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The EDHEC Global MBA packs a wealth of knowledge & practical experience into an intense 10-month programme. Over a third of the programme is customized to suit your career path, and the international business education and hands-on experience you’ll get are combined with personalized career coaching and a global network to help you on your way.

The EDHEC Global MBA is a less than a one-year intensive programme designed to give you a highly individualised and authentically international experience. The school has constantly ranked as one of the best in the industry. Its MBA programmes are broad and international, from its cohorts to the professors and curriculum. Many students study in France, you can customise your experience through electives, a one-month specialisation track with a learning trip, and an 8-week customised MBA project to the career route you want to take. You can also select internships to broaden your EDHEC experience.

The Lead 360 personal and career development programme has been developed to help you build the skills and attributes you’ll need to drive your career and lead with confidence and conviction in an ever-changing, complicated, and varied environment.

A good study atmosphere is critical to a positive MBA experience. The EDHEC’s campus is a modern structure with rooftop decks overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, strategically located near Nice International Airport and the Arenas business sector, and a 20-minute tram ride from the city centre. You will gain a global business vision over your first six months, which will enable you to understand and apply applicable strategy frameworks, ask the right questions, and make educated, impactful decisions.


Course Duration

10 Months


Course Fee








EDHEC MBA Class Profile

EDHEC’s Global MBA class is anything but normal because its sets out to create a cohort that is varied in every way. You’ll gain wisdom from experience and share the wealth of information that you and your fellow students have to give as you spend 10 months working and studying with people from a diverse range of countries, experience levels, and professions.

Average Age




Class Size


Average Work Ex


EDHEC Business School MBA Acceptance Rate

In addition to the courses, the individual thesis allows students to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. The program’s goal is to educate students with the specialised information and abilities they’ll need for a career in the field.

The institution has a 25% acceptance rate, indicating a selective entrance criterion. Hence, the applicants are suggested to go through the application requirements thoroughly to make their candidature strong.

Program and Curriculum of EDHEC Business School MBA

In just 10 intensive months, you go through the complete programme, coming away with an MBA, an international business network, and a world of new experiences. 7 months of core business fundamentals, 2 months for your tailored MBA project, and one 1-month elective studying your specialization track of choice. An MBA in France is an immense popular program. Personalized career counselling throughout 2 weeks of in-depth career services and 2 global business trips.

Core Courses

  • Marketing Management
  • e-Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Advanced Corporate Financial Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Global Macroeconomics
  • International Legal Management
  • Criminal Risks Management
  • Cyber-Security
  • Philosophy
  • Managing Human Capital with Coaching
  • Leading People and Organizations
  • Building Managerial Competencies and High-Performance Teams
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • Consulting Methodologies
  • Business Simulation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations


Select one of four specialization tracks, take a deep dive into the subject of your choice, and travel for a week to a strategically selected city. You’ll discuss trends and disruptions with leaders in your specialization, network with executives of relevant businesses, and see how the theory you learned in class plays out in the real world.

Extra activities at EDHEC MBA

Scholarships and financial aid are important considerations when starting an MBA programme, so EDHEC strives to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. An admissions manager will contact you after you submit your basic profile to the school’s staff, and you’ll be able to find out which scholarships you’re eligible for right away.

Eligibility and Requirements to get into EDHEC MBA 


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • Strong command of written and spoken English
  • Strong GMAT, GRE or TAGE MAGE score

Required documents

  • Degree certificate(s) or current certificate of enrolment.
  • A one-page resume (CV).
  • All official up-to-date academic transcripts and official GPA.
  • GMAT or GRE official test score report.
  • English language proficiency test score report TOEFL or IELTS (Required scores: IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 95)
  • Copy of Passport
  • 2 completed online reference forms.

EDHEC MBA Deadlines

Application deadline for Nationals of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA):

Before June 30th, applications must be submitted.

Application deadline for Outside the European Economic Area (EEA):

Before May 31st, applications must be submitted.

EDHEC MBA Employment

Amazon ranks first among top-tier global corporations hiring EDHEC MBA, followed by Accenture, Amadeus, BMW, Booking.com, Bosch, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, and Nielsen. This year, small and midsized business hiring remained strong, and around 10% of MBAs began their businesses.





Companies recruiting from EDHEC MBA


  • Amadeus
  • Amazon
  • Mars
  • Schnider


  • BNB Paribas
  • Ernst & Young
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank

Consulting Sector

  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bain & Co.
  • Oliver Wyman
  • A.T. Kearney

EDHEC MBA Alumni info

Joining the EDHEC MBA also means joining a diverse international alumni network. Your lifetime membership to EDHEC Alumni from the day you start the programme. By connecting to this network of over 50,000 alumni, you can reach out to those who have been on a similar path and can share their wisdom with you throughout your career.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Sophie Bellon – The chairwoman, Sodexo
  • Delphine Arnault – Director and executive vice president, Louis Vuitton.
  • Sidney Taurel – Chairman, Pearson plc

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Application Essay for EDHEC MBA

There are two application essays of 300 words each.

Essay Question 1: Detailed description of applicants’ role, responsibilities and achievements in their current (latest) position and explain how applicants’ roles and responsibilities have evolved through their career. (300 words)

Essay Question 2: What are applicants’ post-MBA career plans, and how do they expect the curriculum to help them professionally? (300 words)

Letter of Recommendation for EDHEC MBA

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate? (No word limit)
  2. If this is a work-related reference, in what position is/was the candidate employed and for how long? (No word limit)
  3. What do you consider to be the candidate’s principal strengths/talents? (No word limit)
  4. What do you consider to be the candidate’s weaknesses or areas that need improvement? (No word limit).

Interview Questions for EDHEC MBA

Q. What can you tell me about yourself?
Q. Could you please walk me through your resume?
Q. Why pursue an MBA? Why did you choose EDHEC Business School?
Q. Why an MBA now or at this point in your career?
Q. What are your immediate and long-term objectives?
Q. What is your backup plan if consulting/investment banking does not pan out?
Q. What are your main assets? Could you please provide some examples?
Q. What is your most significant flaw? Could you please provide some examples?
Q. What value can you bring to the class?
Q. Why should we bother you?
Q. Is there a reason why we shouldn’t choose you?
Q. Which destination, if you had to choose one, would you choose and why?
Q. Why did you choose France?
Q. Why not China, for example? If it were China, what would be the comparative advantages?
Q. When you were working with your clients, what was the most exciting event?
Q. What do you like to do when you have free time?

What makes EDHEC MBA Unique

  • EDHEC Business School has a 116-year track record of success and has consistently ranked among Europe’s top business schools. 
  • EDHEC has a strong financial reputation and is noted for keeping a wide range of classes. 
  • These are the factors that influenced my decision to pursue an EDHEC Global MBA.
  • EDHEC guarantees that courses are market-relevant, and with the help of worldwide Advisory Boards, business executives contribute their knowledge to help shape the future of programmes. 
  • The learning style is mostly centred on Action Learning, in which MBA students study from real-world case studies from companies all over the world. They are provided personal experience of numerous industries and their business models through study tours to different countries, in addition to the curriculum that is geared to give students an international understanding of business. 
  • MBA students also learn about business practices from their peers from various nations and industries around the world.
  • The EDHEC Global MBA, France’s third-best MBA, is consistently placed in the top three worldwide for a variety of factors.
  • EDHEC’s 10-month intense MBA programme is meticulously planned to ensure that the curriculum and deadline are met. 
  • Several students noted that the 10-month MBA programme is cost-effective and ideally meets their needs, allowing them to implement their career aspirations within a year of starting the programme.
  • EDHEC is the only school in France that has created a curriculum involving talent sourcing and development. 
  • This programme is part of the curriculum and entails frequent meetings and workshops to give the essential training to help students improve their deficiencies and strengthen their strengths.
  • EDHEC offers a variety of merit-based and excellence-based scholarships for Indian students. There is no need to apply for a scholarship individually, and every qualifying student receives a scholarship that includes a tuition fee waiver. In addition, candidates benefit from EDHEC’s open scholarship policy, which offers them substantial financial aid.
  • When it comes to adding value and giving a life-changing experience to MBA graduates, EDHEC Business School has more than the strengths mentioned above. 
  • Students play a significant role in faculty evaluation and are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and views on various programmes and courses in order to help them grow even more.


In the MBA programme, you can gain the knowledge and business acumen you need to improve your career and lead with conviction and honesty. The demanding 10-month EDHEC  MBA programme crams a variety of information and real-world experience. The worldwide business education and practical experience you’ll gain are paired with individualised career coaching and a global network to help you on your way. More than a third of the programme is customised to suit your specific career path. The EDHEC MBA programme in Nice, south of France, can be your best option if you’re hoping to get practical business education and develop an international perspective to help you improve, accelerate, or modify your career path.



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Is EDHEC an excellent MBA programme?

The Economist and QS have classified EDHEC’s MBA as one of the top 35 in the world and one of the top three MBA programmes in France. The Finance master’s programme at EDHEC is among the world’s top three.

Does EDHEC require the GMAT?

Depending on the programme, a minimum score of 550-650 is required. The average GMAT score at this school is 650.

Is EDHEC an excellent university?

EDHEC is ranked among the top business schools in the world for four programmes: EDHEC Master in Marketing (top 10 worldwide), EDHEC MSc in Global Sustainable Business (top 15 Master in Management worldwide), and EDHEC Master in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (top 25 worldwide for its first entry).

What is the procedure for applying for EDHEC?

To complete your EDHEC online application, you must complete your emage-me test and pay your application fees. Create an account with the same email address as your EDHEC online application to apply for the program.

What is a reasonable beginning salary for an MBA student?

According to the GMAC recruiter poll, the average base starting wage for MBA graduates will be $105,000 annually in 2020. In 2019, the figure was $115,000.

Is an MBA a guarantee of a good job?

While an MBA isn’t a guarantee of success, it can help you get ahead in your job. An MBA gives students a leg up on the competition for high-paying corporate jobs. However, this does not ensure long-term success. Adaptability, innovation, and abilities that are not taught or tested in an MBA curriculum are essential for survival.

What is EDHEC known for?

EDHEC’s flagship Master in Management, MSc International Finance, MBA, and EMBA programmes, as well as specialised MSc programmes, a PhD programme, and executive education, are all available.

Why choose EDHEC for your MBA?

A Global MBA equips you with the information and abilities you’ll need to refocus your career. EDHEC’s Global MBA core courses, for example, provide a wide and holistic basis in management disciplines like finance, accounting, marketing, and supply chain.

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