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EBS Business School MBA Review

EBS has devoted itself for nearly 50 years to fostering a competence-oriented education and the personal development of students. In addition, EBS produces insights from research that help managers make better decisions and carry them out with their employees.

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Master of Business Administration, MBA is a one & half to two-year, full-time, intensive program. The areas of expertise include finance & capital markets, innovation & entrepreneurship, strategy, organisation & leadership, and these disciplines that produce ethical leaders. Students will be given cutting-edge management and economic knowledge at a very high academic level. Frequent interactions with businesses take the form of field trips, in-depth case studies, expert workshops, and guest lectures, which supports networking and the development of skills.




Course Duration

1.5-2.5  Years


Course Fee





EBS MBA Class Profile

The fourth cohort of the Master of Management in Analytics at McGill belongs to vibrant cultures & communities from 24 countries and five continents. Students come from various academic backgrounds, with some holding degrees from international institutions in business, science, economics, commerce, computer science, engineering, and math, to mention a few.

Average Age




Class Size


Average Work Ex

5 Years

Program and Curriculum of EBS MBA

ebs program and school

MBA program participants have the choice between three attractive study programs: 

1. MBA – A 3-semester program that equips you with in-depth knowledge of business administration, leadership abilities, and cross-cultural experience for a position in a management role.

2. MBA plus – A 4-semester-program that allows you to specialise in your chosen field and creates excellent employment opportunities in Germany. Options for management, real estate, finance, and automotive management specialisation. Alternately, you could spend the third semester abroad to develop your intercultural competence.

3. MBA Dual Degree: A 5-semester-program that enables you to gain an additional international degree in MBA or any master’s degree. You can extend your studies and gain experience internationally with broader career prospects in the global job market.

Courses taught are – 

In Business Administration;  In Personal Development & Competencies; Academic Research & Writing;

Accounting for Performance

Funding the Business Enterprise

Getting the Job Done

Interacting with the Market

Managing for Growth

Managing for Impact

Managing Operations

Personal Development

Strategizing the Future

Transformation & Renewal

Understanding Markets & Environment

Leading Responsibly

Leading Yourself and Others

MBA Social Impact Challenge

Personal Development

Master Thesis

Other Achievements

  1. German Language & Culture I
  2. German Language and Culture II
  3. German Language and Culture III

Extra Activities at EBS MBA

EBS Business School has about 20 student initiatives divided into congresses, continuing education, and culture and social affairs. In addition, the students engage in activities like stage court trials, wine tastings, lectures, helping the homeless, and more.

Some of the student clubs are – 

  • EBS Real Estate Congress
  • EBSpreneurship Forum
  • EBS Symposium
  • EBS Law Congress
  • EBSounds
  • In Vino Veritas
  • EBS Marketing Club
  • EBS Event
  • Studenten Helfen
  • EBS Invest 
  • EBS Immobillienkongress
  • EBS Sports
  • International Student Relations
  • James Consulting
  • EBS Politics

Eligibility and Requirements EBS MBA

ebs eligibility and requirements


When you apply to ESMT, you are evaluated based on students who have succeeded professionally and academically. Following are the details most looked forward to – 

  • A bachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS or an equally acknowledged degree
  • Proof of at least three years of practical experience
  • English language proficiency (TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or equivalent)
  • Valid GMAT or GRE

Document Related to the Application

  • Copy of Passport
  • Academic Transcripts (high school & undergraduate degree)
  • Updated CV/ Resume (showing at least three years of grad experience)
  • One letter of recommendation.
  • Essay Questions
  • A valid score on GMAT or GRE
  • Valid scores of TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent)

The application fee for the direct application is €50.

EBS MBA Deadlines

The Master of Business Administration program accepts applications throughout the year. There is no deadline at EBS Business School. You will be provided with a specific appointment time for the application process whenever you apply. To begin with the application process, you need to provide basic information about yourself and the required documents as proof. If you are an international student, try to apply before May for the Fall term so that your visa application processes get completed in due time.

EBS MBA Employment

EBS’s Career Management team will help you make a career development plan, personal branding, one-on-one meetings with career coaches, storytelling, company visits throughout Germany, interview skills workshop with corporate HR representatives, case interview preparation, on-campus recruitment activities, consulting in international teams, interviews mocks, etc.

Positions at which Master of Business Administration graduates work are – 

  • Head of Merger & Acquisitions
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Business Angel & Founder 
  • Regional President 
  • Senior Vice President





Top Sectors Hiring EBS MBA Graduates

There are 200+ partner universities on all continents. EBS MBA is known for students who carry industry-demand knowledge and skills, with required experiences. This has attracted several top companies to hire from EBS business school. The sectors that actively hire MBA graduates are listed below –

Companies recruiting from EBS Business School MBA


  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Ernst & Young
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • KPMG
  • PwC


  • Morgan Stanley
  • Fidelity Investments
  • ATW Capital GmbH
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Allianz Real Estate


  • Salesforce
  • IBM
  • AWS
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Google
  • Raytheon Technologies
  • Apple
  • Meta, Bloomberg

EBS MBA Alumni Info

EBS Business School has a network of 10,000+ alumni spread across 35+ nations. The EBS Alumni Association is a closely integrated network of 3,400+ members in over 30 countries. Here is an Alumni Academy for students and alumni. Meanwhile, through the EBS MBA Alumni Platform, you can interact and attend exclusive events & workshops.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Notable alumni of EBS Business School include – 
  • Nina Faulhaber and Meg He, Founders of Aday
  • Justin Adam, Co-Founder & CEO at Grovy
  • Ernst Hoffmann, Lead Partner at Deloitte Consulting
  • Astrid Teckentrupp, Managing Director of Procter & Gamble DACH
  • Philipp Schindler, SVP & Chief Business Officer at Google
  • Stephen Brenninkmeijer, Founder of Willows Investments
  • Sebastian Diemer, Founder of Kreditech
  • Henrik Homann, Managing Director TUI Airlines
  • Markus Schrick, CEO Hyundai Motor Deutschland
  • Benjamin Bilski, Founder of The Naga Group AG
  • Lin Shi, Pan-Europe Online Marketing Specialist at Hyundai Motors.
  • Andreas Weiske, Managing Partner of ATW Capital GmbH
  • Kanika Vohra, Associate at Allianz Real Estate
  • Runda Yu, Senior Digital Acquisition Consultant at OMMAX.

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Application Essay for EBS Business School MBA

Essays is the way to connect and tell your story directly to the admissions committee. The essays should be between 500 to 2000 words. You can begin with an anecdote that describes the best aspects of your personality, growth and career goals. Following are the essay questions which are to be submitted for admission at EBS MBA:

  • Question 1. What is the important thing that you’d want us to know that is not in your résumé or application?
  • Question 2. Show/ tell us an activity you enjoy doing. Also, tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development.

Letter of Recommendation for EBS MBA

A Letter of Recommendation describes the achievements made by the student, either academically or professionally. These help the admission committee at EBS Business School decide if you would fit in a management role or not by looking at the attributes highlighted by the referee. In the case of an academic LOR, detail the degree that you have completed. Request your referee to elaborate on your academic performance while emphasising your qualities and how you would become an asset to the university.

Meanwhile, if you submit a professional LOR, detail your career growth as an employee in an organisation and your role in completing any project. Request your referee to discuss your ability to work within a team, your domain exposure, and the showcased leadership skills or any other management skills at work.

Interview Questions for EBS MBA

You must stay ready for any questions that may be asked during an interview, regardless of whether they are general or particular. Remember that speaking your mind during interviews is more vital than responding inanely. Try not to restrict yourself if you prepare and select your response to a specific subject because expressing yourself is more significant. During the interview, the EBS MBA admissions panel may examine you on the following topics:

Q: Tell me something about yourself.
Q: Why do you want to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree?
Q: Why a Master of Business Administration degree, and why not pursue some other graduate degree(s)?
Q: What are your future plans? Or tell me about your short & long-term goals?
Q: Any company you wish to work for in the future? Why this particular company? What do you know about this role?
Q: Is there any plan B if your career plans don’t work out?
Q: Why not study in your home country? Why do you want to study in Canada?
Q: Have you ever interacted with people from other countries or lived in a foreign country?
Q: What are your major strengths and weaknesses?
Q: Which other schools have you targeted and why?
Q: What makes you unique from the other candidates?
Q: What are you passionate about? Give me some examples of how you have shown it.
Q: Tell me about a recent news affair that caught your attention. What was so unique about it?
Q: What was your role/position at your last job or internship? What did it teach you? What kind of an impact did you create throughout the job or internship?
Q: What is your proudest achievement?
Q: Give an instance where you failed. What was your takeaway from experience?
Q: Give us an example of when you showcased leadership skills. What were the hardships you faced, and how did you overcome them?

What makes EBS MBA Unique

ebs unique

Here are a few facts about EBS MBA that makes it unique-

  • Top Faculty & Expertise – The faculty of EBS MBA use application-oriented and modern methods to impart high academic level expertise to students. The professors belong to diverse knowledge backgrounds and even provide individual assistance for preparing you for a career in the top management of any international business field.
  • Specialised Knowledge & Skill – At EBS MBA, you will excel in your chosen field. You study in small groups, which allows frequent and enhanced interactions with the faculty and other students. You will engage in meaningful discussions and gain experiences from one another.
  • Career Development – EBS MBA, will train you with industry demand skills with excellent corporate contracts and targeted development. It will provide you with outstanding career opportunities post-graduation. You will be working in top firms in the presence of brilliant expert mindsets and will receive an above-average pay/ salary.
  • Easy Entry into Business Community – EBS MBA has more than 200 partner universities where you are exposed to comprehensive and quality learning opportunities. These universities are based in China, Belgium, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, India and many more. You get to indulge yourself in different cultures, both human and business.


The EBS MBA is a legendary master’s program. It is built on a legacy offering a solid foundation in core business principles while you will develop a broadened mindset. The program will help you understand the role of business in society and industry. MBA from EBS is among the best in the world, the MBA program school offers is one of a kind. With this MBA degree by your side, you are equipped with skills that are very in demand and pay significantly



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Is EBS good for MBA?

EBS Business School MBA porgram is among the best business schools in Germany. Its MBA provides you with a clear head start. In addition, you can experience highly from international experiences on a global level and a unique double degree option from partnered universities.

Is EBS Business School good?

EBS University of Business and Law is unquestionably a good institution. It is ranked t #56 for Masters in Management according to QS World University Rankings in MIM Subject. Furthermore, EBS has benefited significantly from the experts in the industry due to its proximity to Germany’s commercial hub, Frankfurt.

Is EBS accredited?

EBS University is accredited by the EQUIS, AACSB, EFMD, and PRME. It has been delivering a standardised student-learning experience since its inception and has established leaders in this dynamic industrial environment.

Where is the EBS located?

EBS Universität aka EBS University of Business and Law is located, both in Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel. They are located approx. 24 to 38 miles east of Frankfurt, aka Germany’s commercial centre.

Does EBS Business School provide a full scholarship?

EBS University of Business and Law believes that money shouldn’t be a decisive issue for studying. Hence they offer assistance via scholarships, education funds and financing. Meanwhile, Indian students can look for scholarships through associations such as KC Mahindra Scholarships For Post-Graduate Studies Abroad, Hani Zeini Scholarship, Harvey Fellowship, and many more.

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