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EADA MBA Fees: Program Cost, Financial Aids, ROI and More

Students aspiring to join the esteemed EADA MBA program should be aware of the associated costs. While it is a significant investment, many students consider the value it brings to their career prospects. In this section, we provide information on EADA MBA fees, scholarships, and other financial aid options available to assist students in funding their education at this renowned institution.


Tuition fees for the upcoming intake of the EADA MBA program are €43,000.

The EADA MBA program is highly sought after by ambitious students worldwide, as it offers an exceptional education that prepares them for leadership positions in the business world. The tuition fees for the upcoming intake are €43,000. This includes all expenses related to the program, such as tuition, course materials, and access to career services provided by the institution. Students should also consider other financial obligations they may face while living in Barcelona, such as accommodation and living expenses.

Prospective students interested in learning more about financial aid opportunities should carefully review eligibility criteria and EADA MBA fees before committing to any form of funding from the institution.

EADA MBA Fees: Living Expenses in Barcelona

When considering studying abroad, it is crucial to factor in the costs of daily living. Indian students applying for admission to the EADA MBA program should be aware of additional expenses beyond the tuition fees.

  • Accommodation: The cost of accommodation can vary depending on the type of housing chosen apart form the EADA MBA Fees. EADA offers various accommodation options, including shared flats and student residences. On average, the annual expense for a single room in student accommodations is approximately €8,000.
  • Food: Students should budget for food expenses, keeping in mind that Barcelona offers a wide range of affordable options. On average, monthly food expenses can amount to €200-300.
  • Transportation: The cost of transportation will depend on factors such as the student's location, chosen mode of transportation, and frequency of travel. Public transportation options in Barcelona are reasonably priced, with a monthly pass for the metro and buses costing around €50-60.
  • Utilities: Utilities, including electricity, water, and internet services, will incur additional costs apart from the EADA MBA Fees. On average, utilities typically range between €100-150 per month.

Indian students seeking admission to the EADA MBA program in Barcelona should plan on spending at least €12,000-15,000 annually for living expenses. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and make appropriate allowances when planning to study abroad, ensuring a financially viable and comfortable experience throughout the course of study.

Expense Estimated Cost (EUR)
Accommodation (Single Room in Student Accommodations) 8,000 (annually)
Food 200-300 (monthly)
Transportation (Monthly Pass for Metro and Buses) 50-60 (monthly)
Utilities (Electricity, Water, Internet) 100-150 (monthly)

EADA MBA Fees: Scholarships

EADA offers a range of scholarships to attract and support talented students, helping them with the EADA MBA fees of €43,000. Admitted students are automatically considered for all available scholarships. Some of the scholarships include:

  1. EADA Scholarship for Excellence
  2. EADA Scholarship for Diversity
  3. EADA Scholarship for Women in Business
  4. EADA Scholarship for Entrepreneurship
  5. EADA Scholarship for Social Impact

EADA MBA Fees: Return on Investment (ROI)

With the revised tuition fee and the average starting salary of €58,000, prospective Indian students can assess the return on investment (ROI) of the EADA MBA program more accurately. The strong starting salary indicates that the program offers a favourable ROI, making the investment worthwhile.

To maximise ROI, students should fully dedicate themselves to their studies, build a strong professional network, and take advantage of the career resources provided by EADA. By demonstrating perseverance, determination, and a mindset for success, EADA MBA graduates can expect a rewarding return on their investment.

EADA MBA Fees: Part-Time Jobs and Potential Earnings

As international students, Indian students can consider working part-time while pursuing the EADA MBA program in Barcelona. Spanish regulations permit international students to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacation periods. Here are potential part-time job options to manage EADA MBA fees:

  • Campus jobs: EADA offers on-campus employment opportunities, such as research assistants, teaching aides, and student ambassadors.
  • Hospitality industry: Barcelona's hospitality industry provides part-time employment opportunities, including positions as waiters, bartenders, and chefs in restaurants and bars.
  • Retail sector: Students can find part-time employment in supermarkets, department stores, and boutiques, offering flexible hours and temporary job opportunities.
  • Tutoring: Tutoring is an excellent option for Indian students to assist their peers while deepening their knowledge in a subject. It can also be an opportunity to learn a new language or develop additional skills.
  • Freelancing: Students can monetise their skills by offering services on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, providing content writing, graphic design, or web development services.

It is important to maintain a balance between part-time work and academic commitments. Before pursuing any employment, students should consult EADA's career services office for potential job opportunities and visa regulations. EADA is among the top MBA colleges in Spain

EADA MBA Fees: Student Visa Work Hour Restrictions

Following are the student visa work hour restrictions to be followed by international students who wish to work with their studies and contribute to the EADA MBA Fees.  

  • Indian students considering the EADA MBA program should be aware of visa work-hour restrictions to comply with Spanish immigration laws. Here are the regulations governing international students pursuing the EADA MBA program:
  • Students can work up to 20 hours per week during term time. Students can work full-time during vacation periods. The minimum wage in Spain varies depending on the region and age of the student.
  • To avoid any legal issues, students must possess a valid student visa and be enrolled in an accredited course at an official institution.


When considering the financial aspects, Indian students should carefully assess the revised EADA MBA fees, taking into account their personal financial circumstances and exploring available scholarships and financial aid options. EADA offers a range of scholarships that recognize excellence, diversity, entrepreneurship, and social impact. These scholarships can significantly alleviate the financial burden and make the program more accessible to deserving candidates. By leveraging these opportunities, Indian students can obtain financial support and reduce the overall cost of their EADA MBA education.

In conclusion, while pursuing an EADA MBA is undoubtedly a significant investment, it provides Indian students with a platform to propel their careers, expand their professional network, and undergo personal transformation. By considering the revised EADA MBA fees, exploring scholarships, understanding living expenses, and evaluating the expected ROI, Indian students can make an informed decision that sets them on a path towards success in the dynamic and competitive realm of international business. 

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