are not required to secure a student visa.
You should confirm your acceptance of the offer as soon as possible. You will then need to pay a deposit of around six weeks to secure your place.
Once all of the necessary conditions are met, international students will receive a certificate of acceptance of studies. This will allow them to start their studies within five months.

Durham MiM Deadlines

Durham’s committed to offering education to a diverse student body, and they offer a limited number of places. To help ensure that they do not limit the number of people who can apply, ensuring that they offer places to all applicants.

Due to the high demand for these programmes, it is important that students submit their applications as early as possible. This will allow them to maximise their chances of being accepted. The University does not have to offer a place on a particular programme to any individual. It is only responsible for providing the necessary number of places for the program.

Rounds Deadline
Round 1 N/A

Durham MiM Employment/placement

Whether you’re interested in a specific field or just want to improve your skills, Durham’s careers team can help you get the job you’re looking for. You can make a great impression in a competitive job market with the right skills.

They believe that students should develop the necessary skills to succeed in their careers. This is done through various facilities and services, including personal resilience training and CV writing.

In addition, their partnership with the University’s Enterprise and Careers departments helps connect students with various organizations and individuals who can help them get started in their careers.

SGD £79,374/year



Top Sectors hiring Durham MiM Graduates

The placement success element of the ranking was also taken into account to determine the number of students who were hired after they graduated. The Economist’s 2021 ranking places Durham’s Masters in Management program as the highest-ranking school in the UK.

Companies recruiting from Durham MiM


  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Rakuten
  • Uber


  • Citi
  • FTZ Fund
  • Kuwait Investment Fund
  • N26
  • Partners Group

Consulting Sector

  • BCG
  • EY
  • Infosys
  • Kearney
  • McKinsey
  • Roland Berger

Durham MiM Alumni info

Over 128,000 alumni of the Dunelm Society are currently members of the organization’s alumni community. The group was founded over 150 years ago. One can also sign up to receive monthly email newsletters designed to keep you informed about upcoming events and opportunities for Durham graduates.

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Application Essay for Durham MiM

Before you start writing your personal statement, it’s important to do some research to determine what factors will make you stand out from the crowd.

Your personal statement should be different from a biography. Instead of describing yourself, it should be about what you like and what you think about a certain subject. This can be done in various ways, such as by talking about what you enjoy and what you think about a certain area.

Your personal statement should show that you are passionate about the subject and that you are willing to engage with it critically. You should also consider how you can back up your statements with facts and examples.

Most of the time, your statement should only talk about the subject that you want to study. However, it’s also important to note that you may also be involved in other areas of interest. For instance, some of our applicants work part-time and may also be involved in drama, music, or sport. It’s also great to see people who are succeeding with their studies while also balancing other demands.

Letter of Recommendation for Durham MiM

Your recommender should be able to answer the following questions about you:

  • Please indicate to which group you are comparing this candidate (e.g., co-worker, MIM graduate, etc.)
  • What characteristics or attributes best describe the applicant?
  • In what area is the applicant most exceptional?
  • In what area(s) does the applicant need improvement? Describe the applicant’s awareness of these areas and response to constructive feedback.

Interview Questions for Durham MiM

Set 1

Q1: Run me through your resume.

Q2: Few questions related to my job experience and other things I mentioned in the application form.

Q3: Why Program X & Why Durham?

Q4: Other schools you have applied to, and which one will you choose if you get through all?

Q5: What if you don’t get through Durham this year and Durham asks you to apply again next year?

Q6: What is your leadership definition? Are you a leader?

Q7: How will to contribute to peer learning at Durham?

Q8: Talk about your strengths & weaknesses.

Q9: Tell me about your educational background and job.

Q10: Why did you choose this subject?

Set 2

Q1: Why Program X now? Do you think Durham will help you in achieving your post Program X goals?

 Q2: What if you don’t find a job post-graduation from Durham?

 Q3: How will you ensure that you find a job post-graduation?

Q4: How will you add value to your peer group at Durham apart from sharing learnings from your previous experience?

 Q5: What stands out for you in Durham?

 Q6: Are you a team player? Give examples of situations where you have worked closely in teams.

 Q7: How will you fund your venture and other expenses ( since I mentioned that I will be starting my venture post Program X)?

What makes Durham MiM Unique

  1. The scholarship program is designed to reward and celebrate exceptional candidates who are seeking to study in our Masters’s programs. All applicants for the October 2022 entry period will be considered for scholarship opportunities regardless of their previous academic record.
  2. Durham promises an environment inclusive of all students, which is more important than ever before. A world where women are valued and celebrated. Together, we can forge a more equal society.
  3. Through their programs, Career & Enterprise helps students develop their entrepreneurial skills and become part of the university’s entrepreneurial community. This support includes access to funding and market opportunities.
  • Our Startup Coaching sessions are designed to help you identify the next steps in your journey to becoming successful. They will also help you implement the actions necessary to reach your goals.
  • We also provide various workshops designed to help entrepreneurs develop their skills and confidence to start a business. Whether you’re planning on launching a new product or service, or you want to learn more about marketing and finance, our programs have the right package for you.
  1. Take part in Durham University’s Blueprint Startup Challenge, where you could win £5000. They organize other startup competitions as well.
  2. 87% of students participate in extracurricular activities and give back to the community. There are a variety of programs and activities that cater to their varying interests.
  3. There are over a thousand student-led societies within our various academic facilities, including the Students’ Union, the Common Room, and the Student Enrichment Directorate.



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What is the application fee for Durham's MSc Management?

A non-refundable £60 application fee is required to be made through the online payment page within 4 weeks of receiving the action request. If you don’t pay this fee, your application will be withdrawn.

What are some leisure activities to indulge in around Durham?
  • Durham Cathedral.
  • Gala Theatre Durham.
  • Durham Castle.
  • Durham University Botanic Garden.
  • Seaham Beach.
  • Crook Hall & Gardens.
  • Oriental Museum.
  • Durham Riverside Walk
Does Durham University has a good reputation?

Located in the heart of England’s northeast region, Durham University is regarded as one of the country’s most prominent universities. It has long been known for its academic excellence and for producing some of the most highly regarded graduates.

What is the minimum required GPA r to enrol in Durham's courses?

In order to be considered for admission, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.2.


What is SAT score requirements in Durham?

To be considered for admission to Durham University in the UK, students must have a score of 1300 on the SAT. It is a comprehensive test that measures students’ skills through their participation in various forms of extracurricular activities.

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